Pinworms Or What?

by Quinn

Is This Pinworms Or What?

Is This Pinworms Or What?

I don't think it's pinworms, but what is it?

Whatever this is, it seems to be attracted to hair.

I used a portable restroom on the back of someones truck. I wiped the seat with baby wipes two to three times before use.

I began #2. I hovered over the seat making sure not to touch the seat but my legs started to hurt and I thought, "Well, I wiped the seat," so for exactly 2 seconds, I sat and popped up giving my legs a rest.

A few days later, I felt an enormous amount of itching and "things" moving around my buttocks area. I went to my doctor and she said that it might be pinworms or hemorrhoids.

I took medicine for them both, and they still did not go away. I shave around the area and used Tucks and Hydro-cortisone, but it had little effect.

It has been 1 year and a few months and they have spread to my mustache hair, armpit hair, my feet and some are still in the buttocks area.

It is not as bad as it was but they are still moving and causing itching problems. I have not had sex before or after this incident, so it is not crabs or any thing like that.

Please help with a solution.

Dear Quinn,

What a predicament! I can certainly sympathize with your distress. It's very frustrating to be unable to identify the cause of your discomfort so that you can get some relief.

Have you actually seen any insects externally, very tiny like body lice or pubic lice?

If you haven't seen any sign of an external skin parasite in over a year, the chances are very good that you are dealing with an internal parasite.

In fact, it could
be a fungal infection (like a yeast infection, candida, etc.), and I very much suspect that it is.

Although it seems likely that you picked up something in the portable toilet, that may really just have been a coincidence.

You may have also had other things going on at that time (extra sugar in your diet, etc) that triggered a fungal overgrowth, but you could have picked up a bacteria that day that was the trigger and then exacerbated by the medication you used afterward.

Regardless, whatever type of internal parasite may be bothering you, whether worms, bacteria, or fungus, there is a general parasite cleanse that you can use for the best possible results and elimination of the problem.

Here's what you need:

The Herbal Fiberblend is for the cleansing of the parasites, yeast, etc.

The Florafood is a mixture of 3 probiotics that build up the friendly bacteria in your body and boost your immune system so it can fight off invading bacteria, spreading fungus, and parasites.

The Leaf Greens is a whole food supplement that will also boost your immune system and help your body to get back in balance and heal. It sounds to me like you really need it.

That is the very least I would do to get rid of your problem, whether it's pinworms or whatever other type of infection you've picked up.

If you can afford a little more, I would also add Bear Paw Garlic for it's antifungal properties and the AIMega for a further boost to your immune system by providing your body with essential fatty acids that promote good health and balance.

Hope this helps. You can get any or all of those items at wholesale prices by ordering here.

To your good health!
~Angie from

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