Symptoms Of Intestinal Parasites

symptoms of intestinal parasites

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites are more common than you might imagine.

What some are discounting as chronic fatigue, or irritable bowel syndrome may be the result of a parasite in humans.

Some parasites in humans cause irritation and interfere with normal bodily functions; others destroy host tissues and release toxins into the body, thus injuring the immune system and causing disease.

Parasites can affect the health and vitality of all whom they inhabit – humans, animals, even fish. Is it possible that you could be harboring an intestinal parasite?

Intestinal parasites in humans have often entered our bodies by ingestion.

For example, food or water may have been contaminated by an infected person, and then swallowed by someone else. In other instances, you may pick up a parasite by swimming in a lake or stream that has been infected.

What are the Symptoms of intestinal parasites?

Intestinal parasites symptoms may include itching of the nose, anus and ears as well as chronic bloating and gas.

Some symptoms appear far removed from the bowel - mental confusion, allergies, food and chemical sensitivities, blurry vision and rashes. That sometimes throws people off, because they are not relating their symptoms to their colon.

Other symptoms are more in keeping with the digestive area - eating more than you need and still feeling hungry, constipation, indigestion and diarrhea. You may also feel lethargic and experience muscular pain and intestinal cramps.

Parasites are said to infect as much as 85% of the population, causing many parasites symptoms which are often blamed on other conditions.

Some of the symptoms of parasitic infection include:

  • poor immune function
  • lack of sex drive
  • toe-nail fungus
  • mouth sores
  • tingling
  • some sexually transmitted diseases
  • numbness or burning sensations
  • chronic fatigue
  • thrush
  • chronic vaginal yeast infections and discharges
  • rashes and itching around male genitalia
  • bladder infections
  • craving for sugar rich foods and sweets
  • cravings for foods rich in yeast and carbohydrates.

If you have symptoms of intestinal parasites, don’t worry, you are not alone. Thousands of people are facing similar situations. No doubt, you will want to consider taking action to get rid of the enemy within you. A simple herbal fiber blend is all you need to cleanse your body and your colon for a happier, healthier, parasite symptom-free YOU.

To your good health!

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