Parasites in your Lungs?

by CJ
(Port Angeles,WA. USA)

If you have parasites in your lungs, what type of parasites are they? I have a lot of coughing and was diagnosed to have parasites in lungs.

Hi CJ,

There are many different types of parasites that can grow in your body, including your lungs. Didn't the doctor who made the diagnosis specify what type of parasite you were dealing with?

I've had 2 different friends over the years who were diagnosed with fungal parasites in their lungs. Treatments were different in the different situations, but the friend who had it most recently decided to try some natural remedies on top of the anti-biotics and steroids that the doctors were prescribing.

She took Para 90 capsules and also used Herbal Fiberblend as an internal cleanse to help kill off and eliminate the parasites from her system. These cover a wide range of parasites, so they are an ideal option.

I also encouraged her to boost and strengthen her immune system with probiotics and whole food supplements so that her body could be strong enough to help itself fight off fungus and infection.

She used Leaf Greens as the whole food supplement, but you could also use something like the Garden Trio if you prefer. It gives your body the rich nutrition of freshly juiced, organically grown vegetables.

For the probiotics (good bacteria), consider Florafood. Florafood contains a combination of three strains of good bacteria to build up the friendly bacteria in your body.

I can't make any "medical claims" online, but I can say that regardless of the conventional medicine that you take, it's a good idea to give your body the best help naturally that you can so that it will have the best chance of doing what God made it to do, which is heal and fight disease naturally.

By the way, my friend is doing quite well now. I hope you will be soon, too.

To your good health!

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Mar 08, 2014
Parasite in colon and lungs? NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Josiane,

While I am not a doctor and can't "diagnose" people, I can share my thoughts with you as requested.

It certainly sounds like you are describing intestinal parasites in your stool samples. Whether they have progressed to your lungs or whether those symptoms are the result of other reactions your body is having, I can't say.

What I would suggest is that you start with the Daily Essentials I have outlined and see if that is sufficient over several weeks to turn your condition around.

The good thing about those Daily Essentials is that they are not going to have any negative side effects like most prescription medications have. They only serve to cleanse and support your body.

Because you've also taken 2 rounds of antibiotics, I would also suggest you get some Florafood to replenish the good bacteria in your body so that it can get back in balance and you don't end up with more problems.

While I believe the Barley Life (part of the Daily Essentials) will have a healing effect on your ulcer, if it is a stomach ulcer, you also may want to try getting some raw cabbage and juicing/drinking some each day for a little while. It doesn't taste nice, but the live enzymes in the cabbage juice has a real soothing/healing effect on stomach ulcers.

Hope you are returned to full health soon.

Mar 08, 2014
parasites NEW
by: josiane jones

had violent vomiting blood, had procedure at hospital for cauterizing ulcer twice, soon after pressure in anus and pulsing mouvements very weird.dr said no hemoroides so ordered cat scan, blood work , all normal.Soon after had bloody mucous coming from my lungs, X rays and cat scan ruled I had pneumonia, no other symptoms, two set of antibiotics still bloody mucous and problems in anus. Plus pains in side and back on the right side of ribs.Several days ago I passed while having a BM something long thin and brown and again 2 days ago.could it be a parasite in colon and lungs?

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