Parasite On Testicle

by Mike

Possible parasite on testicle - Not a joke.

I have a serious problem that I am very worried about. I have this itchy, red rash about the circumference of a quarter on my left testicle.

What's scary to me is that on each rashed red spot, there is a black dot. I have been reading up about parasites and this is why I think I might have one.

I have used tweezers to break the skin and pull out the black dot - which ends up being something I can't make out without magnifying it - but it's not an ingrown hair. I fear its a parasite.

There are about 20-30 black dots in this area and I've removed about 20 of them. I have a few pictures if this would help.

Also, my left leg is very sore. I think this is my lymph node being swollen. Is this common with parasite invasions?

Another thing that makes me think this could be a parasite is that I have kept a lot of my clothes out on a table where I also store my trash before I put it out. Recently I saw there were maggots growing and tons of fruit flies when I did not take the trash out in a timely manner.

Is it possible I put on underwear that a parasite had gotten into then inserted itself into my testicle? Is there anything I can do
or test to see if it's a parasite or something else?

Please get back to me ASAP. I also have pictures if this would better help. Thank you for your time.

- Mike

Hi Mike,

No, it's not a joke to have a parasite on testicle or other area of the groin, I'm sure. Yes, it would probably be helpful to have a picture of the possible parasite as someone may be able to specifically identify it for you.

I would suggest that you get some tea tree oil, oregano oil, or garlic oil to apply to the testicles twice per day for a week. These are all natural anti-parasitic oils and are a good option for external use.

Internally, I would recommend taking some good quality probiotics, like Florafood, 2-3 times per day.

If that doesn't clear it up for you, trying internal cleansing herbs (anti-parasitic). I imagine if I was a guy, I'd probably go for that option asap instead of waiting. :) Something as simple as using Herbal Fiberblend twice a day will probably be sufficient, but it's something I would seriously consider, particularly since you feel your lymph nodes are also being affected.

Let us know what you end up doing and the results. You can probably be a help to someone else who comes along later with a similar problem of a parasite on testicle or thereabouts.

To your good health!

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Feb 02, 2020
Testicle Parasites NEW
by: Paco Vinenza

Testicle Parasites . I’m not a Dr and suggest to you this may be the more probable cause of your condition. Subcutaneous Filariasis Migrans quite different from Cutaneous Filariasis which seems to be predominant search results. This form is caused by Nemaatodes Helminths or a combination of the two or with other parasitic forms that have entered the human host usually by piercing the skin . Some travel by blood vessels (Hook Worm ) to the lungs where , they deposit in the aveoli get coughed up and swallowed and complete their life cycle. Sometimes they get "lost" on the way and deposit themselves in any tissue , mucsle or organ and even the brain and yep the testicles. Some also travel subcutaneously these particular parasites will and do set up camp anywhere they choose result. I had much similar symptoms as you described plus using my scope I was able to see these translucent creatures in my vessels under my skin my hair seemed to be getting replaced by worms that resembled my hair, my ears feet and eyes all showed signs of infestation of worms. Absolutely no one in within my tight circle of friends believed me wouldn’t even look at images I provided. When I discovered worms in my eyes I certainly panicked and just buried myself deeper in disbelief with my family of what I was saying is happening. I saw these parasites all over the house yard and vehicles even my Harley sob. Well I wasn’t going to any ER or other health care provider especially with what I call shake and bake Drs not trained to listen to their patients or their. Unfamiliar diseases. I would have ended up being committed for evaluation and despising my family instead of just wanting to run them over ha My Dr arrived back from work leave and took my images to her. She immediately recognized two common parasites the Pin/Eye/Thread worm and Hook Worm with a guess on another the Strongmoutth stomach worm. I suggest taking video of. Your worm situation or still images in order to convince your Dr Etc. human parasite infestation is not uncommon. We all have them it’s when the relationship gets out of hand or too many at one time I have at least 5 with 2 renaming unidentified as yet Stool sampling is unreliable at identifying a parasitic infestation. It was negative on me when you could clearly see them swimming in the toilet along with dead and eggs larvae etc. my Dr said the lab was Full of Shit !! If it’s what I have a form of Filariasis and you don’t want to go to the dr there are options. There are a couple antithelmentics available and won’t kill you probably won’t have any side effects to the host if you take them correctly as with any drug Ivermectin for less severe and Albendazole and Meprazole and even Pyrantel Pamoate. The first two are the only drugs I know of that treat Filariasis which is not curable but it is certainly treatable. There are some healthcare providers that claim cures for Filariasis these places require a patient to take high amounts of these drugs for extended periods of time and then stopping for a week and repeat over and over again. This may work but my Drs info and my own research tells me otherwise. Albenzadole isn’t cheap. My script called for 400 mg in two doses and a small maintenance dose yet to be determined or get images of these things moving under your skin at the groin etc but if it’s Filariasis? I wouldn’t wait especially with your leg hurting etc. it could be just. Low T can cause those symptoms so can backed up "fertilizer" I hope it is one of the other or nothing at all and resolves on its own much more over a diagnosis of Subcutaneous Filariasis Migrans

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