Natural Colon Cleansing
Learn Your Body's Natural Rhythm

Your body has a natural digestive rhythm. This rhythm is in fact, a natural colon cleansing pattern. 

If you can work with it, you will automatically overcome cravings, reduce your weight, gently colon detox and feel more vibrant.

If you are like most people in advanced countries, you've been going against your body's natural digestive rhythm for many years.

As a result, you may be experiencing health problems due to poor digestion and faulty elimination.

natural body digestive rhythm

From 12 noon through to 8 pm is the time you should eat - Ingestion. This should be 80% fresh from the garden, 20% protein/carbohydrates (meat, chicken, fish, mushrooms, nuts, etc. - no pork, soy and little grain or dairy products).

I have to say, although these particular restrictions are recommended by some nutritionists, I don't think it is necessary to completely eliminate any particular type of food unless you have found that you have a negative reaction to it. To me, balance is the key. 

Although the Lord forbade the Hebrews from eating certain meats in the Old Testament, He allowed it later after Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. You, of course, must do what you think is best for you.

From 8 pm through to 4 am is the Assimilation Process when your liver creates bile and you digest your food. You should not eat at all during this time and ingest only water, herbal teas, etc.

From 4 am through to 12 noon is the time for your body to Eliminate. The food and waste the body has cleaned up (through the bile) is eliminated, not only through the urine and faeces, but also the skin.

This is your body’s natural colon cleansing time. During this elimination phase, ingest only food that will support this process, e.g. water, natural vegetable juices and fruit (later in the morning).

Natural Colon Cleansing is Best!

fresh food

We are so conditioned through generations of programming that "Breakfast is the Main Meal of the Day". However, if you eat traditional grain and dairy products for breakfast, while your body is in the elimination cycle, your body stops eliminating and stores the waste as fat. 

Fat is the storage area for toxins, and all sorts of "nasties," including parasite worms. I know worms are an unpleasant thought, but you would be amazed at how many people are actually infected with them and don't even realize it.

natural colon cleanse in conjunction with a good herbal dietary fiber will assist your body to gently detox. The cleanse I prefer to use myself is Herbal Fiberblend.

It's possible that with proper bowel cleansing you may rid your body of unwanted impacted fecal matter, clogging your digestive system and at the same time, eliminate parasite worms, which may be the cause of parasites symptoms. 

As you adhere to your body’s natural colon cleansing pattern, you will notice that you may have some colon detox symptoms. You will have a stronger body odour with unpleasant breath and (initially) you may have some slight colon cleansing side effects (headache, lethargy, etc.) in the mornings until you more fully detox.

Attuning yourself to your natural colon cleansing rhythm can take a week or two to feel comfortable, but stick with it - it is worth the effort.

You may not be able to follow your digestive rhythm all the time, but if you do it most of the time, your weight and health will improve, and you'll be amazed at the amount of added energy you have each day.

To your good health!

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