Natural Colon Cleanse

natural colon cleanse ingredients

A natural colon cleanse will rid the colon of unhealthy substances, and leave your entire body feeling rejuvenated.

It's not difficult once you understand the basics of your body's elimination system.

Natural colon cleansing will mean following a colon cleansing diet. It will include some or all of the following:

  • adhering (as much as possible) to your body’s own natural digestive rhythm
  • drinking plenty of clean water
  • eating certain types of foods: fresh, raw fruits and vegetables
  • herbal fiber supplementation
  • use of probiotics (friendly bacteria)

The human body’s digestive system goes through three eight-hour cycles every twenty-four hours:

Noon - 8 pm ~ Ingestion
8 pm - 4 am ~ Assimilation
4am - 8 am ~ Elimination

You need to familiarize yourself with this natural digestive rhythm.

It is the body’s own natural colon cleansing pattern. 

One of the most important components to a natural colon cleanse is clean water. You should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day during cleansing.

There is no better way to flush toxins out of your body than by drinking plenty of water. The quality of the water is important, too. If you don't have a good water filter, some of the best available are from Aquasana.

Drinking enough water is difficult at first, especially if you are used to drinking other things instead, like soft drinks or coffee.

My friend, Kate, told me when I got started on the project of cleansing my colon that if I want to get a drink of something, drink a glass of water first, and then have a glass of whatever I wanted.

This was good advice. I started doing that, and after a couple of weeks I realized that I was just naturally going for the water and not really wanting or needing other things like soft drinks afterward. This was a real "water breakthrough" for me.

Because natural colon cleansing includes the consumption of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, you can choose what you like best. You can work with a single type of fruit, like apples, or enjoy a variety of this type of food. I personally think variety is better overall.

If I have difficulty getting enough fruits and veg into my daily schedule (which happens often), I supplement. That sounds funny, I'm sure. Actually, it's pretty simple. I began using some whole food supplement powders that mix easily with water. They make an extremely nutritious juice of carrots, beets, or green barley. I combine the three together to get the most delicious blend.

Another important part of a natural colon cleanse is an herbal fiber supplementation that will enhance the cleansing process and eliminate any potential parasite worms in your system. The one I use is called Herbal Fiberblend.

It will also help to clean out any fecal deposits from the walls of the intestine and colon. This is an essential part of a good detoxification program.

Finally, by including a probiotic, you will replenish and increase the amount of good, friendly bacteria in your body that help you to fight infection and prevent illness. This is something I like to take every day to maintain good health (except when I forget to order and run out!).

When choosing a probiotic, be sure to get a good quality strain (preferably a combo) that has a guaranteed expiration date. Florafood is the one I've been using lately, but there are other good choices, too. A few of them are shown below.

A natural colon cleanse may take a little effort, but let me assure you, the results are well worth it. Colon cleansing can leave you feeling revitalized, help you lose weight (that can’t be bad!), and give you an overall enhanced sense of wellbeing. Best of all, it can remove toxins from your body as well as other garbage from your colon. Now, that’s a bonus!

To your good health!

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