Parasites In Humans
Where Do They Come From?

parasites in humans

Are you wondering how parasites in humans actually get there? Isn't it just people in third world countries who have to be concerned?

That's what I thought! Surprisingly, the answer is no. Human parasites are actually quite common all over the world these days.

Part of the reason is that human parasites are extremely contagious. 

Millions of us are hosts to parasites which steal nutrients from us, making us weak and sick. 

As many as 7 varieties of parasites have been found in one person at one time.

It's not a pretty picture, I know, but the medical evidence bears this out. 

Preventing Parasites In Humans
How Do Humans Get Parasites In the First Place?

preventing parasites in humans

You can get parasites simply by shaking hands with someone. It really is that easy. Generally speaking, parasites are transferred from fecal matter. You may be careful to wash your hands after using the bathroom, etc., but how many other people are not? 

As a result, you can contract parasites from contact with pets, with children, with workers and food handlers in restaurants, you name it.

You can even get parasites from consuming undercooked meats, or from eating contaminated raw fruit or vegetables.

Parasites in Humans are Highly Contagious!

If one person in the family has parasites, it is more than likely that the entire family has similar problems. The close proximity of living together and sharing the same furniture, bathroom, and living quarters raises the percentages in favor of the parasite.

There isn't much talk about it, but parasites may be more easily passed through intimate contact than venereal disease.

Medical experts know there are two things that make an epidemic of parasites possible:

  1. Widespread lack of sanitation, which provides a breeding ground for human parasites, worms in particular.

  2. Plaque-coated, impacted, clogged colons and intestines, which provide the perfect place for worms of all sizes to thrive.

Is there a chance you have human intestinal parasites? 

Billions of people today have intestinal parasites or worms. Indeed, it is estimated that as much as 85% of the population may be infected with parasites.

“One of every four people in the world is infested by roundworms, which cause fever, cough and intestinal problems. A quarter of the world's people have hookworms, which can cause anemia and abdominal pain.  A third of a billion people suffer from the abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by whipworms."
 ~ Dolly Katz, Miami Herald.

Intestinal parasites in humans cause a greater susceptibility to sickness and probably weight problems as well.

Do you want to take action against these body invaders? There are natural herbal remedies that will kill off the parasites and flush them from your system.

I was certainly relieved after doing a thorough colon cleanse that unclogged my colon and improved my overall health. I ended up buying some for the rest of my family so they can have a good clean out, too.

Order Herbal Fiberblend and Cleanse Your Body Today!

To your good health!

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