White Hair Thin Worms

by Jenn S.
(Northern California)

Strange White

Strange White "Hair Thin" Worms In My Skin

Some Long (2 inch) and some short (2 cm) white "hair thin" worms that move when pulled out of skin.

Hello, my name is Jenn. I am a 27 yr old female. I am currently dealing with an odd frustrating issue that cause many (doctors, friends, family) to question my sanity.

I do not and have never done drugs of any kind. I do NOT pick at my skin, only at the occasional pimple from hormonal acne.

I am a healthy female who has recently discovered white long "hair thin" like "worms" I guess you could say, poking out of my skin. I just got out of the hospital after my immune system was low (Leukopenia) and had meningitis.

Prior to being admitted, I had these "sores" on my back, face (jaw, around mouth, upper neck & chin), and chest (cleavage and upper chest below collar bone), swabbed at the hospital. The sores were chronic (3 months). I had them swabbed and it came back that I had MRSA-a resistant staph infection.

However, I knew that it was something else because I had "pulled" out some tiny white hair thin "worms" that moved around on the tweezers!

To give you a mental picture - it wasn't like holding a caterpillar that squeamishly freaks out and thrashes around - it was like holding a real piece of hair up and blowing on it - causing a "sway" motion.

While in the hospital, I was on Vancomycin, a very strong antibiotic for my meningitis and MRSA. These "sores" healed completely during my 2 week stay in hospital, but now 3 weeks post-hospital, the sores have come back once again. :(

Now they are on my back and one has just started forming on my face near my jaw-line. They are a crusty brown color that hurt!!

From my past experience, if squeezed like a zit, it will pop like a blood blister, only blood coming out - so a blood blister. If given a couple days and squeezed again, it will continue to "pop" as a blood blister.

I have tried vancomycin, topical hospital grade antibiotic creams, tea tree oil which seems to work a little (3 healed after applying but 1 did not), mouthwash (I know weird, but every time I rinse with it, the "worm hairs" are in what I spit out).

So here is my concern - 2 days ago, I scratched my face on this sore and 2 secs after taking my hand away I noticed a 2 inch long white "hair thin" "worm" that was "swaying" about. I grabbed my tweezers to inspect it, and it continued to move!!

I am obviously freaking out at this point, telling myself, I am not crazy I am not crazy. I'm pretty sure I don't have morgellons. I don't have ANY of those symptoms.

I thought that it would be a good idea to have some proof, so I filmed it in different sequences - holding it with tweezers, setting it down, etc. Every time it continued to move. I also put it in a plastic container as well.

So here's the creepy part. My father has the EXACT same thing. We both got MRSA at the same time, were admitted to hospital 2 weeks apart, had the same sores, odd spinal tap fluid exactly the same, both had PiCC lines on Vancomycin - and we live 2 hours apart from each other! However, we both were staying at my grandparent's (his parents) house for about 6

months because my grandmother has Parkinson's and we were helping them.

Their house is old and we showered in well water water from old pipes. My father thinks we got it from their house. It could be a fungus? But can a fungus move around like that? I'm assuming they went dormant in my body while in hospital because they had no more sores to feed on. I don't know.

Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention is that the sores will have a small hole directly in the middle, so if the "scab" is picked off, there is a hole. Parasite or fungus feeding?

I'm scared to tell my doctor because I don't want him to tell me that I need to visit an institution. Being that I live in the USA, this is "UN-common" & considered a "drug user" affliction. I have been doing a TON of research and have found nothing. Please help!!!

Thank you.

Dear Jenn,

It appears that you forgot to sign up for the email notification when your question about white hair like thin worms was posted, so I do hope you DO come back and look for your answer here.

Not being a doctor, I can't diagnose you, but I can make some pretty good educated guesses. For one reason or another, your immune system has been attacked and weakened. It may very well be that your stay at your grandparent's house was the initial attack, if you were perfectly well before that.

It's quite possible and even likely that you and your father picked up some type of bacteria from the water there (or even another source that you were both exposed to). That may have been the first attack on your immune system which brought on the lowering of your white blood cell count (Leukopenia) and the subsequent infections.

Unfortunately, although you were given extremely strong antibiotics that may have helped initially, if you failed to get rid of the parasite entirely and boost your immune system after the antibiotics you were very vulnerable to a "relapse" and regrowth of the parasite infection.

ANY time you take an antibiotic, it is essential that you boost your immune system with probiotics and as much good nutrition as possible so that you don't end up with a fungal infection or something else.

My suggestions to you (and your father!) to deal with your current situation and try to get rid of these white hair thin worms is to CLEANSE INTERNALLY and BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. I put that in bold for a reason. It's extremely important.

Internally, you need to take the following supplements:

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Para 90
  • Florafood
  • AIMega
  • Garden Trio

The first two will target and eliminate the parasites and fungal infection and the others will rebuild and strengthen your immune systems so that you don't keep falling prey to re-infection.

Externally, for the sores you can apply some topical essential oil mixed with some olive or coconut oil, or even Aloe Vera gel (if you happen to have a plant). You mentioned tea tree oil, which is good, but I find that clove oil works really well and I've read some excellent studies about the bacteria fighting properties of coriander oil.

I sincerely hope that both you and your father will get started cleansing and rebuilding your immune system as quickly as possible before your situation gets worse. If you want to follow this protocol as suggested, order here.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Comments for White Hair Thin Worms

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Dec 02, 2015
White Thin Worms NEW
by: teresa

I am only seeing comments duringOn 2013 and 2014.. Is there any new solutions to these disgusting little (and sometimes not so little) white worms? Mine are living in my carpet, my hands, my feet, my face, might as well say my entire body and home. My family thinks I am truly crazy (or on Drugs). My husband is ready to commit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 02, 2015
I feel Cerazy NEW
by: Autumn

I have all those problems & Dr says im crazy so does boyfriend & family I cant take anything all natural I'm allergic so what can I use

Sep 28, 2014
why am i here doctors told me im wrong when i was right NEW
by: jackie

So yes you have brown worms you have worms coming out of everything a nat wouldnt have cause that to be honest it would have to be a fly. But if there that bad go to a doctor or bag your evedince right then take to be evalutaed if you dont have alot money then send it to a rescherch place and honesty the for parasit killing would be methodole for killing namotodes which is what this worm would be classified i think that how you spell it but hellen it sound like you got a bot fly investation i heard ovile oil works well but i never had that dont sollow the worms at all swish with ovile oil if i saw pictures hellen i could help u better hritypie@outlook.com

Jul 20, 2014
Possible Help For Your Worms, etc... NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Helen,

Are you in a position financially to follow the suggested protocol that I outlined to Jenn above? I really think that would be your best option, if possible.

You need to tackle the problem internally, in my opinion, in order to achieve any lasting results.

In addition to those suggestions above, another supplement you may find helpful is called Composure (also an AIM product) that naturally helps lower stress levels, anxiety, etc.

I hope these suggestions are do-able for you and that you will soon be seeing progress and improved health.


Jul 20, 2014
Scalp eggs and tiny black gnats
by: Helen

Two yrs ago had infestation of tiny black gnats, flew at my face as I vacuumed, got in carpet, in my eyes, and in the mascara on my eyelashes, noticed passing the mirror they landed on the back of my head, flew around twice a day. Then I began losing my hair, itchy scalp, fatigue, I am now bald. I have seen brown worms that have a v shape at the top, shiny thin black worms, fat white and/or pink larvae going in and out if the pores on my scalp. The white circles fall from the huge pores on my head to the floor and are everywhere. I have seen tiny legs on the circles. I wear a knee high stocking under my wig and when I put it under the water to wash the stocking blows up like a balloon. The worms are visible in the stocking. Thousands of tiny white pieces are also trapped in the stocking. I change it 3 times a day and it is always full. My wig came off in the pool and the stocking was able to wildly swim about the pool. They are in my mouth so I hate to eat.. I spit my food out and brown worms are in my food. My nose, my intestines, skin, eyes, clothing, car have them.Help me, please. I have a psych for depression, no drugs or alcohol.

Jul 22, 2013
white hair thin worms
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness. Finally!!! It has been twenty years I have been dealing with this. I have looked up everything, been to doctors who all roll there eyes when they walk away. Mine sometimes gets so bad I just want to crawl up an hide. I know out in public people stare which so makes me want to just go hide!!!

May 29, 2013
white tihin worms
by: Anonymous

hi I have been fighting something like this. One dr told me I was picking it and causing it my self in other words "morgellons" not so I went to another dermatologist and with in 5 mins he had seen what I have it is simaler to a rash from a hot tub anyway he gave me doxicyclen and it is working well and seen my family dr and he gave me another prescription for it he said it needs to be taken for a FULL 30 DAYS to clear it up it is a not sure how to spell it is psudnomas and it is resistant to most antibiotics and he also said to take the probiotics daily also so far I am finally getting better I also did a lice treatment you get it any pharmacy over the counter you put the stuff on your whole body and wait 10 mins it will help to kill parasites I had some small tiny brown things come from my skin I hope this helps

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