Liver Flukes

by Hazel Holiday
(Rufus Oregon, USA)

I believe I have liver flukes!

Don't know where I got them from, but I have had numerous parasite tests all were negative.

I still pass them every time I have a bowel movement. There are red ones that look like a peeled red tomato skin. Others are dark and different sizes.

I have begged the doctors to help me they all say you need Prozac. They are stupid. I hope they get flukes & their doctors tell them what they told me.

I even talked to a naturopath & he was very rude.

I have been taking Parasitin for a month. There are less but there is still too many. I also saw the colonoscopy doctor & she said I look better but she did tests too & it came back normal.

Is it that the labs don't know what they are looking for? I do the stool tests & I can see things in them. They say its normal.

I have had things that look like black spiral worms which is H pyloria bacteria, which I had, and stuff that look liked broken pancil lead.& also stuff that looks like liver flukes.

Can you help me?

Dear Hazel,

So sorry to hear about your frustrations in trying to deal with your liver flukes. Liver and intestinal flukes are not as hard to contract as people think. Something as simple as eating undercooked fish or meat can cause you to get a fluke infection.

I know that many people have parasite testings repeatedly before actually testing positive. I'm not quite sure why that is. I would certainly think that those doing the test should know what they are looking for, but perhaps not every sample includes the flukes.

I've heard of Parasitin, but I haven't personally used it. I use Herbal Fiberblend myself and generally recommend it (along with Para 90) as the most effective natural parasite cleanse.

You said you've been working on parasite elimination for about a month and that you are improving. That's a good sign, so keep at it. It may take a few months to several months of faithful cleansing to get them all.

To get the best results, you should definitely be taking probiotics, too, and making some dietary changes - mainly cutting back on sugar and processed foods.

Probiotics are important because they are the friendly bacteria that your body needs to stay in balance and fight off the bad bacteria, like liver flukes. If you don't have any, try Florafood. It's a good quality combination.

To your good health!

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Jul 24, 2012
Liver Flukes NEW
by: RawBeauty

Oops... Part of my comment is missing . I meant to say that I bought the cheap zapper first and when I saw results I decided to upgrade to the Longevity Zapper from Longevity Warehouse. Very effective and powerful !! Kicks the parasites butt!! Some parasites are resistant to herbs so get a Zapper if you are serious about getting rid of all of them!!

Jul 24, 2012
Parasites (Liver Flukes) NEW
by: RawBeauty

I have had the same experience with the red tomato skin like parasite. I've been detoxing going on 4 months now. Check out RawFoodWorld on YouTube, as well as David Wolfe and Andreas Moritz.... Get a parasite Zapper! I bought the cheap 33.00 one Warehouse! I follow a Vegan diet and do coffee and herbal enemas. Some parasites are hard to eradicate... The Zapper is the best thing I ever did !!

Aug 05, 2010
by: Hazel

I have used parasitin. Helped me feel better. Diatomacious earth food grade will kill any intestinal parasite. If anyone trys this onlyget food grade diatomacious earth. It is actually fossil shell flour. It is sharp on the parasites and cuts them & they dehydrate and die. Be careful of the dieoff effects its bad, So take a parasite cleanse with it like parasitin or paracleanse which consitsts of cleansing & fiber with betonite clay to absorb toxins. It helps.

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