Internal or Skin Parasites?

by Carol

Do I have internal or skin parasites?

I have been dealing with this problem for 8 months now. My symptoms started as an itchy rash on trunk of body (which husband also contracted).

I thought it was scabies and begged my Dr. to give us permethrin lotion which, I applied 2x.

The rash eventually cleared up and my husband now only has an itch occasionally, but I developed numbness in my left palm which then eventually moved up my arm, then other arm, then legs.

I also have "moving, crawling and pin-prick sensations" indigestion, headaches, and now I am waking up some nights and I feel cold internally (temp is 96.2 when I take it) but yet flushed on the outside.

I have bowel problems (constipation) heartburn, buzzing in my ears, a lump feeling in my throat and just a lot of anxiety.

My Dr. has done blood work for any antigens or parasites and also stool test for parasites, which all came back OK.

Now he is sending me to a neurologist for a nerve conduction study (due to numbness).

I had bladder/bowel rectocele surgery 9 months ago. Could this have a connection?

Also, another possibility is, we have well water that we had tested and was found to have E-coli and total Coliform present.

We no longer drink the water and are in the process of bleaching the well, but we do still take showers in it.

Some days I feel like it's gone, but then the next day or two - it's back!! Any thoughts?

PLEASE help in any way.
Thank you,

Hi Carol,

If I'm remembering correctly, I believe we may have chatted some time ago about your question of internal or skin parasites.

I'm very sorry to hear that you are not feeling any better. The numbing sensations are definitely a concern. I'm glad you are going to chat to someone who specializes in nerves, etc. Be sure to
ask him/her if the numbness can be a side effect from your medications. That may answer the question of that symptom if nothing else.

The other symptoms you describe definitely sound like symptoms of intestinal parasites. Particularly since you know you've had contaminated water, it's very likely.

Even though you don't drink the water any more, you can still breathe in the bacteria through the steam of a hot shower or bath. Some toxins are even very easily absorbed through the skin.

Did you ever try any of the natural remedies I recommended to you earlier? I still think they are your best option for trying to find relief and eliminating the problem.

In case you don't remember our previous discussion, here's what I suggested.

  1. For the rash/skin treatment, try some organic apple cider vinegar. Just apply it straight, or put some (1-2 cups) in your bath water and have a soak.

  2. Para 90 - antiparasitic herbs in capsule form to kill internal or skin parasites.

  3. Herbal Fiberblend - to clean out your digestive tract and eliminate dead and dying parasites as quickly as possible. Will also help to remove other toxins and old built up waste matter.

  4. Florafood - good bacteria to build up the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract

  5. The Garden Trio - whole food supplement powders to boost your nutritional take and give your body more building blocks for healthy cells and healing.

You can order any or all of those products here at the lowest prices available.

I'm sincerely hoping this will be of some genuine help to you Carol in getting rid of any internal or skin parasites and that you get to feeling better soon.

I know how discouraging it can be to be unwell for long periods of time. It's a drain, not only on your body, but on your spirit, too.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

To your good health!

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Oct 16, 2010
bali bugs
by: Anonymous

hi Carol,
I came back from bali very sick and worked out it is parasites.
Now I am on a program to eliminate them (herbally)and having just read your comments, I didn't realise parasites are contagious.
Now I will put my husband on to herbal medicine (from my naturapath).
cheers and God bless you, Moira (australia).

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