Chitosan And Morgellons

by Midrelle

I have found that eating a diet free of bio-engineered foods, melamine, HFCS and chitosan helps Morgellons.

For those of you that do not know what chitosan is, it is a powder derived from the shells of lobsters and crabs and is being used in many applications (for example in fertilizer) and there is also food grade chitosan which can be a food additive.

A whole food diet helps. I feel this disease is a consequence of tampering with our food chain with bacteria and lobster and crab genes and as a result our DNA which is being changed by our digestion of particles that the body does not know what to do with since they are foreign to us.

Bacteria and one celled forms and the DNA of the organisms that they are injecting the food with are being expressed by our bodies as they are being injected into our bloodstream and body by the foods we are eating.

People that are allergic to shellfish are especially at risk although it affects others as well.

A whole industry has grown up around a flawed science that purports to increase the food of the world but is mainly profit seeking.

Research the food that you are eating and what you will find out will confound and amaze you that this whole thing has been allowed to get this far.

This is not something we can undo once all these genes have been released into the wild and Mother Nature decides to do what she will with them.

As with rapeseed this has already happened. I liken this to starting a forest fire with no inkling of what it will burn down.

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Jan 18, 2013
Chitosan and Morgellons.
by: Angie from

I don't think Midrelle, who submitted her article above is monitoring the comments, so I'll just share my opinion on this further.

It sounds to me like what she is saying is that the chitosan that is bad for morgellons sufferers is the additive form that is being put in foods, etc., that we are being exposed to unwittingly.

Until I read/discover more about possible benefits of some other form of high quality chitosan, I won't suggest its use for dealing with Morgellons.

Instead, I would much rather suggest what I already know to be very beneficial and have listed on our Morgellons treatment page. Please look there for further help.

Jan 18, 2013
Chitosan - good or bad?
by: Anonymous

Hello - I am a second reader who is confused by what you are saying about Chitosan. Why do you mention it specifically? Why is it important? Does it stop morgellons, or does it make it worse? Please re-write your article - it makes no sense about the Chitosan. Thanks

Mar 26, 2012
Chitosan Helps Morgellons???
by: Angie

Thanks for catching that and pointing out the confusion. I've edited the title to "Chitosan and Morgellons" so that it will coincide with the article and allow for more sensible commenting as well.

Sometimes when people submit articles like this one that Midrelle has posted, they include a very long title that is "cut short." Looks like that's what happened there, changing the sense of the title in relation to her comments. I didn't catch it at the time. ;)

Regardless of the correction I've made to the title, there is still confusion as to whether or not chitosan helps Morgellons or makes it worse.

I, too, have read that some people have felt that adding chitosan to their protocol when dealing with Morgellons disease has helped them to feel better and reduce their symptoms.

It would be nice if some people who have actually tried it find this page and can report their own experiences.

As with any supplement that you take, it's always important that you are careful to use only the best quality, otherwise you are wasting your money and can actually even do yourself more harm than good when it comes to certain types.

Looking forward to hearing more feedback in relation to chitosan and morgellons.

Mar 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

I don't understand what you are saying with this article. The title is "Chitosan Helps Morgellons", but in the article it sounds like you are eliminating it from your diet. I have read it is helpful for getting rid of morgellons. You might want to clarify exactly what you are saying here.

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