Prickly Biting Feeling

by G.

Prickly Biting Feeling - Maybe From Something In Sand?

Prickly Biting Feeling - Maybe From Something In Sand?

What is biting me? This prickly biting feeling is driving me crazy!

I have had my house heat-treated for bed bugs and mites.

I still continue to feel something crawling on my skin and feelings like a prickly bite. It resembles someone sticking you with a pin or needle.

I don't see anything in the area. These biting feelings happen throughout the day but mostly at night when I am in bed.

I notice little black specks on my sheets. I asked the man from Orkin who came in for the third and final treatment if it could be bird mites. He inspected the inside and outside of the house and said that there was no evidence of bird mites and there were no bed bugs.

I have no clue what is crawling and biting my skin but I am not sleeping well and it is driving me crazy.

When I went to Houston back in December, I went to the beach to fish and when I stepped on gulf coast sand where I was fishing I sank in about a foot and a half in this black sand.

I guess it may have been remains from the oil spill.

Could I have contracted a parasite from that that is causing these problems now?

Thanks for any suggestions you can give,

Dear G.

From what I understand you to say, you have not actually seen a single bug of any sort that might be the source of these prickly biting feelings.

That's not unusual, but I mention it for clarification purposes. In many instances, the pricking and crawling sensations that people experience are not actually from an external bite but an internal issue.

Yes, it can be a symptom from some type of parasite (external or internal), but it can also be the result of toxins in the system or an allergic reaction.

It's hard to say to someone, "THIS is it!" when you are not seeing the person in person and asking a LOT of questions, and even then it can be extremely difficult.

It's quite possible that you were contaminated when you were exposed to the oil spill remains in December, but if you are only now experiencing symptoms that may only be coincidental.

The black specks you mention can sometimes indicate a fungal infection (yeast overgrowth in the body), which is usually the result of a weakened immune system.

As you see, the options are seemingly endless! Fortunately, the solution is relatively the same regardless of the underlying cause.

I would suggest a thorough cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend to eliminate yeast, parasites, excess toxins, etc., that may be causing the prickly biting feelings.

A whole green food powder like BarleyLife will certainly help, along with some essential fatty acids (AIMega) to help boost and balance out your immune system.

I would also suggest that you get at least one bottle of Composure, too, in your situation so that you will be able to sleep in the meantime.

Well, those are my very best suggestions based on your description. I sincerely hope that they are helpful to you and that you are able to eliminate your prickly biting feelings quickly and permanently.

Let me know if I can be of any further help.
Angie from

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