Anti Candida Diet

anti candida diet

An Anti Candida Diet is essential for winning the war against a growing yeast population in your body. You have to learn to fight the army rather than feed it.

Like most conditions, Candida is also best treated through a detox and rebuilding program. Such a program will require both a change in diet and supplemental nutrients.

The more severe your case of candidiasis, the more strict you'll have to be on your diet. I know that probably isn't what you want to hear (I hate restrictive diets myself).

If you are serious about ridding yourself of the pain and discomfort of candida symptoms, it becomes a necessity.

You won't have to deny yourself forever - that's the good news. The first month will be the most strict, the second more moderate, and afterward you can gradually ease back into enjoying a wider range of foods.

You'll want to look into the specific recommended supplements for a candida cure and the reasons why, but in a nutshell, I'd recommend these basic four if you use nothing else:

The idea behind an anti candida diet is to starve the yeast by avoiding all foods that promote the growth of yeast.

Anti Candida Diet Rules

Basically, a candida diet is a low carbohydrate and low yeasty-food diet. It's best to start out with a full 5 day Candida Detox. Afterward, follow a strict diet for the first month and then less rigid for the second.

First Month:

  • No Fruit - If you only have a mild case, you may be able to get away with one very small serve of fruit per day.

  • No Sugar - Yeast feeds on sugar, so you need to avoid all refined sugars, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maple syrup, honey, barley malt, alcohol, milk products containing milk sugar, sweet potatoes, candy, nuts, pickled foods and caffeine.

  • No Yeast or Fermented Food Items - Mushrooms, cheeses, vinegar, brewer's yeast, bakers' yeast, nutritional yeast, breads containing yeast, soy sauce, pickled and smoked food products are all no-no's. Although some of these don't cause yeast to grow, you are likely to have mold sensitivities if you are suffering from candidiasis.

  • If you only have a mild or moderate case of candida, you can have some potatoes, but if your case is severe, potatoes may make your case worse.

  • Don't eat cooked food that is more than two days old. Avoid canned juices.

Here's another tip: Eliminate any mildew from your home, too, if possible. Of course, you don't want to allow any mold on food, but you want to try to rid it completely from your house as well.

Second Month:

In the second month of the anti candida diet, you can add a bit of fruit to your diet. Only eat one piece a day, or a half of a piece twice a day. It is better to start with acidic fruit like peaches, apricots, berries, and citrus fruits.

You can have a bit more carbohydrates now, too, but don't go crazy with them. Try to eat a variety of different foods in your anti candida diet, so you aren't eating the same foods day after day.

Foods to Eat

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Chicken, beef, duck, turkey, lamb, fish, all kinds of seafood, goat, rabbit, venison and other wild meats, and eggs can be eaten freely.

You can eat almost all vegetables except potatoes, but as I said earlier, if you just have a mild case, you can have a small amount.

Whole oats, rye, millet, kamut, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth can be eaten in many cases. If you are suffering from a severe case of candida you may need to avoid grains completely for a while, although you may still be able to tolerate amaranth.

Seeds and Nuts
If your case is not severe, you can enjoy some seeds and nuts.

If you are dying for a treat or a snack, you can try a protein shake (but mix it with unsweetened soy or rice milk). Soy nuts are a nice munchie treat and some people can even enjoy popcorn with olive oil and garlic. You may be able to find mochi (a compressed rice product) at your local health food store. You can toast the mochi and then stuff it with chicken, turkey, fish, or even tofu.

There are some candida recipes for breakfasts as well as other anti candida diet recipes. Enjoy!

To your good health!

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