Ultimate AT Is Working!!

by JEM

Review time: The electronic Ultimate AT is working!

I'm the visitor/poster who originally suggested the electronic pest repellent "Ultimate AT" devices and I wanted to give a report on my progress.

I originally purchased three Ultimate AT devices for my 1400 square foot, two story town-home based on the websites suggestions.

The review I read specifically addressing black biting mites suggested that it only took her 4 weeks to rid herself and her apartment of them (the first two weeks brought an increase in mite activity, with the final two weeks bringing relief and obviously an answer to her pest problems).

I'm at the end of my third week, entering my fourth week....and although I have not rid my home of the mites, I am experiencing a noticeable difference in their numbers.

Each week, I notice less and less of them and I can stand barefoot on my carpet for extended periods of time without feeling twenty of them crawling up my legs. Instead, I notice maybe five of them or less.

I am still using a product called "PCO" from Cedarcide in my laundry, as well as vacuuming often.

I also purchased a fourth unit, so that I have two units on each floor to cover my entire home.

I also purchased a battery powered pest repeller for my car, that has worked wonderfully! I noticed an immediate difference in the number of bugs I encounter while driving.

I have hope and some confidence that within the next month, my home may be 100% clear of these horrible creatures!

I also want to mention that I can hear the pulses that are emitted from the electronic pest repellent devices if I'm next to them or within 3 feet or so. My dogs do not seem to be bothered by them however.

Much luck to everyone!


Thanks so much for getting back to us with your
electronic pest control review of the Ultimate AT. I'm thrilled to hear that the Ultimate AT is working for you.

I've ordered my own, as promised, but because I'm currently living in Australia, I had to have it sent to a US address to be forwarded on to me, (until Australia approves the direct shipping method) so I'm still waiting for it to arrive. :)

Regardless, I don't have the problem with the little black mites, so I'll be testing it for other pests.

However, we have quite a few visitors who DO have an infestation of these black speck mites and I sure hope they will read your review and give the Ultimate AT a try. What a simple way to get some real relief.

I hope you'll give us a follow up update in another few weeks to let us know if you are able to eradicate the black mites entirely from your home as predicted. Using the comment link below will add it directly to this page.


P.S. If anyone else gives this ultrasonic pest repeller a try, let us know if the Ultimate AT is working for you.

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Sep 08, 2012
Ult AT's have helped....some NEW
by: Jem

UPDATE** Ultimate AT's are helping to control the number of mites in my home but not ridding my home of them. I've resisted paying $100 per bottle of cedarcide to spray my home with once a week for six months (the smell also makes me physically I'll). But it's the only I'm going to get rid of them for good. I've been managing to have some normalcy with a very particular nightly routine.

Cover mattress in plastic cover
Change sheets at minimum every three days
Wash all clothing n sheets with PCO from
Always always wear shoes or flip flops around house
Place a clean pair of pants, a shirt n your underwear on your bed before you shower.
Shower at minimum once a day and always before bed.
While in shower: put 1/4 cup of pine sol, 1/4 cup of ammonia n essential oils of your choice and a squirt of body wash on your luffa. Away from the water, lather it all over your body including your hair. Face is optional but be careful. Make sure every crevice n crack has been covered. Let it stand for at least two minutes. Wash off chemicals, wash n condition hair. Dry off with clean towel. Once you step out of the shower into your shoes, rush to your bed and get on it as soon as possible, no delay! Get dressed in your bed and unless you want to be bitten n feel crawlies....don't leave it till u wake up in the am. I know it's crazy but it works!!!! Only a few little bites, very minimal crawlies n sound sleep! Dry skin is kind of itchy but worth it. I do find that bugs travel on my husband so no matter what I have to deal with some, but overall the results are great. No dogs in the bed either....more bugs! :) hope this helps.

Sep 09, 2012
Ultimate AT Review NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Jem,

Thanks so much for the update and further suggestions. I hope your experiences will be a help to others and that you continue to see improvement yourself as well.


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