Worms Under Skin

by BJ

White Worms Under The Skin

White Worms Under The Skin

Does anyone know anything about these worms under skin?

The worm is white and makes a complete circle (not a ringworm).

Inside the circle you can pull out little white larva that are sticking down into the skin; unlike the larger worm that makes the circle right under the skin.

When cleaned with alcohol or peroxide; tiny black specks wipe out of area. We have been to every kind of doctor and have no answer.

There are hundreds of people on the internet with all these strange things; but no one seems to know what bit them to cause this.

They really get worse when we wear clothes that have not been laundered in the last few days. If we take the clean clothes out of the closet and put them in the dryer for a few minutes they are not so bad; but are still itchy.

Any ideas?

Dear BJ,

There are so many different kinds of parasites and parasite worms, so it would be difficult to specify exactly which one you may be dealing.

Although you think you may have been bitten by something that caused the worms under skin to appear, it's just as likely that the worms were introduced some other way - like consuming contaminated food or water, for example.

It's a lot easier to contract parasites than most people realize. That's one of the reasons why I regularly cleanse internally with anti-parasitic herbs, etc.

In your case, I would strongly recommend that you cleanse internally as well as support your immune system with some good quality supplements so that you can completely rid yourself and your family of this condition. It doesn't just go away on its own when ignored.

These are the supplements everyone in the family should take:

  • Herbal Fiberblend - cleansing herbs to be taken twice per day
  • Florafood - probiotics to be taken up to 3 times per day
  • Barley Life - whole food supplement for nutritional boost to be taken at least once per day
  • AIMega - essential fatty acids to balance and promote healing to be taken 2-3 times per day

The most important supplement for your purposes is the first (Herbal Fiberblend) for parasite removal, but you'll get much better and quicker results when you follow the full protocol as they all work together to give the body what it needs for cleansing and healing.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful, and those others who come to this page with similar concerns can follow the same protocol and find relief as well.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Comments for Worms Under Skin

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Apr 27, 2011
Tiny black mites
by: GordyBoy

I've had them 4 five years ,and they always right ontop of a jucey vein .But what blows me away is that how a sore can change overnight from a blistered looking thing to a darkened all most healed spot .But the darkened spot is are many mites ready to erupt.I put a tabacco patch over apatch of skin which is dark and rough.After about 6hrs the mites crawed out in drunken stuper there were hundreds of them.I'ts the fisrt time I've seen them move:)

Aug 09, 2011
Trichinella spiralis
by: Anonymous

The following is taken from Wikipedia...

"Trichinella spiralis is a parasitic nematode that has a direct life cycle, meaning it completes all stages of development in one host. The larval forms are encapsulated as a small cystic structure within the infected host.

Humans typically become infected when they eat improperly cooked pork or Trichinella infected meat. When a human eats the infected meat, the larvae are released from the nurse cell (due to stomach pH) and migrate to the intestine, where they burrow into the intestinal mucosa, mature, and reproduce.

Interestingly, juveniles within nurse cells have an anaerobic or facultative anaerobic metabolism, but when they become activated, they adopt an aerobic metabolism characteristics of the adult.

Female Trichinella worms live for about six weeks, and in that time can produce up to 1,500 larvae; when a spent female dies, she passes out of the host. The larvae can then gain access to the circulation and migrate around the body of the host.

The migration and encystment of larvae can cause fever and pain brought upon by the host inflammatory response. In some cases, migration to specific organ tissues can cause myocarditis and encephalitis that can result in death."

Check out Cysticicosis.

To get diagnoised, good luck! The doctor has to request the specific pathogen to determine which parasite is attacking you.

Most doctors will order the basic ova parasite stool sample which only covers Cryptosporidium antigen, E Coli, and Giardia Lamblia antigen.

Most doctors look only at the white/red blood cells, and if the eonisiphils are in the normal range, they assume you have no parasite inhabitation.

Study as much as you can re your symptoms. Maybe you'll be able to educate your doctor into helping you, but don't count on it!

Feb 21, 2014
how to treatment and what the medicine in use? NEW
by: Viseth

I want to know how to treat of the worms under my skin.

The first, I want to seen symptoms images it is like the symptom on my skin or not?

And that what medicine for treatment? and how to baugth that medicine?

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