Parasite On Testicle

by Mike

Possible parasite on testicle - Not a joke.

I have a serious problem that I am very worried about. I have this itchy, red rash about the circumference of a quarter on my left testicle.

What's scary to me is that on each rashed red spot, there is a black dot. I have been reading up about parasites and this is why I think I might have one.

I have used tweezers to break the skin and pull out the black dot - which ends up being something I can't make out without magnifying it - but it's not an ingrown hair. I fear its a parasite.

There are about 20-30 black dots in this area and I've removed about 20 of them. I have a few pictures if this would help.

Also, my left leg is very sore. I think this is my lymph node being swollen. Is this common with parasite invasions?

Another thing that makes me think this could be a parasite is that I have kept a lot of my clothes out on a table where I also store my trash before I put it out. Recently I saw there were maggots growing and tons of fruit flies when I did not take the trash out in a timely manner.

Is it possible I put on underwear that a parasite had gotten into then inserted itself into my testicle? Is there anything I can do
or test to see if it's a parasite or something else?

Please get back to me ASAP. I also have pictures if this would better help. Thank you for your time.

- Mike

Hi Mike,

No, it's not a joke to have a parasite on testicle or other area of the groin, I'm sure. Yes, it would probably be helpful to have a picture of the possible parasite as someone may be able to specifically identify it for you.

I would suggest that you get some tea tree oil, oregano oil, or garlic oil to apply to the testicles twice per day for a week. These are all natural anti-parasitic oils and are a good option for external use.

Internally, I would recommend taking some good quality probiotics, like Florafood, 2-3 times per day.

If that doesn't clear it up for you, trying internal cleansing herbs (anti-parasitic). I imagine if I was a guy, I'd probably go for that option asap instead of waiting. :) Something as simple as using Herbal Fiberblend twice a day will probably be sufficient, but it's something I would seriously consider, particularly since you feel your lymph nodes are also being affected.

Let us know what you end up doing and the results. You can probably be a help to someone else who comes along later with a similar problem of a parasite on testicle or thereabouts.

To your good health!

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