(West Tennessee)

If I may, I would like to share some observations.

Morgellons is caused by a parasite, this parasite is tiny, often black with a shiny back surface. In its final developmental stage it often has a gray stripe on it's back.

At this stage, the bite is very sharp, like a pin stick, and often goes unnoticed after the bite occurs.

After a few days the bite resembles a red, raised pimple. The center enlarges and develops a crater like appearance.

After approx. 1 week, the center, now large and red, ruptures and tiny developing parasites are released. The new hatched parasites resembles fine ground pepper or coffee.

The bite site (sore) has a hole in the center, and will not heal until all the parasites are removed, the sore is slow healing and leaves a circular red-blue, shiny scar.

Using a Betadine solution will stain the parasites and aid in their removal. Rubbing the sore with a moist cotton ball, I use witch hazel, will remove some of the parasites and they can be observed as tiny dots on the cotton ball.

I believe the recent increase in staph infections is related to morgellons parasites. The morgellons parasite can live INSIDE the body, patients with sores and/or scars as listed previously, should have a stool specimen checked for eggs/parasites.

The parasites can be found in the nose, often causing unexplained nosebleeds, and in the ears and mouth. The tiny parasites (the recently hatched) often bite and itches intensely).

They grow larger as blood is ingested, and when removed the site bleeds dark-red blood profusely.

The only effective treatment,
NOT a cure is Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate cream 1%/0.05% applied B.I.D. (RX. only) to clean skin and rubbed in very well. Important to rub in well. This cream, used as directed, will destroy the parasites in the "pimple" stage.

I am very concerned about Morgellons Syndrome, it is spreading rapidly, especially among health care workers, many health care providers know very little, if anything, about Morgellons.

Patients are usually dismissed as having mental problems and/or creating the sore themselves. Both DX. is totally incorrect. Morgellons has been reported in every state and many foreign countries. I find it difficult to accept, that so many of us (Morgellons patients) would develop the exact same mental condition and harm ourselves in the same way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and response to me, I often try to increase awareness of Morgellons and I'm often rejected, however this is a very real physical condition that will someday (hopefully soon) be recognized by the medical community.

Best Wishes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your story and share your experience in battling Morgellons.

I definitely agree with you that there is a parasite infection involved. It's so frustrating and discouraging for those who suffer from this condition to be told that it's all in their head.

I believe that by treating the body for parasites and also giving yourself the best possible nutrition and probiotics you can afford, your body will have the best chance of healing.

I hope you continue to improve.
To your good health!

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Dec 01, 2021
Got more info
by: AngryMorg

Okay so I learned there is a .gov site tracking people under DNA results. They called it NTN Diseases, there are 749 being tracked I found it by searching due to a positive DNA issue with CYBB gene and I was the only one with a very strange variant connected to sensitivity to of all things RADIO FREQUENCIES... thinking G4/G5 maybe has something to do with all this. Someone in comment below mentioned their -0 blood type, I was wondering about blood types to I'm rh- but not "O" could be an rh- thing. The site listed people broken down into different treatments like they were experimenting with patients, due to my rare issue I was listed under the least effective treatment which was corticosteroid/steroid treatment, apparently it was noted that only 2 of 200 saw any changes and the rest were progressively getting worse which wasn't a nice thing to know as I stopped my treatments after all meds threw me repeatedly into ER's and accelerated my issues. So it did list other treatments where one was 80% successful and bone marrow treatment is risky but 100% cure rate. Other 80% treatment was something called immunoglobin therapy but fat chance getting it as you have to fit the ten step check off list before they will recognize your issue and in my case I only had two. I think they lie now about test results too which makes it that much harder. I had spoken to lab director at CDC who wanted a sample from me, but of course they tell you to go directly to your doctor and the doctors then won't send it, always throw it in the trash, I even had one dermatologist say they would run the lab, they always say the same thing though and then later my insurance came back with a weird note, "lab was cancelled due to physician not authorized to conduct lab testing." So I found out my doctor had totally lied and when I brought this in to show them they immediately called security, escorted me out of the building and I was sent a letter to terminate my care. So getting a real lab result is impossible, been trying for many years. I've tried lots of things, and found help with certain antibiotics but you have to test positive for infections before they will issue them which most of you may not show. I also know oxygen helps with the inflammatory process from being in the ERs. Also Soolantra helps, it's 1% Ivermectin and sadly there was an autoimmune researcher in Isreal who did testing on Ivermectin and you really need a 7% ointment to kick this thing out, but it has to be combined with antibiotics and benadryl then you have to find a doctor willing to keep you on it for longer then the regular 10 days. I've been lucky enough I've suffered from infections so even though I couldn't get long term prescriptions I've been on enough I've gradually been able to kick some of it out of my system. The worst is after long term illness it's starts causing nodules to form everywhere, so far only had one scare with cancer and they got to it before it got into my tissues. So had lung damages for last three years and can't take the inhalants it fuels these things coming out of your skin and felt like bugs were crawling all over me. So I took a chance on something called X2/X3, it's a liquid iodine. Iodine kills both fungus and bacteria, I also took high doses of C with Zinc and then got another product by the same company called Living Defense, it contains Neem and black walnut which are natural parasitic removers and someone mentioned it helped with Morgellons which got my attention. Just started on all this but it helped with my pain and swelling in my stomach so will keep you all posted because so far nothing has worked so well and my skin continues to shed these odd granules as my health deteriorates, been fighting this for the last 13 years and had two surgeries, and several procedures, it's a crippling condition and you will have several doctors turn you away it's part of the deal due to the lack of concern in the medical facilities, they won't ever acknowledge anything other than a psychological issue but funny is if you see a psychologist, if they are honest, they will admit you have a health issue. I just never play the game I put it out there and when they wont look at the pictures I have I make sure I still stick it in their faces. If you have to walk out of the office from medical neglect don't let that detour you from trying to find someone who cares, I had to go through multiple doctors and every so often I get some help for a while as without it I'm not sure I'd still be here.

Nov 20, 2021
Threads and hair
by: Rabby

On your scalp one tell tale symptom is large lumps. In addition to the sores. The one friendly uncorrupted GP in 2007 was shocked to discover my HAIR WAS BEING DRAGGED UNDER THE SKIN. As mentioned in previous posts here, Morgs like CHEMICALS. I believe that those in some shampoos perhaps the protein type provide FOOD! The cotton threads which when mentioned get you sectioned in the UK are the tiny mites ANIMATING TOGETHER as one. APPEARING to take various shapes. I bought new jogging pants and foolishly wore them without briefs. Pretty soon I had morgs in my GENITALS! Gradually (painfully) "popping out" during activity. My son lost an eye with a black speck. The NHS in Yorkshire said "cancer" but WAS IT?! Oh! and FAKE posts are appearing e.g. More loons. I have PUBLISHED pictures on Facebook and a video of these ETs LIVE soon.. that's a PROMISE!

Nov 17, 2021
Morgellons is very Very real. Help and listen
by: Sandie

More loons has been in me for about twenty years. Yes twenty years. I studied my hands and legs. I had fuzz v lol come out of my feet on my sheet. A bunch of fuzzies. No one believes you about Morgellins l lone but they did a biopsy on my back just lower from my neck. They were looking for why my mom had sores on her back. I didn't have any but since we had the same symptoms they took it from me. It came back inflamed but while I was at home I felt something on my back at the biopsy hole and I brushed it off. Something landed on my kitchen table. I could feel it on my handle. When I went to the table to see what it was I was shocked. It was a small parasite . it was shaped kinda like a sea horse flesh colored it had littler gills on the sides like fins. And amazingly there were three colored threads that came out of it tail .Red White and black. I put it in a baggie so I could take it to the Dermatologist and show him. For some reason my whole family had to be there and when I was giving him the bag MY husband kept talking to him. They went to act lime they would look in the microscope but find out he threw them away. When my husband came back I asked him where it was and he said he threw the bag away. No evidence but if someone can show me how to unload a camera from a candy bar phone I took picture's of it and would be glad to turn the phone over to legitimate researchers that are opened minded instead of giving the parasite a free ride in our bodies by giving us phyco medication started because no one will help us.

Oct 21, 2021
by: Rabby

If there is no support group in the UK I will start one! Currently I am trying drugs from pet shops! These things EVOLVE and adapt rapidly. You will see mention of personality changes online. They are in my brain as predicted by a GP in 2007. He mysteriously disappeared shortly after writing to the Lancet. My brain scan "did not happen" according to my current doctor. The results ERASED from my medical notes. If negative why bother? They found PROOF that my brain is damaged and they knew it was about to be published. Here it's MI5 or MI6 for dirty tricks. I need a safe house as I now have captured LIVING examples. Within one hour one morg was 5! There is a SAFE kind of disinfectant called LAPACHO or Pau de Uno. Doesn't taste too bad as a tea. Eat nothing for one day and drink that for 24hrs. It's keeping me alive! Many organ failures happen. It never declares "alien parasites" on death certificates and never will unless we FIGHT the system. I believe that several countries developed population control methods in the early years of this century. This could prove to be one of many....

Oct 19, 2021
Morgellons sufferer
by: Carla

I have been dealing with this parasite for about 3-4 years now. It is real and debilitating at times. I sought medical help for it and at first was prescribed Ivermectin. It helped a little but took a couple weeks to see a decrease. Prior to the medication all I was able to do for releif was to use tape to capture them from my face and dispose of them. They were in my eyes, nose, ears and neck as well. When I requested the medication again ( hoping to control this infestation) I was reffered to a dermatologist who barely took a look and called me dillusional. He suggested I get a picture of it. So...I did. I put several photos at 1000 magnification on a thumb drive and gave it to my physicians office to forward to the Dermatologist. I was informed that the drive was lost in the mail. I was told I could see an Infectous Disease Specialist then was denied an appt. by that branch at a hospital as they claimed there was nothing they could do for me that hadnt already been done. I have different information regarding this parasite than most. I see no conspiracy, no government plot. Only a horrible affliction which has left me with vision impairment in my left eye ( double vision and cloudiness), loss of over 50% of my eyelashes, intermitent nosebleeds, and rosacea that comes and goes, strangely enough.I have so much more to share but am limited with this Comment. I will continue researching and seeking the means to erradicate this disease. Thank You and God Bless

Sep 22, 2021
Survived 30years...
by: Robert V Lambert

1/ This is a worldwide disease
2/ EVERY government agency knows of it.
3/ It can NOT be terrestrial as multiple INTELLIGENT organisms are involved.
4/ It is NOT new nor created by governments BUT is being developed as a WEAPON by the U.S. now....

I have survived even AFTER my brain was compromised in 2007. There is HOPE Do not give in to this KILLER disease 👍

Jul 21, 2021
by: Tamara

I’ve heard that Hydroxychoroquine, Ivermectin and Borax can work, although I am not a medical doctor nor do I give medical advice. I believe these parasites are being intentionally released.

Side note.. the testing naval swabs for Covid also appear to contain these parasites.

Jul 14, 2021
Incompetent doctors? Or silenced minions?
by: Marianne

Hundreds of thousands of people having the same delusion at the same time.There is a reason why this is a coverup rather than telling us the truth.I will not be classified as mentally ill to keep doctors from admitting lack of knowledge,or their unethical commitment to silence..This is the one illness they wont touch.Won't investigate.Won't find the source or the cure? There is a reason. Anyone else out there with Morgellons have 0- bloodtype? Just curious.

Jun 05, 2021
Bob Beck Protocol
by: Dave

People don't seem to realize that medicine is a 'for profit' gig and curing any condition isn't profitable in the long run. Your doctor doesn't do any research and you're lucky if he/she is willing to even read in reference to a patients situation, a doctor is a medical claims adjuster who is capable of prescribing as per text book instruction. Re-think what health and medicine is and stop the pharmaceutical lock-step ideology. Research Robert Beck and the technology he advanced. Research Gaston Naessens and the somatid theory. Realize not a single virus has ever been isolated and RNA sequenced with control samples... ever. The electrical properties of every chemical are a vital aspect, there is nothing other than electro-chemical because if you affect those properties you alter the chemical. The Bob Beck protocol works.

Apr 29, 2021
3 things that worked for me
by: Nic Bee

1/ MMS - please ignore any of the misinformation claiming this to be bleach and bad for you. It has a bleaching effect in certain concentrations but so hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, it doesn’t mean it’s chlorox or domestios. The active ingredient is chlorine dioxide which is used to purify water. Due to ph it reacts with it matter that is of low ph: bacteria , parasites etc but does not react with your body. It sssentially targets parasites. What it allows you to do is get overwhelmed back in contro. I take it in 2 ways : orally mixed with water, and I add it to a bit bath. When doing the bath regime get ready for dine absolute horrors coming out your skin

2/ I sometimes add Borax to the bath , when I do this the types of things coming out of my skin seem to be more fluffy fungus type things

3/ ivermectin and parasite killers. For sone reason it’s hard to get prescribed. The way i got them was buying the pet versions. It sounds a bit crazy but it’s same medicine , tho I don’t believe your regular offers them also with an optional meaty bone flavour. When you get Thesr they normally say how many to give based upon the fir example dog weight just scale it up to your weight. Again crazy effects with the stirabgest things coming to the surface of my skin and dropping off.

I hope this can help someone . If it does spread the word

Apr 28, 2021
My way to kill parasites
by: Mara

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share my experience with you all in the hope the similar fight with parasites we're enduring can give help and hope to those reading it. I've successfully eliminated Lyme parasites and from reading the previous comments, the suspicion that Morgellons are parasites is predominant. My partner has the same symptoms as most people in this group so I stumbled upon this thread.

My method is nothing new, also, I'm afraid it is not for everyone or it cannot be done without much will power and medical/naturopathic supervision. Effects are long term,but so could be potential side effects so I cannot stress enough that it is not for everyone but I was desperate and I survived and I killed what was harming my body from within so maybe it will help.

I've done alternatively dry and water fasting, where in the water fasting I added a mixture of salt and sodium bicarbonate in the water: one teaspoon each/ 2 litres. Fasting took 14 days but I repeated it 3 times within 6 months with breaks in between. I am keen on repeating this process,for safe measure, for as long as I can. Hope I've not upset/angered anyone with my unwanted advice, I'm just wishing it may be a viable self-cure since no one else from the medical world has designed treatments for these very dangerous parasites.
Much health to everyone, God bless

Apr 21, 2021
by: Mizaa

Apr 16, 2021
Later phases are causing pre-cancerous issues
by: AngryMorg

Okay guys so this is turning into a real problem, forming painful nodules under the skin in arms, wrists and hands. Had two surgeries to repair damaged tissues, still sick everyone. Found recent article tracking 749 persons divided into several categories of care, my information is definitely listed by lab and results of DNA. They are tracking people and I actually called the state health to ask why and so far the only thing it's gotten me is cut off medical benefits and harassed/watched by local authorities, hospitals double billing me and sending things into collections; I mean we are talking serious authoritarianism of abuse of power. It's okay though I don't care I'm probably facing stomach cancer with what I'm learning about all this. Read up on iodine folks, I'm not talking what you will find at the local market I swear they keep anything that can treat this out of reach but there is a form of iodine you can get from one source right now, it will control some of the fungal/bacteria issues and because it's new for me I can't really report if it's going to work yet, but it definitely kept my nails from deteriorating and falling off. I mixed it with simple vaseline. I'm sorry I'm being vague but if anything helps and it's announced the state usually comes in and deliberately makes it impossible to get. I'm so over all this in so many ways. I don't believe I can ever turn this nightmare around at this point in time, I've got diagnosing that is suggesting problems that with lack of doctors acknowledging I'm probably going to suffer pretty bad, just trying to keep a positive outlook at a losing battle here and hoping I run across something that works. I make sure to say what I feel though at every turn crazy, mental to none believers not understanding this is real or whatever, but it doesn't correct all the damages showing up year after year now does it and any sane rational intelligent person can see something really evil is happening. You have to be blind and stupid not to see the truth. I'm in my 13th year since becoming infected by this so my advise to anyone just noticing things, you stand a chance to rid it if you take serious steps to fight it properly, those though with high rates of toxicities which you will rarely find a doctor to conduct proper testing for well things are difficult and my heart goes out to all of you. If you get results from anything you do just know this stuff does become immune to a lot of stuff, does fool you, can't count how many times I thought I was getting better. I don't have answers to what will or won't work all I have is my own experiences which have sadly not worked well. I just had the chance to really hit this hard, was given a very expensive antibiotic that was working well, but I was told to be on it for no less then 14 days, well the pharmacy oddly only gave me 4-5 day supplies and sadly blocked me off the last 5 days. It was a bit strange cause neither my doctor or the pharmacy wanted to deal with the screw up and I was told before this that if I didn't take the full 14 days it could return and to make sure I took all 14 days so why prevent me from doing it so I had to stop at 9 days. Well it returned and then I had to get a surgery and was told okay make sure you take this other antibiotic (cheap one, less effective that can also cause more problems) two weeks after surgery and make sure it's the full 14 days since you didn't get that on the first antibiotic. Well I only get 9 days, she said to call for refill and then oddly once again no one would get the 5 days more for me..... basically I messed it all up thanks to no one caring I didn't have the full dosages and well I relapsed again. They've managed to build my resistance for the last four years so nothing will wipe this out. I've been given wrong antibiotics for what the lab later found then I've not been told until months after the fact so I'm really sick. Then the treatment fails and I'm back to suffering for months before anyone will run proper testing, I mean they can't even admit to the blood in my testing that I see on tests at home all the time. I'm tired and defeated at the lack of sincerity of medical people who can't even follow through for their sick patients anymore. Then I have to sit here and wonder if it was done on intent to experiment so they can pick and choose who they cure of this incideous issue and who they let suffer. I have zero faith in the people we've placed in charge to oversee chronically ill patients and as far as I'm concerned this is being intentionally done as a wide spread human research project for the World Health Organization as sadly the list I'm on shows I'm on the worst and least effective treatment plan they are utilizing for my situation. I think it was called NTN Disease.... yeah so glad we are sacrificed by a select few playing God....

I would advise everyone and that's if it's still being placed on JH website to look up Spars Pandemic 2025, it was written in 2017 but describes everything we are now dealing with right down to the so-called vaccinations that were already created folks.... you need to realize what is really going on here. Also if you can find this still, Li-Meng Yan (virologist who fled China). It's possible this mystery Morgellons was actually given through vaccinations to a select population. This is why we are ID'd and constantly being tested and stuck in databases they've been hiding from a lot of us for years. Also a lot of the labs I've had to use are directly working with the same labs that came out with this so-called virus. And oh the list of things I could say here but won't. I don't think doctors will ever do anything but claim mental illness here because they aren't interested in knowing the truth or helping most of us and sadly this is a slow, cruel way to be killed off in society and yes I'm being killed off unless I'm smart enough to find something to slow down what is destroying my entire GI and intestinal tract that is now forming nodules in my neck and arms. I'm tired of the loser negative people telling the suffering to seek a psychiatrist as they are someone I wish would just once have to experience the suffering they care less about the rest of us they want to silence. Only evil, inhumane people comment like this and they are the same people who push people in wheelchairs off a cliff and then laugh at how weak they are. I mean what have we become.

Apr 16, 2021
Were not crazy

I also agree. John get the f*ck out of here. None of us need ur views, thoughts or comments added to our daily struggle. At first I didn't understand why Mary would wish this horrible disease on anyone....then I saw ur comment John. Shame on you. I don't want to wish it on you but you make it difficult not to. But unfortunately you will not understand unless you do personally go thru it. Sad part is you will prob get to see this horrible disease up close and personal in your wife or daughter's health which will eat you alive. Not that I wish that either bc they aren't the ones who made the comment but they will be the ones to suffer. So easy for men to brush this off or ignore our fiance isn't this bad but he thinks it's all in my head too. And the crazy part is I never knew the name Morgellons until he showed me a video on it about 3.5 yrs ago. I immediately started bawling after only 10 minutes of the video. It was an excellent video given by a woman professor but I haven't been able to find it still to this date. It described every symptom I had exactly. After 45 min of taking notes and watching every second of this video, I had to turn it off. Tears wouldn't stop rolling down my face. I started having my panic attacks and couldn't watch anymore. I don't know which is worse.....suffering and not knowing what the hell is going on or suffering while knowing exactly what it is but yet no one believes you and there's no treatment/cure or really anything you can do about it. I was raised Catholic and age 18 I walked away from every religious aspect so I don't have support locally. They wouldn't believe us anyways.

Apr 15, 2021
by: Mary

Have you seen the videos of people putting face masks under a microscope and finding the morgellons in the masks. The like heat and moisture. These were disposable masks

Apr 11, 2021
To the people like John "not. convinced"
by: Sharon

Reading what John says below brought me closer to actually wishing this on someone than I thought I could go. And, I still feel that way toward him. Sadly, it's the only thing that will convince someone that narrow minded as to what it's like to suffer through this nightmare. My personal opinion, it's not a natural parasite but it has been designed to act like one. I personally have dealt with it through borax scrubs. hibiclens, Jefros copper products and cream of tartar when it's erupting. My worst lingering problem is with my bowels which I'm steadily working to figure out. As for John, why the hell are you even here? Do you think we're not miserable enough without your b.s.?

Apr 10, 2021
Not convinced!
by: John

After reading some stuff about it I'm beginning to be convinced that as medical doctors say it is indeed a mental not a physical condition. The so called microscopic "evidence" look like nothing more than dead skin and patched hair. The people who report these are mostly crazy women believing in other conspiracy theories, one example is from a feminazi female supremacist under the comments assigning gender (female, mother) to God and claiming Bible was rewritten by those inferior men who cannot give birth (!!!) and some other cliche conspiracies about the so called cabal. It's all in your head, please refer to a psychiatrist.

Apr 08, 2021
UV destroys it. Clears up skin.
by: Sherri

UV destroys it. Clears up skin.

Apr 08, 2021
I am not crazy.
by: Sheila Freeman

I had this happen to me 3 years ago from a clothing I wore new... did not wash. I was ready to cut my skin open to get what was crawling inside. They always wiggled at night. I lacked sleep and could not get rid of the crawling feeling. The doctor thought it was in my head. She provided body lice cream. Which worked after three doses of full body coverage. I now have one from just exactly those masks. Fkn Cabal make us sicker and sicker. Mother God take the Earth Now.... please I am Tired! Yes Mother God as she Birthed the world, planets, created father God and child. When has a man ever birthed anything. Cabel rewrote the Bible and brainwashed us for centuries. Cabal is Evil. Fkn morgellons..

Apr 07, 2021
You absolutely right Moby
by: Lenchik

I worried myself, cause I have to wear a mask at work for 12 hours a day,and it's being a year .I start seeing those videos on the swab test and inside the masks.I purchased my own masks now, but my concern is what if I already get those morgellons in my body.Most scares me what if it got to my brain. I've been having my nose bleeds and terrible allergies, my nasal passages always stuffed unable to breathe, even nasal spray sometimes don't work. And headaches been really bad some days, for the past 3 months I've noticed.I would really love the info on how to get them out before it's cause anymore damage.They trying to make us suffer before they kill us. And so many of us didn't know, or still don't know and don't believe.But we need to be aware and still tell others.

Mar 29, 2021
Morgellons- parasites
by: Moby

These parasites are being found on sterilized swabs and masks imported from the country that gave us the Virus. There are videos on Gab that show people opening new swabs and masks that show these parasites that look like black fibers, but they are moving. This could explain how so many medical professionals are becoming infected with this parasite. Please see the videos and get the word out.

Mar 03, 2021
Assuming it is parasite caused disease . . .
by: UncleBuddyj3

I just heard about Morgellons Disease this morning in listening to a tape on GeoEngineering. So literally it has been less than an hour since I first heard of this disease. Assuming it is a parasite, and I am not doubting that it is, just don't know for sure in this last hour.

So again if it is. I suggest looking into Dr Hulda Clark's protocol for parasites. This is an alternative health approach.

I have no affiliation with this company.

Depending on your money restraints.

1. Buy her book: The Cure for all Diseases
2. Purchase the herbal tinctures with her herbal combination
3. Again depending on finances available purchase the zapper. Herbs with zapper will deal with parasites, again assuming Morgellons is a parasitic disease.

I have used Dr. Clarks protocol for 25 yrs, and believe this is why I am still alive. I can't prove it but I know my body! If you have questions you can contact me at:
I will respond in 24 hours, any other subject title I will delete the message unread.

Feb 17, 2021
They always think it's scabbies
by: AngryMorg

If the Permethrin ointment made it spread and get worse, I was placed on a second dose....big mistake as the process was grueling and ineffective. I have read articles that there is a new strain of scabies and interestingly enough Mayo Clinic has oddly now suggested Ivermectin as there was a huge research study done that started using this 7% Ivermectin but of course you won't find a dermatologist in the US that will even consider it. I do know my skin does suggest that it could be scabies later phases do seem to cause the same odd scaly skin and I do have serious buildup between my fingers. Is it resistant scabies, who knows cause this also invades internal tissues. I do have an ex ecology scientist who felt this is more of a nematode skin infection, he was so sure he was upset and tearful. He told me that there are over 230 nematode species and he said agriculture made a big mistake introducing it into crop production. He told me they were a dangerous organism. He said over time they will little by little damage internal organs by burrowing into them. Oddly you do feel a sensation of things moving about the body and skin and it is like being attacked and if you tell a doctor this they try to bring in social services and mental health, but I find it interesting as a grown adult that for some reason multiple people can tell the same stories and be so dismissed, ignorance is bliss I guess. That I know of nothing without their actual help as they are the king of hanging on to treatments necessary to fight all this that if your without their true help best thing I found to stabilize are a combo of vaseline, diatomaceous earth (you may need to pat this on the inside of your cloths to relieve skin, you can drink it in food grade... get the purist food grade you can find, you can rub it on the skin). A little experiment I learned about through a skin infection medical site is if you place these granules in hydrogen peroxide they actually will activate and replicate in the solution. After it dries up if you re-add more hydrogen peroxide they will replicate again, so they obviously need hydrogen peroxide to grow what I call branches. So you understand the body creates it's own hydrogen peroxide in the body, so I'm assuming this is part of how it continues to thrive in the body. I also know I seem to test constantly for dehydration, I drink massive amount of water anymore. I still will test positive for dehydration. I get substantial relieve from IV hydration and oxygen. I think it's because the IV flushes the blood and the oxygen will kill anaerobic type bacteria. Unfortunately 24 hours at an ER is not enough to combat the problem. Sadly there are zero medical facilities that want to know what this is as I recently supposedly had some taken to a lab but oddly there is no official lab report so could be they never really ran it. However, I was told it was clusters of collagen however, I know under macro lens you can visibly see a black fiber in each cluster of collagen. So to explain here, the body will form a barrier around anything it thinks is an invader in the body to protect organs so this condition will actually walls off things like the liver, lungs, etc.; later phases of this you will start to show masses around your main organs. Why a doctor can't figure this out is beyond me as there is ample research on all this. So I found it interesting that as soon as I tell doctors "look I knew this would come back as collagen but what I'm looking for is an explanation of what the black fiber in the center is and unless you want to tell my why no one wants to answer this question, then you haven't really told me much now have you?" To ask this to your doctors gets you an automatic "patient has anger issues", "patient doesn't trust health providers" and you will be forcefully pushed into mental illness which by the way as you all might expect is useless as your health worsens and I don't advise medications they prescribe as most will accelerate the problem into further issues. I'm going by what I experienced as most of the meds have landed me within 24 hours to 48 hours into ER with serious problems. It's very sad to me that no one is acknowledging anything here, sad that while sick you are battling your doctors like they don't believe. I will say this much they treat animals with open wounds similar to what we are getting and at some point in time you have to ask why people are being abused and mistreated. I may need to start seeing how many of you are out there, if I can find 100,000 of you I can bring this to the state offices attention. I just came out of a recent ER issue, so yeah really disgusted with the lack of concern at what is happening and may just have to find a way to address it by supporting each other, I just find people are afraid to come forward but if we don't I guarantee this issue is going to get worse not better. To the person leaving phone number I didn't call because there are multiple scam sites and people on these forums so I apologize, but I'd seriously try diatomaceous earth and use it in your home as much as possible.

Feb 16, 2021
What do I do?
by: Amanda Perry

They sound exactly like what I have. I’ve had them since May 22, 2020. I’ve seen 3 dermatologist, and they keep testing me for scabbies, and of course no scabbies, but put me on cream anyways. The sore described are exactly, and when opened they fill it. Someone please reach out to me. I have so many scars now. A friend found this. Please text because I have unknown callers blocked. I need these gone (360)684-1874

Jan 21, 2021
Much more complicated
by: AngryMorg

First just like to say was on Betamethasone Dipropionate .5% and Clotrimazole 1% for about a year and first 6 months it seemed to help, I am now in my 13th year of being extremely ill, I was 90% covered in open wounds, bedridden for first 4 years I became sick. Now have chronic cycling wounds that are causing internal lesions in esophagus, had to get surgery to remove all damages to reproductive system, I am growing masses in my neck that are causing loss of my voice, and I'm dealing with more masses forming down my left arm. I tested positive for CYBB gene x-linked chronic granulomatous. Warning to all of you! This is a very complex infection. If you look up this disease it's causes can be environmental toxicity, untreated parasitic infections, or wrongful medications. I do not have this condition from genetic factors as my family was tested so that means it has to be from the other issues I've stated here. Also I fought for this test to be run for 6 years, after being told I don't have this condition when it's obvious I do by the symptoms I have. I was refused two tests that are specific to CYBB, also one of these tests can confirm how the disease was obtained so not surprised no one will allow the testing. The lab who runs these tests is a military research lab in Utah. In the latter phases of this condition especially if you do heavy metals testing (the only legitimate test to know for sure is an IV EDTA heavy metals test) and good luck trying to find someone who will do it. These metals will be things like Uranium, nickel, cadmium, lead. I'm pretty sure in my area due to toxicities showing up in a 200 mile radius of an AF base conducting years of aerosol spray experimentation this is how I ended up with very high unusual levels of all of these and more. If a doctor offers blood tests know this, blood testing for metals is for recent exposures ONLY, it can not give you proper results years after initial exposures and most doctors will never run a blood test for metals if they see these wounds on your skin as I'm pretty sure the AMA send out letters. I also found another comment on here about a way to treat from a military friend of a friend to be interesting as it has been rumored in my circles many vets are sick from this. Also I ran across some 2018 NIH research about Ivermectin as I did try .01% ointment with some serious relief but once again once I was off things returned, I also was given 2 doses of oral Ivermectin as I have video of the parasite in my blood which no one seems to be able to tell me what it actual is. I did improve but relapsed 6 months later with worse symptoms. A very good friend of mine who also was losing hair, sick, having a lot of my symptoms although she was not getting wounds or having things shed from the skin but she was told to seek psychological treatment for years and she got to a point she knew she needed help, she was able to get a doctor to run a 3D MRE scan, it revealed that her pancreas had been full of round worms from sushi she ate years prior at a sushi restaurant. I too have eaten sushi just prior to my skin rashes but dont think I have round worm I am under the impression morgellons is a form of a nemotode or a dna altered bacteria/fungus/parasitic organism. But I do know they are using meat combinations out of China and South America to keep beef costs down and nemotodes are now heavily used in our agriculture. With friends expressing concerns from Cuba telling me their soil is heavily contaminated I would avoid food not grown in the US and sadly they just passed bills that hide a lot on labels as where our food is coming from. I'm pretty sure the growth in people suffering from this is due to exposures in food, water, air but have not been able to fully determine this. My advise to anyone suffer with this to find local growers in your area and know how they harvest their food as I have very multicultural friends in very interesting professions giving me a lot of information most of us are not being informed about and my fear is this disease was something intentionally done onto populations across the globe. We unfortunately do not have the same concerns in the FDA, CDC or even our own doctors to recognize what is happening to so many of us and sadly the same psychology referals are being abused especially now that Dr. H......s is in charge of the AMA and is a psychiatrist. I believe this was done on intent because they all know more and more of us will become sick and this is an agonizing disgusting illness that is ruining lives across the world in alarming rates while these people continue to blame the sick patient, it's outrages and the internal long term damages are inexcusable. So you understand clearly how badly they will treat you. Once you end up on disability you will be lucky if they approve your case, if they do approve the case someone in the state will deny the judgement and send you into total poverty, they just cut food allowances on many of the chronically ill and they already didn't carry most for monthly food so you can eat a 3 meal a day which is imperative in chronic illness they also do not allow the funds to be used for anything like herbs or other things you may need for controlling the symptoms of this illness. So you end up rotting in sheer agony for years looking deparately for anything that will help. The research on Ivermectin has been very positive, they've found at 7% it can cure multiple types of skin issues not healing from current ointments offered yet NO ONE will issue this, why? Cause they want us to suffer! Yeah had it folks like I'm sitting here on the last of my accounts my doctors took without any improvements to my health issue I'm not battling from every angle. I can't even get a support group going to change this and believe me if you are out there suffering , you will die suffering as there is ZERO out there in the medical profession listening to the thousands falling into this mess. I did strict diets for almost 8 years, none of it worked, spent every dime I had on doctors, holistic practitioners, etc...... they know what this is don't kid yourself and I've watched them hand select who they want to really help and experiment on the rest of us. If your being passed around to military doctors or those signed up for the Mars project you'll know your the lab rat for these people. My only savior now is God and my own knowledge from years of research but I'm expecting a clot to form in my blood stream or heart one day as I have ZERO hope my doctors will stop what is happening at this point in time. God help us all.

Jan 17, 2021
Help idk what to do.
by: Amanda

I am 31 and I am experiencing all the symptoms referred to above along with fibers a rash so extremely painful spreading across top right hand and moving to across half left hand. Worst of all I have a 3 year boy who has experienced some of these symptoms also. But my hair it's the worst just in August 2020 my hair was down my back full and pretty, now ... it moves on it's own moves as it will all asudden huge extremely big and other times it will move around like its searching for something or raising up trying go back up and into circles. My eyebrows are almost gone they will itch or brun and then I touch it hair breaks or falls out. And my hair is grey like as I see in my hair I see in my son's hair our hair wont take water very well I'll have to dump like 4 cups water on his hair and it's like how water rolls off a duck's back at times his hair will look crazy unlike hes had a hair cut. But I've taken him to the doctor even tho Noonr believe me. Or think I'm causing the symptoms to myself.?but doc said he fine nothings wrong. So I'm feeling even more like I'm crazy I see the changes in myself and child's hair but noone else does what should I do? I'm scared and know very little. Does having the fibers that come out skin mean you have this disease forsure or are there other things that cause fiber like things to come out?

Jan 12, 2021
Possible Cure?
by: Billy Bob

On empty stomach

2 teaspoons of baking soda, water, lime...drink it.
Diarreah will have lots of tiny specks.

Get Potassium Iodide (SSKI)Use protocol for Sporotrichosis. Look it up.

I found this out from someone, who found it out from someone else, who found it out from someone else, who found it out from someone in the military....most likely.

You're welcome

Dec 17, 2020
by: Brother Gaia

Hello everyone. Seeing as everyone has given the information that I’ve needed to realize a solution I would like to give it to you.

Nanotechnology & Viral infections run on dysfunctional frequencies. Frequencies that are not beneficial to the health of a human or the vessel. I would compare this to the 5G network and the determental effects of Cellphone, Wifi, Smart Meter, & Cell tower radiation.

With that being said I believe by pulsing a healing frequency in the home that we will be able to nullify the action of the nanotech being implanted and the viral infections as well.

I use 15hz from

I use a Crystal that pulses that frequency in the form of a field that the bodies & brains of ourselves and those around us can absorb. i do this in order to protect the vessel from Chemtrails and all airborne pollutants as well as Harmful radiation.

We have found this to be incredibly effective at disabling the connections of the Nanotech. After the connections are lost the Nanotech will be expelled by the body through all of its elimination methods as well as a Wellness protocol to aid this process.
I sell these products on my website.

If you would like to contact me about any of this

Oct 28, 2020
Thank you Terry well said
by: angrymorg

Yes, yes, and yes...
Something not being said here is that this goes way back, there is a bill signed by an insurance company and a very prominent politician from 1958. It specifies the plan that we are now facing today, not only that but there is an interesting land document I can't say here but it also specifies uninhabited sections of land in specific states for a new world in which only specific communities could be developed around it. The whole country is being very rigged and many getting sick are not even realizing why they are sick and this is not just for Morgellons, but many diseases. I've been researching all this since 2006 when I began having skin issues, but word of caution to all, this gets much more complicated, I now have hernia issues being refused repair this stuff slowly destroys organs in a very slow manner. I think it can burrow into organs. I do believe many doctors know about it, and I do believe some of us are being very watched and experimented on especially after they changed a lab regulation to omit labs who are tracking these patients, I AM ONE OF THESE PATIENTS. If you notice oddities in your medical that is unmistaken ODD you will know. They also will start to attack you though many other avenues if you whistleblow or submit complaints to agencies, but that doesn't stop me EVER. So know they can damage your health and your career and many other parts of your life. Im saying this due to the COVID situation. This is NOT what we are being told. I've been in and out of empty ER's in three states so let me say this, you have your doctors who are honest, but you have the corporation owned hospitals who are pushing the narrative and people you need to start sticking up for your communities and neighbors and it has to be NOW! Those of us with this incideous illness we are just human experiments to a big corp control to steal freedoms across the world and this is getting serious now. I would name key players here but I feel it's important that we have a place to report this horrific disease that is yes from toxicities that are in our air, water, food, etc and yes it's very disabling and yes you will struggle to fight it because it triggers a serious autoimmune issue as your body wants to protect itself from an invader. I have been on multiple antibiotics, anti-parasitics, and just recently anti-viral medications. I actually found tank oxygen you get in the hospital to seriously reduce the inflammation process this causes in the body, look it up, most small pathogens can not live under high oxygen conditions. One of my doctors told me oxygen was the best kept secret of the AMA, but he then tells me that I can't qualify for it nor can I afford it. Where there is a will, there is a way and you can get a form of it unfortunately the hospitals control the good stuff. Because we are being exposed to it from every aspect this is a never ending battle and for me I'm not one to EVER give up... hang in there and really what we all need to fight this is a group of attorneys that are willing to take on one of the biggest mass destruction of human health we've ever faced. Until we as human beings are willing to fight for the right thing here we are fighting a war of freedoms and health we've never seen before and the culprits are the very people controlling all of us. The biggest control they took was ID of our entire lives through forced ID at medical facilities, phones, computers, etc. The next step that's coming is the end of cash, so my advice is you better fight cause once they get this they can control whomever, whenever and cut you off and if you think they won't, you better think again as I'm already experiencing this. They go after your bank accounts and credit and you will NEVER get it fixed as even if you report it to top agencies they will send you to over 50 phone numbers that go nowhere, it's all a game to these people, they do NOT care about you, their mission is to destroy every aspect of the lives of people they feel should not exist. Please wake up, please group in your communities and stop allowing people like this in upper commands or we will lose and one by one they will take all of us out and don't look for support here, it doesn't exist I've been at this for 12 years now and they are crushing me into the ground.

Oct 28, 2020
by: Terry Adams

First off, THANK YOU for allowing me to voice my opinion on this site, for as we are quickly learning, our freedom to express ourselves is under attack. Let me start out by saying that I believe what we are calling "morgellons" disease is NOT the same as the seventeenth century French outbreak of hypertoxicity. As I understand it, a lady named Mary Liato (sp?) had a child who developed fibers coming out of his lip. After being dismissed by her physician, she was forced to research the condition on her own. It was she who named this latest outbreak "morgellons". That is a misnomer.
What we are dealing with now is more like an intelligent bio-weapon that was spun off LYME disease.
From my own decade (plus) of fighting this insidious condition, here is what I believe is going on: I was told by a physician in Atlanta that this is coming from the air. He believes - as do I - that the strategic aerosol injection program is releasing these things at high altitudes. When we go outside and breathe, we ingest them and they get into our bloodstream. They grow their young in the base of our hair follicles - so each one has it's own connection to the iron in our blood. The organism somehow creates a layer of bio-film over that area of skin above it's young to hide it and thus protect it. If allowed to harden, normal hair cannot penetrate this layer- so when the hair meets resistance, it simply curls and grows laterally - hence the feeling of something crawling beneath the skin. When the pupa become a fiber it pops through the side of the follicle OUTSIDE the body and flies away. We are, in essence, ninety seven degree incubators for these creatures. By the way, have you noticed how our temperature is decreasing? Mine has been doing so for over a decade.
OKAY - now here is the "conspiratorial" part. These things are silica based (NOT carbon based) life forms augmented by nano-technology. When you look through a microscope and see numbers, letters, and even images of people, you begin to realize that cutting edge technology is at play here. INDEED... Interestingly enough - at least at one stage of "life" (if you can call it that) they breathe air. The only thing I have found to dissolve the bio-film is a natural enzyme cleanser named Kleen Green. Not cheap - but effective. Mist it on the skin and watch for the bubbles.
One possible origin for these things would be monsanto and their GM cotton. There is evidence to suggest that that company actually created a cotton plant with the RNA/DNA of a nematode made into it. This way it could grow it's own protection against various harmful insects. If you take the time to research this, you will find that we have had the ability to cross genomes for quite some time and monsanto actually DID create this monster GM cotton plant. The three states in which they are said to have conducted trials just so happen to be the same three states with the largest concentration of morgellons victims - CA, TX, and FL.....

Oct 25, 2020
Living with it ten yrs
by: Cindy

I have an awesome history I am not afraid of morgellons just living with it I have saved the fibers and I know how to release the coal like particles the spiral fibers I wake up with every morn in my eyes. THEY are all over interior of my leg pants others have told me they hate white lining and move to seams to hide I believe it's from lime disease but have have much more research DONT WANT TO TELL A DOCTOR OR FRIEND SO THEY THINK I AM COO COO PLEASE TELL ME UR STORY email the new SMA SECRET MORGELLONS ANNONYMOS

Oct 13, 2020
I am very concerned
by: Helme please

I have a much loved small dog that sleeps with my husband and I. It seems some posting here do not feel these can be passed to another where others differ. Can I please have some/several persons tell me their story in this regard. I really want to know if it seems to be passed from individual to individual and person to pet(s). It seems there are many items not to be used to fight this. That it only makes the problem worse. Is there any consensus on that which CAN be used without harm to myself or cause a reaction from the parasite? Thank you.

Sep 25, 2020
My Nightmare!!
by: Tasha Whitten

This is the most how syndrome or disease as it is called. Everyone in my family thinks I'm crazy, it has spread to my husband and daughter and all of my animals, It is highly contagious in my opinion and seems to be sucking the life out of all of us. If someone can please help me and tell me what I can do I owe my life to WHOMEVER can help. No one wants to talk about it and just want to push it out of their heads but it has taken over my whole house. I also would like to know does anyone notice how destructive it is to everything in the house especially wood?? Thank you for having let me have a voice, God-bless everyone who is suffering with this.

Apr 19, 2020
lets be real
by: Nicole

I have all of this for years. Was obsessed for 1st year of my only Childs life.. Missed it basically. Anyway to sum it up starts many years ago with gunk on upper a fungi wax and head getting soaked w oil and drioping at night. Then it felt like the hairs were twinning around my head and cotton came from ear..crazy part is I started meth use after. I'm older and fatigue with a baby who's nuts and 2 now. Ok so now hell but my huby said let em be ...its the drug. So I did and got better. The house clicks and ticks and wakes me son he fly's like outta hell screaming "bug*. Once a Roly poly near him, then a long flea walked out of the toe that always messes w him. I crushed it and made it like he didn't see what he thought but now my mom is cleaning nuts about white and orange crust. Covering every inch of everything. She was one who settled my "worms eggs are coming out of my legssss" mid night crys by moregellons reassurance ! Ok so she's not the brightest bulb...believes men know all and never lie even when she knows they do, she is shocked and lost...most of life she is lost but still but wtf is happening for real? Always tons of dead flies in basement window.. Rugs bunch under my feet and stick to ground. Cat then cry's and baby on floor below. Honest does anyone else do meth? It's there sober and for drug free living here! I feel nits in everything but they are hard nothing that move via static maybe. I have seen a few silverfish, rolys, sons flea and Moms dressing room basement has dead flies. Ohh and most bugs are always near three of us. Pregnant I didn't do any drugs and that's when I was in bed w hubby saying bug are crawling and rash they said I was having a boy . They said the cellulose under my skin from testing wood piece things are cab splinters ..that doesn't exist said other med professionals and google. Derm said that. Now all things around where I shake my clothes look like wood of orange, brown nits

Apr 06, 2020
stop the sores
by: bill doubleu

when I get the sores that don't heal .I use 10 % malathion. insect killer which iv found to stop it and it heals very nice. just a finger dab and I dab it to the spot that was there for over a year.and its gone … iv tried full strength head and shoulder,which I apply for a week it went away but alwas came back.but when I tried the bug stuff boom the sore never came back.but try head n shoulder firt.. thought it might help others

Oct 31, 2019
by: floydyboygt gmail com

i have a botfly parasite but i have noticed string like parasites all over my body and from what i understand, botfly has a grub that turns in to the fly. I have had huge cysts and constant problems but the hospital and doctors have both said i have nothing wrong with me. Just an infection. Iv tried to tell them i have had worms and string and flies coming out of my skin but they do not listen at all. I belive they know EXACTLY what it is but they are all in on the conspiracy. I think they are experimenting on people and people are suffering and they ALL are in on it. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Sep 16, 2019
Turpentine and borax
by: Andrew

Had the exact thing described above for approx. 3 years. Got it while living in Hawaii on Kauai island.

After having the sores pop out from pimples then go through the process of itch pick off scab bleed it for a min or two then repeat... and then they take forever to heal up it seems over and over again i finally caught on to what it was.

I accidently put some all natural Diamond G forest product spirits of pine gum Turpentine on the sores and started drinking a sip here and there and they started healing up faster than they would appear. Also started a cup of borax in my bath and a pinch in my water of 500ml 5x or so a day and that seems to be doing the trick without a major diet change or buying 1000s of dollars a month of supplements which i can't afford anyways.

Call this the poor man's cure seeingnthe turp and borax is pretty cheap.

Also I'm on raw eggs organic or farm raised when i can find a farmer. 4-6 raw eggs a day heal you up faster than morgellons can destroy you for sure!! :)

Good luck out there!!

If i could find whoever made these bioweapons I'd torture them for decades. Death is too good for them.

Nov 07, 2018
My house is full of these
by: David

My house which has been vacant for a couple years is completely full of these little nasty creatures
When I tried to move back in I kept noticing my nose was itching and something in my
Eye I this continued for a couple days on the third day
After being there I kept feeling like ants crawling
N bitinge all over but I didn't see anything that night when I went in the shower as soon as I lathered up they got excited and started moving when I held my arm up to the light I couldn't believe what I saw I ran into my bedroom and got my 60x jewelers loop magnifier and freaked out every almost every skin pore had a clear worm digging into my skin when I tried to pull them out with a pair of stats most broke in two then both ends penetrated I went to two different er rooms n they thought I was insane after careful inspection of my house I finally found them what I thought was dust bunnies everywhere were them in every room I have put clusters of then in test tubes n sealed them up when i went to the hospital with them they wouldn't even put them under a scope to analyze they gave me ivermectin for a nematode infection I have millions of them in my house and can't go back in there they spring up in clusters of about100 to 200
And I can't find a egg or anything they actually emerge from and they are airborne I don't understand how this can be but they dam sure are I put a plate with a little sugar water mix in every room an hour later every plate was covered with these alien worm looking
Human eating creatures and they sense your finger when it gets within an inch of them n try to latch on to you if you know what they are please tell
Me so I can get treated for this n if you need samples your more than welcome

Jul 16, 2018
Pleass help. Im at my witts end
by: Monique

I suffered an injury by a dumb stripped stepping on the middle of my foot w her 9 inch stiletto heels and didn't stop until she completed drug her heel to the bottom of my foot. I immediately was on pain for over an hr and after that I started developing a lump in my shin that if I touched I could feel pain shooting to the spot on my foot that she injured.this was in 2014. In 2015 I started developing the pimple bumps all over my leg. Managed to get one spot In control but i think it just moved farther down. Now I have a huge area that has been here for 3 yrs and getting worse. I'm in constant pain. I hav a piece of my muscle completely eaten away. Please help. Everyone thinks I'm crazy and I don't know what to do

Jan 26, 2018
help..need help call free 6155217786
by: randy white

ur thing does work...but what i found to work the best is dawn dish soap..put over the wound or whatever for say 10 min wash repeat 5 times..then theyll jump had morgellons 5 times..this time started 2 months ago....but this time i saw clearly...i think i have sum answers to whoever wants tho i will have questions whole life mission is to get to the very bottom of this and im close..give me a call for free and at no time will i want or ask u for anything but info...6155217786

Dec 20, 2017
Educate, research and get involved
by: angrymorg

I feel it's really important to give information out for those of you that have it, do not be afraid to speak about morgellons. One thing I'm learning is how much this disease is spreading. In 2006 when I assumed I may have the illness, about 2,000 reports had been collected on a site called (site no longer is working). I spoke to a woman who lived in my area but had moved to Tennessee who told me she was with a group who initially began some of the first support sites and claimed back then only ten people made up this group. By 2010, I noticed reports here in the US grew by 2,000+ a year in new sufferers and I know there are many who fit the mold and have no idea this is what they are sick with. Not all people have the lesions. There are few doctors I've seen who will address the truth of this matter, but those who see patients growing in their offices of people with this disease usually at some point in time start to connect the dots. Please note, from what I understand, that doctors have AMA heat on them to conform to a standard of care when dealing with Morgellons. So here is what you need to pay attention to if you truly want their help.

First a doctor that initially will not come near you, does not examine you, glazes over if you discuss your symptoms, does not acknowlege wounds (especially in medical notes makes no mention of), doesn't issue testing or doesn't go beyond basic CBC or basic urinalysis. Move on, I mean this is standard among the major medical physicians and you are wasting precious time and money for a doctor who probably doesn't care what you suffer with. This usually only takes one or two visits to figure out. I normally had good first visit, but once they asked for medical history by second visit it's like Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hide if you know what I mean. These doctor will write odd comments in notes as well and a friend of mine who works in insurance fraud told me that he felt this change of personality could be due to doctors creating a back file on patients and due to his profession and knowledge he was almost certain this was my situation. His advise to me was that he felt I would be lucky to find anyone to help me and to keep looking. So I did keep looking, I kept looking for over six years. Had no choice I continued to get worse, I did all the natural remedies you see online, that is the ones that made sense. I had years of herbal experience behind me so I was very lucky to be knowlegeable because it helped clean up the mess initial doctors created with medications that actually fueled my illness. Here's the deal everyone, when you self treat without any identity of what the pathogen(s) you have, you risk making something worse by trying to fix it.

So how do you get to that doctor to help with cards stacked against you? You don't take their crap when it's clear that is what they are offering. Keep your wits about you best that you can, know what it is that you feel you can identify with. If you can match photos of things with your issues to valid photos on ligitamate research photos (, CDC, etc.) with persistence some will start to listen and others will get really mad so pay close attention to that. If you see a dermatologist, look for one that has complicated skin issues list as part of their background. Look for whether they have a background in lab work (microbiology, biology, ecology), find out if they have access to pathology labs. A cancer surgeon/dermatologist usually will have contact with pathology labs. If a dermatologist immediately refers you to an infectious disease specialist and the infectious disease specialist only eyeballs you one time or hey he may issue one parasite ova test, tell you its negative and then kick you out the back door. These are not good doctors, they are NOT following normal protocol and I can assure you their opinion is standard CDC, Mayo Clinic DOP. You may also get the typical naturalpath that wants you to spend thousands on supplements and some of you may actually heal, but if you find a month later relapsing is all you get, you'll know you need a stronger line of treatment. Beware of doctors shoveling you into Lupus, Lyme's, IBS, etc. especially if testing for these several times reveal negative results and treatments don't give you any improvements. You should have improvements two to thee weeks in and in my experience, improvements have usually been within 24 to 48 hours.

Okay now most of you keep relapsing so here is what I feel is a reason why and mind you this is just my personal opinion from digging into tons of info and years of battling this disease. I come from a long chain of farmers, even my first love was a fourth generational farmer and he also worked for a lab. His knowledge was extremely helpful. Farming has always been built on cross breading of crops. However, back in 1884, I remember the government stepped in to cap grain prices on the farmers. This crushed many generational farmers into bankruptcy. Only the strong survived this and the others ended up giving up their land to government supported corporations. A lot of these corporations were not well versed with good crop techniques, but Monsontos was theipre to the rescue. Monsontos for years wanted control of the seedling markets, but there were strict laws in place to prevent ownership of patents on seedlings and for good reason. The fear was that one sole owner would be able to control the worlds food markets and put societies at risk to manipulate the population in ways that could endanger human lives. The whole reason GMO's were created were so that Monsanto's to fulfill one agenda and that was a way to avoid the current laws for freedom of seed markets to find a way to get a patent and seize control. So the cap on the prices only put this ball into motion. The new corporations buying into the bankrupt land also bought into Monsanto. During this time in order to speed up the patent process Clinton's appointed an ex CEO of Monsanto to the FDA, once they got their patents the head of the FDA changed. They came out with a silver coated seedling, why???? Well because the same investors if Monsanto's (I will say that list is quite an eye opener of people who are the top 1% of the social class and I'd advise everyone to wake up cause trouble is on the horizon for all of us if you don't), are the same individuals pushing climate change... why? Because they are all invested in 100% Green Bonds at the World Bank that average Joe's like us are exempt from taking part in even if we could afford to do so!

So where is this story going? First those odd clouds that spread out from grid patterns of planes flying a mile above the commercial jet liners they keep toting as none existent. They are dispersing metal particulates. Those of you may find yourself very systematic on these days and for good reason. Certain types of bacteria, fungus, and parasites accelerate under heavy metal environments. Why metals, well I have a theory on that one too long to go over now, but I think it was kind of resolve two issues with innovation gone wrong type of deal. Monsanto's was miraculously prepared, the seedlings can endure growing in heavy metal soils... Gee how mighty coincidental! As my ex farmer boyfriend would say, "a real farmer can still out yield any scientific, pesticide using seed farmer even in a field of dust if he's a true farmer." So here is where things went wrong folks, first our digestive systems were made for GMO's. Secondly pesticides killed the pests, but it was learned after the fact that these pests were killing plants that were infected by microorganisms. Now there are no insects to kill off those microorganisms. Basically folks we are also ingesting them and this is why aerosol spraying makes us hyper reactive. Unfortunately these microorganisms that build in our systems when our immune systems are compromised leads to multiple infections and this doesn't include the illnesses caused by heavy metal toxicity. As the years go on I am meeting neighbors, friends, patients in my doctors office or vets all with the same systematic issues and gee Obamacare comes in to electronify medical records, wake up people, you are medical guinie pigs for an organization that is neglecting you medically for a reason. They are making a lot of money not just on investing on why you are sick, but pretending they are treating you so you can so-called get better. Mind you there are doctors out there who are truly aware and trying to help, but the majority will blame you for being sick and it is up to you to firm community groups to bring this into a legislative view to stop it before more become disabled or lose their lives. If you are in the South Florida area keep yourself posted for a meetup support group if you are interested in advocating for the cause. It will be for all those being ignored and suffering medical neglect who want to take part in changing the silence on autoimmune and morgellons. I for one have seen and had enough. Give me a bit more time but I'm ready to blow the lid off this one and those looking for help I will try and do my best to get you to those who I feel are most beneficial, although I will say that is slim pickings, but at least we can compare notes, I will leave note here once I'm ready.

Dec 18, 2017
EOE and Steroids
by: angrmorg

They tried to first put me on a corticosteroid that wasn't even FDA approved, the side effects alone were scary. I declined that medication, then they put me on three others and you are right none work. Steroids do make parasites worse so do certain antibiotics. However killing them off, parasites can release bacteria so this is why you need a doctor to determine what and when you take various medications. There are quite a few parasites people I know have had with Morgellons, round worms, tape worms (these are really bad to have), hook, pin, shitsosoma, and filaria. You can have more than one. There are fungus issues as well as bacteria. I don't know about your son, but I tested high for eosinophils, had excessive inflammation of throat and stomach, second endo showed groove forming in esophagus, he dialated a ring in my throat and that helped with choking on food every time I ate. It was a trade off though, I ended up with losing my voice some, I suffer with chronic sore throats, and my throat feels just pain odd. If your son gets worse on medications it is a sign he may really suffer from parasites. I can't leave email as much as I would love to speak to anyone struggling with this, my heart breaks every time I read of the desperation we all suffer through. Doctor are very unresponsive, the best advise I have is if they aren't listening, then keep looking. Document, take photos, summarize important symptoms and be direct. Know that doctors may manipulate or simply lie about test results. I take urine testing at home to monitor after I realized they weren't always processing my tests. Unfortunately doctor are still few and far between, I went to a research clinic just in sheer desperation for some relief, but relief isn't always what you get and you can be an experimental guinie pig, so if something is not setting well with you move on to the next, the goal is to get your son on something that actually makes him feel better not worse.

Dec 18, 2017
EoE caused by morgellons?
by: Morgsufferer

@angrymorg can you please reach out to me? Is there a way to talk to you? A few years back I self diagnosed morgellons. I had horrible skin sores, skin crawling, etc. However, my son was recently diagnosed with EoE. He doesn’t seem to have food allergies and the meds aren’t helping. They have him on steroids. From
What I’ve read steroids make a parasitic infection worse.. Any advice? I have to help my son.

Nov 22, 2017
My experience with Morgellons
by: angrymorg

Seven + years into this, have an herbalist background, healed 80% of 90% covered body of lesions by making own concoctions, however disease over time heads into internal damages. I am not sure if healing is really what we are doing, or does this disease take on cycles that only fool us to believe we are healing. Today after IV antibiotics, you know the whole Lyme's story which I feel is just another agenda to hide the truth. Here's what I do know, in the course of being sick, this disease goes from skin issues to internal issues to disabling neurological conditions and in some death. It effects both red and white blood cell counts, causes anemia and deficiencies in iron, b12, vitamin d. It seems to use protein, iron and biotin to produce itself. If you have blood analyzed your cells are clustered and ruptured, you will see spider webbing in plasma which is candida/fungus, and you will also see parasites which are abnormal from spirochetes in the since that they do not crawl out from cells over the course of 45 minutes so they are highly resistant. Note of hydrogen peroxide experiment. In poring hydrogen peroxide on granules in skin, they bubble heavily, this means they have a bacteria property to them, in second poring of hydrogen peroxide 24 hours later, nothing at first, then slowly bubbling with begin, granules develop sprouts. Upon getting UVB IV treatments without oxygen (big mistake, don't ever do this, I'm lucky to be alive), granules also sprouted while in my skin, learned treatments cause a natural form of hydrogen peroxide to be released into the blood, it shocked my body so bad I suffered six months of seizures. Do not use hydrogen peroxide! There is a new and growing condition called EOE, it is a condition I believe is the later phase of morgellons. It has direct links to a parasite called shitsosoma, forget parasite ova tests, they are worthless and if they do find a problem your testing results will merely disappear. I feel after speaking to various microbiologists this is a multi level infection, everyone is different depending on exposure which could be insect or environmental or chemical. Natural remedies do not work for everyone, some need extensive treatment by qualified professionals and unfortunately they are very hard to find because we are still Ginnie pigs to experimenting from them. And yes, there is a huge coverup, but I will give you a hint: 1958 climate project bill (mainly how do we do this no matter what damages occur legal work around) signed by John McCain and Travelers Insurance. This is just the tip of the iceberg, do your homework guys, and pray!

Jul 28, 2017
vigilance is key, but mix it up
by: Rachel

I've found that nothing works if you keep doing the same things, it appears to quickly become immune to all attempts. This was frustrating to say the least and I started to lose it for a bit. I actually ate cake and drank espresso to "get them going" and then went yahtzee with diamateous earth, acv and aloe internally while sitting in an epsom salt, baking soda, turmeric and charcoal bath. Oh, while listening to a parasite cleanse soundtrack lol. Yeah.. crazy.

So after I stopped sneak attacking my own body.. i cut out iron (it feeds off it) and dealt with the fatigue. I switched to cool showers with sulfur soap, turmeric and sandlewood soap and neem soap. Alternating days. When I got out I blotted dry bc let's face it, towels won't kill you. I laid under blue led lights of 430 and 460 nm. Both are antibacterial but one reaches deeper and takes longer. Given how tired I was, I was fine with laying there. Afterwards I'd put a powder I made of diamateous earth, ceylon cinnamon, dash of turmeric, arrowroot powder, borax and pine essential oil. Dry worked best. Then the roll of bandage on each leg and some cute knee socks i made into leg warmers by cutting the feet off yo hold it all in place. And to keep me from seeing it/worrying. Major stress relief. Blackseed oil twice a day internally. Spot treatments of silver as needed, dandelion detox tea, echinacea tea, cell salts and a very clean diet. Wifi and electronics triggered me so I unplugged. Laundry is hot water and seventh generation detergent with borax, baking soda and niaouli oil. Lavender dryer pouches from trader joes. Cleaning is routine: wipe down furniture and vacuum daily with a broom vacuum. Air purifiers going at all times waa a major game changer and cut back on how much I had to clean. Inexpensive shower filter, head n shoulders shampoo. I made a makeshift sauna in my bathroom: infrared heater and 2 infrared heat basking lamps. This is once a week followed by a detox bath like listed above. Stuff comes out and I'm dizzy, nauseaus and short of breath after but the following day is always amazing. If you get those little flies toss your plants and set out hot soapy water with a splash of vinegar and lots of bubbles all over your home. They're attracted to the heat and drown.

Sorry for my unorganized info, just rambling off what has helped. I'm back to myself again. Still have sores but only on my legs and I don't let it keep me down. Neem capsules twice daily is a must. Don't pick or look. When that familiar crawling feeling comes just do something else bc you aren't going to heal yourself with tweezers. Where you get 5, 25 more come. Let it be and make your body and undesirable place for this to reside.

You all got this. I promise.

Mar 14, 2017
by: Paula doe

I have been using the Cure Sun powder with color safe bleach and Alfalfa tablets I read this online that it was a cure at first I started using it and it wasn't doing much of anything for me but when I continue to use it I couldn't believe I started getting migrations too. And I am also using clotrimazole cream and I'm eating Alfalfa tablets and I am drinking baking soda with water and lots of vinegar with the mother in Corolla this is working for me I'm getting better I'm itchy as all hell right now but I am getting better I hope I can help somebody out there as I've been helped by the lady with the Cure that took the bath with Alfalfa and son color safe bleach. Her hero was her cat she is my hero so I think her and I of course thank Jesus. Praying does help also much more than you will ever know

Mar 04, 2017
by: 2 B or NOT 2 B CRaZY

Thank u all for sharing comments and thank you for the information !! I am going into a year of this absolutely real infestation! I have spent $$$$$$$ and $$$$$$$ trying too rid too only make worse and now it's thru out my home I wished it ended with me but even my Jack Russet VINNY is showing signs of these CDC COVER UP MAYBE AN EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG AND LETS GO ON RECORD ON WORLD NEWS CHANNEL AND DECLARE IT TOO BE A MENTAL DISORDER!!!!! I'm DISGUSTED THAT WE ARE HAVING TOO AUFFER IN SILENCE IN FEAR WE ALL WILL BE DECLARED INSANE and THEN WHAT! Just SO DISGUSTED ALSI TIRED OF FIGHTING THIS BATTLE!

Jan 05, 2017
It's real!!
by: Michelle

My bout with morgellons is real! I've always suffered allergies & eczema, since I was a child. About 2 years ago, I got very sick! I thought it was pin worm, although through stool samples, could not be verified with my Doctors?! I had been to Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil & Argentina in the months before. After a Maui trip, I developed little hard bumps on my feet. I thought I'd stepped on a chard of glass & the skin grew around it?! Didn't think much more?! Then last January, I developed rashes on my collar bone, wrists & hands. Went away & would come back, raging?!from day to day?! One day gone, next day back?! I attributed it to too much cleaning, dishes, etc. Finally, this past summer, I said to my husband, "Can you feel your hair grow?!" I had itchy, tingling feeling on my scalp. I thought, "There's no way I have head lice?!" Of which I dealt with, with my daughter, in 2nd grade! I comes through my hair & nothing?! About a week later, I blew up, into welts, rashes, most horrific itch, from head to toe! I thought I had scabies?! We do frequent hotels, quite often. I swear, I really thought that's what it was?! For 2 whole months I treated myself for scabies! I spent countless money on every remedy I could find! I washed sheets, towels, clothes everyday! Cleaned like a mad woman! Kept away from my family, and staying away from my grandbabies, especially hurt! I didn't want to infect any of them! Interesting enough, my husband never got it?! We sleep together, have sex, etc.?! Couldn't understand how he couldn't have it too?! Every morning, I'd find little things on my sheets, underwear, clothes, thinking it's scabies mites?! Finally, we bout a high powered microscope. I would bathe as soon as I'd start rubbing in lotion, boom, little black spots everywhere! Especially under my boobs, chest area & face! Pulled many from my nose & ears! I collected them all, thinking they were bugs?! Well, under the microscope, clearly untwined , fibers! Blue, red, orange, whit & black?! Some appeared to be moving?! One of the treatments I was using, thinking scabies, was rubbing myself down with vinegar & oh boy, let me tell you they'd pop out everywhere! I developed scabs in my nose, which turned to impetigo! Rashly face, body, finally, I saw my Dr. She assured me that it was only eczema/dermatitis?! Gave me a corticosteroid cream. Only made it worse?! She told me to see a phsychiatrist?! Well, that was it for me! I started researching like crazy! I did take Diatamaceous Earth, when I thought I had pin worm & it worked! I started taking 2 tbs. of DE, in OJ, started popping multi vitamins, B12 complex, omegas, calcium, V-C, herbal treatment called Mitadone. Often used for treatment for alcoholism, I have 3 different ones, stress relief, 5 day detox & withdrawal aid. Within these is all V-B's, folic acid, kudzu root, milk thistle, buplerum root, holy basil, ALA, gurana, dandelion root, turmeric root, grape seed extract, senna leaf extract, cayenne pepper, ginger root, licorice root, blueberry fiber, peppermint leaf extract, probiotics, chamomile, ltryptophan, lemon flower, hydroxytophen, Passion flower, ashwagangha, DMAE. SOUNDS LIKE A LOT, I KNOW! But only 3 pills! Coupled with taking all of that, bathing in salt, olive oil, vinegar &'s gone & I feel great!! No more itches or rashes. Clarity is back! That's a big one for me because it got to a point I felt shaky, could hardly walk downstairs, couldn't sleep, couldn't focus at all! Ruined the holidays to say the least?! However, this worked for me! No more symptoms or little black specks/hairs expelling from my body?! If this works for you, please let me know! I think I just cured Morgellons & no, it's not in your head!!! Absolutely not! It's real & I can prove it! Good luck! It really does suck!!!

Dec 15, 2016
The real science of Morgellons
by: don mau

You need to replace your "observations" with pure science

Oct 27, 2016
high altitude kills them
by: gina

I believe Morgellons is a parasite also, I lived in san Bernardino what used to be flood plains, but is now communities, I believe these parasites lived in or around water. the waters dried up or was diverted to flood channels. the creatures are using us humans to stay alive. our body is the perfect host. warmth and water. I had Morgellons, YES I SAID HAD. I moved to the Mountains at about 5.000 feet, and my Morgellons just started healing on its own. I have lived up hear for about 10 yrs. with no further sign of the parasite. I commute down to work, and back, and I believe like many bugs and parasites. cant live in high altitude, they quickly die, I pray it never comes back if I move back down the hill. but now I know how to kill them.

Oct 03, 2016
11 years now and still not well.
by: Joan

In 2005, I took a treatment for M.S. And sores appeared all over my body. I told my neurologists and was told that the treatment couldn't have caused the sores. He suggested using probiotics to treatment. Next month I took another of the treatments, next morning my face, arms, feet, hands were covered with these stinging, biting sores. The treatment was never done again. It had really helped me feel so much better regarding the M.S. Symptoms that I had been experiencing, but what a hell of a price. I went to dermatologists, family doctors, and allergy doctors and was told the usual story, "you're crazy as hell", thers's no parasites in your body. I can see them, see the paths on the surface of my skin that develop when the instence itching is more than I can endure and I scratch the sores. Over time, the sores on my arms and feet have healed. The ones on my face went away quickly except for a place on my lips that has only recently healed. I now have two small places on my left hand and, unfortunately, my right hand is still covered with the sores. They are painful and embarrassing. I never found any of the recommended treatments helpful. Out of desperation I bought an anti fungal creame and antibiotic cream from the dollar tree store and began using them 3 times a day. It has been the only thing that has seemed to help. I agree with one writer who stated that these monsters will become immune to any one treatment so you have to rotate treatments. I also have discovered over time due to having M.S., that steroids are like fertilizer to them. Eating sweets, which I love, also cause them to reproduce rapidly. Loved ones will tell you not to dig at the sores, but if you don't get them out of your skin, the dead ones will be visual through your skin if they were near the surface. Be careful removing them though because open wounds are places where they can get air. And, never cover them with band aids because they will tunnel out from under the bandage and make another sore. Good luck and never let anyone try to convince you that you are crazy.

Sep 19, 2016
You Have To Take Things To Kill Morgellons Internally
by: Joanne

I use Kleen Green on my skin but just cleaning the bugs off of the skin is not the answer. You have to take things that kill the bugs inside of you otherwise they will forever hatch out of you. I go to a Lyme Disease doctor who claims it comes from co-infections from Lyme, Babesia and other co-infections of Lyme. They have me on antibiotics, anti-parasitic med, anti-fungus med and cyst buster medication. I take about 35 natural supplements to help my immune system, my liver and a lot of other things. I take natural protocols to fight co-infections of Lyme. I take MSM powder with water, Silver Biotics, 7 tincture supplements on top of the 35 capsule supplements I take. Research natural supplements and take silver biotics like there is no tomorrow. Eventually the bugs get too small to get into the carpets. Eventually the big ones all hatch out of your skin leaving tiny ones and then keep taking the meds and natural items and just keep going. Cleaning the skin is fine but it's not going to make the parasites inside of you stop reproducing.

Aug 17, 2016
kleen free
by: bugsheretoo

I am using kleen free rather than kleen green as it was easier for me to purchase kleen free. I don't know if one is better or stronger than the other, but I am diluting the kleen free about 20 parts water to 1 part kleen free concentrate. I am spraying that on myself, clothes, furniture etc.

Jul 03, 2016
Kleen Green
by: Leah

How many parts Kleen Green to water for skin and how many for cleaning works for Morgellons?

Feb 14, 2016
Don't believe your doctor
by: Sandra

I have been to every doctor and hospital around my area to be told what I feel is in my mind well I got samples of mind in my freezer from my hand and nose and foot and threw more away no one will test so I do everything I can but they mutate as you find something to kill it it finds a defense I cut my arm on accident a scratch really but they never stay a scratch I've noticed I can see them with my camera on my phone doctors wouldn't even look it was a trick of the camera they said when you could see a large one moving and they say it's usually fatal well I guess it is if you believe the line of BS they feed you what we have is real peroxide killed a few of mine I sprayed it on my cut entire arm turned white and when it got under skin it bubbled all the way up my arm excruciating after a few minutes but if gotten so used to paint hat I would rather endure as much as I can and take a few out then sit here and believe at 50 I just woke up crazy but if you don't fight them they win in a sense I prefer to do reseat and do everything I can to kill the Parisite just never stop fighting

Sep 12, 2015
Morgellon's FUNGUS affects .004% of world population
by: Kit

Very few people actually have the allergic-like reaction to chemtrailing called "Morgellon's."

Go to YouTube's "Bases Project" and listen to Harald Kautz-Vella:

I guarantee you will have a completely different understanding of Morgellon's than in this article, and you will realize the "cures" listed here are NOT cures for Morgellon's.

And never make the mistake, as other people are, of thinking that Morgellan's and Black Goo have any connection to each other.

Black Goo is a different, important and fascinating topic Kauz-Vella will explain.

I do warn you, all of it is freaky!

Jul 18, 2015
15 year morgellons finally getting better
by: sammie

See my posting on, under the Morgellons section. You may have to look a bit, but there, I have uploaded the steps you need to take.
Essentially you need to accomplish 4 things:1. find out what caused your immune system to break down, 2. fix it, 3. restore your health, and 4 kill the bugs. You will probably be doing this all at the same time. My posting on Earthclinic has all the info you need to start each of these four steps. One at a time, take it easy.
A big word of warning, when you begin getting these monsters off, you MUST get your animals away, like someplace other than where you live. If I had to do it over, I would find a place to reside with NO carpet. Try to do most removal activity in like one private room, bathroom would be ideal. This way you can keep it sprayed down and can wash yourself up. But if you have had it for a long long time like me, everything will be infested. EVERYTHING. I keep my papertowels, tp, toothbrush all wrapped up seperately...
your washer and dryer are probably infested, you need to run the products I posted on earth clinic, I also ran amonia, vinegar, baking soda, all kinds of stuff to get the washing machine cleaned out.
USE GLOVES USE GLOVES for everything.
Ted who is a holistic healer posted the orginal formulas, which are also posted on earth clinic. Look for his recomendations under teds remedies on
my e mail is, I would be happy to hear from any fellow long term sufferers out there. I just compiled a list of all the herbs, products and tinctures I use and will be posting this to earth clinic soon.
take it easy on yourself, I used to forget every single day, whatever it was I did the day before, forgot about protocols I started until I ran into what ever it was I was doing. I am not 100%, but I am much clearer mentally, and have a little energy.. unfortunately once I started getting large groups of this crap to run off, ooze off me, the more symptoms have to have attention.
Check out my post, it;s the real thing, there is hope and battles are being fought and won now a days with this war.
I have been doing my protocol for about 2.5 years, and I expect to be at it for some time as the going is slow, however, it IS GOING, which is 100% better than the first 13 years!
I think that even if you have a chronic uncurable health problem that you suspect weakened your immune system, the protocol that is in earth clinic should help, and you should try it.
I have learned so much about this crap, especially seeing it comming out... I dont think the researchers are going to be much help for some time... they are not seeing the whole picture yet...
God did not put you hear with NO TOOLs to help yourself. Remember most all medicatons originated from PLANTS, there are a lot of herbs, plants, flowers etc that can help you.
Good healing to you!

May 18, 2014
This really does help externally!
by: Jennifer

Please go onto Natural Ginesis website and take a look at Kleen Green. Many people have found that using Kleen Green on their skin (completely safe :) after baths, and using it in their environment helps tremendously! They also offer a discount to people with morgellons.

May 07, 2014
my kids arent delusional
by: christinaa

So they say us morgue patients are crazy.ive delt with this monster for 3 yrs and so have my children.we started with sores that wouldn't heal.intense itching and bugs of every kind always around.mostly flies.our combs look like science experiments with so many fibers I could easily knit shirts out of 5 year old suffers severe nosebleeds daily.and impetigo around her ears and neck the doctors say I don't mosturize her nose enough and sh needs to shower more.she showers 2 times a day just like me and her siblings do.i tried everything.super baths.magnets.creams.i mean everything.nothing works.this disease is real and is making a mess of my family.i refuse to deal with the doctors saying I'm crazy anymore.they have no good reason for sores in the middle of my kids backs where they can't reach.they can't explain anything and won't because the CDC is a lie and game.their so called research was done from ppl that had a certain insurance paid by yours truly our government.of course they are gonna say they didn't find anything.until we all get together as ppl.doctors.nurses .scientists.and expose this mess that have put in our body.because if something isn't done now your children's lives are at stake too.

Dec 26, 2013
This could be your answer
by: Hope

Use MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). It can only be sold as a water purifier at this point, but it heals many illnesses. It is 28% sodium Chlorite and distilled water. Put about one drop MMS to 5 drops lemon juice and let stand about 5 minutes. It will turn a dark yellow and have a strong aroma. I use 10-12 drops (MMS)with lemon in small glass in the morning. Buy some Double "00" gelatin caps and fill using dropper. It is just too difficult to put mixture in water or juice and drink straight. Fill caps with MMS and lemon juice mixture and take 2-4 pills 3 times a day (morning noon evening). I took with food. I put the cap between my teeth and swallow quickly. I didn't want to taste it. You might get diarrhea. Don't worry, it is part of the process of cleansing body to begin with. You can also use mixture to clean sores with Q tip. DMSO is also good for healing sores.
Doctors are not understanding and probably won't help you. I saw over 30 doctors (not good). Tell only people you trust about your condition and then think twice before doing so. This is in your blood so anyone who suggests getting rid of it with a bath solution doesn't know what they are talking about. It is not in your is real.
Bath every day with Borax. Witch Hazel will get particles off the skin. Witch Hazel will also get them out of hair. I seldom felt them on my head, but that got them out of hair. Just pour it straight onto scalp between shampoo and conditioner applications.
For children the MMS mixture amount would need to be less. I am very concerned for children who have this disease. They wouldn't know how to explain what they experience. Give them much love and understanding.
One more thing, antibiotics (doxycycline) may work for a little while, but then it comes back. Doctors are reluctant to give them anyway.
It took me years to find the answer. God bless.

Mar 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

Take a hot bath with 3 cups epsom salt and 1/4 cup amonia. the amonia wont hurt you, it help in healing the wound. They heal fast! soak every part of you and wash your face. I garuntee you will have immediate relief. just dont be shocked by what is left in your bath water, the first bath really gets a lot of them out of you. Also mix amonia and water 50/50 and spray around your house, the bedding, mattress, furniture, rugs. Amonia is the only thing that kills them.
Peace out, and God bless!
Maria Vanderpool

Jul 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

NEEM OIL EXTERNALLY AND INTERNALLY, AND NEEN LEAF EXTRACT IS GOOD. CAN BE MIXED WITH KEROSENE AND OR ESSENTIAL OILS, AND COCONUT OIL AS ABOVE. MAIN THING IS TO DETOX YOUR BODY AND FAST ON GREENS REGULARLY. TREAT AS an internal parasite aswell by using herbs for parasites, plus activated charcoal. aloe vera on the skin is also helpful at times,

Sep 15, 2011
Morgellons Treatment
by: Angie

Thank you for taking the time to tell your story and share your experience in dealing with Morgellons. I'm sorry to hear that after all of these years you are still suffering so greatly.

In all that you have mentioned that you have done to help combat this condition, you didn't say whether or not you had tried using a natural parasite cleanse and nutritional supplements to boost your immune system and give your body the support to help you fight off this condition.

Have you tried this option? If not, do consider the natural Morgellons treatment that is suggested. Your body can only heal itself when you give it the tools it needs to do so.

Wishing you all the best!

P.S. If you want to try to get rid of the scars you described, one of the most effective methods is to apply Vitamin E oil directly to the scarred skin daily. It takes a long time to do the job, but it does work to repair the skin in the end.

Sep 15, 2011
Combat Parasites and Morgellons
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering from this for about 10 Yrs.
It all started, or so I think, from applying mosquito repellent to all ready open mosquito bites recieved from and Everglades fishing trip. At first I thought "Wow These Mosquitoes Really Got me". Then the bites turned into sores, then they started to itch. In the beginning the bites where soley on my lower legs, the only part exposed to mosuitoes and only where I applied repelent directly to my skin. The wounds are exactly as described by others and the skin became very, very thin and covered by only a thin crusty, flakey layer. As the itching increased the skin broke and bled, then the skin would quickly grow over the scab... As I investigated , I found the small pimple like marks and proceded to open them (Very Painful). Then they began to spread and I really got worried. Oh no whatever it is is heading for my groin.. So I began an insane regiment of body washing, scrubbing with pumous and then with Biotene (Anti-bacterial Soap). I also contracted some type of infection that caused me to be bed ridden for a year.That was in 2005. Cut to 2011: I now scrape,puncture, tweeze what ever these things are out of me. The rate of advancement has slowed, but the feeling of crawling is the still there. Just not as prevalent. I also will not that I have not seen what has been described as small insects or worms, but see the fibers and black "Grains". They also, in my case, attach them selves to hair follicles, kill the hair then attempt to replicate it.. I also obtained some took some Doxycyceline, 100 Mg's for about a month, that helped. I also remove all my body hair and can no longer wear shorts because of the scares. I also wash with rubbing alcohol all over. I have been to the County Health Dept. with no results... go figure. So with constant washing, clothes included it seems whatever they are have slowed down quite abit. Another strange observation I made is that they seem to act as a connected colony, bother one and the rest start moving..
Morgellons seems to have multiple symptoms and varients, some cases worse then others. I you should see a physician and he prescribes anti-pshycotic drugs, demand that the only ones you be given, be an anti-anxiety medication. If your Dr. doesn't work with you, find another. I wish all of you whom have this, good luck, do your best to keep a level head. Change clothes veryday. Wash clothes in hot water and dry them with a Temp. above 140 Deg. If you have to, keep a change of clothes with you when you're out of the house. I suggest rubbing alcohol, BUT BE CAREFUL ! ! DO NOT USE AROUND AN OPEN FLAME OR SPARK SOURCE. Use Neosporin on the wounds, use anti itch cream. If you'd like to contact me do so @, pls. no spam..

Jan 15, 2011
My Morgellons
by: Anonymous

I dont know how there are different forms of this, But all i know is from the beginning a worm lookin thing in my clothes and went in my finger,and lint ball looking biting things in my bed to all my clothes biting to finding the morgellon Fiber bug which can be different colors but all spread tentacle like legs into the skin giving you that bite/sting feeling as well as fibers coming back out.There are some expulsions that have a stripe type mark that are from inside coming out and look metallic. I actually took one of the fibers from seem of clothes from where i was being stung and put it up on my knee so i could get a good view of it under micro.and was horrified to see it was a live?? fiber bug with tentacles going into my skin and not only that but also was pulling threads from what i was wearing. then itself disappeared into my skin surrounded by a skin type coloring. I had chigger mites and bird mites and dont doubt that one was parasitized.I have a pic with metallic type things coming off finger. Boy i hope someone figures this out. The ones ive seen, and has been alot, all look pretty much the same. When taped down on white index card, they all look like they could be spiders because of the leg looking things

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