Colon Cleansing Side Effects

colon cleansing side effects

You will experience Colon Cleansing Side Effects if you are doing a thorough job of it.

The symptoms are usually mild and nothing to worry about. Your body is simply reacting to the effort of removing all those built up toxins.

Think about your digestive tract. You use it a lot. You pour all sorts of things down it. I know I do! It occasionally gurgles, but it usually works.

Sometimes, though, you may notice that it doesn't work so well.

You have a stomach ache, heartburn, bloating, or gas. Maybe worse. Perhaps you feel tired and run down.

That is a signal that it is time to clean it out. We call this cleaning process "detoxification."

When you take charge of your health, and start to make certain changes in lifestyle or diet, your body is bound to have some sort of reaction. Cleaning out your colon will inevitably result in colon symptoms that you may not have been expecting.

colon cleansing side effects

When you detoxify, you release "hidden toxins." The release of these toxins, and their journey through the body to the last exit, often results in cleanse symptoms such as rashesheadaches, andfatigue.

If I am doing something that is supposed to be good for me, why do I have these colon cleansing side effects?

As we live our daily lives, toxins accumulate in our body. Some of these are due to our diet and others due to the environment around us. Of course, our lifestyle also must be considered. If you smoke or use alcohol you are accumulating even more toxins into your system.

When you make a change in diet or lifestyle, through stopping a bad habit or eating better, your cells begin eliminating the toxic substances. Before finding the exit, however, the toxins are released into the blood stream and are carried through the circulatory system.

This transportation and elimination may result in one or more colon cleansing side effects. In addition, you may also find that, with the absence of toxins, you absorb substances more easily. Thus, the sugar and caffeine in a soda might have you jumping out of your skin! 

You may find this to be a good opportunity to get a victory over some former cravings and cut back on unhealthy addictions. Wouldn't that be a blessing!?

Order Herbal Fiberblend and start cleansing today!

To your good health!

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