I Have Morgellons Symptoms Too

by TD

I have Morgellons symptoms too and this is what I want to know...

1) Why are they (the so-called professionals) denying that this, whatever it is, even exists--just what are they covering up? (please see the letter from the CDC to health care providers that you can find online)

2) Since supposedly it doesn't exist, and no one knows anything about it, why are they ignoring it, allowing others to possibly contract it?

3) Since when should a so-called dermatologist diagnose me with a "delusional" diagnosis-shouldn't that be diagnosed by someone with expertise in that field, not a skin doctor?

4) Why hasn't the CDC come out with a final report yet? Just how late is that report, anyway?

5) How long is it going to take a member of the "upper society" (and far more better, I guess, according to them) family or loved one to get this before someone blows the whistle?????

I actually had one low life so called md & one b))))ch dermatologist lie on my visit record!!!

A permanent record that is going to follow me around for what short time I believe I have left, and they lie on my record!!! OOOHHHH, that's gonna cost them. Right, me against two doctors.

Oh well, never know until I try, but I'm sure they're gonna lie in court, if they are gonna lie in my permanent record.

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