U-Shaped Parasite

by Sharlet
(Checotah, OK, USA)

U-Shaped Parasite Over Entire Body, Face, Scalp, Feet, and Hands

The parasites start out feeling like a web floats by and sticks to your skin. Then a u-shaped lesion appears usually followed by 2 light brown spots at each end and most of the time a 3rd appears in middle of u, though lighter in color.

I began having what appeared to be varicose veins appearing on my legs, feet, shoulders, middle of back and neck.

After treating with Albendazole 40 mg. twice a day for 3 weeks and off 1 week, then same again for the last 3 months, they started diminishing drastically.

I can vigorously massage a particularly heavily veined area and have had some success erasing the spider web looking veins, ultimately returning after a few hours or occasionally a few days, though I still have an overly significant amount, (Breasts, legs, back and stomach).

I can tell by looking at them a lot of them are cutaneous while some seem to have manifested beneath the skin.

I had several spots on my face approx the size of a half dollar that had turned mottled light brown. I thought they were age spots or from the sun or something like that.

However, while being treated with Albendazole, 40 mg. twice a day, most have gone. They had been on my face for 20 or more years.

I gave a stool specimen at first but after approx 3 months, 3 weeks on and 1 week off, etc, I gave another specimen and it showed no worms. I quit the pills and now I am breaking out again with the u-shaped lesions all over my body, face and head (including eyelids, lips, in my mouth).

What I thought were warts on my scalp have also diminished in quantity though not gone.

When all this first began, I could feel my skin on my hands creep. Then the lesions, at times joining and forming what appears to be rivulets all over my face, body and hands, including palms.

It appears that the pills dry out my skin and dehydrate the larvae and eggs as after a day or two, I can kinda scratch lightly and white u-shapes or horseshoe shapes flick off the excessively dry areas.

Also, in addition to being ALL over body, in-between legs, on the lips and folds of my labia, they are all over my feet.

When they begin, they are not readily apparent but if you don't put any lotion on and scratch the itchy area, a white horseshoe shape appears from the dry skin areas. It gets more prominent as it whelps.

The skin on my face is much softer and after a brisk scrub or inadvertent scratching, bleeds profusely.

As I can't stand the thought of worms under my skin, I'm bad about getting the tweezers and squishing until something comes out. Without fail, I get, what appears to be under a magnifying glass, eggs or larvae from the lesion.

Occasionally, with a magnifying mirror, as
soon as I itch, I look in the mirror and find a tiny black speck on the center of the itchy area, which is easily removed with tweezers.

I have also removed them with various types of adhesive tape. The good, sticky, clear postal tape is excellent for capturing new lesions and black specs.

As I am a very curious person when it comes to happenings on my body, but am not a medical professional, when looking at specimens with a very small microscope. And being uneducated about microbiology and what I am seeing, it appears I am looking at pupae, larvae, empty larvae husks and eggs, all by the dozens.

I cannot narrow down a trigger other than the physical contact (even minimally) of my male companion. He refuses to believe there are any parasites on him and has gone untreated. I ceased any form of contact with him as a result and am having a small success eliminating these nerve-wrecking pests.

I have treated with the pills by themselves, pills plus 10% permethrin applied externally top to bottom, permethrin alone, nystatin ointment, calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Retin-A, triple antibiotic ointment when infected, Sulfur tablets, baths with bleach, borax, epsom salts, sulfur and even cleansing with pure acetone (which produced numerous specimens and husks), while acting as a drying agent.

All had a small success, but ultimately failed.

After several months of this torture, I am sorely depressed. They get so bad, I pick them, put calamine on and stay at home, grounded.

Please offer some help or advice.

Dear Sharlet,

I'm very sorry to hear about all that you have been through trying to get rid of this skin condition.

Unfortunately, I'm not a medical professional either, nor highly educated in microbiology. I'm definitely not familiar with these u-shaped parasites or u-shaped lesions that you have described.

It is interesting that you have found some relief, although temporary through the use of the Albendazole and some of the other treatments you mentioned.

It sounds to me like you are starting to make headway and then your weakened immune system is allowing the problem to recur repeatedly.

Because of this, I would suggest a thorough internal cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend as well as making a concerted effort to boost your immune system by following an anti candida diet for several weeks and taking the following immune boosting supplements.


I can't guarantee that this would definitely get rid of the u-shaped parasites you believe you are dealing with, but it's what I believe I'd do if I found myself in your situation.

Your body can only fight with the tools that you give it.

Continue to try soaking in a bath, but instead of the acetone, try things like sea salt and antiparasitic essential oils (lavender, tea tree, etc.).

I hope this is of some help to you and that you can eliminate these u-shaped lesions very soon.

To your good health!

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Mar 15, 2012
Getting Rid of Hookworm NEW
by: Angie

Dear Grace,

Sorry that Sharlet was unable to get back to you with an answer to your question. If you are still suffering from this condition, it would be a good idea to follow the suggestions I made above for cleansing with Herbal Fiberblend and boosting your immune system with probiotics.

Hoping you are soon well again.

Jan 11, 2012
Grace NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Sharlet, I have the same problem. My doctor is useless. I would like to know what medicine you used to get rid of the these creatures.
Best regards,

Nov 28, 2011
U-Shaped Parasite NEW
by: Angie

Dear Sharlet,

I'm so very happy to hear that you were able to see a doctor who recognized your condition as Cutaneous Larva Migrans (also commonly known as Hookworm).

It most certainly is not uncommon, but I do think your advanced condition is rather more uncommon since it had developed into the Ocular/Visceral stage.

You're probably right that the source of your infection was in the garden, but it is also quite easy to get a hookworm infection by walking on the beach - particularly in tropical areas.

I'm really thrilled for you that you are getting the problem under control and nearly better. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me.


Nov 27, 2011
Relief from these damnable demons! NEW
by: Sharlet

Thanks Angie for your concerns. After years of fighting these hellions, I have finally made a great leap forward. They were diagnosed Cutaneous Larva Migrans developing over time to Visceral and Ocular Larva Migrans in ER by a physician who hadn't seen them on anyone for several years.

I believe they are more common than is accepted. They can come from soil that has been contaminated by dog feces. I am quite an outdoor person and have a good size greenhouse.

I started using gloves when working with my plants and ceased all association with my male companion who is still in denial about having them.

I am thrilled to say I am making headway by leaps and bounds. They are gone from my mouth and eyes and mostly from my body. Even the ones on my scalp are diminishing. I can testify to other sufferers as to validity. 2 showers a day w/ a good moisturizing soap and stay on top of anything contaminated as they are highly contageous.

Good luck and God bless to all you guys that made me know I was not nuts.

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