I Need To Do A Parasite Cleanse

by Holly

Hi, I need to do a parasite cleanse.

I believe that my current case of acne may be the cause of parasites (waste building up in system) as I was on all kinds of different antibiotics for 10 years, birth control pills, etc which totally have messed with my body as my acne is now worse than it ever was. (I am 28 and have had acne since 12).

In the past 6 months I have totally changed my diet to be extremely healthy - fruits, vegetables and fish, etc., no gluten no dairy no sugars.

I only use gentle natural products on my skin. I don't touch my face at all with my hands or anything else that could contaminate it. I do everything right and still acne persists!

I have come to the conclusion that there must be something else internally wrong with me and am convinced it must be an issue with toxins in my body, possible parasite waste, eating too much raw cookie dough over the years, too, maybe (haha).

I have been doing some research, and wormwood seems to be one of the most common prescribed supplements. Just wondering why it is not included as an ingredient in your parasite cleanse?

Your cleanse seems more like a colon cleanse, is it just as effective as taking wormwood, black walnut, and cloves?


Hi Holly,

I believe you've come to the right conclusion about what is causing your persistent acne problems.

Whenever the body can't process and eliminate toxins quickly enough through the "usual" channels, it sends them to the skin for elimination.

Parasites are a good possibility (and very probable!), but no doubt toxins from your waste, their waste, and years of insufficient nutrition have all combined to contribute to the problem.

When I need to do a parasite cleanse I use Para 90, or Herbal Fiberblend or both.

You bring up a good question about the ingredients in the AIM supplements that I recommend.

Although the Herbal Fiberblend does not contain Wormwood (or Wormseed) like the Para 90 does, it is still probably my preferred cleanser of the two for someone in your situation. Using both would be "best" but if you can only use one, I think you'd find that the HFB would give you the best overall results because of it's many other benefits.

There are a number of different anti-parasitic herbs in the HFB, but there are plenty more with additional benefits as well as soluble and insoluble fiber that will help to detox your system as well while cleansing.

Some people find that in severe cases of skin conditions they need more than a parasite cleanse. In some cases, a liver cleanse is also necessary because the liver has become overloaded with toxins and is struggling to filter and eliminate them as well as it should.

If you find that to be the situation for you, you may want to also try cleansing the liver with Redibeets as beets are a wonderful, natural, and very potent liver cleanser.

To be honest with you, having re-read your post and the mention that you've been on antibiotics for so long, I'm inclined to believe that the greatest underlying cause of your acne is probably a severe yeast infection (fungal overgrowth).

It may take you a little while of continual cleansing and rebuilding of your body systems before you are fully on top of it and in good health, but it would be well worth it!

This would be my suggestion for you as a place to start.

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • BarleyLife
  • AIMega
  • Florafood

The Para 90 and Redibeets are also good options and would be great to add, but I would start with the foundations first and see if they are sufficient, particularly if money is tight or if you find it difficult to take a lot of supplements at once.

Those are the most important and will give you the most overall benefit.

I'd love to hear back from you once you've had a chance to take them for a few weeks and get your feedback and results.


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