I Have Morgellons Symptoms Too

by TD

I have Morgellons symptoms too and this is what I want to know...

1) Why are they (the so-called professionals) denying that this, whatever it is, even exists--just what are they covering up? (please see the letter from the CDC to health care providers that you can find online)

2) Since supposedly it doesn't exist, and no one knows anything about it, why are they ignoring it, allowing others to possibly contract it?

3) Since when should a so-called dermatologist diagnose me with a "delusional" diagnosis-shouldn't that be diagnosed by someone with expertise in that field, not a skin doctor?

4) Why hasn't the CDC come out with a final report yet? Just how late is that report, anyway?

5) How long is it going to take a member of the "upper society" (and far more better, I guess, according to them) family or loved one to get this before someone blows the whistle?????

I actually had one low life so called md & one b))))ch dermatologist lie on my visit record!!!

A permanent record that is going to follow me around for what short time I believe I have left, and they lie on my record!!! OOOHHHH, that's gonna cost them. Right, me against two doctors.

Oh well, never know until I try, but I'm sure they're gonna lie in court, if they are gonna lie in my permanent record.

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Nov 23, 2017
They all manipulate health records NEW
by: AMorg

Wait until you see them change your mri's and deny the surgery you need to repair the damages this does. I found a vet site with photos of the granules morgellons suffers have, they said it was calcification left by tapeworm in animals skin. I saw a recent patient's colon therapy session and he released over a foot long parasite that resembles what I have seen on a smaller scale in my own experience and now I'm scared. I can't afford the treatments he went through to get rid of it. Haven't quite figured out if this is tape (not yet developed), hook, or shitsosoma, but pretty sure it's one or a dna altered mix. Because granules sometimes raise up on one end after they seep out from my showering, this suggest a nemotode like parasite. Yeah my MRI was changed out then all of a sudden after arguing about surgical procedure now no one will do surgery I was told I had to have, second opinion doc actually demanded my report and then everything went missing. Tests go missing, when my blood count kept coming back with issues they simply expanded the normal range so that they can say it's normal. When my metals testing was at the end of the test bar they told me "oh that's nothing, sometimes people have levels on special records only we doctors see that go way beyond the first page.". I felt like saying what's the point if you are going to deny the levels are outside normal ranges and at the end of the report you gave me. And mind you this was not one metal, it was seven, and last time I read msds reports high lead was not a safe thing to have in the body. My lead continued to grow due to uranium in my system. Uranium is called " 14 daughters" and over time it changes into several other elements... The last being LEAD!!! President just put Alex Azar in charge of health position that lost a large suit against his company, he's been behind psych drugs you know cause we are all crazy with morgellons. He pushed the electronics of records wow... Big shocker, track the population you make sick with contaminated water, GMO food, and aerosol sprayed air. You hear very little about the planet they found not to long ago that looked similar to planet earth... Hummmm... Richard Brandon might know a bit on future plans though.

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