Candida Detox
Know What To Expect

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A candida detox can bring on problems of its own. You will experience candida die off symptoms that can be quite miserable.

If you are experiencing candida symptoms you want relief as quickly as possible, I'm sure. There are immediate steps you can take to get relief and eventually a candida cure.

The first thing you need to do is change the way you are eating!

The food you eat either feeds or starves your yeast infection. Obviously, what you want to do is starve it to death.

Go over the candida diet guidelines so you know exactly what types of food encourage the growth of yeast and what types of food do not.

To kick start your candida diet it's a good idea to begin with a 5 Day Detox Diet.

Once you complete these 5 days, you can then move into a complete anti candida diet.

Once you start your change in diet, you will also need to begin taking supplements to help your immune system fight off the candida parasite growth.

5 Day Detox Diet
Eat only the following items:
Brown rice (organic if you can get it)
Raw and lightly steamed vegetables
Fresh Vegetable juices done in a juicer
Drink PLENTY of water.
You can also have herbal teas but NOTHING ELSE.

Do not eat fruit at all!
It is recommended that you use BarleyLife®, too.

One of the most necessary of the supplements is candida probiotics to build up the good bacteria in your digestive system. You'll also want to use cleansing herbs and other immune boosters that help you achieve a candida cure.

Results of a Candida Detox

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If you are faithful in your diet and with your supplements, you will start having results almost right away. Most likely you will feel worse before you start feeling better.

When the candida yeast starts dying off, your body has to eliminate it. Quite often the die off is so great at first that your body can't keep up with the elimination and you will experience detox symptoms.

This candida detox has been named The Herxheimer Reaction for the German doctor who identified this "healing crisis" for what it was. 

As the body eliminates the harmful bacteria through the feces and urine, you may experience gas, bloating, headaches, or other allergic symptoms, depending on how toxic your body is. 

These detox symptoms are actually a good sign, but if you find they are too severe for you to handle, consider taking the lowest recommended doses of your supplements to start with and then gradually increase them to the full course.

The sooner you get the yeast overgrowth back under your control, the better off you will feel. I know it is hard to stick to a healthy diet and supplemental regime, but your body will be grateful.

To your good health!

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