A Candida Diet

A Candida Diet is extremely important if you really want to get rid of the symptoms of candida whether you are male or female. 

The right diet will make the difference in how long you struggle with the symptoms of thrush. Food plays a big roll in effectively getting your immune system back into proper balance. 

You probably already realize that Candida is a yeast fungus that lives in your body in small amounts harmlessly when your natural immune system is strong and healthy. 

When something occurs in your life that causes the balance to be tilted, the harmless candida turns into a monster that starts invading your system and wreaking havoc. 

That "something" is usually a course or two of antibiotics, contraceptives, drugs, too much sugar or some other outside influence that turns your immune system on its head.

candida diet recipes

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To take back control, you must take action! There are, in fact, several actions you should consider, depending on the severity of your candida symptoms and case of candidiasis. 

  1. Candida Detox Diet - a good five day detox diet will give you a jump start before continuing on with an easier to follow diet.

  2. Anti-Candida Diet- you must change the way you eat if you really want to have a long term cure for candida. Candida can only live off of what you feed it. 

  3. Supplements for Candida Cure - proper use of quality supplements will make a huge difference in the length of your battle and how long it takes you to get well.

There are basic diet guidelines for Candida that will help you understand the types and kinds of foods you should eat and those you should completely avoid.

Also, you may find these candida recipes helpful in preparing meals that are "safe."

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Anti-Candida Meal Plan

Meanwhile here are some ideas for meals you can eat while on an anti candida diet.

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Oats (soaked overnight in water) with some nice pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and soy milk (get a totally PURE soy milk with no sugar added)

  • Oat porridge made with water or soy milk

  • Poached egg on yeast-free rye bread toast

  • Kipper or haddock with poached egg, grilled tomatoes and yeast-free rye bread toast

  • Pink salmon, a few onions, tomato

Lunch and Supper Ideas:

  • Brown-rice salad (brown rice with a variety of added ingredients such as tuna, chicken, chickpeas, tomato, bell peppers, cucumber, spring onion, garlic and herbs, with a dressing made from extra virgin olive oil (good for candida!) and lemon juice)

  • Chicken or tuna salad made with yeast-free rye bread

  • Chicken, tuna or egg salad made with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice dressing, with rye crackers or brown rice cakes

  • Spanish omelette (without cheese!) and salad – loads of vegetables

  • Poached salmon with steamed vegetables and a few boiled new potatoes

  • Grilled chicken and roast vegetables and a little brown rice

  • Chicken, turkey or fish with brown rice and salad

  • Stir-fried tofu and vegetables with brown rice or rice noodles (made from rice not wheat)

Things To Remember About The Candida Diet!

  • Don't be discouraged if you start feeling worse after changing your diet. That's actually a good sign. Your body goes into detox mode and the candida yeast starts dying off and the dead organisms travel through your system. You may get flu-like symptoms, fevers, aches, and even your original symptoms may become more severe temporarily. They will pass and you will be on the road to recovery.

  • Take the recommended supplements for a candida cure faithfully each day. 

I hope this simple Candida diet, the candida recipes, and the recommended supplements for a candida cure all help you find complete healing and relief from your Candida symptoms.

To Your Good Health!

Special Thanks to Clinical Nutritionist Sally-Ann Creed for sharing some of this information with us. 

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