Little Bug Burrows Under The Skin

by Concerned Daughter

What little bug burrows under the skin?

What little bug burrows under the skin?

A tiny little bug with a snout digs into my mom's skin, and we don't know what it is.

It's slightly larger than a flea. The tiny bug burrows under the skin and stays there.

She has these bites all over her. At first I thought she was scratching herself, but then she
caught one to show me. Now, I'm very concerned.

Any help as to what they are or a remedy would be great. Also, I should mention that they seem to get her while she is sleeping.

Thanks so much,
Concerned Daughter

Dear Concerned Daughter,

When you say the tiny bug burrows under the skin, do you mean it just stays in that one spot under the skin, or does it travel, leaving a mark or track in it's wake?

Does it cause the skin to itch or have any other reaction?

I assume that it probably DOES itch because you mentioned that you initially thought she was just scratching herself.

Have you been able to rule out anything specific? Bed bugs? Scabies? Ticks?

Bedbugs do bite you like crazy while you are sleeping. However, I don't believe there is any evidence that they burrow under the skin. They aren't known to burrow under the skin and stay there.

On the other hand, the scabies mite DOES burrow and leaves very itchy rash-like trails over your body.

You said she has them all over. If it were ticks, there may be a few, but not likely dozens. They generally only burrow their head in the skin and fill up the exposed body by sucking your blood.

Based on your description, my best guess would be the bed bugs. Are you positive that they DO burrow, or are you just assuming that they do because you can't see them?

It would be a good idea for your mom to get some quality tea tree oil, or Indian neem oil, or even oregano oil and place several drops (10-20) in her bath water for a nice soak a couple times per day.

You can find good prices on essential oils like those at Puritan's Pride.

This will serve to help soothe the skin, but also to help eliminate the skin parasite if it is scabies or something similar.

If it's bed bugs, you'll really have a fight on your hands. Anyone can get bed bugs, so don't think it's a sign of being dirty or anything.

You'd be amazed at how many hotels are actually infested with bed bugs. It's easy enough for the bed bugs to hitch a ride home with you in your luggage or even on your clothes.

To get rid of them, you'll have to do a lot of washing in hot water and vacuuming every nook and cranny.

Even then, you may need to use some form of cleaning agent. Here are some suggestions for all natural pest control rather than a chemical based pesticide.

Finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I must encourage you to get your mom to follow a natural internal cleansing protocol. It is the surest way that I know of for dealing with persistent pest/bug/parasite issues, whether the little bug burrows under the skin or just feels like it.

That combo is a tried and proven method for getting the best results while cleansing and building your system.

If you'd like to provide me with a bit more specific information about how this tiny bug burrows under the skin, etc., I'll try to provide you with more details and suggestions.

Meanwhile, I hope your mom gets some relief soon.
~Angie from

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Mar 26, 2017
nematode nfestaton NEW
by: rosa

am n the final stage of a 10 month treatment of this nightmare.
i have the diagnose and got treatment

i had the black specks,white round and black nsects,white larve,the cotton balls,the cocoons coming by millons,the white triangles,the tunnels


Jan 31, 2017
Not bed bugs? NEW
by: Ian Campbell

I have been bitten very badly on hands,arms legs ,kneck,midriff for a period around 3 months now.Cannot find the nests.
Going spare.
2 experts from the insect extermination companies have been and examined the house.
The district health rep has surveyd the place They both say -Not the symptoms of bed bugs.
Favourite was the bedroom where I sleep. i feel the insects crawling in numbers over my body at night time.
Occasionally there is piercing like aq needle and the insect is going for blood.
They mostly go below the skin and you can see them sitting next to a vein where they stay.
I have been told by my doctor not to scratch these insects out but instead she gave me a cream which kills them and they eventually fall off.
So what are these mites?

Jan 23, 2017
Getting Rid Of Fungus... NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Shiv,
That's GREAT news that you were able to finally able to eliminate your problem after so long. Good for you!

Just as a note of interest, a fungus IS a parasite, so that is relative to the discussion in a big way.

I'm very pleased for you and hope your comments will be of help to others who come along later.

Jan 17, 2017
Cleared up scalp and skin NEW
by: Shiv

I thought I had a parasite that started on my head and moved down to face. It made me look like I had a butterfly rash and was thought I had lupus. They tested me for parasites many times and given medication creams and pills but the rash on my scalp got worse. For 2 years of loosing hair and feeling it move under my itchy skin, a dermatologist told me to try nizerol an antifungus shampoo for my scalp that is for dandruff and suggested Paul Mitchell's tea tree oil shampoo. I when I used either it felt like menthol cool tingling. It cleared up all the rashes, the apparent fungus creating lines under the skin and that stopped the feeling of things moving under it. I hope this helps others. You may say it's a parasite that the tea tree oil got rid of but I didn't start that until a month after the nizerol that stopped it. The tea tree just helped my skin heal quicker after the fungus was killed.

Nov 27, 2016
Tiny whiteish bug that burrows in my skin NEW
by: Mindy

It all started a few weeks ago my right eye became very itchy and felt like something kept trying to get in it. I noticed from time to time a little fly smaller than a house fly always flying around me followed me everywhere to work outside and every few day i would get a horrible sting on the back of my neck. A few days in to that and trying to figure out how to kill it i was having huge welts on the back of my neck were i had been stung the fly kept trying to get in my hair even when I was asleep i would wake up to a crawling noise in my ear i finally killed it or i thought I did then a couple of days after there's another one just like it i started noticing that there was a puffy irritation in my right eye and it always felt like something was in the corner of my eye i got home from work and looked in the mirror to find tiny wormy bugs coming out of my eye and also my nose i dont know what this bug is but now I have been to the hospital 4 time this week for infestation of idk and some tiny whitsh jumping bug that burrows in my skin and then like backs up and hangs his but out i guess what are these things i can feel them burrowing it feels like stinging and as soon as i dig it out it burrows into my finger please help

Nov 11, 2016
Same thing happen to me just like the lady who had a bug go under her skin NEW
by: Doris Harris

The bug was red. I don't want to hear about Oh maybe it was red. I have send them come out of my carpet after. Mind is still in there and turned into a half inch smear. I felt it moving hours after it went I. I use alcohol to dry it out.

Oct 19, 2016
I got a open sore with little black bugs under thee skun they are crawling under the skin snd leaving a ehute and yellow slimey trail sll ovet my body NEW
by: Jimmy coffey

A little black bug crawling under my skin and leaving slimey white and yellow trsil

Aug 27, 2016
by: Morgie001

Hi Everyone,

I got sick Sept 2014. So entering my 2nd year next month. At first I wanted to die...the not knowing & first time in my life a medical issue didn't have an answer, it was all of a sudden very daunting.

But...I pulled myself up, 38yo & began to fight. I use...Tea Tree Oil Shampoo alternating with Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap, cas as we all know the blighters get used to stuff! I also used up until today, tea tree oil & hydrogen peroxide on lesions & drink Redmonds Clay (Bentonite) for Detox only $19.95 for 280g & currently also sulfur cas I am low in Iron, Iodine & Sulfur & the clay has these much needed vitamins & more. (Everyone check these, easily fixed if they are low, terrible malaise & tiredness if they are not. I wear dentures and I was reading some blogs today looking for new inspiration. I'm on Doxycycline & got have some energy due to positive attitude, diet & clay providing missing minerals ~ plus a great detox (must use plastic container & utensils to mix so electrical charge in clay is not affected). I was looking for a swap out for treating my lesions (mostly on scalp ~ I used to have long blonde hair I shaved it at the start, I wouldn't have done it, if I knew, what I knew now ~ there was relief, but just infected hairs grew back :( DON'T DO IT IF UR CONSIDERING IT!! My pigment is almost non existant & I'm sick of wearing caps. I want to invest in a short wig but they start at $300, so expensive & my health comes 1st as SO my lesions...the healing had stalled & what I was using didn't seem as effective again. I came across an entry on this page & mate...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! He said to use 'Denture Adhesive' on lesions & quote 'watch the magic happen'. I had a full tube cas I get great suction with my mouth so I've never needed to use it until today.I thought can't hurt. It's already here & due to funds currently doing Salt & Vitman C. I put the adhesive on all places I wanted healed & waited half an hour for it to set. Now b4 I go on...I know we are all completely sane & for whatever reason suffering this nightmare disater...but at the beginning I was like, 'It looks like my hands & wrinkles on my forehead had aged 5 years overnight.' It felt like there were worms under the skin of my hands and u could see migration lines. Never mind I was a straight A student & use common sense. If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck, it generally is a bloody duck! I never mentioned the word Morgellons to any Dr, (I'd read too many horror stories on web of ppl being institutionalised)...but I did enquire at one Dr. If nematodes could infect the skin underneath ur hands or scalp or basically anywhere on the body which wasn't ur stomach. 'No, definately not', I was told, '& why are u worrying about parasites ~ ur a healthy Aussie lady nothing to see here'. Just a question I murmured & moved on. I'd never needed to question my Dr. b4, now it was a new normal. Now since then we know 'Morg' eats Collagen & Keratin ~ eg. Wrinkles & hair loses it's pigment. BTW I took x3 1000mg vitamin C earlier & find it's good to swish in ur mouth, don't chew or swallow, spit out, *cough*, then take ur dose. The reason I say this is both times I've done this today I have hacked up x2 & x3 bloated Nematode eggsacs (confirmed online). The vitamin C must dislodge it from the back of the throat. I use Hydrogen Peroxide to clear my nose of them. Better out than in! Anyways you'll understand in a minute. I waited for adhesive to dry and after 30mins pulled it off in strips & what I saw flabbergasted me!!!!! BEST WORM/EGG REMOVAL FROM LESIONS EVER!!! What I just described, yep HEAPS of Nematodes under the skin on my hands. Saw them clear as day & sheesh...I must be sooo infested, little egg sacs by the hundreds and when I massaged the skin, EVEN MORE CAME OUT, BIG ONES! It was disgusting but VERY SATISFYING. Then I used salt to scrub my hands as I did I noticed a shit load of goo had come out as well, so I had to add more salt, continued to scrub, felt clean, rinsed. Everything rinsed off but the nematodes.
There they were in all their white pudgy glory, a 2nd rinse with bleach got them off! was right all along. DOP pfft! So A. Always trust ur gut I was right all along & B. Better out than in! If u don't wear dentures, please go to ur nearest chemist & spend $10 that will change ur Morg. life!! (Ingredients: Poly Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid), Sodium-Calcium, Mixed Partial Salt, Parrafin- soft white, Carmellose, Parrafin- Liquid.)

On another we know these things breathe & covering the lesion can speed healing time. We all use plasters or Baindaids. Not anymore. Today I had a Bandaid out & saw b4 I put it on the unmistakable glittery vision...but it was not my skin I was looking at. It was a Baindaid. I got my torch & microscope, (couldn't post without proof)...and I shit u not...they are in Baindaids & several other brand plasters I have tested. Fukkers. They know we will cover our open sores with these things & they are reinfecting us with them. I guess this most definately confirms this disease is man made, The CDC & Government know about it, most probably set it in motion on purpose & now we have proof they are reinfecting us after intial air/food supply infection.

MAY THEY BURN IN HELL!!! You know if the elite are reptillian hybrids, they won't get this shit cas they're cold blooded. Pisses me off! Thanks Obama & NWO 👍.

Don't trust me, get ur torch & microscope & check ur plasters. The evil dwells there. On that note ~ ☆ YAY FOR DENTURE ADHESIVE ☆ ☺✌ (Gotta find another way to cover lesions, suggestions?)

May 29, 2016
Black flying bugs NEW
by: Bill Gennity

We need help we have been dealing with these flying black and white bugs that burro under your skin and stay there having babies constantly we have bombed and had exsterminater switch no avail my wife and I are ready to end it we can no longer put up this fight with no result please help us it's been 3 years of fighting and crrying please help us!we have been to ever do yet and hospital to no avail please please help us

May 27, 2016
Black specks, tiny straight black bugs in skin. Itchy rash, pimple marks in line or circle. Scaly skin. Hair loss. Ulcer type wounds. Contagious. NEW
by: Jenny

I have had this skin/scalp issue for almost 3 years now. Finally, after not giving up or succumbing to people's views on 'it's stress' or 'it's in your mind' especially when it is clear as day that my skin is a mess. Initially scalp infested and sore, major hair loss. Black specs in scalp. Then it moved to face... it looked like I had the worst case of acne seen. Then it spread to body, tape of neck now back. But I have cleared from my scalp, face and stomach, I am currently still trying to clear back which is a slow process. My scalp hair is growing back. I have been to doctors, infections disease dr, dermatologist, emergency and they all treat me like a crazy lady. I have found one doctor who has helped me and allowed experimentjmg with drugs such as Fluonazole or Terbenifine which did help but not clear infection. Tea tree oil hot baths x 2 daily, full sunmersion of body and hair for 10mins. 10mins after bath wipe skin over with babywipe to collect black specs which seem to surface from pores. Selson Gold shampoo all over skin for 3 mins before bath (not every day). Alcohol wipes from chemist wiped over skin which will sting and drh out skin, sometimes i spray perfume with alcohol on skin which stings but has a high yield rate of things to come out of skin after. Wipe skin down with multiple wipes around 5mins after. Tea tree oil moisturiser. Apple cider vinegar at times. Psoriasis Assist / Saycilic Acid over skin before shower at times. Wash clothes and bedding everyday. Salt water beach brilliant for skin. Pillows cases especially. Clean car, clean house... It will make you feel depressed. Itchy. Crazy. But keep perservering. It will clear up.

Apr 30, 2016
Living Monsters Inside Me and Outside NEW
by: Cristy C

I am going to leave this for all of you that have a million suggestions but aren't living this,we don't have bed bug bites,scabies leave bubbles and we are not mental. I was diagnosed with a form of lice that is the form of a splinter ( flesh in color,) no legs that jumped when it was put under a microscope my nurse told me. When I was given the Premithirin Cream to wear for 12 hours these things burrowed. I have containers of them and still can't get help living with this for a year and a half.Then to deal with an internal Parasite makes me think of Job constantly and have faith to keep fighting this. To keep trusting God,he will see this through and is using me for a reason. To help others. These internal ones are white,triangular with tiny legs in a gooey sticky substance in my nose like tiny cocoons until they dry out some and u can see they are an insect. When a Neurologist puts in a referral to Infectious Disease ,she is not one to make out a referral without a reason. She didn't hesitate. She saw the parasites that I had just taken out of my nose,the lice in the container and the other parasites I had been collecting. Yet for 7 months now University of KY Infectious Disease refuses to let me come in for even 20 seconds to see them. All because a doctor changed my chart,not for anything I have done. So if you all think this can't happen,won't happen or you can get treated if it does,think again.It can,it might and you might get mistreated and abused like me. It is not just bed bugs,lice,scabies,crabs and ring worms on this planet. 100,000 people are dying a year, not just from parasites but from the neglect of not being able to get proper medical care just to get a prescription to be normal and not be preyed upon.A damn prescription,how hard is that.I might not beat this but I am going to go public to help save others while I can. Call if you want 859-803-6760.

Apr 28, 2016
Help For Splinter Insect and White Triangle Parasite in Nose
by: Cristy Craycraft

This has been going on a year and a half. I was diagnosed with a form of life that looks like a splinter. Not your typical lice.At the same time I notice a triangular shaped white not work but parasite coming from below. I was treated with Premetherin Cream head to toe 12 hours and shampoo then two days later given Ivermectin pills. I saw a worm go across my left eye,coughed one up and had them in my nose.
I went to Good Sam Hosp again. These so called lice had burrowed in my skin. The doc wouldn't help me. He took out my life diagnoses,put in I was crazy and has changed my records 3 or 4 times. I got the originals. He has stopped me from getting help.That was Nov 2014. Infectious disease at U.K . Hosp.has a referral to treat me and refuses to let me come in to show them what I am suffering with. 3:47 a.m .and I am on here can't rest lip hurts. I have containers of them,sores,video,paperwork proving what he did and still they say no.Never met me.
A Dr. Clear at Family Medicine ,Turfland off S.Broadway,here in Lex,Ky,called me names,abused me,tried to commit me ,called CPS on me and all because my records were changed. Pulled my hair apart hurting me,the hospitals have protected these doctors,cover up,it will not work in my world. U.K. Attorney called me telling me to stop making phone calls,hold on tight,I've made 80 and I'm just getting started. A doctor Nick Irwin at U.K. E.R. came in my room by his self and all he kept saying to me is I needed to go to a gyno doc to find out why my vag was itching. I wasn't there for that 1 and 2 I was treated only days before for a life. Had me crying. The doc at Good Sam ,Ted Qualls ,had already changed my records which I didn't know.A fire paramedic from Richmond Rd fire dept with curly mustache came to rush me to Hosp on Aug 9 last year. No one wants to believe parasites exist.He badgered me 4 or 5 times to go to Good Sam. I said no . St .Joe. They waited till almost at hospital to give me oxygen then he said to me you know what you need,I said yes,referral to Infectious Disease,he said no if you get put in an institution, they'll pay for your med test for free. First of all I have insurance,2 I knew he was referring to push Ward at Good Sam 2nd floor,not stupid. Snickering. I'm not mental and he messed up. Now he abused me also.Patient neglect.patient abuse.Medical neglect all because they don't want to just see what I have. My Neurologist as soon as I showed her,she said it is not mental .You have a Parasite Infection,sent referral to I.D. yet for 7 months they won't see me. I am going public with this. You need help. Call me,I am here!!!!!!
859-803-6760. I am suffering too. My lip and leg throbs right, now.You wouldn't believe a human would have a living insect in lip ,leg ,breast and internally and no one will help me.Torture. !!!!!

Apr 14, 2016
tiny black bug under skin
by: diane

About a year ago black flys that. Leave black tiny bugs in my bed my dogs. Would lost fur. Every big scabs next day gone on and off l put hydrogen peroxide I pulled little bugs out did not come back 2 months later my dog had tiny flys coming out his skin everysie day. I clean him I brush him.still have tiny bugs I have the bugs in my back down my but it hurts bad I can't get rid of them I say there gone they come back my husband think I'm nuts he don't ich

Mar 23, 2016
going desperate
by: nicky

it all started about a year ago I started noticing two like needle punctures in my skin i didn't know the causes then two month later i started feeling like something was pinching me i could feel it in my hand in my foot in different places i went to the doctor all the blood test came find. even though they did skin biopsies and nothing was found but i have found this small tiny creature usually is color brown in the two puncture holes I remove them with my nail and then you also see like black pepper i have gone to the emergency room seem many doctor they say is in my mind they dont believe me sometimes i think im going to loose my mind my legs have the scars my arms i feel desperate i dont know how much money i had spend and im still sick does any body know what it could be? when i got really sick last year the doctor ordered stromectol i took two rounds like he ordered. I took wormwood one bottle I 3 times a day holistic then a month after 4 round of parasitol then elisa i was better now im again getting the hles with blood and the tiny color brown and the pepper color desperate if you know you can call me at 786294 8755 or you can leave a message do you know any blood test that will detect this infestation?

Mar 08, 2016
by: critty kat da memaw

Bugs that burrow has anybody found help or a cure or even a possibility of hope from this horror, this hell.I have gott ed n to the point that I would rather die 💀 because sure enough I'm really tired of doctors an emergency rooms to ambulane paramedic calling me names like meth head or leave the drugs alone. Then last but surly not least of the hospitals had me escorted out but first they surched me for drugs, the aswipe c,, threw me out because I stared telling them do a blood test anything u want but please don't throw my 12 years down on the table an they tried an almost succeded yo take my 12yrs. Of sebriaty an just dimiss me like I'm a child or better yet a recovering drug attic . We THE PEOPLE NEED AN DAMN SURE DESERVE TO SUE THE CRAP PUT OF EVERYONE OF THOSE WHOM COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO HELP BUT WOULD,NT FOR FEAR THEY MAY JUST CATCH IT FROM US THE THREW OUT ALL THE SAMPLES I HAD OF ALL THE STAGES THIS BUG IN THE GARBAGE . I thought they took an oath to treat people with good bedside manners. Just to go back one second, when they kicked me out of the Hospital I had no phone no car but the one thing I did have was my pride but the took that from. The made me feel dirty an shamful an I was all alone. This is still how I feel because an cannot be with my 2 granchildren its wrong please anybody can u help me. sad lonely an dirty.q

Feb 09, 2016
Little pepper size mites that burrow & bite
by: Stephanie

I live in Minnesota and I have this bug problem as well they are fluttery white flying things like lint,next you itch,then you see a black tip inside a hole in your skin,funny thing is if you squeeze it to remove it,it pinches and burrows deeper,I keep squeezing til it pops out,when removed a gush of blood follows,and you're left with a hole,I find them on my sheets,my shirts I wear,help even my scalp,my pubic hair that's a another thing when u pluck the hair out the bump a tiny white rice like thing protrudes,they are in my nose,navel & ears which are scabbed and scarred up really bad from me digging them out constantly,no one knows what they are,how can they be "bird mites" when I never came into any kinda contact with no bird at all? Please help! It's shameful,embarrassing, and isolating cause you don't wanna pass this to no one else,I keep finding them dead,but how? How do they just up and die and invade your bed,sheets,clothes shoes,etc,where do they come from? And what are they really?

Oct 12, 2015
Wispy tailed worm
by: EAB420

Could anybody out there please summarize for me , that I'm correct and believing that there is no cure for this? Also, does anybody know if cats can get it, and how contagious am i. I don't have any kids but a lot of my friends do, I would hate to pass this problem along to them but haven't heard anybody mention passing it on to someone else. One woman did mention that her husband had been dealing with it for months but didn't say whether or not she had it so I'm assuming she didn't. One more question please I think I know where I put them up at, in a garage I was working on. How do you get rid of them in that area

Sep 28, 2015
biting burrowing bugs Help!!!
by: Tina H

Well for 4 months Or even possibly longer I have went crazy itching and everyone thinks I am crazy because none of them get Bit. So I finally searched bugs burrowing and found this sight I have now read I am not crazy read that it could be bird, or rodent mites, not scabies have had that treatment and it got better then came back worse than ever. My dogs also have had them in there eyes and feet. Just wondering how to get rid of them out of my house and what is the treatment for my dogs as if I go to the doctor and they still have it will do me NO good please help I can be reached at 574-584-500 only serious people with issues or answers only please and Thanks! God Bless!

Aug 24, 2015
by: kathy munsee

a lot of the descriptions Im reading here sound like Morgellons.The bad news is that there is no cure & its very controversial. look up info on line

Jul 13, 2015
My vanity has crashed
by: Cari

Wow.. I thought no one had this problem. my mysterious skin bites When they infest me I don't notice, they look like a growing freckle...then it itches. Black pepper size dot turns to white larvae mite worm thing,when you scratch it, it seems to immediately go into multiplying and digging, then to growing and scab n itch...depth to bites(craters), that totally destroy the skin cell where they crawled onto...Microscopic Ravenous Vampiric Parasites That leave the ugliest scars that look like a well kept parasite graveyard....Im sorry about our luck...lots more to share but everyone here has symptoms and happenings that are very certified *$&&%##&$*!!!! 😠

Jun 25, 2015
worm under skin
by: Lisa

I knew I couldn't be the only one going through this although these doctors are treating me like there is no such thing. I found a bug in my head which I thought was a tick but after that I started feeling things moving on head. I had lumps on head shaped like a worm as well as bites on body. The bites had black things that looked like a splinter but was alive. It took a year before I finally seen a worm. It fell off head in my lap. I have been to several dermatologist before seeing one and after been called mentally ill, accused of being drug addict, liar or misdiagnosed. I started video taping everything have proof I am telling truth.Most docs won't even look at videos one did and he said I don't know if that is you in video. It has been 2 years I have been dealing with this. Mine dont itch they hurt. They sting and swell. Have sores everywhere. Have seen black worms white larvae and black dots.Some of the worms flip into air one to two times then die. Have to dig some out cause they hurt so bad.Feel like big splinter and some look like one. Have tried permethrin 5% several times didn't work but noticed my dog has them on her ears now tips of her ears are eaten off. Been to 4 vets they keep saying allergies or just give her antibiotics and prednisone over and over sucked my life savings in vet bills and other remedies for me. Still in same boat and broke. Did just find something on amazon that is getting worms out finally its called mitesil sulfer cream only $7.00. They have shampoo that might help some of you. I would like us all to write Dr. Oz or the Doctors show to help others and I sick to death of these doctors getting paid to call people liars and mental. I want to bring awareness to this problem. This is hell and no one should be treated this way or suffer in this day and age. I already suffered from debilitating back pain now migraines can't take much more. My teen son don't have it thank god but he won't help me he told me I ruined his childhood like I asked for this. Symptoms are swelling,holes in skin stinging like needle poking me and fatigue to where I don't have energy to lift head,weight loss and bitchy, can't sleep feeling crawling on me. Please help you, me others bring attention to this for cure. Signed hanging by a thread

Mar 12, 2015
The white spiney bug everyone has
by: cindy

The white spiney round bug everyone seems to be talking about I am certain is the larva of the tapeworm. It goes through several stages . Go to your doctor and ask to be tested for tapeworms. Hope this helps.

Dec 29, 2014
A Good Cleanse Works Wonders!
by: Angie

Dear Maddie,
I hope that you haven't had any further issues, but if you continue to do so, consider doing an internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend. That is what I am also suggesting for Sad & Scared in Cali who mentioned doing a cleanse. Herbal Fiberblend is the cleanse I use regularly and have found to yield the best results with everyone I have suggested it to. It doesn't taste great but works wonderfully well. Hope you both are better in the new year!

Dec 21, 2014
by: sad& scared

whether or not what color.they are.the.bottom line is...their a parasite of some sort but they belong on our skin .I've been dealing with this now for like 2 months or longer.I am so disguised with people that don't care of their animals. I contracted this from a neighbor/ friend house. I told Kathy.that's her name. she.said no my dogs.don't have anything.about.a few.Months later. I started dating one of her friends.He.began to take care of the dog.he comb her daily fed her well.I.began to show signs of what he told me he has been brushing on her skin. I was like Sick!. but he said who's going to do this if I don't.he had a very hood point.needless to say I got theses from Kathy's little chiwawa. mites she was full you could see her skin all bumpy I am sadly writing about this horrible disease to fight. everything ive been.reading frightens me.this is my third series of cream the doctor ordered for me hopefully the next & last treatment and the cleanse that iam going to try.what the heck do I have to lose.just something good to gain in my eyes.So wish me luck. Sad & Frightened in Cali.God.Bless America.

Dec 17, 2014
Bug burrowed, really freaked!
by: Maddie

A few days ago I was in the shower and noticed a big red bump that seemed to come out of nowhere. I assumed it was a cyst/pimple, as those are not uncommon for me. Anyway, I tried to pop it because I clearly was not thinking, but nothing happened. I left it alone. The next day I noticed it was a dark brown/purple/red color. It looked almost like the bump had bruised, but I noticed that when I tried to pop it again (I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to do this a second time) it was bleeding. The bump went down, and only dried blood was left by the third day. But then that night I noticed that near the bump was a little dead insect, that had a brown body and white legs. I assume that the bug had been inside of me, causing that little bump. It would explain why it came out of nowhere. The bump still hurts, but it has gone down significantly. I just don't know the cause and I don't know if it was just one bug or if there are more! I'm a little freaked out by all of this!

Sep 12, 2014
little black bugs
by: Gary

I too have these little black bugs sometimes they actually can get large after sucking the blood, one thing I found that helps is rubbing alcohol, I have washed my hair and body with it, once hey contact the alcohol the buggers can be pulled out. On the real stubborn one I coat them with nail polish (old trick to kill ticks). Sprayed the bed with Alcohol and washed every thing in hot water and used bleach. Seems it has slowed down a lot, but will still look for some tea tree oil and soap. They don't seem to attach to my dogs

So every time you feel something crawling around put some alcohol on it, because they are running

Aug 31, 2014

My friend had this same problem and tried everything to get rid of this bug and nothing worked. We didnt know what it was either but i was searching net images and i found it. It's called collembola. A site i found said to used cedar oil in a diffuser or fog machine to kill them. We r going to try this when she gets paid will let yall know how it goes

Aug 07, 2014
Have had this for six months
by: Ginger

I to have been trying to figure out what this is. I have been to hundreds of sites with people seeking help and seeing doctors that say they are delusional especially if you mention bugs crawling under skin.
I went to three doctors and none of them would listen to me and all acted strange towards me. The first one wouldn't even come near me to look at the three bumps on my left arm. I told her I thought I had scabies, she said thats not scabies and said I had some type of skin infection. The second was the E.R. after trying to get one out of my arm, it became a circle about the size of a quarter and then turned green with a hardness to it. My arm blew up double in size and again the dr. at the E.R. wouldn't listen to me that it was some type of bug crawling, stinging and laying eggs. He did give me clymdamicin which did clear up the bacterial infection. The third said I had mrca, no blood tests, just guessed, and what I have looks nothing like mrca! What ever you do don't go to the health department, that guy told me to go see mental health, I was so sick at that point I felt like punching him!
I have found whitish things in my skin after hydrogen paroxcide use, especially in the raised red bumps where they burrow in. Little black specks some longer than others coming out of my skin. Also found what looks like pieces of bug wings coming out of my skin. I have tried everything, and I do mean everything with the exception of super glue (going to try that next). Ivermectin, permethrin, calamine w/zinc oxide (which does help)para rid, all kinds of vitamins, extra internal bug remedies, like black walnut etc., peppermint soap, neem soap, sulfur soap, acne wash (10% Benzoyl Peroxide, this does help) vinegar (inside and out), salt baths with swimming pool treatment (makes me really rash and seems to spawn them), diaper rash 40% sink oxide (does help), tea tree oil, citronella mixed with ear mite medicine for dogs (kills a lot of them) and the list goes on, stuff I can't even remember right now! These things just keep coming! I have lesions on my head and arms and legs, chest, face and still feel crawling in more hairy parts of my body. In my nose and ears. My arm pits broke out with a new bunch of red bumps after a walk one day. My pits poured out sweat which has never happened before, in fact it seems I had quit sweating at all from my arm pits, and then the bumps raised up in them.

It seems insane to me that no doctors know or care what this is here in the united states. I would say they are the delusional ones as how can they ignore thousands upon thousands of people who have this same thing more or less with varying degrees and types of infestations.
I pray God help us find someone who cares enough to figure out what this is and how to get rid of it! Ginger

Jul 06, 2014
Bugs entering my skin
by: Leslie Gilson

I cleaned the garage and it felt like shards of glass were entering my skin. I have seen them but can't catch them. They are like tiny black pieces of glass and I think I was getting the mother. My body has swollen up so large it looked like I had elephant legs. Now from thigh up is swollen. One morning I got up with three raised black dots on my wrist. Shortly after that there were incision marks on my wrist. I found some of them on my blanket but got most of them in the garage. The partner is white fuzz balls like lint. I had many under my fingernails. I think that's the partner. They continue to sting leave black marks also round red spots? They don't go away and sting if you irritate them. Took 1&1/2 hour bath and my knees were still black. They are very quick to hatch and have also been under a straight black line like spray paint? I weigh more than ever have due to swelling. Got under my dentures. They have gone over my whole body. Thanks Leslie

Jun 22, 2014
Burrowing Flying Bugs
by: Helen C.

I feel bittersweet about finding this site. Relief that others have these awful things & sad that I have them at all. Like others, I have gone to Doctors and been told I am fact diagnosed Delusional Parasitis by 1 doctor and a drug addict by another. I actually have the ones who look like Black Jets. I have hundreds of specimens. When they are going in they have a "feather-like" wispy, hair-like tail. I have spent hours pulling these out with tweezers, have many sores and scars now so this entire bug epidemic has nearly destroyed my personal life. When I pull 1 out, there is a "sliver" which leaves a hole. Sometimes the sliver looks like a dagger, depends on how long the bug has been burrowing. Guess what? That's the "parent" who burrows & apparently must lay eggs all over the place. There is a hole left every time I pull 1 of the "slivers out." It hurts really bad. I have tried many things also. Currently have sprayed Insect Repellent on my body. The ones under my skin come out in "sheets" that are gray. This means that probably every hair follicle has one. Pulling out 1 bug leads to many, many others. I wonder if they do make me sick? I know this creates Depression and Isolation. No one around me has these horrible bugs. My family thinks I'm making it up also. I do all the spraying, washing clothes etc. Will try all the things mentioned, especially the ones Angie recommends. I think they're on my Pugs too. They definitely get in my nose. I feel the wispy feather-like things and on my face. Oh yeah, in my ears too!! It's so gross.
The only thing different here is that my Crepe Myrtle is getting huge and I have a large Japanese Maple also. I have spiders, beetles, lots of bugs. Will keep bombing the house and spraying outside...HELP!!

Jun 12, 2014
PLEASEhelp everyon thinks I'm crazy
by: Tonyaestep

.comthebugs are under my skin, and I got the puss pockets very few, but OMG the bites hurrt! andthey are red or black, started one day outside I sat on bricks that had tons of no-see-ems(?) thoughtitwasthat but it's not. dog,nd,kid, nobody else but me. arms and legs all marked up cause I try to get them out and they jump when it off body. u can't burn them, kinda have to smush then. My body is liking terrible and I want to know wtf is going on! 443-500-3675 please text

Jan 01, 2014
Don't give up without trying...
by: Angie from

Dear JC,

Can you get your daughter to try the suggestions I gave above for the three main supplements to help clean out her system and boost her immune levels?

Herbal Fiberblend
Barley Life

There are more supplements she could take to help, but those are the three most important to get her started in the right direction.

I understand your frustration and despair, but I hate to see her go through all that and not try something as simple and effective as those nutritional supplements when they are readily available here.


Dec 29, 2013
docyors wont help!!!!
by: j.c.

my daughter went to 4 em. roms, dr. office they ran her out. then to dermotligest, they all gave her cream steroids, no luck. surely a dr. could help since alot of people have this she cant work or see or kids because they may be contagous, there inside her body too. Is she suppose to die, before anyone helps her!! Please help!!!

Dec 15, 2013
I finally photographed the suckers
by: Frank Matera

You have to use your smartphone's "negative" exposure or effect setting on your camera. Zoom in ans see!!!! They stay still, they fly, run - they are from outter space!!!!

Oct 24, 2013
Help! Please!
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if this bug Appears to have tiny spikes around the mouth area. It buries itself completely .If you dig in to try to get it out it leaves spikes in you.These are black and very tiny. I have tried everything to the point I think it's affecting my pancreas.

Oct 13, 2013
bugs under skin
by: nannette

Yep I got them. Pill does work. Ivermectim, but not completely. Wash my hair with flea shampoo often, and put it on bad spots for 24 hrs. The eggs are the hardest to get rid of.Doctor thinks I'm crazy. Bugs like to follow veins. I've use Nair to remove hair on my legs and discovered this really upsets them. Then hit them with flea soap... I have used frontline plus on big lumps which I think are eggs. It does work. Black dots? Not sure if bugs or feces.If I put callous remover on big bumps I end up with a large hole, but skin next to bump is fine. THESE ARE NOT bed bugs. My dogs get them in there feet and on face. If we could get Doctors to believe us maybe there would be an easier treatment. I GO TO Dr. George at 56th ave & Thunderbird in Glendale Arizona. She thinks she cured me with sprays and ointments of asteroids. Not true

Sep 23, 2013
Helping Your Daughter With Possible Bugs Burrowing Under The Skin
by: Angie from

Hi "Angie's Mom,"

(My name is Angie, too!) So sorry to hear about your daughter's condition and the lack of success she has had in fighting it.

I assume the doctors have ruled out scabies? That's the usual culprit when you think of bugs that burrow under the skin leaving tracks in their wake.

Another not uncommon possibility is hookworm. It's not particularly common for them to work their way to the eye, but it is possible.

Of course, there are unfortunately many less common possibilities, which is what makes a proper diagnosis so difficult.

It doesn't really sound like either to me in some ways, but almost rather like a severe internal yeast infection since it is affecting so many different areas of the body. Definitely sounds like an internal issue.

Having said all that, the best suggestions that we can offer is what we've said time and again - cleanse internally with anti-parasitic herbs and build up the immune system with an aggressive nutritional supplement protocol.

These are the suggestions I made at the beginning of this page:

...and they are still the best suggestions for a situation like your daughter's.

In fact, I'd include Composure and Bear Paw Garlic, if you can manage it for the added benefit of helping relaxing her and helping her get some sleep as well as making her body a more uninviting place for whatever pest is bugging her.

I might also add that she needs to be careful with topical use of the tea tree oil. If it's not helping it may be best to stop using it as it can cause an allergic reaction in some people that creates an extremely itchy rash (I've been there!).

Tea tree oil is anti-parasitic but it doesn't work for everything so use with caution in cases like Angie's.

Sure hope this info helps. Do keep us posted.

Sep 23, 2013
Bugs burrowing under the skin.
by: Anonymous

My daughter has these and the drs do not know what to do about them, they do leave trails like a mole in dirt, but in the skin. They have more than one in the hole, and itch. When you try to get them out, they form a glaze over them to try to stop you, and stop what you are putting on them from reaching them. They are running her crazy. Even in her eyelashes and eye lids you can see the trails they make. She is a hairdresser so cannot even work, and is losing everything. Please, Please can anyone help her, she has the places all over her, even on her privates. They are all over her arms and back, legs, buttocks and everywhere. She is using the tea tree oil, peroxide, alcohol, and the diamatatious earth on floors and car. Please help her, GOD Bless and thanks. Angies Mom.

Sep 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm finally beating them bath with a cup of vinegar and a cup of dish soap in the water. I vacuum every single day with a dyson brand vacuum ,keep vacuuming till you hate it but it kills them

Aug 31, 2013
there gone
by: Anonymous

i had them and got rid of them i might have 1 or 2 here and there but those might be morgelions if i spelled it right , i have tried every thing , on this site what works for mr is remove all body hair with hair remover if there around the hair root this stuff kills them leave your head hair on next wash is salt water water that has enough salt to float and egg , use a body brush and bath with it wash off real good you will feel this scum in the tub that is dead skin and themm you dont need any high priced stuff like tea tree oil but some thing simmple baby oil cheap and it seals the skin it gets in the pores , only thing i can say it worked foe me

Aug 31, 2013
bugs under the skin
by: Anonymous


Jul 25, 2013
Question need HELP
by: Hopeless B Houma

I feel so helpless . My 3 year old has them ,
We have tried everything
We have all of the above ...
need lots of help.
Can y'all tell me what or where
your putting the glue?

Also if your doctor wont perscribe them for you I can tell you how to order them online through over seas pharmacies on your own cheaper then you can get them at the drug store with a script.


Jul 20, 2013
i"ve been through hell
by: steve negri

i had some tiny fly in my room that when i killed some of them. they would bite me like there pissed off. then i started getting bitten. whatever it still is, is still not clear to me. these things burrow into my skin and stay to feed on my blood. i have been for some time now, scratching at them and doing what ever i can to pull them out. i have been to 3 emergency rooms and doctors and a skin specialist who all just gave me some cream. 2 hospitals said i"m dilusional. wrong answer! see what i mean. i was getting bitten by tiny bugs which i caught and brought to a skin specialist and he said they were nothing. this has been an ongoing thing in a house that i"m staying in. they see my legs and arms and still don"t believe me. one person is a nurse who doesn"t believe me at all. both my legs have been have many bites and still some inside of me. if i pull one out and i bleed, two or more spin and re"enter my skin. i have been dealing with this for almost 2 years. i"m moving out soon and i hope they don"t follow. i have been using crazy glue on the open ones and it seems to work. i have been givin all sorts of creams and they work alittle. also i"m the only one in the house that is going through this. i"ve searched the internet and did find one woman with the same thing. everything that she said i"m going through. the glue has helped a great deal and taking bathes are also helping, but i can"t live in a bathtub. i have tryed everything and they keep coming. it seems like in stages. there"s a little white thing that looks like a tiny jet plane that bite me. there is even one that looks like a small piece of string about hail an inch that i have to dig out of my skin as well. if anyone knows anything about this please let me know. my cell is 203-628-5276.

Jun 19, 2013
bug free
by: Anonymous

I am here to tell you there is hope. I had these awful bugs too and right now I am bug free. I had them sent to a lab and they told me they were collembola (springtails). They are some sort of bird mite. They are not very common but the doctors all thought I was crazy. I had 3 rounds of ingested scabies medicine and the 2 rounds of cream. Washed and vacumed everything for 3 months straight. Once I found out what they were the exterminator had to special order the spray and sprayed our whole house inside and out with crystalized granoles and dust was shot into our walls. My whole life was a nightmare for 6 months straight. Dont give up hope. If they are not springtails then I suggest you send a specimen to the lab to find out what they acutally are so you can kill them. Hope this helps.

Jun 16, 2013
your help
by: Anonymous

i have had the same, and no one helped so i bought a microscope and i was going to find out what it was why in the shin they put out a little breathing tube to breath . if you kill them under the skin they will turn into a puss pocket you want them out i found out the bestway is to use a hot brine whater and wash with it wash good every where and look in the sink and feel the sink there willl be this crud left in the sink that is them i have gotten rid of almost all of the baby oil or tea tree oil use this after wards you will feel bettermake you self nasty like use the oils from wwhat i have seen the live on the fats and oils in the skin so there dropings are whit or cream coloced try to see if it helps you

Jun 16, 2013
this has been a horror show
by: steve negri

2 years ago i was bit by some fly. it burrowed into my skin and gave my hip a numb feeling. then it got worse. i started to see tiny wormlike bugs and they buryed into my skin. they all look like miniture fighter jets. if i scrached them it would bleed and more tiny dots would materialize and burrow into my skin. i have seen them on the steps going into the house. they"re so tiny they can go right through my clothes. i have many on my legs and arms. there isnt a place that they can"t go through.i"m the only one in the house that has been bit and they think im dilusional. i just got bit a few seconds ago and it hurts. help!!! i feel like they are using me like a host. they grow and turn into some kind of fly. i"ve been to 3 hospitals and a doctor. they just give me a cream with steroids in in it. what can i do. even the doctors and a skin specialist think im making it up. they"re always in my bed too. please help!!!

Jun 16, 2013
this has been a horror show
by: steve negri

2 years ago i was bit by some fly. it burrowed into my skin and gave my hip a numb feeling. then it got worse. i started to see tiny wormlike bugs and they buryed into my skin. they all look like miniture fighter jets. if i scrached them it would bleed and more tiny dots would materialize and burrow into my skin. i have seen them on the steps going into the house. they"re so tiny they can go right through my clothes. i have many on my legs and arms. there isnt a place that they can"t go through.i"m the only one in the house that has been bit and they think im dilusional. i just got bit a few seconds ago and it hurts. help!!! i feel like they are using me like a host. they grow and turn into some kind of fly. i"ve been to 3 hospitals and a doctor. they just give me a cream with steroids in in it. what can i do. even the doctors and a skin specialist think im making it up. they"re always in my bed too. please help!!!

Jun 11, 2013
Trimming shrubs
by: Anonymous

About 2 years ago I trimmed the hedges and then the next day I started having a burrowing under my skin and it itched. I tried different creams and that didn't work. I went to the doctor and she gave me some cream Permethrin Cream and it helped to get rid of them. She said it was bed bugs but I knew that it wasn't.

Then my husband trimmed the hedges the next time and he got the same thing. He used the cream the doctor gave me and got rid of them.

This past weekend I bought some stuff to kill bugs in bushes and sprayed the hedges. The next day I put a long sleeve shirt on and wrapped the sleeves so nothing could climb up there and put my pant legs in my socks. I also wore gloves. That was on Friday and on Sunday I had the burrowing bugs again and they are on my face. I using that cream and some anti itch cream and it is driving me crazy. What do you think that could be?

May 05, 2013
mysterious bug
by: Anonymous

i have the same type of bites. when they start itching if you rub the skin with cream they will come out through the sskin. they look like flea fesces but if u touch them they divide and look like a tiny caterpilar. they will bite even through ur clothes. if they get inside your clothing they look like a small white larvae. i have taken 3 rounds of ivermectin but no one can tell me what they are. they cause horrible itching and skin gets very bad rash. the Dr. says its not Scabies. its too big. help!

Feb 23, 2013
Update on burrowing insects
by: Anonymous

I found some major improvements by putting peppermint oil in my. Shampoo. Also adding peppermint oil to a body wash.
Many Leisons are clearing up slowly, but difiniately clearly up.

I sprinkle Epsom salt on my carpets and leave it for a fewdaysthen vacuum up. I also put peppermint oil on the baseboards.

I also use a prescription cream called Prutect to smother them and it promotes the healing.
This has been a 17 month ordeal, but making headway.

I found if I spray the interior of my car with Lysol spray it kills the mites or whatever they are, less biting in the car.

I believe this is a foreign insect that is transported into this country by products made in the Far East..

Jan 13, 2013
Found something's that help
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with something burrowing into my skin and staying there for months.
Been to 6 different Doctors and they don't know whst it is.
I have spent thousands of dollars because of the problem, hot water heater broke because I washed too much,.
These are the things that helped.
I covered mattress and pillow in plastic.
I spray the baseboards with Eucalyptus oil almost daily.
Vacuum daily
Shower with pure Verbena lemon soap and use a soft baby hair brush to scrub my skin.
Wash my hair with Head and Shoulders with Ecalyptus and use a conditioner from Whole Foods called Theraneem Naturals, it has Neem oil, and a list of other especial oils.
Then recently my Doctor gave me a prescription for a topical cream called Prutect. I cover each sore and put a bandaid on
it and I notice the sores are healing. Protect has a wax in it
and my doctor believes this is smotheing the insects do they
I am improving daily,
I do hope this is helpful to everyone who is suffering. My problem started in Oct. 2011 and suspect bird mites from a shipment of totes I received from Asia.

Nov 16, 2012
Undescribable Bites May Not Really Be Bites
by: Angie from

Sometimes when you can't find something biting you, it's because there is nothing biting you.

I am NOT saying that it's in your imagination! I'm saying that it very well may be that the feelings you are experiencing are actually coming from an internal condition.

It's not uncommon for an internal parasite infection or yeast overgrowth in the body to cause you to feel pinprick bites all over the skin.

Since you've tried everything else without success, it's really time to try giving your body what it needs to achieve good health and see if that works.

Cleanse the body internally with a good herb and fiber combo like Herbal Fiberblend, and help boost your immune system with a good diet (little or no sugar and processed foods) and good quality immune boosting nutritional supplements like Barley Life and AIMega.

You said, "Doctor put me on so many things its unreal," which makes me suspect you were also given antibiotics. If that's the case, you should take at least one bottle of Florafood or other good quality probiotic to rebuild the good bacteria in your body and keep it in balance.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you find that taking these steps will start improving your condition in just a few weeks and possibly eliminate it completely with a few months of faithful use.

The supplements I've suggested above have the added advantage of having a money back guarantee. Give them a try and let me know how you do.

Nov 16, 2012
undescribable bites
by: Anonymous

I did not realize there were so many other people around with this same problem im having, yet i cant seem to see any bug on me i sure can feel them. I have bites all over me,had a bug man come in my place and look for bed bugs,nothing! no bed bug around. i replaced furniture,beding,beds,clothes,socks(etc),shoes in the last two years. No clue as to what this is. I cant see anything crawling,i have places where i feel something had burrowed in my skin but no bug.
Doctor put me on so many things its unreal, steroid shot,staph infection,thought it was MRSA tested my skin for that(negative),Scabbies. The doctor couldnt tell so she sent me to a specialist(dermatologist)this doctor tested my skin,didnt find MRSA,staph infection--he says yeah something is biting you but i cant tell you what it is unless you find one and bring it to me to see what kind it is and then i can tell you what it is. He told me to take cool showers useing dove soap for sensitive skin,curel lotion for sensitive skin, and put this topical lotion only on the afected areas 3 times a day(Triamcinolone Acetonide cream)that cream helps. If you have any idea as to how i can find one of these things-please tell me.

Oct 31, 2012
GOING CRAZY Cause of bugs.
by: David

I wrote only a short time ago maybe they are from birds Im not so sure of that you guys seem to be in the United States right?A friend of mine who i mentioned this to said something about vietnamese burrowing scabies i finally nailed a speciman today believe it it has taken 4 months of seeing doctors pest controlers and the local council if it is in the birds why do they only seem to be more ravenous at night or in the house and from what i can establish the older you are we are in our 50s while our son 22 does not seem to get attacked i am assuming this for several reasons his immune system being younger and not being at home as he works ans goes out some nights.All the symptoms that 8 out of 10 on this forum are the same we even moved and thought they had gone until a week later my wife discovered them on the linen they seem to go through the normal insect progretion egg to larvae to the trunk thing to the size of a small grain af rice they only seem to dig in so far not like a tick we have had the same deal with doctors thinking your on ice or insane i dont know if they can fly or jump like a flea but for this day and age surely somebody knows i think they zero in on body heat it was only today i went outside to have one of the 50 cigarettes that they have made me smoke that i looked on my arm and saw one crawling up i grabbed it and as i have 20 specimen jars on hand i nailed the little F i got my magnifying glass 3 times and saw that it was 2 or 3 and they join together im taking the specimen in tomorrow and will keep you guys up to date i mean man the money we have spent on creams and exterminators well you guys no the deal they wont even put my wife in hospital over here in australia she even washed her hair in alcohol i dont know about the super glue thing but these things do F with your head all these herbal things sre useless they are leaving scars i do think it is an axotic thing and i sympathasize with all of you give me a few days and i think i will have the answer.question have any of you taken specimens to be examined?

Oct 31, 2012
help identify insect
by: david

we have the same problem we have an insect that has the same description it is not scabies as it can be seen with the naked eye our experience started 8 months or so my wife complained to me whilst i was working away she first thought it was head lice as they started in her long hair cut a long story short i came home 6 months ago and thought she was imaging it it took a routine termite roach spray and these things came out in droves they are ravenous they seme to vary in stages and i have found that they join together and are almost impossible to spot until you have the bite and when you remove them its like a splinter but when removed the wound bleeds and its like they are dead and come out black and sometimes it will be like a blood blister we have been to pest controls local doctors and nobody can give us an answer it stems back to a friend of my wife who traveled to south east asia and then came and stayed we live in brisbane australia iv finally found a specim

Sep 04, 2012
To Bart
by: Anonymous

I do not have the time to tell you my whole story here, but trust me I have been through what you're going through now. It got so bad that I was hospitalized and later committed myself for a short time.

Everyone including myself thought I was crazy. It effected every part of my life.

The good news is that once you understand what you are dealing with you can come through this.

The bad news is that there is no simple fix, rather it is a process that will take some time. However, there are several things that you can do right of the bat to greatly improve your situation.

I am including my e-mail address below, please feel free to contact me via email if you like. Once you email me I'll send you my phone number so we can talk on the phone. In the mean time try to stay calm and try to get as much rest as you can.

Trust me everything you described in your posts I went through, including the things infesting my testicles, very painful and disgusting I know.

I went to many doctors, and got no help! They either thought I was crazy or said I had scabies. The fact is that it is neither.

What you are dealing with is either bird mites, rodent mites, or northern fowl mites. Quite possibly a combination of these three or even all of them.

These mites are much larger than the scabies mites and are regrettably all around us in nature. It wasn't until I spoke to several vets and one biologist who specialized in mites that I came to understand what was going one with me and subsequently treat the problem.

Your case, like mine was, is severe. You will probably have to take several rounds of Ivermectin in order to treat mites which do survive and bread internally.

Invermectin is a medication that is taken orally to kill off the mites from the inside. Then you will need to apply several rounds of permathrin 5% (Elimite) topically. Both of these medications require a prescription from your doctor.

Also you will get your doctor to prescribe Hydoxyzine HCL 25 MG tablets for you, this is an antihistamine that will alleviate the swelling, pain, and nervousness created by the mites assault on you. It will help you sleep better too. Forget the lice shampoo, it is useless in your case. Don't panic about the meds they are all safe and relatively inexpensive as fars a persciption meds go.

Also if your doctor wont perscribe them for you I can tell you how to order them online through over seas pharmacies on your own cheaper then you can get them at the drug store with a script.

Aug 31, 2012
by: rachel

Hi Bart,

Are you still on line? I would like to talk to you about these bugs.


Jun 04, 2012
Hoping the Doctor Can Help...
by: Angie

Hi Bart,

I hope your doctor will be both sympathetic and persistent in seeking out what it is that is affecting you so terribly.

If you've lost that much weight in a month, surely they will realize something is definitely wrong. Being put in the hospital is not a bad idea. That's one sure way to prove that you aren't on drugs or anything. (Unless THEY give them to you!)

Please do keep us posted when you are able. Hope and pray that they can discover the problem and get you back into a good state of health soon.


Jun 04, 2012
brown bugs
by: bart

Well i have lost alnost 40 pounds. In a month. I am going to see my doctor. Tomorrow he did ablood. Tox on me for my diabetes. I hope someone can help me. I will keep yoy posted. I am goiig to ask him to put. Me in hospital. Rill they figure oit out

Jun 04, 2012
Brown Bug Under Skin, etc.
by: Angie

Hi Bart,

My suggestion is as always - start with an internal cleanse. It's important to make your body an unfriendly environment for pests and you can do that by cleansing with antiparasitic herbs and psyllium. I use Herbal Fiberblend.

I would also suggest that you take some Bear Paw Garlic as well. It has many beneficial properties, but is also a natural anti-parasitic.

When you say you are getting sick every time you eat, do you mean you are actually throwing up or just feeling sick to your stomach? Are you able to keep anything down?

You definitely need some nutritional support for your body in order to fight off anything that is invading it. Something that may help is the use of whole food supplement powders. You can mix them with water and sip them throughout the day to help you get the nutrition your body needs to support your immune system and help you improve.

What are you using to treat these little brown bugs under the skin from the outside? Have you tried any of the essential oils like clove, tea tree, lavender, etc? They might give you some relief. You can soak in a tub with some sea salt and essential oil.

I'm very sorry to hear of your distress and hope that you and the others will be able to get rid of this condition soon.

Jun 03, 2012
brown bug under skin
by: Bart

I had started to notice these a couple of weeks ago. woke up from a dead sleep and saw one moving in my arm. I totally freaked out.Of course no one believes me. went to ER and they thought I was a drug addict. Now in week three they are in my testicles. I have blew the exoskeleton outmy nose. And have blown an egg sack threw my nose., I left home and I am staying at hotel. i am using a plastic tarp every day. Everry time I eat I get sick. My speech is slurred and I am talking fastwer than ever, I had a bowel movement today and the whole thing came out in one piece like a snake. I dont know what to do. My whole family thinks i am crazy. What I have noticed they keep comingback andreplacing ones I have just killed. Neede help please. also smell a weird odor that nobody else can smell. Also after I take a hot bath. I am completly exhausted feels like I am 70 not 45. Help me please.

May 06, 2012
find them
by: Anonymous

the best way to find them on the skin is to wash with hot soapy water wash all over and rinse off in the sink not the tub, then let the water out slow, and look in the bottom of the sink ,they are there in the bottom some times there are lots they are hard to see , at this i have just a few left, now these are in the skin if you kill these while under the skin you will have a puss pocket , now these will feel like some thing tapping on your head, and thats what they are doing it must have some thing to do with mating what they do is they go down a oil gland head frist and eat the oil i have some on slides and have seen them under a mirco scope, all of them are dead, getting out must kill them, but i have only a few left on my head and on my back, you just have to keep after them

May 06, 2012
bed bugs
by: angel hart

I have had bed bugs for three weeks. Brought them home after a trip. Did not know what they were and had never seen them before. Had welts all over my body. A lot of the welts are three bumps in a row (that is how they feed I found out.) Used every kind of poison over the counter. Could not kill them. I have had no sleep for weeks so went to a hotel last night. Checked the room, it looked okay. Woke up at 3 a.m. getting bitten. They were in the mattress cover. The plastic only saves the mattress, but they are in the pillows and mattress cover. The babies looking like little black dots. They line along the seams of the mattress pad. Check everything before you lie down. After coming home from no sleep, I sat outside, afraid to go in my house again (even though yesterday I had to spend lots of money to get a professional exterminator.) As I was sitting outside in the hot sun, I noticed black dots on my white shirt. The more I examined myself, I realized the bed bugs were under my skin. No wonder I have been sick. My doctor did not have a clue. He thought it was stress. So my contribution to this site: I sat in the sun all day (got burned and did not care)and they slowly came out. They HATE the sun. Another thing I noticed was little white dots came out too. I looked it up and it is the larva. First the larva, then the little black dots. I have a clean house, so it has nothing to do with that. What I have found is that you have to go crazy with cleaning. All your bedding. All your clothes. Everything in your dresser drawers. Your drapes (they like to climb.) I was told this would take eight treatments to rid my house of this and they only saw two bugs. Two. They hide in outlets, molding, chipped paint, headboards, foot boards, and all furniture. I am still fighting to this day. I have never felt so alone in my life because I am keeping everyone away so nothing gets on them. I was told this is becoming epidemic. New York is hit very hard and next Florida. Some places are even getting government money to try and kill these bed bugs. They used to use DDT, but the government outlawed it and since them nothing kills them because they have a resistance to all pesticides. This is going to turn into a huge problem for everyone. They are in hotel chains, casinos, movie theaters, airplanes. If you are in any of these places, leave your luggage in the trunk of your car. Carry your clothes right to the washer and take your clothes off at the door and put them in a garbage bag and carry it to the washer so they do not fall on the floor in your house. It is a hassle but way better than going through all of the trouble to trying to get rid of them. Thank you for all the advice about getting them all your body, I am going to try each suggestion. Good luck everyone.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Ari

clear nail polish works well also. I just figured out a couple days ago that it was a bug. thought it was a scratch and then kept feeling like something was crawling in that area. I put clear polish on and the itching/crawling stopped immediately. Its been 2 days and just like was said about glue, there is now a white pus like dot that i will prick off.

Mar 01, 2012
how to kill bugs under your skin
by: Anonymous

i have had these bugs under my skin for over a year now. Doctors have not even come close to diagnosing them, much less treating them and most think im nuts. anyhow these bugs are about half the diameter of a cigarette, and slightly oval shaped. they always leave a small welt with 4 distinctive dust-sized dots on your skin which are generally very symmetrical. anyhow, without going into further detail, having tried everything i found a way to kill them in a matter of hours. Get 5 or 10 tubes of superglue (i dont care the side effects) and cover the complete infected area and go a little beyond with a thin layer of glue. let it dry 10-20 minutes and apply another coat, let dry apply another, let it dry and then put on a thick, i mean really thick. within an hour or 2 you will see them turning white and breaking down into a white pussy liquid. leave glue on as long as it stays which is only a day or 2. the glue falls off real easy because of the constant movement of your skin under normal daily life. thats it, done! it takes several days to get each and every one, you just got to go over every sing inch of your body especially in hairy areas. I believe your suffocating and the 4 dust spots are some king of "snorkle"? So most importantly make sure to cover the dots and deny them air. I know it sounds weird but who cares, it works. Enjoy bug free life again...

Jan 25, 2012
I have these too and feel like i am going crazy
by: Anonymous

I have big knots on my head and i thought i had lice for the longest time. I was treating my head with lice shampoo daily, as well as, combing my hair with a lice comb. I have been to multiple doctors but not a dermatoligist yet. I break out in rashes, hives, and welps whereever they bite me on my body. The bugs I see are white, off white, black, grey, and red. However their so small they dont really look like bugs. I use rubbing alcohol on a q tip and rub it on the knots on my head and alot of them will fall out but then they get all over my house. My dog seems to be irritated by these little bugs too. I have been finding these orange cluster looking crusty things that I think are part of this problem. Does anyone know what that could be?

Dec 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

hair mites the easy wat to get rid of these is to get rid of the hair shaving wont work ,try a littl patch of body hait spray on some neet hair remover lte it set for the right time and pull or scrape the hair off , then you can see these little dead mites where ever spayed . another thing is to bathe in hot salt water you need to soak in it then wash the skin witha wash rag with soap these things will float on the water and cover the bottom of the tube then apply a good lotion or try to use tea tree oil but thin it down

Dec 29, 2011
white bugs with a snout
by: Anonymous

these little wihite bugs with a snout some people said they were mites but i have never seen a mite that enters the skin now some things that i have found that kinda works is bathing in salt water the hotter the better it brings them to the top tea tree oil soap works a litte. but if you look at your body hair thats were the eggs come from . what these bugs do is that they enter the skin thru sweat glands oil glands or hair roots i have use spray on neet hair remover on just little patches at a time and scrape the hair off and these things where every where the water in the sink was cover with these dead little things and they stink then you will need to apply a oil to the skin to try to seal these holes off. in the winter time if you have in your nose , when they get cold , they will move around to try to get warm. when you see someother rubbing there nose they have these things the ones on the hair rooys or mights the white ones might be some other stage s life of these might . they are white to yellow and tear drop on shape with a tappering nose. the nose goes in frist

Oct 21, 2011
Bug with Snout
by: Angie

You said you "tried everything." Could you be more specific on what you have tried to get rid of these bugs with a snout that your husband sees in his skin?

What have you tried externally? What have you tried internally? How long did you persist in treatment?

Have you been able to capture one and take it in to be examined for identification?

Oct 20, 2011
biteing bugs
by: we need help to

My husband has these bugs and they are driving him crazy. They do get aroung the blood vein and feed. we have been watching them close and have tried everything and nothing seems to get rid of them. we cant even find out what they are called. does anyone know a nome for them? it seems like they grow and then you will see a little snout sticking out of the skin and if you can squeeze them, sometimes you can get it to come out and other times you have to try to pull it out with tweezers. seems like they just showed up and nobody know what they are or what to do for them. my husband is a diabetic and they leave sores on him that are hard to get healed up, after they come out of the skin it looks like they leave a hole. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 04, 2011
by: Marilyn

I have these bugs too for a couple of months, have tried everything to kill them. Only way is to suffocate them with olive oil or Bag Balm, or some thick oil. Mine are real small now, but still have eggs and such which is really gross. I feel like they are outside too, we sprayed the inside of house down with rubbing alcohol last night, seemed to help. And you are right, nobody cares, not even my own kids. They think i am crazy or on meth and i aint neither. I am 49 years old and my friend has them too, he is 68, this is the worst thing to happen to me, i am so depressed, supposed to go back to work next tuesday but dont want to give this to anyone, i have no choice out of money and cant afford to lose my job although i am losing my mind..Good luck to everyone with these bugs, and god bless..

Mar 06, 2011
Parasites under the skin
by: Itchy

I have them on a very personal place. They are under the skin and most are attached to a small vein sucking blood for nourishment. I have been to my HMO and the Doctors there do not know "jack" about parasites or blood disorders from them.

These creatures get as big as a large grain of rice. Kind of like the size you would find in a can of chicken rice soup. They have some form of breathing apparatus or something starts to stick out that is black or very dark grey when they mature. I used lice ointment and left it on for 10 minutes. The largest ones died and then became infected in a couple of days. Then all hell broke loose! I got sick, very sick. High Uric Acid count in my blood. High Sediment rate test showed up for an infection. My HMO still just blows me off and says I have gout. I have become a vegetarian and no drinking of beer or yeasty products and the symptoms are still there.

The only thing that sort of works is "Tea Tree Oil", you can get it cheap at WalMart Pharmacy, just ask. It will burn the top layer of skin off if you use it full strength, but it knocks the little critters down for sure. You can also find soap made with tea tree oil. I use that to bathe.

Good luck, forget the idiot Doctors, I have lost respect for ALL of them!

Dec 15, 2010
somebody listen
by: Anonymous

i know you are telling the truth.ihave them also iv been to doctor after one will help,ihave seen them.they are white sometimes,worm like,ibelive they fly there so small.i know alot about these bugs i have suffered eith them going on six husbund has them my mother and a whole lot of people .my pets even have them. if anyone has any info on this or want to know more about it im willing to lsten and tell.i need help badly dont tell me to go to doctor unless you know of one that belives.i have tryed everything and been through hell because of it

Sep 15, 2010
What happened to your mom?
by: jeanne

Just finished reading this section about the young lady who wrote in about her mother having a "bug" burrowed in the skin with rash like bites. Just wondering what happened to her? Did she find out if it was bed bugs or scabies or something else? When was this article written? I'm doing some research on bed bugs and wanting to find out if they can hitch a ride on human skin, like "burrow" itself into the skin or just "hitching a ride on the skin by "cligging" on? Any info would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

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