Microscopic Bugs That Bite

by Tammy
(Silver Springs, FL )

What To Do About Bugs That Bite And Itch

What To Do About Bugs That Bite And Itch

I have these microscopic bugs that bite and itch.

I can't see them unless I shake my shirt in a wet sink. There are thousands of them.

When I sit in tub to relax, I look down and there are thousands of them in the water. They look clear in color.

Even after washing clothes and drying them, I can shake them in the sink and they're still there.

I have gone to a dermatologist who says I'm hallucinating.

They are in my hair, body, car, couch,
everywhere. Please help.


Dear Tammy,

There are various types of microscopic bugs that bite and cause itching. In your area of Florida it could be sandfleas, midges, noseeums, mites, to name a few.

Is there anyone else in your home experiencing the same biting and itching sensations, etc, or is it just you?

Have you actually looked at these little clear looking bugs in a microscope yourself?

If you are able to see so many in your bath or sink, it might be a good idea to capture some on a piece of tape or in a small jar and take them to a local vet, cooperative extension, or agriculture college and see if you can get an identification.

Some of the pests (like sand flies) tend to primarily attack the feet and lower legs, so it is more likely that you are dealing with something else.

Why does the dermatologist think you are hallucinating? Are you taking any form of drugs that may cause hallucinations (prescription or otherwise)?

If he thinks you are hallucinating, what does he think is causing the hallucinations? I hate when "doctors" tell people that they are hallucinating or delusional without providing any reason as to why you would be having hallucinations or delusions. There would need to be a reason.

Anyway, I'm NOT a doctor, nor an entomologist. I can only suggest to you a few thing that I have learned may be helpful to you based on the description you've given and my own experience and research.

First of all, get some sea salt and some clove oil to add to your bath water. This should help with the itch and also discourage the pests from hanging around.

Second, I would suggest you get the following supplements and use them as a cleansing and building protocol to help your body fight off infestation and get back in balance.

There is a chance that you don't actually have a mite or parasite that is external, but rather an internal fungal (yeast) overgrowth and that what you are seeing and experiencing is the yeast residue in the bath, etc.

Either way, I think you'll find these suggestions beneficial...

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Composure
  • Barley Life
  • AIMega

You'll find more information on each of these supplements on the order page. You can click on the product links and read about each one I mentioned. This will help you see why I think you will benefit without me repeating myself here. ;)

In conclusion, there ARE microscopic bugs that bite and itch, but there are also other reasons why you might feel like that's what is happening. Without a lot more info from you, I can't help you narrow it down.

Apart from the above mentioned supplements, there are diet changes you could make, environmental changes, etc.

Let me know if you want to get into more detail and we'll go from there.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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Feb 09, 2018
Microscopic bugs that bite people with a big bite NEW
by: Mari-Ellen

I actually have caught a few microscopic bugs. They are so tiny, I had to put on 2 pair of glasses to see one, and it looked like a tiny piece of dust. It squashed easily, and if I knew what I could safely spray to get them all, I would try it. We have a chihuahua and I don't want to make her sick.

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