Parasites In Ear Canal?

by Anonymous in SoCal
(May 6, 2013)

Dealing With Possible Parasites In Ear Canal

Dealing With Possible Parasites In Ear Canal

Black and light red colored "thread" in ear canal, with itching. Could this be possible parasites in ear canal?

About 5 years ago, I had a GP doctor check my right ear canal for an intense AND SUDDEN "crawling under the skin" sensation that also itched: the issue came and went through out the day, & more intense at night when I lay my head upon the pillow, never knowing, like now, when it stops, as I just fall asleep, trying to THINK IT AWAY.

I do not recall when it stopped, but seemed w/o symptoms for maybe 4.5 years and now it's back w/vengeance....

Have done these things for 3 weeks now: careful wipe w/tea tree oil (burns!!)3x a day, for 1 week, no help at all; Herbal-mix drops of garlic (Mullein Garlic Compound, by HerbPharma: Calendula, St. John'sWort, Mullein, Garlic) or only olive oil, or coconut oil (fungal, etc. fighter; parasite ZAPPING therapy with Hulda Clark type electric hand-holds (90 minute therapy: 7 min. zap, 20 min. rest: x 3), w/her 'after cleansing tonic' of green-hulled Black Wormwood extract therapy...all that daily for 2 weeks, no help...

TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING: I use a PALM-SIZE MAGNIFICATION LENS> A commercial printers' 8x magnification "LOOP", also used by jewelers, to see what a careful q-tip swipe reveals: examine q-tip first to see if clean, often has some black dots of hairs-threads on it, straight from box!... after only using a clean one, I get ALMOST similar black thread-like bits, or lite red colored straight, short 'hairs': the black bits are bent sharply & short or long and always twisted, not true 'curls', and/or hard bends: they are there every day.

The itching, crawling is on the outer opening of the right ear canal, & moving inside the canal a bit: it seems to encompass the round opening, really like many worms crawling in circles or back & forth... sometimes the q-tip has shiny, clear, tiny dots; beside light-colored-neutral wax (very little wax), and seemingly some few tiny flakes of dried skin, & rarely a tiny black dot..... the skin feels dry & rough, if I put my finger there (upper round part of ear canal opening) & I try to NOT scratch or rub it, except hard pressure there seems to sometimes stop the crawling feeling for a short time.

I would never put an unclean finger, for example in my ear, or anything... I have never had any ear issues over my life, & have great hygiene; do not use normal commercial products or meds... I sleep with my long-ish hair over my ears, fearing it is a bug invasion, but no other signs of bugs: I sleep alone, am a health freak, but do have indoor-outdoor cats at the end of my bed only, sleeping most nights...

Have my cats infected me? Why hasn't the ZAPPING killed the parasites if they are under the skin? Why the long absence of several years?

I have not seen a doctor this time, due to $$$ issues, & past doc said nothing but, "my scratching showed skin irritation: simple nerve spasms causing the 'crawling feeling'", & I cannot believe that is all there is!!!

The irritation of this sensation & the daily "threads" emitted are totally freaking me out: I am a 58 yr old busy, sane woman, semi-clean home, health freak/no pharma meds/vegetarian-80% raw foodist for over 15 years, no health issues except chronic back pain from car accident 2 years ago(ear issue began 1.5 year after car accident): no out-of-area travel, except 6 mo.-1 yr prior to start of this issue (2005), I lived on Florida's east coast, 2 miles from beach, for 1 year in a new home edging a mature golf-course: for past 7 years, living in urban, middle-class society, in southern California, in a home, with many flowering plants & grass-lawns, & the gardener (my aged mother) has long history of using toxic chemicals for pesticides/fertilizers, against my wishes: normal amounts of spiders, house/garden bugs...sorry so detailed, but I am thinking PARASITES, & regional?

IF already burrowed under skin, what stops them, in that spot? HULDA CLARK says they (often from pets) travel, make "pathways" to the brain & other organs!(<<< where even cancer cells find it easy to migrate through) HELP! I am fearful to hold the ZAPPER close to my head/brain/ear...

Are there LABS that will take me seriously, not 'rip me off', for a fair fee to examine the THREADS on q-tips I have been saving for analysis? I AM CURRENTLY UNEMPLOYED, 6 months, from back-pain, & borrow all funds for my family to survive (my Mother offers us free rent/utilities): am very interested to find a lab PRO-BONO, who may help with a mail-in analysis of these threads, can you help? ARE the THREADS 'excrement' or egg-chains? Have only seen @ 10x magnification of a make-up mirror, no no idea beyond a 'thread' description...

By the way>>>> I once learned soaking our vegetables & fruits in a pitcher of filtered water & a big splash of ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (UNFILTERED), FOR 2 MINUTES, THEN A FILTERED WATER RINSE, KILLED E.COLI AND SALMOMELLA... sooo, we always do this, for over 10 years, hoping to protect our family from parasites coming from fresh food sources... I have written BRAGG, the major American organic apple cider producer & original health GURUS, to confirm this practice, with no response: do you have any contacts that could be interested to research this practice for truths? universities, private labs? many thanks for your dedicated service & web site!!!!!

thx for any help!!!!

God Bless you all, namaste, oxo

Dear Anonymous in SoCal,

Thank you for providing a thorough and detailed explanation of your symptoms and actions in trying to deal with this possible parasites in ear canal problem.

It sounds like you've done a lot of the right things if you were dealing with parasites, but since you are seeing no change at all in your condition, it makes me wonder if perhaps parasites are not the problem.

I honestly don't know! It's certainly possible, but I don't know specifically what might be in your area that is not reacting to the anti-parasitic herbs you've been using, etc.

I guess the only place I can think of who might help you for free to identify what you are discovering on your Q-tip might be an Cooperative Extension in your area - maybe something linked to an agricultural college? It's worth a try.

Out of curiosity, have you tried the same swab test on your other ear or on anyone elses ear to see if you find similar microscopic results?

If the issue is parasites in the ear canal, taking the cleansing herbs internally as well as the topical application should definitely help after prolonged use.

Of course, the problem could be some type of nerve damage in the ear that is giving you that creepy-crawly sensation.

It could also be hormonal imbalance (as strange as that may seem), because one of the symptoms of hormone imbalance is a biting, crawling sensation under the skin. It's more often noticed in the legs, but if you have a weakened area of the body I don't see why it can't be there instead.

I wish I could offer you more help, but I can only suggest that you continue on cleansing and building your system in an attempt to get your body to deal with on its own accord.

I usually recommend Herbal Fiberblend for internal cleansing and BarleyLife and AIMega for a good immune boosting combo.

Other things you may want to consider:

You can try putting hydrogen peroxide in your ear for about 5 minutes at a time.

Zinc may be a good supplement to add to your diet if you aren't already taking it. A deficiency in zinc can sometimes cause ear related problems.

Clove oil (mixed with olive oil or coconut oil) is another good topical treatment.

If I think of anything else that may be beneficial, I'll add it below.

Hope and pray that you find a solution that works for you!
Angie from

Comments for Parasites In Ear Canal?

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Nov 24, 2013
same symptoms NEW
by: Carol

I have the same symptoms, usually at bedtime and mostly on the ear against the pillow, have done all the hulda clark stuff, garlic oil, etc and still have it too, so frustrating and creepy!

Jan 23, 2014
Possibly, but pretty sure you have . . . NEW
by: mjo

Can't be positive but it sure sounds like you have Morgellon's Disease. Please look into this.

Your cats may have infected you via ticks since they go outside and Florida has tons of ticks and Lyme disease, although Florida, like many other states, tries to hide the incidence of Lyme disease.

A subset of those who have Lyme disease have Morgellon's. Do not let anyone tell you this is not a real disease. It is. Somewhere you may be able to find the show about it that was on a major network.

You may not know or show that you have Lyme disease and it is certainly not a prerequisite of Morgellon's.

The creepy threads from human tissues are the hallmark of Morgellon's.

In addition, do not rely on commonly available commercial tests for Lyme; they are inadequate (no matter what your local MD says). Get yourself tested, with the help of an MD, through IGeneX in California.

Best of luck to you!

Aug 10, 2014
So many 'different' things could be the same NEW
by: Lynn L

Was also holistic/gardener/over 55 now/ate well/organic and have cat...Lyme is definate possibility. The Lyme/Morgellons site clearly states "Many with Lyme do not get Morgellons, but all with Morgellons will test positive for Lyme" This writer bekieves Morgellons is Lyme by a GMO bug bite-I also live in So-Cal and hope you have not spread this like I did experimenting shaving but using therazor from head to legs etc. I'm not a dr or claim to have a cure, but found the remedies here very helpful-especially with brain fog but it takes time and money. Almost homeless here myself. Can I enquire if you got any help/relief? This site is very helpful/informative. Reading comments from angie AND others is kind of novel-some sites won't allow constructive comments other than from site owner. Live and learn and cleanse.

Oct 13, 2014
my ear parasite!!!! NEW
by: Mike in Grand Prairie,tx

It is only DEEP IN left ear CANAL. It's not active until it senses its dark/almost dark,AND MY HEAD RECLINED ON PILLOW OR RECLINER CHAIR. Never when it can sense light!I'm 68, male,in good health. BUT..I have a dog that had really bad ear mites and it took lots of alcohol/hydrogen peroxide mix spray into his ears, several x's daily, over 3-4 weeks to kill them. It drove him crazy each bottle spray. He sleeps right next to me, with his head near my head. I think that's how I got mine. My left ear is next to him. HE's about 2' away from me, but he sleeps on my bed top all the time. He's free of them now. Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol mix, individual does no good. BUT ALCOHOL ALONE IS EXTREMELY PAINFUL TO ME! I BET THAT'S HIS BURROW IT'S GETTING INTO. MY DO doc said it could not be a worm! He's wrong!I'm very concerned if I don't kill it, it will get into my brain. OR, if I do kill it, its body will fester en situ and hurt me some way! I will keep trying!

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