Unusual Symptoms

by Tonya Rychard

I started having unusual symptoms almost two years ago. I now battle this illness daily. I try to not let it get me down, but there are days I can't even face the day.

I have almost all the symptoms of Morgellons. I thought I could fight it and rid myself of this. I didn’t even know what it was for months until a friend of a friend mentioned her sister had same symptoms and gave the name Morgellons.

I looked it up on the internet and I read the symptoms and I knew without a doubt that is what I was dealing with.

I also went to doctors, but they looked at me like I was crazy. My boyfriend and family thought I was crazy. Now they are true believers for they see this is not all in my head.

I have spent so much money with all kinds of natural aids that have not done a whole lot. I now take Nutra silver and a daily antioxidant drink supplement along with multivitamin. This does contain the symptoms some.

The nutra silver at first really seemed to be helping but it seems like whatever this is build tolerance and the more I fight it the harder it fights me. As strange as it sounds it almost as though it has a mind of its own.

I have started eating well and try to go about daily life but it seems to get better then start cycles all over again. I am 38 and should be enjoying my life, but that has been taken from me.

One wonders why there is depression in Morgellons patients, dealing with this causes one to be depressed. I don’t think depression causes this at all. This causes depression.

There may not be a cure but if
I could just have symptom free for the most part I could live with that! I want my life back. Please, I need help!

Dear Tonya,

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. I can only imagine how difficult and horrible this experience is for you and the others who suffer from Morgellons symptoms.

It does sound like you are taking some good steps to help you handle and hopefully overcome this nasty "infection" (for lack of a better term).

It's important that you have been changing your diet to try to eat only healthy foods. You want to eliminate as much sugar and processed foods as possible from your diet. The only thing they do is weaken your immune system.

I believe good nutrition and quality supplementation of the body's needed vitamins, minerals, and enzymes is the most effective way to deal with Morgellons. That's why I've suggested this natural Morgellons treatment.

It's important to realize that nutritional supplements aren't "quick fixes." Changing your diet and using nutritional supplements is a long term treatment that provides your body with the resources it needs to fight parasites, infections, and disease the way it was designed to do.

I've also heard some good reports about the use of far infrared sauna's in Morgellons treatment. It's a lot more expensive, but some people have reported that it has actually made more difference than anything else.

I completely agree with you about the Morgellons leading to depression and not the other way around. Composure might be of some help with dealing with the depression.

I wish I could offer you more help. I truly do. I hope and pray that you will be able to get this turned around and enjoy your life again.

To your good health!

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