Human Parasites
Worms, Fungi, Viruses, Bacteria, etc.

When thinking about human parasites, worms are usually what people think of first. 

But there are many more types of parasites that many fail to consider.   A fungal overgrowth or infection (internal or external) is also a form of human parasites.  

What about flu viruses, bacterial infections, and other such common and familiar ailments?  Yes, they too fall into the category of parasites that effect humans and their health.

We are often diagnosed with a range of other "illnesses" while the real problem, an intestinal parasite, goes undetected.

This particular article will focus mainly on the dangers of parasite worms. 

Many people only associate the thought of parasitic disease with third world countries.

While the lack of sanitation and clean drinking water do contribute to infestations of internal parasites, the problem is not limited to the proverbial "starving children in Ethiopia."

In fact, more and more, we are finding that "developed" countries also have a serious problem with parasitic disease.

"Overall, about 1.5 billion people have roundworms, making it the third most common human infection in the world. Whipworm infects 1 billion people… More than 1.3 billion people carry hookworm in their gut,
and 265 million people are infected with schistosomes."

UNICEF: The State of the World’s Children, 1998

An intestinal parasite can be a minor issue, or it can cause serious health problems that are chronic and long term. Many people have discovered that by changing their diet and taking part in a thorough parasite cleanse, they no longer suffer from various chronic illnesses.

In fact, even relatively "healthy" people who undergo a natural herbal colon cleanse regime, testify time and time again how their energy levels have improved, they are no longer fatigued, and they even experienced unexpected weight loss as a bonus.

Do you wonder how it is possible that you could have contracted a case of intestinal parasites? You'd be surprised how easy it actually is to pick them up.

  • Walking around barefoot in an area where animals have defecated

  • Swimming in water that is contaminated

  • Eating out - yes, an alarming percentage of food handlers, even in the USA, are infected with parasites and generously pass them on unknowingly.

  • Eating imported foods

  • Eating raw fish or undercooked meats

  • Failing to wash your hands after using the toilet or working in the garden

  • Failing to wash food properly before preparing and eating it

  • Traveling out of the country

  • Attending crowded day care centers

These are just some of the basic ways that you can pick up a parasite unknowingly. Basically, all you have to do is live your everyday life and you are at risk.

Once you are convinced that human parasites - worms, fungi, bacteria, etc.,  are a real possibility, it is up to you to take action against the "home invaders." The home being your digestive system.

My family and I use a regular natural cleanse called Herbal Fiberblend to keep our digestive tract healthy and clean.

Get yourself some Herbal Fiberblend and get started!

To your good health!

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