Morgellons Syndrome
The Great Debate

Morgellons Syndrome

The Morgellons Syndrome, also called Morgellons Disease, is cause for great debate among the many different branches of professionals in the scientific and medical communities.

This raging debate among doctors, dermatologists, biologists, and psychiatrists is over whether or not such a condition even exists.

Many of the "professionals" believe that those suffering from the most common symptoms attributed to Morgellons Disease are really suffering from delusional parasitosis. In other words, they say, "It's all in your head."

I can't really imagine anything much more devastating than to be suffering from a condition that makes you want to go crazy, only to be told that you already are!

What really irks me about that attitude is that the recommended treatment prescribed by these supposed learned individuals is anti-psychotic drugs.

Amazing! It makes you wonder who, exactly, is out of their mind; the doctor or the patient?

Morgellons Syndrome Answers

If indeed a person was suffering from delusions, wouldn't the best question be, "What is causing these delusions?"

The answer certainly would NOT be a lack or deficiency of Pimozide or other life threatening synthetic anti-psychotic drug in the body.

I'm sorry if I'm starting to rant, but it really infuriates me that good people suffer at the hands of greedy pharmaceutical companies and ill informed so-called professionals. Any reasoning mind would look for cause and effect so they could eliminate the cause.

Sadly, it appears to me that the vast majority of today's medical profession, across the board, are more interested in masking symptoms rather than removing the cause of an illness and returning the body to good health.

Morgellons Syndrome Is A Real Problem
That Needs Real Solutions

Those suffering from Morgellons skin conditions know that they have a real problem. They don't know or understand what in the world is causing the problem, but they are fairly certain that they and their family are not nuts! I would have to readily agree with them.

Then you have those people who are convinced that they know the cause of the seemingly growing 'epidemic' of Morgellons syndrome. Some of the theories I've read...

  • parasites
  • toxic poisoning from pesticides
  • bio-chemical warfare
  • genetically modified food sources
  • contaminated water
  • aliens
  • plant based fungus that has migrated to humans

...just to name a few. Are any of those correct? I don't know. Supposedly the CDC is doing research throughout 2008 to identify and/or determine the source of this troubling concern, Morgellons Syndrome. Who knows what they will determine or if they will be right?

While I try to offer you hope, I won't pretend to know the cause of what is known as Morgellons Disease. That is beyond my scope of knowledge. Nor can I offer you a miraculous Morgellons cure. How I wish I could!

What I can do is offer you some hope and some sound advice!

I believe that God made the human body in a marvelous way. He has equipped the body with amazing healing properties that will fight off illness and disease remarkably well when given the proper nutrients and tools to do the job.

I also believe that God has provided for us in nature all these nutrients and tools that the body needs to produce healthy cells and fight off disease. We don't need synthetic or 'man made' concoctions that have been chemically altered, the molecular structure changed, in order to allow the body to heal.

None of us are going to live forever. That's a fact. (Fortunately, God has provided for that, too. Read my article about cleansing your heart to learn more). But while we are still here, there are wise steps we can take to keep our bodies as healthy as possible in our own personal circumstances.

If I or someone I loved was suffering from these common symptoms shared by so many of you,
I would try this natural Morgellons treatment.

I don't know for sure if this natural protocol will completely rid you of your Morgellons symptoms, but I do know for sure that it would, at the very least, make your body healthier and stronger to fight on it's own.

If any of you who do suffer decide to try this recommended Morgellons treatment, we would be truly grateful if you would come back here and let us know your results. If your story of Morgellons syndrome could help even one other person find relief, it would be very worthwhile.

To your good health!

Do you suffer from Morgellons?

If you or someone you love suffers from the condition many refer to as Morgellons Disease, please tell your story here.

You can ask questions or share with others what you have found to work or not work in your quest for a remedy. If you are asking a question, give details as to what you have already tried so that we understand where you are in the process.

Also, the more specific you are in sharing your story the better so that others can be helped.

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