White Hair-Like Worm

by Christine F.
(Orange County, California)

White Hair Like Worm Under My Skin

White Hair Like Worm Under My Skin

I'm gonna lose my mind!

I have been having this problem under my skin and private parts a white hair-like worm leech-like thing in the pores of the hair root.

When I bath, I can rub them out and can not get rid of them. They travel to belly, nips, under arms. It feels like they move in my veins and they sometimes flake through my skin like a leech. They get under my nails everywhere.

They can turn dark and look like a bruise. Seedy. When pulled out they bleed if it's not all removed. In my streak marks they go deep. When pulled out it looks like a small feather.

If any one knows anything about this please tell me. I feel like it's killing me slowly.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Christine,

I'm so sorry you are having such a terrible time with this condition. I understand why you say, "I'm gonna lose my mind!"

The white hair-like worm sounds like some type of parasite. I can't tell you exactly what it is, but I can give you some good ideas for ways to cleanse your system naturally and build up your body's own natural defenses.

I always feel like that is your best option when dealing with unusual situations like this.

This is what I would do if I was
in your position.

  1. Add 1-2 cups of organic raw apple cider vinegar to your bath water each day and have a nice soak. Bragg's is a good brand and you can usually get Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar at your local grocery store or health food store. Just ask.

  2. Take some antiparasitic and antifungal supplements that naturally help to rid your body of parasites from the inside. My favorite choices are Herbal Fiberblend, Para 90, and Bear Paw Garlic. I would use these for at least one month. (The HFB I would use for at least 3 months to give your body a good cleanse and detox).

  3. Build up your body's immune system by using probiotics daily, like Florafood and the Garden Trio whole food supplement powders. If you can't afford them both at once, start with the Florafood and later switch over to the Garden Trio.

  4. Drink plenty of good clean water to help flush the dead and dying parasites from your system.

That is exactly what I would do and take if I was being pestered by some white hair-like worm and the other symptoms you are describing. These supplements give your own body the tools it needs to fight off whatever is ailing you.

I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

To your good health!

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Jul 22, 2021
Foot bath expelled this from son
by: Heidi

I just did a foot bath with Black Oxygen Organics on my son, which expelled one of these "feather parasites". In my search to learn what the heck this is, I came across your question.
Visit this group to learn more about the product, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1286741418387052/?ref=share

My name is Heidi. I hope you can rid yourself of these. We are going to do full body baths soon.
For ordering, https://www.blackoxygenorganics.com/opportunity/heidijean77

Jul 14, 2021
Suspicious NEW
by: Ian

Two or three people now has stated the claim that they would like to talk to me about this scourge. I have posted my actual email and I have messaged each person in turn. None of them have responded. Which brings me to my point. People asking me to get in touch with them and then ghosting me makes me wonder if they are who they say they are, and for what reason they wanted my email and contact information.
Nevertheless, I posted it and I will leave it up because I know how terrifying and hopeless it can be to be attacked by this bio-weapon. I will take that risk in order to be available to anybody who needs someone to talk to you who has been through it. Keep your heads up and stay strong

Jul 13, 2021
Question for Ian NEW
by: Kumquat

Ian - Hello.....

Have you any ideas on what the significance of the letter Y is? I don't know for anyone else, but, for me, it appears out of no where, from the most insane things. It has been a constant for about the past 5 years.

Any insight you are able to share would be greatly appreciated. If you're unable to shed any light on it, then, my search continues...

Kindest Regards

Jul 12, 2021
I'm always listening NEW
by: Ian

Ellie Moon, I have e-mailed you, and am awaiting your response.

Jul 11, 2021
7.5 Years and Counting.... NEW
by: Kumquat

Dear Ellie Moon

I feel for you and hope that Ian might be able to shed some light on your situation. Ive now clocked up 7.5 years. The daily torture I endure has pushed me so close to the edge of giving up, I don't know how I get through some days. I repeat to myself.. "My life is worth more than anything you can ever do to me". Of course what each of us experience might be different, but generally, the same. Ive never come across anyone else who has this, apart from sites like this one.

My hair has had a life of its own since the beginning. I should be bald with the amount of "hair" I lose when I wash it, which can sometimes take up to 2 hours - but what I lose, I know isnt my hair.
Thats just ONE tiny aspect of it..

Ive given up speaking about it with my friends - they really don't understand or have any concept of what I go through - lucky for them. I would not wish it upon anyone. Ive now given up going to "doctors" for help. Out of the 17 Ive seen, only ONE actually listened. In Australia, for some reason, you have to beg for Ivermectin - they look at you like you're a freak. Dermatologists, have no idea, just want to give you creams or tablets, none of which help. The one dr that listened agreed to give me Ivermectin last year, I had 4 rounds - but no effect. There is absolutely nothing that works. I have tried every combination of absolutely everything -and I mean everything. What might look like it works one day, doesn't the next. "They/It" has the ability to mimic anything and everything in our environment. They become immune to whatever I do. They don't even burn anymore. However, the one thing "it" doesn't like is, a combination of bleach & Hydrogen Peroxide... It doesn't get rid of them, moreover, it kills whatever's there at the time.

What ever "It/They" are, its not organic, it is man made.

Isn't it strange... The world was super quick to acknowledge the existence of Covid. BUT, for some reason, what we and what I can only imagine millions of others live with, and I say Live with lightly, as its not living, its more like Surviving, are told it doesn't exist, you're delusional, on drugs, its just this or just that.... Well, IF IT DOESN'T EXIST, WHY DO SO MANY OF US SUFFER FROM THE SAME FREAKING THING!!!!!

I have Good Bad days, and very bad,, bad days...You learn to manage it as best you can. Its funny, some friends would say "just pretend its not there". lololol.... a little tricky when its in front of your face every single second of every single day. There's not one single thing in my life that is not "affected, contaminated, ruined, destroyed or infested with whatever these, what I call, "FDLF's" are.

In closing, all I wan't, is to return to my "normal life", but somehow, I can't see that ever happening. I think this is it for the rest of ever. On the Upside. If by some miracle I woke up (+ the rest of the world) and there was no sign of them, in a sort of weird way, Id probably miss them... What would I do with all that extra time...

Ellie, Whatever you do, Don't Give Up. Humans can endure some of the most extraordinary, ridiculous, Apparently Non Existent Things... You're so much stronger than you could ever imagine.

Jul 11, 2021
IAN would.like to talk to you.. Same Problem NEW
by: Ellie Moon

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that Ian will read this soon. If you do get this message I would like to speak with you. I have the same issue except...i know this sounds insane and sometimes I cant believe the words that are coming out of my mouth because it sounds insane and before having this problem if I heard it from someone else I may have thought they were a little touched in 5he head but after suffering for almost committed a year with it i can believe anything now. I have the same issue but now its even worse because the hair on my head is moving on it own. I'm beginning to think nonw of my hair is mine. Do you have any suggestions to help me get them off my head. You can reach me at elliemoonrider14@gmail.com
I hope and pray I hear from you soon.

Jun 30, 2021
by: Jess


Jun 30, 2021
Brainstorming hell
by: Jess


Jun 28, 2021
I know what it is I gave it to
by: Tanya teves

I know what u have n how to stop it my name is Tanya Teves I live in Las Vegas nv I'm 41 yrs old n I have it to. It's a auto immune problem it's ur own antibodies attacking ur self the white hair like creatures that bite n drive Mr almost to kill myself until I learnt how to get it under control to where I've been two yes with a sign of them .. It was a nightmare i thought I was going crazy to here's my email tanyateves241@gmail.com or message me on Facebook if u email me put who u r please I don't want to miss ur email r e I getget so many many a day.. I can help u I promise I have researched this for yrs no one could help me but me

May 11, 2021
Lol now this here is messed up NEW
by: Killa_duck

Do some research on your innocent government


May 08, 2021
The truth is not always what they want you to know NEW

I have had similar problems white hairs for over a year they are especially present from cuts and the nose ears and eyes anus and private areas all over the skin and also found in pets and other family members. If you do not clean them and stop them they will spread throughout the house. There are tiny black dots and also green like seeds in the skin as well as flies that can burrow into your skin. It is possibly a parasitic fly that leaves larvae behind in the host the hairs(worms) are part of the life cycle as well as the seeds(larvae and flies(host for the black dots(mites) which turn to the larvae and worms) I found worms in my stool as well as all over the house which look like hair from the animals but is different. I have burnt them including one that was over a foot large and centimeter in diameter and they leave behind blood vs burnt hair smell. They also move or wiggle and attach to the skin to burrow inside. They can cause itchiness weight loss or gain due to extra hunger and also mental issues main my from telling other people who make you think your crazy but they are very real.. Don't believe the health system they are paid big bucks to make sure this stays secret so they can get more people into mental Institutes and sell them a cure(anti psychotics) and treatments for their so called mental issues. This is why they especially target drug users and people who are likely to get a skin reaction from the parasite.. As for a cure try to eliminate extra ones in the house with a uv light cleaning and washing well around the house and try to eat spices such as tumeric, curry, cloves plus others can really help such as chili or garlic. Stay away from bread cheese and meats which feed the parasite. You can also use coconut oil mixed with these spices and add vinegar to the mix to use on the skin. Best of luck to you all this is a very real and worrisome issue not just about the parasite but healthcare in general which is more worried about profits then patients.

May 03, 2021
ive so had it myself NEW
by: melissa

so im a recovering drug addict at first i thought it was from doing so many drugs and staying in places with black mold but these painful black hair or spots deeply (and I Mean Deep) i swear they would go deeper when i would try to pull it out. it felt like razor blade cuts i would of left the things alone by instantly when i remove then they would leave a huge hole and bleed like crazy bleeding small pin hole bleeding like you crack you head wide open.
I MIGHT BE CRAZY BUT I SWEAR I SEE THESE THINGS SHOOT OUT OF ME OUT OF THE CORNER OF MY EYE.SO NOW AROUND MY NAIL ON Y FINGER TIPS I HAVE THESE WHITE WORM LOOKING LIKE THINGS I almost like hang nails but not i will go to pull one out and it takes the skin a huge spot painful i can feel them messing with me my stomach is wicked bloated ,always tired, feel sick alot, doctors tell me its pat effect of my drug use( i knew that was gonna happen) im getting yellow mucus in my feces clumps.
This is the biggest thing i think i stick to everything clothes' and then causes a flare up and im picking all day feeling crazy.
i was so pretty a couple years ago beautiful body long blond hair perfect skin now i weigh about 60 pounds heavier with awful skin white raised patches all over my face after cant even look in the mirror at myself anymore. i gotten even in my nails PLEASE ANYONE THAT CAN HELP and yes i have heard of Morgellons which it could be


Feb 25, 2021
I’m also dealing with this mine started in hair follicles and looked like pili multi Gemini NEW
by: Same kinda deal

I’m also dealing with this mine started in hair follicles and looked like pili multi Gemini, the. Started getting discoid lupus discoids with each eruption. Then my beard hairs turned white almost clear, with clusters of blacb"hairs" got super thick and sharp like small Porcupine quills and these crop up in circle patterns w one central thick hair or multi surrounded by evenly spaced hairs in a circle and also in strait lines!

I have some pictures I’ve taken that look like feathers or some type of insect walking stick kinda thing

Nov 18, 2020
White hair worms NEW
by: Demri

To the person that said these don't exist? The reason I found this page is because I'm dealing with this issue also. They hurt when they pierce the skin. Im finding them all over my clothes and they move. It is a nightmare.

May 18, 2020
All I can say is.....
by: Kumquat

I just hope all the nay sayers out there NEVER experience what so many of us do.... But then again.... falling on a sword every now and then.... Perspective is a mighty tool....

Mar 15, 2020
try this NEW
by: katey

went to the lice clinic and they used oil and gave me this comb tht had little barbed wire wrapped around each tooth I have spent enough on products so i just got baby oil and went home soaked my head to the point it was everywhere soaked it for like a hour and the first swipe with this comb , u have to scratch your scalp and hold it at a angel and out these little tiny black things out of my scalp hundreds look at them under a stong magnifyer and it looks like little round dots but if you wipe your comb on some paper towels itw ill dry it and you will see them . take them to a place like orkin and have them idenified. then I used that lice spray and soaked my head and let dry leave in as long as u can and do it continuously every few days or when you feel them it takes a while but along with doing your laundry and stuff it went away plus i used hydrogen proxcide from the beauty supply hair store I used 40 percent and diluted it about 60 40 water and its sapposed to kill just the worms or the larvae also listerene the yellow kind killed some in the beginning but not all the spray dries on them and they kill them as they hatch just keep doing it for about 3 weeks . rubb it in your scalp it has to get into your folicals use the spray lice free on every time u feel them follow the directions

Nov 26, 2019
Elladine and the other guy NEW
by: Ian

Thinking that something doesn't exist merely because you don't know of it's existence is preposterous.
Below are the links for the patents. Pseudo-life, self assembling microtubules, quantum dots, nano-receivers and transmitters, etc.

I would also like to post an image but cannot. So take my word for it that I took a screenshot of the NIH/WHO website when they posted the gene triplosy for morgell9n symptomatic expression.

There are doctors developing Vinka microtubule inhibition drugs and far infra red technology to treat this, so I will infer that you consider thone multiple PhD clinicians to be insane.
I think it much more likely that you are only correct about this subject when referring to naturally occurring organisms.




Nov 26, 2019
Please See If This Sounds Similiar?!
by: Dave

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

I too have thought I was seeing bugs, worms and all. My skin condition in my mind ruined my life or what was left of it. I'm an introvert anyways but after the mess this caused and then my picking addiction I hated myself and my looks. I went to many doctors with no help and mostly more frustrated leaving . But this was at least an answer for me but unfortunately there's no cure, but it can be managed. It says it happens mostly in soft skin areas or where skin on skin happens but it can happen anywhere and if you have a lot of body hair it can be even worse clogging an area of pore's and causing hair to die and the follicle, then looking like worms and such. It can also cause what's called "tunneling "once those pores are clogged it can tunnel under the skin looking for an out, making lines in your skin. Its awful and I sympathize with all of you suffering. Know your not alone, Don't give up, your worth it and beautiful no matter what!

Nov 17, 2019
backteria in hair NEW
by: erik dietrick

I am a barber in Atlanta Ga. 4 months ago I started to notice white specks in customers hair.Now I am seeing bald spots with the white specks on the skin .I am seeing it 3 to 4 times a day know. If you look close you can see tiny lines on the scalp much like what a termite does to a piece of wood. SQUIGLY LOOKING LINES. These white things have got on my clothes and are multiplying . They are all over my house now .there under my skin causing sores.The sores will bleed and little black things are in them.. what is this. every Doctor gives my antibiotic cream and says its bed bugs or something its not. Why do they not listen.I do not drink or do drugs and have a good head on my shoulders. I have bagged some clothes and are sending them to a lab.

Nov 13, 2019
See a professional NEW
by: Elladine

I am a Clinical Microbiologist. What you are describing does not exist. There are NO parasitic worms that just live on your skin or in your pores the way you are describing. I assume you live in the U.S., or at least somewhere outside of the African continent or Amazon region. There are worms (Pinworms) that crawl out of the anus to lay eggs, and could potentially be found in the vulva, however, these worms cannot survive long outside of the intestinal tract, and they would never travel farther than the genital region and survive. There are also worms whose larva penetrate the skin and can travel through the epidermis region creating larval migrans/currens lines ((Hookworm or Threadworm (Strongyloides)). These worms are microscopic and will end up in the intestines or possibly other organs if they survive their travels through the epidermis. They NEVER exit the pores, and even if they did, they are microscopic and you would not see them. I suggest you seek out a mental health evaluation. These parasites are very rare unless you live in regions with poor sanitation. I am not trying to be rude, I really think it would benefit you to seek mental help. It must be awful to think there are parasites all over you the way you describe.

Oct 04, 2019
Ok guys. Explain this 'hallucination' NEW
by: Ian


Oct 04, 2019
Calm down NEW
by: Chili

I am all for people sharing experiences and learning from each others.... but your idea that these are ancient creature places inside of us without our knowledge is just that! Your idea... for you to unload all of that on frail sick people is disgraceful. And I thought this website had more integrity then to allow people to write paragraph after paragraph of this type of content. Shame on all of you people who need to get some sleep. This is YOUR paranoia. That's what you sound like anyway. Back off you sound rediculous !

Oct 01, 2019
perception isn't necessarily what it seems NEW
by: John

There are a lot of paranoid (government experiments!) comments in this thread and I'll just say that it's fairly apparent that this phenomenon is neurological. Possibly side effect of some medication, or some chemical you're exposed to that is causing hallucinations. This is a well known issue. I note that some of the posters say "I refuse to believe anything else"--clearly they've had advice from physicians who can't find the worms, that this is a perceptual problem, not a biological one. If you're using any form of amphetamines--stop. THe worms will then go away. Common hallucination from dexedrine, meth etc.

Oct 01, 2019
Staciemarie NEW
by: Ian

If, by the terrorists, you mean our government and the military-industrial complex, then I agree with you.
I know for a fact that NASA is involved.
I know for a fact that Archaea bacteria and nematodes were involved. I know that aluminum barium and strontium oxide are used in conjunction with infrared energy from our bodies.
I have the name of a doctor that could possibly analyze a blood sample, but she's so busy I'm not sure if she will.
Look up Skizit Gesture on YouTube.
He was involved in the creation of part of it and did not realize that they were going to release it on his friends.

Sep 23, 2019
white worms to Ian
by: stacimarie

My fiance and I came to this exact conclusion over dinner Saturday Night 9/21. We always knew it was an experiment but it all came together over this episode. I have over 50,000 pictures and videos (Im pretty awesome at catching these things in motion) in the last 26 months (since infected) I often use Google Lens to see what it comes up with. So I googled lensed a pic at dinner and chimera axolotl came up those are the mosaic regenerating salamander type of creatures they are now mass producing in labs. Well these guys were originally used to find a cure for cancer in the interim their DNA changed and they carry a protein that was man given to them and it only took 2 generations for this protein to be part of their makeup. Then it suddenly clicked. First I do believe this experiment was sold to the terrorists and put on those planes. Nothing will convince me otherwise. Im from Pa my friend NJ was 302'd numerous times by his children (also a scholar)because in 2002 he was already suffering from this. I believe they took the best parts of extraordinary creatures tardigrade, chimera axoltotl etc combined them together and the easiest way to spread something is through the air gets in hair and skill and unless you are the 5 percent you would never know that you are being altered to be able to as you say it Live Forever. I believe eventually it would of been put into our environment the terrorists just kick started it. I do not believe the experiment was a 100 percent complete and money was needed albeit sell it to the terrorists. Where can I send a bloos sample to test for that chromosome. I would like to talk to you further if at all possible

Sep 13, 2019
White woms are real!!!!
by: Ann

My name is Ann and I have had small white worms in my nose, in my eyebrows, under my skin etc. I took albendazole and Reese's medication which helped but I also had gotten a horrible fungal infection throughout my body because every time I went to Urgent Care because if my skin being so broken out, they put me on antibiotics. So, I went from doctor to doctor until I found a woman that knew 100% that I had a fungal infection. I took medication for two months and my skin has cleared up, other than the battle scars that I have from this !!! I just want everyone to know that parasitic infections and fungal infection go hand in hand. So not only do we have to take care of the parasitic infection, we need to check on fungal infection too.Fungal Infections are scarier than the parasitic infections. Please don't let doctors tell you that you are delusional. Go to another one, and another, until you find one that isn't a complete dumb ass. Good luck to all of you and God Bless.....

Aug 01, 2019
Has anyone experienced....
by: Fifi Jones

Dear Ashley, I am truly sorry to read what you're going through. Ive had this "thing" for just over 3 years. Its been destroying my life on a daily basis.

Has anyone experienced their furniture or clothes being affected? Ive had to throw out so much of my furniture and belongings, pus countless amounts of clothes, shoes etc.; I have been driven to the point of insanity. They are also in my makeup, my food...infact, there is absolutely no where they are not. Im not insane, Im not delusional or on any mind altering substances... these things exist.

Just when I thought I was making progress with them inside my body. They are now in my lips,my gums, my tongue. And.. Coming-out of the tip of my nose. I am honestly at my wits end. How can I get a prescription for Ivermectin when no doctor believes me.

The house I rent is also being eaten away. I have just purchased my own property. When I leave, How Im going to explain to the owners and real estate company that I didn't do the damage to the house, is beyond me. If Doctors etc don't believe me and think Im delusional, what hope have I got with a real estate agent - Buckley's/NONE. If they come with me to my new house, I think that will be the end of me. They seem to love wood and metal. They have the ability to "copy" their environment. They can be string, wood, rust, fluff, cotton, plants, hair... anything. Im too scared to take my car for its yearly check up, because Im worried the company will say... "Whats wrong with your car, it appears to be being eaten away by something"... Whatever it is, it is man made. From my experience, nothing can kill them. God knows Ive tried every combination of products that should kill something like this. Nothing works. Someone out there knows what it is...

For something that doesn't exist, there certainly is a lot of information on it by an enormous amount of people all experiencing the same soul destroying affliction. Are we all delusional... NO.

Aug 01, 2019
I have the exact symptoms NEW
by: Ashley

That's exactly the same symptoms and situation I've been you g through for 2 years,it started and. We moved to a new house,and there all over the house ,I have tried to tell family and doctors but as soon as you use the word parasite, bugs or worms ,your seen as a physicatric patient, and believe me I tried telling myself it was my admittedly e.g.he average fear of insects and not the grossest and scariest thing that has ever happened to me, and now I notice them on the kids and I don't know what to do or how to get help,g, an you really get rid of them on your own?? Its because of this thAt at 34 I now have to have does put in my back due to whAt doctors call in normal change in my scoliosis which was very mild and unsymptomatic before my life was ruined by this awful house t was supposed to be the completion of my happy ending( I have 4 children that are my reason to get up every morning and have been blessed to marry the love of my life and after almost a decade still gives me batteries

Jul 06, 2019
by: wendy

I took ivermectin a dose for my weight (you can get it at feed stores, apple flavor) take it once a week for 4 weeks.) It DID get rid of it... or at least for a long time. but I am again having the same thing happen again... months later... so I assume eggs were still in my system and have now hatched... I did start eating pumpkin seeds purely accidently... just grabbed a bag with ingredients of only pumpkin seeds and salt... and at the same time was drinking sour cherry juice... I randomly bought some and loved it. I am not sure which of the two is causing the serious decrease in "spots" but whichever it is... It appears to be very effective. Also... like you... washing vigorously with a wash cloth after soaking in the tub...and then applying a mixture of betadine and alcohol immediately after getting out of the tub appears to kill off a bit of it as well... I have it predominantly on one thigh and one forearm... both the right hand side of my body. with only a few spots on my left thigh . You definitely can pull them out when you "feel" their is a granuloma just underneath the skin. I have read up so much on different parasites now... I think I have finally narrowed it down to two... also read up Albendazol... taken every day for 7 days... but for now... pumpkin seeds 1/2 a bag each day for a week seems to be doing the trick... Ha! Ha! either that or it is the (2-3) 8oz glasses of tart red cherry juice... either way... I'm going to continue consuming both for a while!!!!!! being that it is definitely making a difference! Like you... I look like I have leopard looking scars (and much thicker skin)sin on my arm... because of having whatever this is...and now am always covering it up... as not to look as though I have "leprosy" Wendy

Jul 02, 2019
to Ian NEW
by: dee

I wish to learn more of this man made thing.

May 12, 2019
Me too! NEW
by: Kay

I have the exact same thing going on with me right now which it also has it going on in my feet and fingernails and all over my body exactly how you describe it.

And I want to think that lady for offering information on how to treat this parasite. I'm going to take your advice and put the store tomorrow and start that program actually I have been switching apple cider vinegar inside my nostrils with Q-tips and then afterwards I put Vick's inside there

Mar 30, 2019
Miss Fifi NEW
by: Ian


Mar 29, 2019
Hello Cleveland!!
by: Miss Fifi

Ian... We need to talk. Skype. Zoom or whatever. Do it we mus.

I had just finished writing an amazing reply to you but somehow I deleted 1/2 of it. UNBELIEVABLE... Which is why this one is short + sweet!

Here is the part I didn't delete :

NO... Seems I deleted all of it!!!!! what a genius I am!!! NOT!!

Look forward to hearing from you Ian.

Miss Fifi
(Thank you for the Miss)

Mar 29, 2019
Miss Fifi NEW
by: Ian

P.S. I am in Cleveland Ohio USA

Mar 29, 2019
Miss Fifi NEW
by: Ian

In this particular forum I have been commenting for a few years. I noticed that the host of this URL had some snake oil product/remedie posted at the beginning. Every time someone would post something, it was answered with this suggested treatment.
In the beginning, I made comments about that being bullshit and my comments were removed. I also typed up a long dissertation about the subject, and my comment wouldn't post no matter how many times I tried. At that point I was convinced that this thread was created to profit from the suffering of others, i.e. To bring together a community of morgellons sufferers in order to sell a product to desperate people.
Even so, I have several times responded to people with an offer to share what I've uncovered, in particular I remember a girl who posted a phone number and asked someone to help her. I sent her a text. Out of those four or five attempts, you are the only person to ever respond to me.
This isn't the only forum I haven't been involved in. I contacted a doctor who claims to be a Morgellons leading specialist concerning a possible treatment via Vinka factor microtubule inhibitor drug (my idea) and I got a response saying she would be in touch... Never heard from her again.
You see, in order to understand this man made disease a person must Be able and willing to completely change their entire worldview. One must reverse the very foundations of beliefs that have set precedent thus far in life. Not many people will do that. This is why you see doctors rejecting the whole premise of morgellons. People who are suffering from this also have a strong inclination to make the disease fit the paradigms of what they think is real or not real.
This is why everybody is determined to pin this on strictly biological and logical source. They want to link it to Lyme disease or strongoloids or demodex mites... To call it a tropical disease that is very rare for any other natural explanation. The problem is you cannot describe an unnatural disease via natural causes.
The perpetrators of this crime sand the designers of this disease are so many years I had the populace in terms of technology said it is almost unbelievable. If I had not seen the patents myself I wouldn't realize this. Many of the patents for the nanotechnology are from the 90's....
For 20 years I have been ridiculed and laughed at. I have an IQ of 145 and I was in gifted programs my whole life. Midwest talent search is a state-run program that discovered me what I was 10 years old and sent in government psychologists to test my intellect. I skipped several grades. So when I started to realize the unnatural contrails in the sky and when I identified symptoms of this disease in 2001, right after the towers came down, everybody thought I was crazy. I was on drugs at the time so that wasn't easy solutions for them. My own family ridiculed me. My mother is in the medical field and she has much seniority in her organization. She has a message from John Hopkins. These days she cannot deny that I was right oh, and for the last 20 years she ignored me. Even today she does not want to talk about it or think about it, but she admits that I was right. It is very little consolation, because I know that I was right. Her admitting it does nothing. She's never apologized for all those years of ignoring my desperate pleas for help.
So, you were the only one in this form who responded to me... And so you are who I will tell.

It goes much deeper, Miss Fifi. Our DNA is being changed by these people. I don't know if it is for better or worse. The goal is to accelerate evolution from homo sapien sapien, to homo sapien superioris. Google initiative 2037. They want to live forever. They think they can make humans as gods... To reverse aging, cure any disease, become immortal. We are the beta test.
5% of the population has chromosome triplosy causes us to show symptoms. I have the actual chromosome ID code if you want it. It really won't do you any good unless you are a microbiologist.
Just do a search for Morgellons artifacts Morgellons research and looks at the things that are coming out of people. Metallic hexagons, Crystals, polymeric fibers, insects that are growing inside of their skin that don't exist in nature... Flies that spin webs, parts of spiders growing out of colorful metal fractals, etc...
These cannot be explained by conventional parasites or conventional diseases. This is an amalgamation of nano technology and genetic manipulation.. It is terrifying, because it is linked just so many other things it implies an overarching agenda of monstrous proportions.

Mar 29, 2019
Reply to Ian - 28 March 2019 NEW
by: Miss Fifi

Hi Ian - Again, Thank You for your very detailed reply.

Before I make my comments to you, I have a question.

Im sure you've read many, if not all of the 145 comments from 2010 to present day. Every Single person is "experiencing/has experienced or sadly, is yet to experience, the effects of these soul destroying "parasites". Im somewhat if not extremely interested to know what lead you to want to start to share your findings, thus far, with me?

I hope you dont take offence to me asking you this, Simply put, Im an incredibly curious human.

Since the beginning, Ive been conducting my own research in my bathroom, which is more like a crude research laboratory now. Ive seen things that I can only describe as, "seeing is believing". Im sure we have all witnessed things that come under that heading, which leads to the only place with a rational explanation, that being - we are Delusional, insane, parasicotic, etc. BUT WE ARE NONE OF THOSE.

I digress..

Ian, Once Ive heard from you, together with my reply to you, I will share my findings and other things. BTW, where are you located, no need for specifics, USA, Australia, UK, elsewhere?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Miss Fifi. (Not Ms)

Mar 28, 2019
Ms. FiFi this is for you NEW
by: Ian

Ms Fifi, so glad you responded. Now that we've established that we are, in fact, both actual people..I will explain as much as I can. It may be several comments long. It's hard to know where to start because this is such a complicated and secret topic. It has become clear to me that there is an active effort by the ruling class to suppress investigation and research into Morgellons. The problem is that the people involved in this scourge are the same people connected to the bilderberg group, the trilateral commission, and other secretive and powerful groups. These people are often members of the board for the CDC, and dictate the entire medical conglomerate globally. Therefore, doctors have been intentionally misdirected, and even threatened into ignioring this infection. Here are some of the facts I've uncovered, which is by no means the totality of it, and in no particular order.
There has been genetically modified insects co-opted to infect people and spread the disease, and possibly for numerous other reasons. Nematodes are a huge factor. These are worms, which can be extremely small and many times thinner than a human hair. There was one program by a bio pharmaceutical conglomerate for the purposes of cotton crops.the scientist took archaea bacteria which is a type of bacteria that can survive extreme environments, and somehow genetically spliced them into the nematodes. The cotton weevil was the pest that they were trying to control. The plan was, when the cotton weevil tried to feed on the plant oh, the nematode would sting the weevil and infect the weevil with the bacteria there by killing it. Something went wrong with this and that is why most of the clothing that is manufactured already has these genetically modified nematodes woven into it. There was a scourge of bed bugs that started on the east coast of the United States, that are incredibly hard to kill and are highly resistant to pesticides of any kind. These have swept across the Nation and I believe are one of the many infectious agents. These invertebrates and insects are all biological aspects of the disease. The reason why most standardized medical test come up negative is because the majority of the infection isn't necessarily biological in the way that we would traditionally think of it. This is where we get into the nanotechnology aspect. I have researched many patents and I have found many patents for what is called self-assembling nanobots. These are incredibly tiny machines, but not machines as we would normally think of them. They can be transmitters, they can be receivers. Many specimens summer Morgellons sufferers, when look at underneath of a powerful microscope, match exactly to the diagrams in these patents. The way this works is by using your body's energy, which is infrared light. You would also think of infrared light as heat. That is the primary energy source. These nanobots need certain metals in order to form, such as aluminum oxide, barium, strontium, and others. I do not think that it is coincidental that these are exactly the same metals that are found in the stratospheric aerosol injection, or chemtrails. NASA is involved with this. I know that they had some program where they wanted to make a form of life that was unnatural. Pseudolife. NASA engineers identified seven factors which are inherent properties of anything that can be called living. This includes cell-to-cell communication, motility or movements, replication, energy input and output, and I can't remember the last couple.
The fibers that are coming to us Morgellons sufferers are made of high density polyethylene. This is a polymer oh, it is the same plastic that a milk jug is made out of. That is why they do not show up on any biological medical test. I have a theory that it is a beta test for transhumanism. These fibers or possibly going to be fiber optics that grow inside of the human body in order to facilitate the merging of human beings with computers. This does not sound realistic, but it is I assure you. Strongyloides are definitely a factor, but it is just one small aspect of a much bigger agenda. It is just one of the infectious agents that geneticists used when splicing together this monstrous disease. They also used genetics from slime mold, and that is the cause of the filamentous growth as well as the clear sticky matrix that hardens over the sores.
So I would suggest that you look into
Self-assembling nanobots
YouTube channel: skizit gesture
Demodex mites
For a start. The only way to control this disease is by eating healthy organic food. Stop eating meat completely. Exercise regularly. Any immune-compromised person will notice a drastic increase in infection. Amphetamines seems to exacerbate the problem greatly. I don't know if it attracts more of it or if it it expels it from the body, but drugs definitely are linked to this disease.
It's you soak in a bathtub of the hottest water that you can stand for 30 minutes, when you get out of the bathtub drain the water very slowly. You will notice the bathtub will be covered in what looks like fuzz or fibers. Hot Baths extract it somewhat. Cover any sores with Band-Aids and do not cricket sounds. As long as it stays covered with a Band-Aid and it does not get light or air they heal much faster. Use a magnifying glass to look closely at your arm hair, or hair anywhere on your body. You will notice that there are sometimes two hairs growing from one hair follicle.
Part of this disease involves tiny bugs that feed off of the hair follicle and then grow a replacement hair that is not natural. I don't know how to list these things in any particular order and I don't know how they are all linked together, But they are. If you notice little bluish black fuzz balls, very tiny, these are part of the disease also. if you take a powerful microscope and you look in the center of those fuzzballs you will find a small little bug, and this bug is actually excreting these fibers from its body like a spider does with a spider web. Until it is cocooned inside of this little fuzzball.
I will try to think of more and comment again later

Mar 27, 2019
Reply to Ian - Yes, In real and so is this... NEW
by: Miss Fifi

Hi Ian...

Thank you for your reply to my comment. Im sorfy you've been living with it for so long. In all Ive read. no one has actually ever come across anything that actually kills these things. I assure you I am real and so is this hideous life destroying "thing"

So real, Ive had to close down my business. I even contacted a Dr Katrina Ross of Flinders University WA, Australia last month - 28th February 2018, after reading her research into Strongialoids. which Ive included in this reply to you. I discovered in December 2018 that this may be what's eating away my life but cldnt be sure. zD4 Ross' published paper confirmed for me their existence in my life.

**Flinders Uni article June 2018:
Dr Kirstin Ross, of Flinders University’s Environmental Health research group, says despite being more common than malaria, it remains the most neglected of the neglected tropical diseases. Detection rates are low.
PhD student Meruyert Beknazarova is the lead author of a studyi with the National Strongyloides Working Group, which says medical evidence supports their claims for strongyloidasis to be included on the Australian National Notifiable Disease List.

The reply I recieved was incredibly upsetting.

"Re: Your Research on Strongyloidiasis

Dear Fifi,
I am so sorry to hear of your difficulties. However I am a researcher looking at Strongyloides in the environment, not a clinician, so I don’t think I will be able to provide you with help.
Kind regards,
Kirstin "

I thought, if she cant help (wont help) NO ONE CAN!! Until I came across Christines article.

Ian. I hope what help you are offering IS REAL. I want my life back. This is not living. Its not even existing. Im barely coping. If it continues like this Im very scared about what I might do.

I eagerly aeair your reply.

Miss Fifi

Mar 20, 2019
Ms. FiFi this is for you
by: Ian

Yes, you are not crazy! I know the feeling of relief when you found this forum. I know all doctors dismiss you, call it delusional parasitosis, because they find negative test results for biological entities if they even bother to test. Do you not fall victim to the people will attempts to capitalize on your suffering by selling you equivalent snake oil. Do not listen to people who say things like, try Ajax and watermelon seeds! Pour salt all over your house! Used testicle cream and Ginger glue! denture cream!
None of those things work. There is no cure. However, there is a way to control it to the point where you no longer suffer from any symptoms. I can tell you all about this disease, I was infected in the year 2001. I spent decades being ridiculed and I knew I was right. I can explain everything to you, what causes it what aggravates it how to mitigate it and some of the patents for the actual technology because this is man-made. Go to Morgellons research .com or .org, I can't remember which. You are interested in knowing more I will give you my email when you comment in response to this comment. I don't want to close my email address so I know that you are an actual person who was actually looking for help. Some of the people who run this blog are involved in selling fake remedies for this very real disease. I have nothing but love for you, and I can help you understand and heal.

Mar 20, 2019
Same thing Destroying my life and everything in it
by: Fifi - Sydney, Australia

OMG..Christine and all those who, like me are suffering in silence because NO ONE BELIEVES what you tell them. Drs all think Im crazy. forget crazy. I have become a woman living on the edge of insanity. Becse, thats what these things do. for the 1st time I actually have HOPE.

Not only are these parasites using every pore,fibre + oraface inside + out of my body as their 5🌟 Hotel, but also my furniture, rugs, food,fridge/ freezr, makeup,car,clothes + jewellry. Simply put, if Ive touched ANYTHING no matter how much or little. They'll be there. Im terrified to leave home for fear of contaminating others and my environment. Im astonished how fast they inhabit, takeover + destroy items. NOTHING so far seems to kill them. Ive spent thousands of $$, hours + days trying to eradicate these filthy little things from my life. Ive cried a billion tears. Screamed and to be honest, have recently felt the only answer was, if they dont leave. I would. for good.

Theres so much more Id love to share to perhaps help others. but 1000 words arrives quickly.

I'll now read thru everyone's comments on remedies etc to see what worked for them. I also hope I see that you have found help to get your life back..

Christine, THANK YOU (and everyone)for sharing your/their story. HOPE may only have 4 letters. But HOPE is all anyone needs to keep going.. without it. what hope do we have..

Miss Fifi

Jan 22, 2019
Papaya seeds and coconut milk NEW

Also, after trying dozens of home remedies, it seems like the vine of Aloe Vera (the plant) seems to work over every other remedy I've tried.
To clean my stomach, I used the seeds of a papaya and coconut milk and it seemed to work somehow, a least to give me some more energy.
I use 4 tbsp of papaya seeds with 1/2 cup of coconut milk in the blender and drink it right away. I've been doing this every third day for the past week.

Jan 22, 2019
I have the same

I have been dealing with the same for the past year and a half. I have taken thousands of pictures with and wot out a microscope and show them to many doctors, but it seems like if no doctor wants to believe me. However, a few months ago I found a doctor close by me who gave me an anti parasitic medication, Ivermectin, and that seemed to take the sores and the parasite for a while. Right now I am starting to get them back and the doctor is about to give me a new dose of the medication.
Try to see if you find a doctor that would be willing to prescribe you this medication and see if it works. Or look for Dr. Deliduka (dermatologist) located in Grayslake, IL.

Sep 29, 2018
Fenbendazole NEW
by: Aims

Look up morgellons Fenbendazole, red reishi protocol. Its truly the only thing that rids you of these!

Sep 16, 2018
Possible relief
by: HateThisThing

Try using Witch's Hazel. This seemed to help, and also try using a dry microfiber cotton cloth and slowly and softly rub the affected area. You may be able to slough them off after they emerge. But of course, clean everything, and don't do it without gloves or they just jump to your hands.

Thats all I can think to add, hope it helps someone.

May 24, 2018
Here's what I used
by: SARA

I too had the paper-like parasites.
First and foremost.... it is like standard procedure for a medical professional to conduct a psychiatric evaluation. They almost always call our condition Parasitic Delusions.
I had the very same parasites. My case is a bit different though. I had several different types of parasites all at one time. Some lived in my hair, not lice. Another type lived just under the skin like crawling little insects. A different type was in my mouth and bit my jaws and gums. I had parasitic worms in my nostrils. This all happened so suddenly. Only two people believed me. Everyone else thought I had lost my mind.
A medicine man who is a good friend of mine gave me pure sulfur powder. ( I'm not allergic to sulfur). He instructed me to put a tiny pinch in my meals three times a day for 3 days. Then just once a day until the parasites were gone. I did this for almost three weeks.
IT WAS INCREDIBLE HOW QUICKLY all the parasites died off, except the ones in my nose, that took two months of using the sulfur. You gotta try it!

Apr 06, 2018
You’re not alone
by: Patrice

I’ve had the same things for years. Went to 4 doctors who, without even looking or any tests, concluded it was dilusional. I am not. You are the first one to describe the transitioning to tiny feather like thing. They are everywhere under my skin. They get in my eyes throat and sinus. I can see them sometimes under skin on my veins and it leaves little bruises.
Why don’t doctors even look?

Mar 23, 2018
In Louisiana
by: Linda

I know exactly what you were talking about my husband doesn't believe me I'm all alone in trying to figure out and solve this problem it started about 2 years ago my muscles hurt I was tired didn't want to get out of bed and it progressed but now I see hairs coming out they attached to my head hair and I'm losing my hair when I take a shower I have sore spots and the bruises like you said and hairs come out where I have a sore spot I've had people tell me it's swamp fever I live in Louisiana

Mar 08, 2018
by: phil

Well I've been to a couple doctors for some kind of skin parasite. diagnosed delusional parasitosis. Then if it pisses you off your worse off. If your spouse agrees with you you have a double hallucination. But reading people's comments they don't sound nutty at all. They don't sound knowledgeable sometimes but not nutty. Why are these doctors coming up with the same wrong diagnosis? And when you read up on the internet, most of what you find is the same dribble from the cdc. I'd like to think the doctors are busy with more important things, but I'm afraid they are just unconcerned, self serving pigs that really want somebody to come in with a canned case of something they can do some serious billing for.
With my own bug I've just let it get worse. Maybe not smart but will be impossible for any doctor to tell me I'm imagining things.

Jan 24, 2018
Weird skin bubbles
by: Hayley

I have the exact same thing pls txt me 5614013791 its driven me crazy and I still am dealing w it...

Jan 24, 2018
listen to me NOW!! this will work for every one of you!
by: Belci

Diatomaceous Earth. Food grade only. Bath in it scrub your skin with it, pore it in your shoes, do facial and body scrubs with it. sprinkle it on your scalp, put in in your shampoo and conditioner, use it on your carpet and clean with it. Same for you animals. I have been right there with all of you with just about all of the mentioned symptoms for over about 8 months. Finally!!!! Relief is in sight. with in about 2 hours all of those nasty vile creatures begin to exit your body. It does get worse at first, but soon you will see changes that you have not seen with any other treatment. It is healthy and natural but do read up on it. 2 hours after I drank my first cocktail I kid you not I felt a sense of clarity and it took me a moment to realize why. As I said the toxins and all the other nightmare shit that the parasites both dead and alive, leave behind as they leave your body do cause some reaction but its different and begins to heal quickly. Absolutely continue all of the other incredible advise regarding hydration and supplementing your body and recovery will begin. Drop sugar from you diet, and heavily processed food. Eat lots of dark leafy greens. Why on earth it is so terribly difficult to find an understanding doctor who is willing to research the symptoms, if they are not familiar, I just cant imagine. After seeing 4 doctors and 2 dermatologist,and being told anything from I'm allergic to my clothes detergent to, your too clean of a person and you need to shower and wash your hands less. I went out and dropped $300 on a microscope and began the shocking discovery of the human body up close. I am a changed person for certain. But what I discovered is that most of us are crawling with one type of thing or another. Its when we let our guards down for a moment and turn our heads away from a healthy lifestyle just long enough to let it in one of the many possible bugs. PLEASE try the Diatomaceous Earth and see if it helps. I would be so surprised if you don't begin to feel better and see the light that you have so desperately longed to see at the end of that dark itchy crawly prickly tunnel.. The best of luck to you all, you will get through it!!

Jan 19, 2018
Former Morgellon's victim
by: Eileen Matichuk

Hi, I had morgellon's in 2008. It lasted 8 months and I had every symptom that was out there. I had scabies over and over, each time I took the medication for it I was free for about a week and then it came back. This lasted for about 8 weeks, then I had the worst case of Rosacea that I have ever seen, followed my ringworm with re-infeinfections over and over, then the scabies on my neck turned to shingles for which i was treated with anti-virus medication. All the while I was suffering from this things, I was having small black dots and white ones coming out of my feet and legs at odd times and out of the palm of my hand and curly hair coming out of my skin. I also had a worm-like thing that left cuts in my skin. I went to many doctors and dermatologists, also at the University of Alberta Hospital Science Pavilion where I was used in a grand round of about 15 dermatologists to check me and see if they can find a cure. They said it was the worst case of skin infections they had ever seen. My back was ravaged with sores and looked and felt like leather. The sores on my legs were beginning to leave scars. This went on for 8 months and one day my son offered to pray. He asked God to help us to have a Joy that did not depend on our circumstances. That Joy began to fill my spirit that day and lasted day after day for 6 days. The circumstances had not changed but I was filled with unspeakable Joy. On the sixth day a voice spoke to me in unspoken words. It told me that I was being healed because I had received the Joy before the healing. By the end of that day I was totally healed. Some of the scars began to go right away, others took about 3 months but I will never forget that day__September 18th, 2008. I have been completely healed since then and still feel the Joy, though not as profound. Because of this I believe that the attacks on our health and our skin are demonic.

Oct 30, 2017
by: dcpink

The black and white specks, the black worms, the lesions, the looking like splinters, the fibers, is all part of a disease called Morgellions. Read up on it because it’s unreal. It’s something you can’t believe exists and the way it started is unbelievable and it’s still going on, its sick. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats that are suffering from this and is just breaking my heart. Nov. 1, 2011 we were living in LA and had a flea infestation in my home. For a half hour we were getting eaten up alive before I realized when I proceeded to grab everyone and put them into the car. The last 2 months it’s gotten really bad for my pets. Someone please tell me what to do and where to purchase something that can help them. If I don’t act on this ASAP they are all going to die. We need a cure.....

Oct 28, 2017
Demodex mites
by: JL

If your dog is itching constantly it is not skin allergies or food allergies usually it is demodex mites which can also cause mange where they can lose hair in spots. Some dont lost any hair but still scratch constantly. Do not put your dog or yourself on damaging medications that do not help this. Most vets think this is a food or skin allergy but it is not. Some vets do know about it though My dog scratched nonstop could not see any fleas but vet did the inside ear rub test and if the dog kicks his back leg (like when u rub their belly) that's a sign of mites. Nu-stock sulfur cream can be used in dogs ears where mite problems start a lot of times and if dogs lose hair it will clear the skin up and grow hair back. Also ear mite solution. Just read instructions i also sprayed my dogs with permethrin spray (like horses fly spray) you have to treat this constantly as new eggs hatch everyday. It takes months to years to resolve. People can get demodex from contact with other people, dogs (many of the articles written have no idea how easy it is to get these and have bad info so read the actual blogs by people who have this) from airplane seats, hotel room bedding, towels, nursing homes,etc. Most people have a strong enough immune system to keep the numbers of mites down but sometimes they dont. Most people get an excess starting in their eyelashes, eyebrows and then seems to spread into cheeks and chin and can spread to rest of body. It causes dry eye, blurry vision, hair thinning, eyebrow thinning, doctors know about these mites in the eye area but don't realize how often they affect the face and other areas and think just eye wipes will resolve it. We have used every single idea we could find on interent from people who have this and some work for a while but always seems to come back. Nothing kills the eggs or nymph stage so they are constantly reprodusing aND you have to treat your skin a few times a day and not let up. It's exhausting. Other countries seem to know about this problem and use ivermectin and other things but it really never gets completely rid of them. Antibiotics make it worse so focus on improving your gut health. No one has any idea what this is like unless they have it so doctors have no clue. Ocusoft HypoChlor eye spray seems to work for right now I use a few times a day and also on bad sore spots. Seems to dry them up and heal enough to cover with makeup which most days I cannot do. I spray all pet beds and carpets and furniture with Martins permethrin and I also spray 70% alcohol on pillows carpet scalp face arms. Spot treat with Nu-stock or ivermectin. Tea tree helps also but not a cure either read all of the Rosacea demodex blogs aND you will see how many people suffer from this. Sprinkle borax on carpets let sink in for a day or so and then I vacuum and add borax to the clothes wash also. Change pillow case and towels everyday and do not share towels. I think vets are prescibing Nexguard a flea med and seems to work on mites but they will keep getting them back if home areas are not treated or yard

Oct 27, 2017
It is Demodex
by: JL

Demodex brevis and demodex follicularum. Most everyone has already on skin but gets out of control and overpopulates look up the different stages egg, nymph etc come out in dark to mate which is the itchy hair like feeling on face. Used everything ivermectin, permethrin on skin, alcohol 70% keep in a spray bottle spray scalp or any itchy area. Spray couches with alcohol and also martins permethrin spray carpets, couches everything change pillow case everynight and spray with alcohol brushes need to be sprayed everyday. Nu-stock from the feed store on amazon also helps sores dry up. hypochlorous acid use the eye spray every single day on eyes, lashes and eyebrows and hairline. Also seems to dry up sores.These mites will make your hairline recede as they damage the hair follicle. Hair comes back with nu-stock. There are so many mites per hair follicle and sebaceous gland and u cannot get to them. Only the ones that surface or are close to surface. It's never ending. Just getting it under control is the goal. I've used ivermectin or safeguard horse paste with dmso topically helps somewhat but have another bad breakout.when you see a bump surface it's only the tip of the iceberg. Many white plugs and eggs and nymphs underneath in patch. If you don't get some of them out the skin gets like orange peel thick. It's a constant battle everyday. My dog had it itching constantly but no fleas seen found it was demodex and then we got it. Would feel bites when On couch but could not see anything. You cannot see these mites until they are full grown and usually only the follicularum which are longer than brevis. Brevis feel like specks of sand when they die. Even what look like new brown freckle or brown spots are actually these mites in that area. Use a hot hairdryer sometimes or red light lamp (chick brooder lamp) tried everything but never goes away completely. Happened when immune system was down for me but now realize I had same spot on cheek would never heal or clear for about two years. Would pull out stretchy white plugs which are actually the demodex also eyebrows got super thin so thought was thyroid but then grew rigbt back in once i started hypochlor. Eye docs know about it but don't say it's mites! And this is also the cause of dry eye! Antibiotics make your system more out of balance and these start to overrun your body.doc will say u can'tget from dogs but you can they cannot see the mites most of the time and if they do they say it's just skin. And it looks like a dry skin but it's mites. And u will see white ridges in the patches which are the mites under there but so tiny can hardly get out even with tweezers. The alcohol really made a difference kept on hand at all times to spray scalp or face spot treat with nustock or lightly applytoo much can give u a headache (the sulfur) I just rotate all of thsee things but everynight apply permethrin in any cream or castor oil I try not to use too much oil as the brevis feeds off oily skin I also had the fibers and coiled up white fuzz and thin 1 inch hair like fibers and glass chard type specks you can see them appear when you use glycolic acid face cream or spot with dmso and loOK with magnified mirror. I'd say candida plays a role have poor gut health from antibiotics, flat bleached looking white spots on skin is melassezia or candida so use Tinactin and take blk walnut and candida cleanse type vitamins So seems to be combination of fungal/mite problem. And cannot get rid of it completely and don't bother going to doctors look up demodex blogs or Rosacea blogs. They know it's a cause of Rosacea. And good luck it's an every day battle.

Oct 12, 2017
Help for my Maltese!!!
by: Teresa

HELP PLEASE!!! My poor little doggy is also suffering. Does anyone have any advice for treating my pup? She is 6.5 yrs old and miserable. I'm very concerned. PLEASE HELP!!!

Sep 05, 2017
Strongyloides Stercoralis - They Suck
by: Catharsis

Christine, don't give up. It sounds like strongyloides. They are a tiny round worm, sometimes called threadworm. If you have any issues with your immune system or have been on any immunosuppressive drugs, your body can't deal with them and they start to migrate around your body.

Kill them:
Reese's Pinworm Medicine (helps but will not cure)
Ivermectin (standard treatment)

Don't pick at it, use a brush or comb. If you try pulling and picking them out of your skin, they break open and leak antigens and or eggs. This causes the feeling of hot coal pieces burning the skin.

Acids: Spray everything with peroxide and white apple cider vinegar

But I'm so tired: Vitamin C, Iron, l-lysine, garlic pills

It can take 6 months to a year for full recovery. Someone asked if it can kill you.
Yes, sepsis or damage to the brain/eyes would be the worse case scenario.

Finding a doctor who will listen is nearly impossible. The only advice I can give is to document everything. I had to prove to my doctor that the over the counter medication was working before they would give me the Ivermectin

Aug 09, 2017
same bug 🐛 two bodies
by: michelle

Coffin flies? That could explain why we see worms and things that fly. It says they also move (run) really fast along mirrors and things and that could be what we always see out the corner of the eye. But then I think they are in my eyes. I also want to know has anyone had a scope (camera) in nose or ear? And I hate to ask but has anyone died because of this? I read other stories also that are similar and to everyone I know I was crazy then a drug addict now I'm a hypochondriac, I guess our final biopsy results will be the way to end this.

Jul 30, 2017
Becoming suicidal over this
by: Kayls

Ive had this for about a year now. Im an active IV meth addict. One night i got high and been dealing wirh this ever since. Literally everyone thinks im crazy this stuff is everywhere after reading alk over the internet these curly white worm things can turn into anything they want i see what looks loke nats and they will jist disappear. Ive been to numerous doctors abd noone will look or believe me they say its the drugs yes it may be however iys not normal for these things to be coming out of ny skin. My dogs have it so does my husband who refuses to believe or listen to it. They are now in my head and liteally making me crazy its like i have spmeone taking over my body and ive tried everything possible. Ive now lost ny job my friends and hate leaving the house because im so embarrassed. My health is awful. I ws constantly feeling like i was being sewed into a smaller body. I spend day in day out picking at my skin and im so tired of it. I want to die. I wish i would. After readying this stuff has caused very serious health problems. I noticed my feet getting smaller going down shoe sizes and my hand was smaller ive been scratching digging at these lines and what i think ans see is that my body is being eaten by these things iver dug at the scar like li es and it feels gret my body can then stetch same eith my dogs or if you kind pinch your skin and just hold the pinch with small pressure it feels like ur akin is popping but it makes thr stuff come out of your pores. These things are literally all over everything. I cant believe i cant get help from doctors i see no hope. I was getting ready to go tk rehab but theres no point bcuz ill still b coming home to the same thing ive read ppl think it may be caused by mold which we have n our house. I am crazy yes but not crazy crazy. Will this last forever because its taken iver ny life

Jul 27, 2017
Almost .....
by: Nightmare

Well, I've commented in November of last year while I was completely freaking out and even though I assumed it to be a parasite I'm now 99 percent sure it isn't.
While my symptoms haven't changed like the constant fuzz/lind balls dropping from my body and hair, itching, grainy stuff coming out of skin, feeling as of my face is covered on cobwebs...I've never seen anything move, however, the translucent threads in my hair seem to be motile because they are most likely mycelium.
I'm going one more time to Urgent Care tomorrow and hopefully they will finally diagnose me with a fungal infection.
I'll keep you guys updated.
No reason to freak out anymore, it's not a parasite but probably WHITE PIEDRA or a similar mycose.

Jul 27, 2017
by: michelle in okc

After 10 months of being called crazy I am just so exhausted. This is a intestinal worm, but which one. Some enter through foot or nose and uncooked meat or contaminated water. It goes out everywhere including my poop. Some cause major illnesses others not so serious . I hear them in my ears so I think they are in my brain, I know they are in my veins I feel them. I have deep holes in the heels of my feet that are bleeding and open and won't heal and my right ankle and foot have been the size of 2 softballs forever. I'm on round 4 of antibiotics nothing works, I'm scared of loosing my foot it stays blue all the time. I have just had what little bit of teeth I had pulled and they are still in my mouth. My friend finally sees them but said one looked like a little piece of shredded cheese but she saw it fall off of me and sees the bite I didn't get anything out of it though, no eggs. Tired of research, all I got is gnathostoma spinigerum (helminth). I don't know. Why doesn't everyone have them all over their house?

Jul 20, 2017
white worms
by: A visit Amidon

I too have the very same syptoms as Angie had. My MD sent me to a psychiatrist. That really makes me angry. I need help yesterday. Thank you.

Jun 09, 2017
Drinking peroxide
by: Postal canary

The world worm war3
Sounds so miserable!
But really, please don't drink down a couple of glasses of hydrogen peroxide lol. !
I think that could be pretty dangerous.
Tho not for this problem, I've read about ingesting h2o2 in the past.
It can burn ur mucus membranes to start with. Yikes.
Read about ingesting it first and how to do it.
1 tablespoon of 35 percent grade h.Peroxide release more than 1.5 quarts of gas in
The stomach.
That sudden release of gas can stretch out hour stomach. Or even rupture it!
The tiny gas bubbles can get into your blood vessel and create all sorts of problems.
So be careful.

May 18, 2017
White worms
by: Anne

I have the same thing in my scalp.. underskin.. first i thought my sculp is infested in luce.. but there was none but this goey white thing on the hair and roots.. then i suspected it was dandruff mites.. which have similar symptoms .. however i discovered these white hair like worms today.. anyone can tell us what is the species? For sure the red apple cider vineger can give a temporary reliefe but they seem to come back within a week or so 😒

May 14, 2017
by: Steph

Has anyone found out what these are it there a cure my family n I are experiencing the same thing my husband thinks I'm crazy he ready to leave me ease some one clearafy this please

Apr 04, 2017
What are these hairs

I get this too! Hairs coming from my mouth some days it's worse than others some are white and some are dark but the dark ones seem to have been all over my body forming wrinkle like lines! It's so strange what is it! I'm convinced it's something to do with chem trails?

Mar 09, 2017
by: SoCal

This is my first post only because this is the only site i have found to describe the random craziness, fungus? worm? mite? GMO WMD EXPERIMENT???...... i have going on with me AND my three year old...

Mar 06, 2017
winning worm war 3
by: wormous dermis

Dear crazy people,
They are all in your head....Thats a fact. In fact they are all in my head too, and they are less than pleasant. I have been obsessed with this subject for quite some time.(Not five years though, good lord I hope this helps!!). I am sick of reading forum after forum of tormented people pleading for relief. Never are there any solutions posted. Everybody suffers from DPS (dilusional parrasite syndrome). Hell my friends can watch my dillusional parresites as they crawl accross my face. I personally have presented the doctors with indisputable evidence, and seen there ignorance first hand. I have to just sit back idle well I watch my childeren being eaten from the inside out by helminth parrisites. I don't think so!!! So now I spend every spare second reassuring people that I'm wacco by experimenting on myself and reading internet forums. I have had about ten different theories on the species of my worms. It is not the easiest thing I have ever tried to figure out. But I finally obtaned a perfect specimen yesterday. I eagerly went to my friends house and used his daughters toy microscope. What I harvested was a member of the "Thorny Headed Worm" family. They are exceptionally rare because Doctors ignorantly refuse to diagnose them.I will try to post some pics when I can. for now here's what my self-torture has taught me:

They are reziliant to bleach. they don't like alcohol, but it dosn't seem to harm them. Peroxide kills them, but not the 3% grocery store stuff. If you don't mind pain the 35% food grade h2o2 ruins there day. But it bleaches your skin and hurts. If you apply it to your skin you'll want a wet rag right behind it. Consuming the peroxide (as according to directions) clears them out pretty good too. If you get the oppertunity to submit a stool specimen, drink a couple of doses of peroxide a day or two before your appoi ntment. They will be in there. The best trick I have learned yet in tobacco. I broke a cigarette into a few peices and puta peice up each side of my nose (one of my problem areas), and they died. three days later I was still sneezing out the little monsters. Other than that, nutrition is key. Try "Airborne" vitemans, they have alot of the vitemans that worms deplete. Since a doctor giving you a blood test is probably too much to ask, you should just assume that your body has no: protien, vit a, vit b12, vit c, or vit d. Thats all I got for now, good luck all of you guys, I will pray for you.

Feb 10, 2017
Nail and hair parasites
by: Europe

I've had the same problem with white, thin strands in my hair since December. Like very delicate cobweb. My scalp itches and there are tiny black dots that fall out of the hair when I brush it. I started getting nail problems in the summer and it looks like a tiny canal under one of my finger nails. Like something has entered. I have smal black treads under the finger tips skin, and something like cotton under the nails, white turning black......

I have made a jar with samples of this cobweb and the black dots, and will try to find a laboratory that can test it...... Disgusting.......

Feb 08, 2017
how my god finally someone to believe me
by: Michelle Danker

This started almost 9 months ago and I've been trying to tell my friends and everybody at maintenance in my building. I have seen doctors hospitals, nobody's Believe me and they still don't. They have looked at me and looked at me and microscopes is nothing can't see anything in Pap Test or in my ears, in on my eyes in my female area in you know, nothing nothing. You'll have the same exact story as me so I'd say don't have to type it again or tell it again because exactly the same I haven't read all through this yet. I'm curious to know have you figured it out? Is your cure? What is it? What is the deal? I'm going crazy too. I have done all the little remedies to things for UM a scabies in the the vinegar in the oven on alcohol and peroxide in everything and nothing worked for me. I'm gonna read this now, and pray that that there is hope for us or something because I'm, I literally am going nuts. I don't wanna lose my hair. I just want this to stop bike and I'm just crying all the time, nobody will help me. Hopeless in Oklahoma?

Dec 29, 2016
Someone respond please I'm 20 and I'm going bald
by: Jayjennji

Has anybody gotten over this will it eventually go away on its own I'm freaking out

Nov 29, 2016
Scalp and skin white bugs and worms in follicles.
by: Used2bmor

I have had this illness going on 5 yrs. I have brown spots on my arms above the wrist. I hit my arm on a cabinet door and all the tissue came off. Very deep holes in the wound, white wiggly objects, black thin thread like things are visible. All layers of skin came off. I knew he brown spots werent normal underneath. I have hyperhydrosis, I am bald now and wear a wig. I have been moist all my life. My hands sweat so badly I can leave puddles of water on the floor. I think the wigs are reinfecting my scalp because the wigs have white bugs of different sizes visible. It would be so wonderful if I could send the wig somewhere for examination. Everything on my scalp, face, eyebrows,ears,nose and mouth are in the wig. What would make better sense for identifying and proving that these parasites are real? My scalp has red, pink, green, blue and gold threads, whitebugs with legs, clear worm like creatures,and one type has a forked v-shaped head.

Nov 28, 2016
Nightmare nailed it
by: DJPA

Nightmare you described it perfectly. I have been dealing with this since May. People would tell me it is just dust or cat hair, even two exterminators didn't know. I know and obviously you do too that something is wrong. I have white specks fly off my clothes and hair and if the sun is right I can see it fly. It's horrible when I'm at work and it happens.

I also see these hair/threads/fibers all over now. In every store. My hair around the crown is falling out and the texture and color has changed. I have gone to my family and they are upset that I'm upset but no one can figure it out. I tell them what I'm dealing with and they say did you wash your clothes with a towel maybe? Like I am an idiot. I can even use a towel anymore because of the amount of cotton that comes off of it.

I think it might be clothes moths since these things are embedded in my clothes.

Please post back if you find an answer. I am using Kleen Green and I had a mite cream prescribed to me and I see an improvement but it might be too soon to tell.

Nov 21, 2016
anybody in teno
by: hayner

Please contact me on this site, Janie, as someone in Reno. We need to talk as the medical professionals seem to keep trying to say this is a mental health issue and/or an addiction to illegal drug problem. It's a cop out because nurses here are highly uneducated. See Washoe County website re: Fleas and chiggers. They don't even know what chiggers are. We have them. Our climate change makes even pesticide companies in ept.. It's sad because more and more people will be untreated because of ignorance and stereo typing. The worst discrimination you can have when someone is suffering in this day and age.

Nov 20, 2016
Losing my mind too
by: Nightmare

I'm having the SAME symptoms since one year now.
At first thought they were lice, now I just wish they were.
Anyhow, does anybody have following symptoms;
- Hair can't be combed when wet due to s glue like substance on scalp.
- constant itching
- I'm finding these very small "fuzz" like balls everywhere and they stick to the clothes even after dryer. They are now mostly dark red/orange.
- Seedy /gritty specks on skin, yet when removed they look either like the lint/fuzz things or like a tiny white or brown spot.
- The tip of my fingers looks as if all the skin peels, however, when hands are wet I can see tiny worm like things there and can rub them off with lactic acid toner.
-Tiny white flakes are everywhere: floor, car, walls and they sometimes have a snail like trail behind them.
- Eyebrows and lashes itch like crazy too and are sticky.
- The tiny specks fly off me and is visible in sunlight.
- Glitter on floor (think this is part of the slimy white thing.
-If I rub my body after shower, these gritty things come out and on tape do look like white/translucent tadpoles.

Went to 6 doctors and was diagnosed with everything from shingles to ringworm, yet no meds helped.
I am convinced that these things are one of 3 things (at first thought they were mold spores, yet a $500 inspection didn't find crazy spore levels).

1: strongloides
2: Larvae of the webbing or case making cloth moth
3: walking dandruff mite (but that wouldn't explain the worm thing).
I am either gong to send a sample to a lab or make an appointment with a parasite Doctor.
I'm in the Seattle area, please let me know if anybody has a good doctor or lab.
Thanks so much

Nov 06, 2016
Bird Mites
by: cj

I understand all of your pain. It is a nightmare. But what I found is that the worms I have turn into these black dots. Look at one of them under a microscope and you will see they are bird/ rat mites. Look up a picture of them and compare them to the black dots you are seeing. This may not be what you have but it is the horrible reality of what I have, the worms are just a stage before they form into bird mites. They get in every part of your body. If you see one of the red dots and take a needle to pick the black spot out you will see that it is a bird mite. You can get them from bird nests that are near your house and when the birds leave the nest these mites move to the nearest animal or human they can find. It is the worst thing ever, my own personal plague. I use rubbing alcohol over my entire body after I shower and where it is not healthy I spray myself down with Bird and Lice spray from the pet store. Finally, I put on an anti itch lotion on. Now it will itch right after doing that because they are coming out of your skin but they then come off of you. It has helped me to be able to live my life without constantly scratching all of the time. There is not a cure and I do find that salt water in my mouth at night keeps me from waking up without the almost foamy mouth. I hope for all of your sakes that these mites are not what you have but just in case you should check out the black dots just to make sure. Then you might be able to throw out any bird nests near your house. You have to eliminate the problem. I also find that they love milk and I love milk myself. I am sorry to you all that you are going through this and I will pray that God will offer you some relief.

Oct 16, 2016
Meth Mites
by: Tweak

I have all the same symptoms everyone else on here does. When I can finally catch one and keep it intact, it always dries up or gets lost(maybe crawls away) before I can show it to anybody. I do use meth as a recreational drug and people who know that keep joking about my "METH MITES) and think I'm just a tweaked/picker. Meth definately doesn't help but is not the cause either. I am going to try salt, herbal fiberlife, florafood and Barley life. No more drugs, less sugar and eat healthy and clean everyday, I will post my results.

Oct 15, 2016
by: Mirna

THEYRE A TYPE OF FLUKE WORM..Ivermectin will help keep numbers down but the doctors I've been to are unfamiliar with them in your skin. A post from last year by Ray said that SALT WORKST, I'm about to give it a go because it makes perfect sense that it kills fluke worm as they're a FRESH WATER PARASITE. You feel like you have several different types of parasites at once, but most of the things you're seeing are the different stages of this parasite. I discovered what it was by accident thinking I was going crazy seeing 4 different types of parasite in my lounge room but it was the different stages of the lifecycle of fluke worm (which I of course collected samples and had Them confirmed as fluke by both a doctor and a vet) it has a very long period before it hits adult stages in your body and it can be 6 months before you realise you have it. It's very common in southern parts of Australia for both humans and adults with a tonne of prescription cures available but nothing on how to cure it in your skin and the doctors have never heard of it other than the common liver, intestinal, blood flukes etc. I'm quite excited to try the salt method as it makes perfect sense from everything I've read about fluke worms. I'll post in a couple of weeks if it makes a significant difference. By the way.. I don't believe that the people being told you have morgellans is true.. I think you'll have better luck researching fluke worm (even though nothing much on skin infestation) but you'll feel a whole lot better when the symptoms match yours and it's an actual parasite and not something only half the medical world believe in. Hope this helps some of you. It's such a lonely process but have faith.. I do now :)

Sep 12, 2016
hope this helps

I used Bag Balm put it on my face and it draw out all white worms , so than i did my body , it was disgusting waited 5 minutes jump in hot shower to remove bag balm than turn down to cooler water to open pores ,

Sep 01, 2016
Dementia and Parasites?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Amy,
So sorry to hear that your Grandfather is dealing with dementia (and the family therefore as a result). It's a tough thing to go through and really heartbreaking for many.

If you are saying that in addition to the dementia he is also suffering from the symptoms describe by the Christine, the person who started this page, then the answer to your question would be yes.

The suggestions for cleansing and building the immune system to tackle parasites in the body and the related symptoms are applicable to both men and women.

No one can say whether or not the dementia would improve by following the above suggestions, because we don't know what has brought on the dementia.

However, it is my belief that the best solution to most health issues is to put the body in the best possible position for its natural God-given healing properties to work.

Try to eliminate the underlying issues (parasites, toxins, allergens, chemicals, sugar, etc) and provide as much nutritional support as possible.

Not everyone agrees, but that is the foundation of my belief when it comes to tackling health issues in my family.

All the best to you as you seek to help your Grandfather.


Sep 01, 2016
by: Amy

My grandfather has these symptoms and they are real. Is the same organic treatment necessary for a male as a female? Apple cider etc?

Jul 24, 2016
you have strongloides hypa-infection
by: Doug Vianale

This is not good news.it gets worse in time..face& head sores the are nematodes in your body skin and blood & intestines and your lungs. I have this infection for 5 years now.there is no total cure. It can be managed. You need a prescription for ivermectin and anti-parasitic drugs..clove ground up helps with killing some eggs.wormwood is also an herb that helps.. but it is not curable..And western doctors no nothing about tropical parasitic infections.. look for a south American doctor who may have seen this disease. I live in south Florida. Please read and Google strongloides hypa infection... God bless.

Jun 18, 2016
look into this
by: Steve

Culicoide infection. Likely a fly or a midge. Buffalo gnats are a bad one too. Onchiocerciasis. Search and read.

Jun 18, 2016
Sounds like this
by: Steve

Larva Migrans ( No, it's not a headache that only larva get). You will need specific tests for the type of larva and then the correct medications. Giemsa stain, antibody, or Elisa. Something that will specifically identify the strain or genome. This pertains to many nematodes. Not just Hookworm. Go forth and be healed.

Jun 10, 2016
White Hair Worm
by: Barb

This thank you goes out to "Chris May 25, 2014". I did not see anyone comment on your out of the box solution so I assume no one tried it. Well let me tell you, I did and it is unbelievable---IT WORKS---. I used Fixodent Denture Adhesive, it not only removed white lines it brought up the black dots as well. I will repeat this process until the soars are all clean. For the redness I use Desitin cream (used for baby dipper rash)it heals and stops the burning immediately on contact..

After I determined that they were worms of sort, I started using Tinactin (used to treat ring worm). I use the cream on my feet and use the powder spray in my shoes before and after wearing also spray bedding and clothes. I started to see a slow improvement. I am going to continue using these two items with hope all these critters will die off and be gone. Three years I have not worn short sleeves I am hoping in a week or two I will be able to.

May 19, 2016
white threadlike worms
by: linda

I've been going thru this for 8 yrs.I've been to different dermatologists.first one gave me a nerve pill.told me irs from picking my head.last one said it's dermatitis.I'm losing my mind.I've used everything but the kitchen sink on scalp.my. eyes r being affected as well.there r days I have to go to sleep cuz I can't open them they hurt so bad.I am now going on Prozac.everyone thinks it's from the meds I take.allergic reaction.I've used lice shampoo. At least twenty times thru the yrs.I look in a magnify glass at these things.I itch itch itch.I pick my scabs on scalp till they bleed.my hair on mirror have these thread Luke worms around normmal hair n my normal hair moves back n forth.then I get white pasty white u like shaped on my hair strands.I feel them crawling.I'm losing my mind

Apr 03, 2016
The best help I can offer...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Julie,

I can only reiterate what I have said before to those who have come before you. No one can diagnose someone over the internet, but the basic principles of good health, including cleansing your body internally with natural anti-parasitic herbs, etc., and boosting your immune system with a good diet and quality nutritional supplements is the best place to start, in my opinion.

I can't (nor can anyone else) guarantee that following the parasite cleansing protocol I suggest will cure all your issues, but they certainly should help.

I personally use most of the supplements that I suggest on this site, so I'm quite confident in their quality and efficacy. I wouldn't waste my own money otherwise.

At least when using the AIM products you have the option of a money back guarantee, so you can hardly go wrong trying them for yourself to see if they make a difference in your own circumstances and condition.

I'm not about to spend my time arguing with people who come along and attack me and/or this website for the efforts I put forth to help people improve their health. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if someone can't keep their comments civil and constructive, I have no obligation to allow their vitriol to remain on my website. They are plenty of other places they can air their opinions.

I have spent countless unpaid hours compiling information and answering questions, etc, with a desire to help. No one is required to follow my suggestions, but I am blessed when I receive positive feedback from those who are helped and are feeling better than ever.

All we can do is share what we know in a positive way and allow each individual take responsibility for their own decisions in what path they choose to follow to achieve good health. My preference is to first seek natural remedies and nutritional support for most problems and only go for sythetic drugs, etc., as an absolute last resort. That is my choice and my right. You must make your own choices and live with them.

Okay, sorry about the gentle rant. Sometimes I just have to get on my soapbox when I get to the last straw. :)


Mar 28, 2016
by: Julie

Is there a cure!! We have it, bad!!! Eventually big blah slugs will fall from your head!!! Help us!!! We're at that point!!!

Mar 16, 2016
"Suffering In Silence" 😔
by: Joyce From Jersey

I've had this horrible affliction since January 2015 and probably even before that. But, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I contracted it and how many times I could have contracted it, because from what I've researched(which has been sooo much research) you could have been exposed to this more than once....Anyway, This is such a painful..painful debilitating disease or whatever you want you call it, as it has taken sooo much from me. My body, face,hands and scalp are covered in these lesions that won't heal or take forever to heal. They ooze constantly, and there are sooo many fiber-like things that have come out of them. I'm convinced that there is parasitic connection also as I have seen very suspicious specimens that have come from me. I now also suffer from deep muscle pains, joint pain, my hands cramp up constantly(which I also get raised white lines that run along my veins), abdominal pain, headaches, muscle twitching and jerking, vision problems now (which is getting worse),sleep problems, and there are many more other things, but it is too much to list. There is sooo much stuff that this Morgellons does to us as sufferers. I feel for everyone that is going through this. I have said to my sister recently, "I hope this doesn't kill me" as I feel like it is at some times. It has taken away my joy for life as I was a very happy person and on the go all the time. Now...I barely got out and barely can get out, other than to go to a doctors appointment or get my necessities from the store. I have to cover myself up from head to toe because my body is ruined from the scarring it has left behind. It has made me anxiety ridden and depressed. The only thing that keeps me going is my kitty cats :) Thank God for them!! Right now, I'm on an antibiotic- Doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 30 days to start from a Dermatologist I just started seeing last week. Along with a Tar-like ingredient shampoo and also this stuff called "Cutar" for baths soaks 2 times a day (10 minutes each time). I don't know if this stuff will help, as I just received it yesterday and will try it today. I have to say from being on the antibiotics for a week or so now, I've noticed a crazy amounts of stuff coming out of my lesions and body now! I seem to be more painful now than I was before and I've been really painful for a long time, so how could I be any worse. But I am. In the past I've done epsom salt baths and they make a lot stuff come out as I see it in the water after I'm done. It only relieves me for about an hour and then I start feeling crappy again, but at least I'm getting the stuff out of me. I've read the comments here and will try doing the salt thing. It can't hurt. But I wanted to share a link if anyone is interested, because I highly recommend it for anyone who is suffering from this horrible affliction. It's called "Morgellons Disease Awareness"--Morgellons disease pictures,images,photos. Some of the pictures really blew my mind as most of them are what is happening to me and I would venture to say for alot, if not happening to all of you. I am hoping maybe there is someone in the New Jersey area that is going through the same thing as I am and maybe we can connect. I am very happy to have found this site, even though I already knew, that I'm not alone with this Morgellons thing. There are many, many, many people out there who are suffering and I just hope someday we can all be cured. Because right now, I believe there is no cure. I do have to say that I've been around my sister and my father and they are not showing any signs of this..yet... Well, let me know what you guys think. At least we will have each other for advice on things we can do or for just someone to listen....Good Luck To Everyone as I hope we can somehow find some relief and God Bless.

Mar 09, 2016
I have theSame thing!!
by: Katie

Oh my god! I cant believe how many people online are talking about this i have the same thing going on.it feels like it is killing me slowly.i cant believe everything u have said i am going through.but finding the small orange things.anyway,is it on your scalp at all?this is how i became aware of it,it feels like i have lice,i am also seeing mite-like things all over,if u find out what this is or anything that helps aleveate them please let me know!

Mar 09, 2016
white worm like parasite. EXTERNAL!!!
by: tracieb

This is ridiculous. Someone needs to help us. I have suffered with this 'thing'....these 'things' for 5 years now. I decided I would not even worry about trying to find out what it is if only I could get the right treatment. A CURE. But I have tried everything plus to no avail. No help no relief at all. And yes now I want and need to know what this 'thing' is. Someone tell us!! This is 'All About Parasites'. Right?? Tell us a cure externally. We alrady know internally and that has not helped at all for external! Please. Oh my!!

Feb 25, 2016
White Hair Like Worm
by: Di

Go to feed store, buy food grade diatomaceous earth.
Mix it in your food, as well as your pets.
Get some silver antibacterial, and watch what happens.
I hope it gets better for you soon. REMEMBER, you are not alone.

Feb 01, 2016
Need guidance
by: Desperate

Just two weeks ago I started to notice a bump almost blister like on my index finger, I thought is this a wart? Then two days later realized it went from one bump to three around the same area. Then two days after another finger, a day after another finger. I put duct tape on them at first even now bc I don't want them to come out. On Saturday 1/30/2016, I took a hot bath in the morning, afterwards I saw three pearly whites on the bend of my thumb, fourth finger and pinky all on my right hand. As I took picture of the thumb then moved to other two fingers, the thumb one disappeared. At that point I knew I'm dealing with parasites. Very scared. I've been going to acupuncture for a doctor caused damaged central and autonomic nervous system. After taking herbal meds. With acupuncture these parasites showed themselves. I pulled one out yesterday on the left thumb.

RAY or ANYONE!! Do you know what brand of salt like soap or what shampoo do I purchase? Is it regular table salt? Do I use salt to wash my face too? I felt them on my face last night.
How long is their incubation period once we see an egg like bump encased? How much time do I have before they come out of my skin?

Please help! I want to go and purchase all the things I need asap today and start fighting them. Should I use salt to wash my hair? Or add salt to my shampoo and do that way?

Do you recommend me to see a doctor or just start the regimen in this war?

Please respond soon

Jan 17, 2016
by: K.W


Jan 03, 2016
hair like worm
by: fawn

its what i call a shisma short for shisiomoisas. it is as exactly as you described, when you have this it is usually by drinking contaminated water. and yes, in the usa, but usually when this is presant in us citisenz it is also associated with 4 or even 5 other kinds of worms and often accompanied by a micro beetle infestation and or scabbie, maybe u see a black fly , looks like a gnat,this is a mutation that did not form when the books were written in the 1500 and then again in the 1800 but since the gulf war has become so prevailent , the doctors have been told protocal when this condition is suspected, but have been warned not to divolge any info pertaining to it. bambi@swva.net

Dec 27, 2015
Anybody in Reno NV ?
by: Janie

I am so scared and would feel great relif to be able to talk with anybody in my home town. Soo is there anybody out there suffering from this or has syimotoms but not sure? If so PLEAS lets talk so were not alone in this..

Dec 19, 2015
Ray salt really work?
by: 5 years

Ray, like anyone with morgellons I am desperate. I've tried salt in the past, but only briefly and not spray--I am definitely going to try your advice and I pray it works.

I have Morgellons all over my body, even in my mouth. I've been suffering for over 5 years, same story as everyone else: doctors shamed me, spent thousands on essential oils, silver, you name it.

There are some shameless charlatans out there that have made a fortune selling their "cures" to sufferers. Some sound really authentic. The best rule of thumb when determining whether a shared story about a cure is trustworthy is if the writer is hawking products--especially something of their own--forget about it, they are hustlers taking advantage of vulnerable sufferers. An no, Nutra Silver and colidal silvers do not work.

It's not going away, just getting more aggressive. Sometimes the symptoms happen during the day, the crawling and itching. In the beginning it only happened in the middle of the night. I have red lines all over my face, crawing sensations around nose, eyes and mouth, every inch of my body is affected. I have lumps and small bumps all over my legs, ribs, arms--and feel crawling sensations in them at night. It's awful.

My poor cats and dogs are affected--everyone of us are suffering, My husband has it but won't admit it, prefering to call me crazy. He is afraid of things unknown to the medical community, so he simply denies the existence.

I do know this: it won't kill you. It only goes several layers deep under the skin. It helped me a lot to come to that conclusion. Being afraid really screws with the mind, the anxiety ends up making us paranoid and vulnerable.

My dog is 15 and it hasn't killed her, but she suffers terribly, itching constantly.

For those of us who are even a tiny bit vain, it's rough. I think it feeds on keratin or collagen, so wrinkles galore, premature aging for sure. Other than that, it's just a permanent struggle that fills us with despair.

I am a college educated woman who believes in science and cause and effect relationships. I don't subscribe to a lot of the theories about morgellons--I prefer the scientific method of determining what things are. I hate that I have to say this but: I am not crazy! Sadly, some people who think they suffer from skin parasites are "crazy" in that they are truly suffering from some kind of delusional mental illness, and they make it hard for the rest of us. Really hard.
I actually considered the possibility that I was crazy. In fact, as many of real sufferers will tell you, we would be happy to find out we are delusional because then we could get treatment and end this nightmare!

What is frustrating is that if we are crazy, why do most of us, the majority of us have the exact same symptoms? We all experience the same itching, stinging, crawling sensations; we all see the tiny hair-like things under our skin, we all experience the "black specs" on our skin (by the way, I think the specs are dried blood that gets pushed out when the parasite emerges from it's home under the skin). We all started out with lesions.

However, the infection does affect our mental health. Yes, I am a compusive tweezer since I got the infection/enfestation. But that doesn't mean I'm crazy, it just means I've become compusive about the disease. It happens. I simply can't ignore this thing when it's on my face (especially my poor nose). And I keep hoping that somehow, some way, I will be able to identify what this thing is...

In my reading I've noticed some similar traits in sufferers: many are women, post-menopause (could the lack of estrogen prevent our bodies from fighting it off?). Many of us are disabled from working, thus we are sedentary (does that make us an easier target) and a lot of us take some kind of pain medicine. The pain meds thing ended up biting us in the ass (no pun intended) because it gave the CDC and other docs the ammo to say we were indeed, delusional. Not so.

Personally I think Morgellons is a bug that came over from China or somewhere in Asia, or, it is a genetically modified organism created by some giant chemical company or the military as a pesticide--a project that went woefully wrong. I don't understand why doctors and the medical community keep writing us off as delusional when the majority of us have the same symptoms, see the same things. Wouldn't that rule out psychosis?

Anyway, I'll try the salt. It's cheap and relatively harmless (compared to bleach and other chemicals I've put on my skin in desperation). Good luck to you all :)

Oct 10, 2015
its morgellioms
by: liz

Those r fibers u will probably also notice small white bumps and black pepper like dots on ur skin. Look up morgellions symptoms. The CDC says their is no such disease and yet who did they hire to do the research and report on it, the military. Why would the CDC send something out source it to the military if , well what could that mean? They developed it and know about it.

Sep 21, 2015
dr.s not treating but patient dump to a psych ward
by: kelly

Renown in Reno, NV
Start naming these quacks.
Get the word out about incompetence and sue! The issue is real.
Class action????
It only takes courage to expose the wanna bees. Lets also strive for a cure

Sep 17, 2015
by: Sarah

But who wants bleach on their skin?

Sep 17, 2015
Bathe in what?
by: Sarah


What damage could do, bathe in bleach?

Listen to Ray, he seems to have the simplest and most effective answer.

Put salt
Bathe in it
Salt spray house and furniture
Put it in your bed, your clothes, sprinkle on your carpets
Use salt like soap in shower

I have a book on old remedies and the most effective things in this book to do with any inside conditions are:

cider vinegar and garlic which will take care of your immune system too

I am going through the same thing, I'm going with SALT for the outside and vinager and garlic on the inside. I know garlic is something they hate....rubbed raw garlic on them, itch stopped immediately so if I'm full of garlic, I'm sure they will give up.

So new bloggers, SALT everywhere, listen listen listen.......SALT!

Aug 18, 2015
get rid of worms under skin
by: Lynn

Try sun powder with bleach laundry detergent in your bath soak for 5to7min rinse off in shower dry off you will see it coming out of your skin.

Aug 07, 2015
cant take this anymore
by: inAhellHole

So I have been pulling my hair out,stressing to the fullest about what is going on with me. I've finally come to this site and must say I've now had some relief just knowing other people are going through this to and I'm not just going insane. The moving white hair fibers,the red and blue fibers,the black itchy specs,the lesions,the white sticky worm looking thing sticking to the scab as I pull it off,the worms I pluck with tweezers for a couple hrs a day from the lesion and also the moving white fibers,the white hairs I have all over my body(which I can't seem to see anybody saying that one)the vaginal problem...I have literally let this disease take over my whole life. I no longer work. I suffer from severe anxiety,depression,and bi-polar already so this just makes EVERYTHING 100xx worse. I have been feeling suicidal lately BC of this and finding it hard to keep believing in my faith. I have tried tea tree oil and neem oil with no success. Borax with no success and I don't exactly have the money to be buying salts and more oils and all these vitamins and cleansers so I find myself stuck. To make this all worse I believe my fiance is now getting it. He does a great job at ignoring all signs and tells me its all in my head. I've showed him,its clearly not. I do take methadone but am detoxing from this. I no longer want to be around my family and it kills me to not be able to the sister,aunt,cousin,fiance,and daughter I know I can be. I guess I just needed to vent this BC I feel theres just no where else to turn.

Jul 07, 2015
by: Renee

I guess nothing that I have read comes closer to describing what I have been going through for a long time. The small feather appearance, the hair like worm, in the hair folic acid, clear or white. I have discovered these fellas have some real skills. They are very intelligent, and have the ability to dequise themselves like a Camelion. The permethrin helps to thin them out, but they seem to just build up a resistance to it.Not to mention how toxic it is.
Much longer than 2 years fighting this burden.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 27, 2015
salt is the answer!!!!!!
by: ray

Look i'm cured But you have to be aggressive. Salt everything fabric, then mist with salt water.. Scrub yourself with salt like it was soap. I put salt inside my shoes and my socks. I would eat a tablespoon in the morning and night. No one is going to help you!!!! Their is no money in a cure!! I promise you this works!!! If it don't I want you to post it.But if it does work. we need to get the word out.. Post it here. tell your Dr. tell your friends. The bigger stink we raise the more we help!!!! If you know any website for morgellons that you can post this. Please do.. Get the word out please!! Who knows how bad this could get.. Thank You

Apr 16, 2015
I too have been suffering
by: Gail

http://www.morgellons-research.org/morgellons/morgellonsinfection.htm Blue green algae works for me the best.You can get it capsule form at any Nature food store. Might wanna look up Morgellon fibers

Mar 17, 2015
wish it was simply that i was Crazy !!
by: Lucy

...Crazy would've been so much easier to deal with. Ive just over the last few days accepted and realized what was happening to me, its strange but true the different causes for out break, i can vouch that drugs bring it on,sugar,and am witnessing with myself that stress does it too. I just watched a program on TV about Aliens and how they could be hiding in plain sight here on earth, it went into & over their anatomy and ours, then low and behold suggested that Morgellons is a disease brought here by Aliens,which is why its basically new and reaching epidemic portions!!! It was on Destination America channel called truth about aliens or something like that, I encourage my fellow friends suffering from this insanity pain to look it up. But yeah i read everybody's comments from top to bottom, and i can honestly say I've experienced all of what you are all describing. I was actually getting ready to go to the ER and then stumbled across this after searching for days! i may still go to get my hands on RX dewormer, but i am gonna stockup on all the suggestions , i just did the sea salt face scrub and although i have some ugly open sores from freaking out trying to rip the little bastards off MY skin (feel so violated!) The salt scrub did leave me feeling clean and havent seen or felt any little hair worms etc. Im gonna continue with that,entire body, do like a girl on here said and shave my whole entire body, thats a great idea.then im gonna continue to follow all of your alls Great ideas etc.im also taking herbal cleanse as said, from Walgreens called first cleanse, 2 bottles 1 day time detox and 1 a nighttime colon cleanse, i think it will help if i can survive the stomach cramps prior to expelling the toxic waste!
Im so thankful for this site and all you amazing ladies who have braved thru this hell, sharing your experiences with us all, im bipolar and battle anxiety & depression and must confess ive felt very suicidal going thru this lonely embarrassing destructive disease!! I woke up this morning with my Entire right bottom lip unbelievablely swollen & burning !!From research i belive this says a lot about how badly it is tearing my systems defenses down! Legs swelling as well.the same sores you all describe on my legs arms and Now my face has joined in the rebellion lol (trying to find the humor) i wish i could post photos of some of these things on here to get your feed back on. Thank you all again for sharing, with out your comments i wouldn't have even seen half of what i missed was happening to me if i didn't know to look.like i always scrub my tongue when brushing but a suggestion saying to do this thoroughly had me looking & i don't know how bad it couldve gotten, but i went directly to my toothbrush and began choking myself scrubbing & was Horrified to see what came off that id been missing!! Does anyone know if the neck,back,joint & headaches are definitely from our condition ? I too am suffering from that stuff now as well.and i do have it in my nose and long stringy gunk in the corner of my eyes.i have to blow my nose 100 times a day ?!! And i do fear that its gonna go to my brain and cause serious ireversal damage.i finally had confessed what i was going thru to a so called friend today,who thought it was funny and says that We All have this,its a normal function that just can get irritated and overwhelm your senses. Sounds good, but then why dont doctors know more if anything about it ?!?! And if your so comfortable with it then why didnt he inform me of his own condition, although he never admitted having it, i could easily see, pick up on that he was more then familiar with it !! Then after reading a comment about the feathery ones & its detailed description, It All made since and i can recall seeing these things stuck in his beard and clothes etc. Thinking he needs a lint roller. But did it stop him from giving me hug every time I'd see him !?! Or sitting on my couch, using my hand towels ?!! I mean wtf !!i now know and feel obligated to inform my boyfriend and anyone else that could possibly be exposed,and i will certainly keep myself clear of touching hugging ,visiting anybody in fear of unleashing this hell on someone, i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!! And ive got a few !! LOL
good luck to everyone, please continue to inform and educate!! I'll check in & let yall know how its working out for Me. Oh yeah, to the Doctor lady, or anyone that knows, what do you think about gargling with coconut oil for 20 min.s pertaining to this? Supposed to pull bacteria out the body thru the mouth. I mean is this viral or bacterial or what ?!.and to the salt girl, how long do you soak in the salt water ? And how does it survive? Blood, skin, Fear ?!?!

Mar 11, 2015
I get it to
by: tanya

I only get it when my body is stressed out n at times it seems like It starts when I touch a dig. But I have no allgeries to anything.. The only thing that helps me is taking zannys. I only take a fourth of a bar 4xs a day.. I have a few people I know that this happens to n they all take a zannic to take it away. N it help dogs to. I infect my dog check ur dogs hair now the way they act next time u get it.

Dec 24, 2014
by: adrian

I have the little white feathers coming out of my skin to I have worms in my nose and I have been diagnosed with scabies I live in Dallas and a lot of people here have scabies use Epsom salt 2 cups in a bath and scrub with a washcloth apply baby oil with small amounts of the Epsom salt in it and apply all over your body gets rid of them wash everything read up on scabies but epson salt get rid of them
Hope this helps I put Epsom salt in my bed in my carpet everywhere I got crazy with it put it in my wallet in my wife's purse and it works

Dec 18, 2014
The identity of the worms and more...
by: Maynard

they are acanthocephalans...tiny spiny headed worms, and yes, they are the cause of Morgellons. Look them up, take oral paste wormer ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, available at feed store. Use epsom salt ni bath, 3 c, plux a box of baking soda. Paint yourslf with bakig soda before bath and watch the worms come off your skin. Vacuum every say, cos they dry up when out of your body, but can revive when they come into contact agauin and be resorbed, as someone mentioned, white flakes...kinda grey, very small.

Oct 07, 2014
by: LMrent

I knew I wasn't crazy and I hate that we are a going through so much pain. But I have started using salt. It's only been three days and I think it's working. I'm very thankful to have come across this site

Aug 31, 2014
Salt works
by: Ray

Look i went through hell for years. The only thing i had was rite aid anti bacterial lotion. That works for releif!!!! It doesnt fix it. Salt kills it. I promise!!! You have to spray your whole house with salt water.EVERYTHING That is so you dont keep reinfecting yourself. I put salt in my shoes and socks!!! That is very important! Then use salt like soap and scrub with it. I would eat teaspoon of salt in the morning and at night to get your insides I beleive it is all through us. repeat that a couple times i promise you will get rid of it, i put a post on here over a year ago. im clean thank god.

Aug 29, 2014
White hair like worm
by: Lucy H

I have had these worms since April 2011. I feel like I'm dying. I am now so weak I am having to use a walker. My entire body seems to have worms. At the dentist, after a cleaning, my dentist was checking my mouth and kept pulling out stringy white material. She asked me how long the sluffing had been going on. They are in my sinus. I actually saw a worm comr out of my tear duct and I swear it peed. No wonder I feel so bad, all the waste from the worms is in my body. Also have white moth like parasites that land on skin & just melt into skin. I was told it was Morgellans disease. The parasite in my hair clips hair @ 1/4 from scalp leaving end of hair intact & injects tiny eggs into hair root. When hair grows out it is already a worm hair. They move all the time and hair is falling out that has been clipped. It looks just like a tiny scorpion.
I've been admitted twice cause the dr's think I'm nuts. The others keep giving me antipsychotic drugs which I don't take. I take a very sharp thumbnail and slice what are bigger in half. They come out in stool, but are still moving. Also taking black walnut shell elixir (Dr OZ) 5 drops in 1/2 cup cold beverage. There is no flavor so I take with water. Anybody out there have any ideas please let me know. I have a feeling I don't have much time left

Aug 29, 2014
Also want to add to my last post!
by: linisin2it

I also wanted to add that you want to be sure to clean everything. I had seen these things at the high of my infestation where they were sitting on the towel bar, night stand, even saw some things that showed up on a fresh shirt that I had just put on etc. I also want to change the mixture of the vinegar. What I do is add vinegar (either white or apple) to a large measuring glass and then just add a little water so that it is not full strength so you don't burn your skin or scalp. If you have time to let it sit on you for ten minutes or so even better. I always only wear my clothes once because I notice when things were at there worse at my house, I had put freshly cleaned clothes that I hung for a couple days would itch me if I put them on and they had not been kept in a container. It gets better as you go as long as you keep up with the cleaning, the washing, the cleaning of sheets daily. If you cannot clean them every night at least put in the dryer on hottest heat for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Also I found that the clothing tape rollers I used constantly to remove stuff from my clothes, my back, from tables or anywhere I could to eliminate whatever this stuff was that not only was on me but was showing up in my house. I wonder if this stuff is bothering my dog because even though he takes a heartworm pill & has flea & tick stuff on him I have been seeing him scratch himself. Not sure if your pets are bothered by this as well. NOTE: Do yourself a favor and go out and buy a 5X mirror. That was the only way that I could finally see what was going on in my hair. Also after I felt safe I had my mother look through my hair with a magnifying glass and see had seen some of those white dots and some things attached to my scalp that were making my scalp itchy. First 2 weeks I did not have my hotwater heater set hot enough. Needs to be 130 or above in order to kill this stuff in the washing machine because I would see this stuff floating out of the machine and stuff was building up on the ceiling above my washing machine. I even notice a hair like worm still moving before I had put it in the dryer. Check your hotwater heater setting.
Above 130 is best! I am also taking black walnut pills that I got at a vitamin store which is good at killing parasites in your body. I am going to a holistic doctor next week to tell my sorted tale and see what kind of stuff he suggests. Do yourself a favor and start taking samples before you get rid of this stuff. I failed to because I thought it was just lice because I had never had before and then as I started describing it to family members they said doesn't sound like lice, something else was obviously going on. I have some proof left but not when my place was at its wildest (jungle) I was afraid this was going to be my life because it went on so long and no one could come around me. I told my parents if this goes on much longer I'm toast. I got it from a salon because I saw stuff floating out of a woman's hair having it dried and later saw the same thing happening to my head, then I noticed these little white dot things that you could almost miss if you didn't look close enough. Started putting things together. I have my Mom check my head weekly to make sure there isn't anything on my back or the back of my head that I can't see. Keep checking your clothes and your shirt. Use tape lint roller as much as you can to eliminate this stuff from your clothes before you put on and after you put on to rid yourself. Keep it up!

Aug 28, 2014
This will cure your problem
by: Linisin2it

I think I’m cured! It took me a month to figure out what was going on. It started with little white dots and when they grew into white string/worms on my skin which were biting/leaving marks and made my skin feel like I had rolled in insulation. I washed all my clothes in hot water and you must have hotwater heater set at least 130 degrees in order to kill them. Then dry in hottest setting. You need to shower and scrub your back with vinegar and rinse it also through your hair everyday. One cup vinegar to 1/4 cup water usually works well. I then rubbed hydrogen peroxide all over my skin and let it dry. I then apply baby power or GoldBond powder to my back or any itchy areas so I don't scratch. After doing this for a week I have not seen any worms on me or in my hair. Note that when the babies hatch they come from your head. If you see any zig zap or “s” shaped fuzz like stuff coming from your head while drying your hair or notice it flying around your head it is the new babies. Check your head for any raised pimple or scab like things on your head and pull them off. It is a hard core like thing which the babies came from. Keep all this up and you will be free of them. If you are broken out with red itchy marks try using cortisone cream and it will clear up your skin. If need be, if you see a doctor say you have eczema and they will prescribe script strength cream to get rid of the broke out redness from your skin. Then start the process outlined above. Also be careful with your clothes.
I only clean a few days of clothes a head of time and then keep them in an airtight container because these things can get in your clothes causing you to itch! This will work, it did for me!

Aug 13, 2014
I have had all the above!!!!
by: Tree

I know your pain! I have 3 kids that have picked up the parasite as well. My husband too, even if he refused to admit it. I not only have ben told I am "delusional". Thought I was going crazy!!! I wouldn't leave my house only to buy bleach and cleanser to scrub my house down every day. I had hope,that I could eliminate it from spreading to my family. I had (spit off) it would spit out of my skin and shoot across the room! Sometimes I didn't even know it was happening. I went to E.R. Specialist, family D.R. and shrink. only to find out That I not crazy, and the creams help but they wont prescribe enough to rid for good. there is always a micro few some where that still where there and started all over. So I went and Bought permethrin concentrate made a mix for a spray bottle.( Fleet Farm) And I went and did room by room every sofa, bed mattress wiped every chair floor remote,carpet. ect... I even found I could add a sm. amount to my cleaners (pinesol, Mr. clean) now you need to be careful!!! and make sure you measure correctly! It will keep on working for 3mo. I had to take all my animals to the vet, because they all had it to. The vet informed me that a lot of parasites can live on synthetic fibers. I.E.(carpet, sofa, pillows,) so it may not be on you, it may be in your things. Going back and fourth. I added Tea tree oil to all shampoo's, conditioners lotions. Everyone pre rinsed there mouth with peroxide then brushed teeth 3 times day. I gave all a probiotic, dog's get Iams with probiotic in it. You will feel 1000% better! Lot of work don't give up! And if you have the littlest bit of it coming back make sure to do it all over till it's gone! It will go!!!!! Go out into the sun!!!! Take care

May 31, 2014
white hair like worms
by: Maria

wow finally I found a site where there is people going threw the same thing we are. Its been over a year and I have a dog and he has the same things we all have. Ive had my dog to 2 different vets and over $300 and no releif. we have found a few things that have helped some but not completely. one is dish liquid and peroxide or vinegar and peroxide. I would give almost anything in this world to get rid of em. Im not sure how many of you have noticed that they get in your food too. this is one of the worse part we have dealt with. I cant stand my house a mess like this with no food in the house to cook or eat. if we keep food its in a storage container in the fridge.so gonna try the salt thing and see if that will help us out. so if anyone finds something that works really good please email me and let me know.

May 29, 2014
Long termer with same problem
by: Niki

I have been told Lyme and Lupus. I could go on and on but I would tell you that sunblock every day every time you shower will help and moisture to wipe off make up - use a lotion. This stuff or lil bug lives and breeds itself on dry skin -so if your scalp dries out expect to see them on your scalp and hair if your skin dries out expect them on the dryness and not just water moister -you have to have sustainable moisture. I have been fighting this battle for six years and still no long-term answer. Doctors ***practice ***medicine and I have not found one with an answer yet. I use the 30 SPF at night in a 60 in the day, and every time I sweat I reapply. The sunblock keeps them at bay from reentering the skin and allows them to be washed off with the residue in the shower. When I have extra time I wipe down completely with a lotion before entering the shower- that way I can wipe off more of them instead of them running down to places I don't wanted to be when I'm in the shower. Good luck and good health to you all!

May 25, 2014
white worm
by: chris

Found an acidental fix.Poligrip ultra a denture fixative.Apply like a cream and the beasties immediatly evacuate to the surface but cant go anywhere because there stuck in the fixative.Simply use tweezers to lift off the skin and wipe with a baby wipe. Target the dry areas of skin be amazed and relieved.Nightmare over for me hope it works for others,worth a go and as I said its instant,they dont like it.

May 22, 2014
by: Donna

Reading all the posts has been encouraging and helpful Thank you all I felt alone and depressed and hopelessly helpless My Doctor says that I have ocd even though I took pictures, samples, all the usual that most do I only ended up frustrated and angry At this point I am to see a dermatologist which I think I will decline This is such a debilitating scourge First I was told I had head lice, then I was told I had scabies then I was told I had obsessive compulsive disorder Hummmmmmm Then I was told that I should see a dermatologist Several things that have helped me (I think) is (Toni`s Recipe) 1 tsp powdered mustard mixed with 1 tsp water and mixed well Let sit for about 10 minutes A little goes a long way Apply to your face, neck, eyebrows, etc DO NOT GET IN YOUR EYES The little critters surface and burn to death I use a nail file and scrape them off DEAD The mustard water can be used with your shampoo too Rinse rinse rinse then put baking SODA on my hair and scalp, let sit maybe an hour and use a tight toothed comb or nail brush and brush entire head putting the goop onto a paper towel The glue on the hair, and scalp is so hard to get off This takes time but is worth it If you wear glasses, or sunglasses I keep a large jar beside my chair and put my glasses into it with straight rubbing alcohol I get the rubbing alcohol from the dollar store for $1.00 If you wear earrings be sure to put them into the jar too I overlooked this and I think I helped things along Also rings, bracelets, necklaces anything that touches your skin or hair, needs to be put into the jar several times a day The little things hide I use saline eye drops twice a day from walmart Use a cheap spray bottle with 3 quarters cup distilled water and 5 drops of pure tea tree oil which I have found is cheapest at walmart and spritz whenevery I feel crawling hair, face, legs, face When I cannot change the bed every day I will spritz everything well with a cheap spray bottle with plain water and javex 3 to 1 Some days I feel like just giving up it seems I am so isolated and alone (by choice) as I do not have anyone to talk to I don`t want my friends to think that I am crazy It has been months since I have gotten out socially Thank you and I hope that this will help a fellow sufferer GOD BLESS

Apr 05, 2014
Candida continued
by: Anonymous

Cut out refined sugars, enriched flour products, and limit simple carbohydrates, you will need to be easy on your lifer if you choose to use the prescription anti fungals as well as the die off toxins from dying candida, ie; complex carbohydrates (whole grains!)Green leafy veggies, lots of water with lime or lemon squeeze, and milk thistle. Supplements should include, garlic, (raw garlic if you can stand it, milk thistle, magnesium, zinc and calcium multi vitas, super b complex, probiotics(25-30 billions), 2-3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar (Bragg's), biotin. Try to stay away from lacrosse, try almond milk, eats fermented foods like, kefir (great alternative to yogurt) Kim chee, pickled, sauerkraut. You can start by doing all if this or just minor changes over time, exercise is great and remember to bathes daily, oxygen baths,(with hydrogen per) are great brush teeth (scrape tongue) and change bedding daily.

Good luck and don't give up.

Apr 05, 2014
Candida or unspecific fungal/yeast
by: Anonymous

I it sounds to me like Candida or another type of fungal/yeast infection. Most people think that a cutaneous candida infection only affects those who are over weight where there is swear and moisture. This is the case a lot but a if does affect hpeople so all sizes and can be on tsh face, hands, head, etc.

I never had a vaginal yeast infection and always had clear slim, I believe I contracted candida while in the hospital during a 360 fusion kananectony if my lumbar. Soon afterwards during my healing I noticed I would have insational cravings for sugar, I would search for sugar all hours of the night and day like a crack addict. I could hardly walk burin would find a way to in order to get my fix.
Well years went by and I started having digestive issues, skin issues, vaginal yeast infections and other symptoms. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, AS, and had to do on strict diet. I was always a healthy eater and used natural healing methods my whole life The skin up issues progressed to what you have described, I did research and saw a great dermatologist who specialized In auto immune disorders, she diagnosed me and gave me info regarding natural ways to heal it, as well as modern medical.
Here are a few simple things you can change that makes a dramatic difference. First of all go ahead and get a prescription anti fungal/yeast topical ointment to knock it out so you can the. Use more natural ways to control it.
See next post...

Nov 15, 2013
We're not crazy...
by: Anonymous

How many of you, or I'll say us, are using bath salts - not the store brand either. I think this is stimulating something everybody already has in their body.

Sep 01, 2013
This is a MANMADE disease!!
by: Ian

Hello everybody, I am both relieved and horrified by the sheer number of you who are infected by this demonic scourge. I have been infected with this for over TEN YEARS. I have pinpointed long ago the exact time and place when I contracted this; in a third-floor apartment in the bathroom. I was an intravenous drug user back then, and one day while using I looked in the mirror and noticed a red, irregular and itchy patch on my cheek. This was dotted with white bumpy spots and I immediately began tampering with it using nail clippers. I am somewhat of a sufferer of OCD, and within a few weeks I had discovered several things. The most important of which was that when I got one of these sores there was always present somewhere near the center a white core. Having a very high tolerance for pain, I would use the nail clippers to get ahold of this core and pull it out. This is intensely painful, and most times the core can only be exposed by ripping away layers of skin tissue. This has resulted in very bad scarring on my face, legs, arms, and hands. What I noticed is that when the core is pulled out, the pain of the sore is immediately relieved and will then heal. These are up to an inch long, white, rubbery, and vary from very thin to 1/16" thick. It leaves a hole that bleeds profusely. So for all these years I thought that what I had was a rampant infection of HPV, because of a horrifying battle I had with a planters wart on the tip of my index finger. This thing fought with me for a year, and the stretchy white 'roots' behaved very similarly to this current problem. I had not paid much attention to the fact that while I was clipping and pulling skin off all these years, many times I will hit a spot where when I pull It feels lik I am pulling hair out by the roots. But there is no hair growing there, and I can pull several of these hairs out from one area. Unbelievable! I finally, after ten years, started to wonder why this was, and looked very close at the nail clippers. What I saw was something that looked like a wavy human hair. But it was moving!! This freaked me out so bad I almost went insane. That was when I found you guys on this site..Also, I did ask my doctor at the time about this and he treated me as if I were a delusional junky skin picker. I believe it is man made and somehow related to the UN agenda 21, and the Codex Alimentarius. Also, someone suggested molluscum contageosum as a possible Dx because of the 'core', but the google images didn't match. Everybody please continue this thread, hopefully we can beat this bug/robot before I set myself on fire.

Aug 30, 2013
white thread like worms
by: Anonymous


Aug 25, 2013
Happy To Help
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

You're quite welcome. Please let me know if I can be of further help.

Aug 24, 2013
Bear Paw Clense
by: Anonymous

Hi! I meant Bear Paw. My colon, joints, bad headaches, neck. Thank you for your info. I will try. God Bless.

Aug 21, 2013
CVS Super Colon Cleanse and Bear Claw
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

You poor dear!

Well, I'm not really familiar with Bear Claw in the sense of supplements. (I do know of a good dessert called by that name - grin.) I've heard of Devil's Claw and Cat's Claw and, of course, Bear Paw like I mentioned earlier, but I can't tell you anything further about Bear Claw.

As for the CVS Super Colon Cleanse, I looked it up and checked out the ingredients for you. Although it does have a few cleansing herbs, it doesn't really sound like it's going to be effective enough for a condition as severe as yours.

You still haven't mentioned where your pain is or what kind of pain you are experiencing. Is it digestive pain (stomach, intestines, etc)? Joint pain?

My suggestions for someone with the limited description you've provided would be the following:

  • Composure - to help calm those nerves naturally and perhaps start to ease some of that pain
  • Herbal Fiberblend - a much more advanced colon cleanse with a wider range of parasite fighting herbs
  • AIMega - to help balance the body and work on the external skin condition as well as help alleviate your pain
  • BarleyLife - to nourish your body, repair damaged cells, and boost your overall health and well-being

There ARE more supplements I could suggest that would help, but if you can manage those above, I think you'd be well on your way to getting the results you want.

Don't give up hope. If you need someone to talk to, we're here.


Aug 20, 2013
Colon clense
by: Anonymous

Supe colon clense Cvs brand. Yes the bear claw is right. I have had the pain before starting the clense. I had to do another stool today because it wasn't enough. Ugh!! I have these other bugs on me. Little black in hair, gray very tiny on body. Black small triangle that turn into sticks when off the body for along time. Then these hard like tiny orange things. All this week. I'm so miserable. My husband is beginning to not believe me. It's so frustrating to not have anyone to talk to. Oh and crusty ones that u scratch and they become sticky to u. My nerves are shot!!!!!

Aug 18, 2013
Colon Cleansing for Parasite Worms
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Do you mean "Bear Paw Garlic?" If so, then yes it is effective, but if you are that infested with parasites, you most likely need more than just the Bear Paw Garlic.

What colon cleanse are you currently using? How long does it say to use the product?

It does take a while for a full cleanse, so don't give up the cleansing process too quickly. You want to be certain that you are completely free so that you don't keep getting re-infested.

You mentioned that you are in pain. What kind of pain and have you only started having pain since taking the colon cleanse?

Be sure to follow all the basic guidelines for eliminating parasites and getting your body back in control and in good health.

  • Proper Cleanse
  • Proper Diet (cut out sugars and processed foods)
  • Proper Boosting of the Immune System (probiotics, essential fatty acids, and whole food supplements)

When you get rid of all the nasties, and build up the good stuff, your body does the rest. It's not an overnight miracle, but IT WORKS! :)

Aug 17, 2013
White hair worms
by: Anonymous

I'm going crazy. They are everywhere in me. I'm also in pain. Went Doc. stool culture, CBC, plus I have some in a plastic bag with some water. They are in my mouth. That's how I achieved that one. I'm doing a colon cleanse since last week and its dumping them out but it's like their is so many. Bear claw is that effective ??? Please advice.

Jul 07, 2013
Help ToGet Rid of Hair-like Worms
by: Anonymous

Hair-like black things in my home and my hair,even my private parts are hookworms. You need to buy GSE, grapefruit Seed Extract liquid concentrate by NutriBiotic. Also buy Kolorex, Advanced Candida Care a RedLeaf Horopito Extract. A product of New Zeland. I was advised by a man that has been in the nutrition and health industruy 23 years. He has helped people who have been infected for many years and they finally got rid of them. I had 4-5 different parasites and I'm finally getting rid of them. It's best not to eat sugar as the parasites thrive on them. Go to Nutrition World or other Nutrition store. You will have to check your pets for worms also and treat them The house will need to be fumigated by a professional with professional products. Make sure they don't go to Lowe's or Home Depot or stores that carry fumigating products. It must be a better commercial product. I would ask the fumigating company about what to do to fumigate car. You have to shower or take a bath regurlary. Epson Salt baths help. All clothes that you wear daily should be washed. All bedding needs washed weekly. Clean pajamas every night after bathing. Wash hair also. The black things will still try to come up into your hair. I have shoulder length hair a turn my head over sink and comb with a fine-toothed comb. Begin at the roots combing forward over and over again. Keep shaking hair and combing many times. This helps get them out of your hair nd rinse them down the sink. Also do not shake your dirty clothes and spread the hookworms. Keep house vaccumed as much as possible. Use sponge mop with a tiny bit of bleach to mop floors. Don't use a regulars mop with alot of strings as they can hide in it. I got a perscription from my doctor for abendozole for parasites. It helped but I still had to use other parasites cleanses. I finally found the above mentioned products and finally am getting rid of the parasites. Also pray and ask for the help of Jesus who is our deliverer and healer. It's best to stay home if possible and do not spread these parasites. God bless you.

Jun 23, 2013
Comments by Grandma
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

I think you are looking for the comments by "Grandma" from this page - Parasites that look like hair...

Jun 22, 2013
by: Tonya B

The main recurring theme that I have read about on every website and blog concerning Morgellons syndrome is the fact that doctors have labelled all sufferers with this disease as "delusional." I have also been watching these sites and watching the constantly growing number of people with the affliction. It seems to me that with numbers now in the millions, that this illness can and should be called an epidemic. Okay, so doctors are telling us that we are all delusional. My question is this. Why on earth aren't all of the doctors severely concerned about the epidemic of delusional patients? Is there something in the water that is making us all crazy? If the AIDS epidemic taught the medical community anything, it should have taught them that just because you can't explain a patient's disease process with existing medical knowledge doesn't mean that the disease doesn't exist!! Did you know that patients with HIV/AIDS were all told that they were crazy in the beginning also? When the HIV virus was first discovered, it was a brand new disease. The virus itself was so tiny that it could only be properly identified with an electron microscope. When scientists finally uncovered the truth and revealed the unimaginable destruction that this virus could produce, it was too late for so many people who died being told that they were also crazy and they were at fault for being gay. The point that I am trying to get across to the CDC and the medical community as a whole is that you must either find the cause of the epidemic of delusional disorder that you think all of us have developed, or you must acknowledge that we might just have a real disease that is brand new and has not been discovered or identified yet. Either way, get to work finding a treatment and ultimately, a cure.

Jun 22, 2013
Where is Grandma?
by: Anonymous

There were some comments on here from "Grandma" who stated in her comments that her doctor was curing the disease with Mebendazole. I do not see her comments anymore, does anyone know what happened to her? I want an update if the Mebendazole ended up curing her...

Jun 01, 2013
it's real I have it
by: Anonymous

It's real I have it. They call it Morgellon's disease. There it's no definition in any book for it and they are not looking for it.they will call you mental. I have it and it he's literally ruined my life.my family thinks i'm insane and every doctor I've ever told about it thinks it's a psychiatric problem but it's real. It's a parasite.I was cured then I returned to my old environment and reinfected myself.I bought a microscope and examined them but I have no clue what they are.I can tell u how to cure yourself. Go to the store and buy rid lice treatment.I say rid because u have to use permithrin. You can get a script for permithrin from a doctors if you tell them you've been in contact with someone with scabies. I don't know any natural cures and permithrin ifs a carciginic so when your ready to year yourself you have to be committed new bed sheets everyday get lice spray containing permithrin and spray allyour environment s , super dry all your close and if you just get the lice shampoo shampoo everyday leave it on all over your body while you sleep a couple times leave your embodiment if you can. Take immune boosting vitamins treat yourself like you have a severe svabies infestation and you and everything you Owen everyone you've been around like they are infested.listen to your body massages and rubbing out pains is necessary.do not scratch and scar your skin once this is gone your body will heal.reinfection if a hundred times worse.so fight it permithrin will kill them it will take time try to

Feb 20, 2013
I'm a doctor with this REAL disease
by: Tonya

I believe that infected people are susceptible due to underlying immune deficiency or from conditions that cause immune suppression. The body attempts to fight it (elevated white blood cells/eosinophilia) but in micromyiasis (infection with larva) the larva are masters at downregulating the immune system (ie. shutting off the response.) In time, it does not recognize the larva at all and the host is more susceptible to infection with other larva due to low immune response and the fact that they are loaded with pheromone producing larva!!! Anyway, I am trying to identify the species of bug now. I think it is a tiny moth. I firmly believe that this is the cause of Morgellons syndrome and I also link it to feather plucking disorder in parrots. If I find the diagnosis and ultimate cure for myself before it kills me (I have severe multi-organ damage and doctors still don't give a shit), I will get it out to all of you fellow sufferers as fast as I can! Wish me luck.

Feb 20, 2013
I'm a doctor with this REAL disease
by: Tonya

I have had this for three years now and it is killing me. My 13 doctors all treat me like I'm crazy even though I have new,terrible, real medical problems from it. So I have studied it on my own. I am convinced that it is an insect larva. The microscopic white granules are eggs or first instar larvae. Here is a huge diagnostic problem: the next instar is clear! They can infect anything and easily penetrate the skin. The live in colonies that are the shape of larger worms or fly pupa, probably to ward off predators. As they grow, they can be any color, likely taking on the color of their major food source. So, they look like clear, white, or colored thread! Yes, they move, just very slowly so it is hard to see. Next instar has tiny black, brown, tan, heads and short bodies (?female)OR long slender head, more commonly black, with short white or clear tail (?male.) Characteristics: larva lay eggs in sticky white or yellowish blobs; another larval stage bears live young; they are extremely sticky, gelatinous covering makes them practically unkillable, as nothing can penetrate to reach the body, and in solution they blow a bubble and sit inside or just put heads in to breathe; they can escape ANY container (I have seen them go right through wood, stone, laminate, metal, and even glass; they are voracious eaters and reproducers; they have killed every other insect on my property; they are now damaging trees and cactus, damaging my home by penetrating all surfaces; they go through a complete life cycle (in Arizona) around twice a year; they become active and crawl out onto the skin with heat, light, stimulants, and when you are tired; keep cool, clean, cover all skin (long pants & sleeves)to control sores; bathe in hydrogen peroxide, epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus oil combo and literally trillions will come out; all larval stages can produce hairs or fibers and they live inside and travel along outside of it, piles of "hair" act just like spider webs; one stage (?which one) looks just like a miniature feather; they cause dry eye because they plug the oil and tear ducts, cause constant nasal irritation, come out of the mouth and lips profusely, causing tooth and jaw bone damage, damage all endocrine glands,damage electrical system of the heart, cause interstitial lung damage, damage the filtering capability of the kidneys, block the portal veins in the liver, obstruct the lymphatic system causing severe edema, do severe neurological damage, weaken bone and cartilage, and lastly cause severe skin problems. (finish comment on next comment)

Nov 15, 2012
If it's true...
by: Anonymous

There is a reason doctors doubt conditions, lack of evidence. If you take your car into a mechanic, and describe a problem it's the same, they investigate. Skin problems suck. I have a weak immune system so I know. Here's a pratical tip. Cleanse the things that enter your body, all things, both internal and external. Filter ALL your water, not just for drinking, but also bathing, showering and washing, as well. This one step I can't stress enough. More toxins in public waters than you could ever believe. Next, use all natural clear soaps and shampoo. No dye or strong scented stuff. Lastly wash all clothes often, especially bedding. This WILL help. That is a garuntee :)

Oct 29, 2012
Salt treatment follow up
by: Dan


Can you please let me know if the salt finally killed all of the little critters?

I just started using the salt myself. I want to believe so badly that this will work. I have been going insane. No one will believe that I really have a problem.


Oct 08, 2012
To Anony
by: DCR

If I was dealing with the worms common to the intestinal tract, there would no longer be a problem, as I would have been treated for them. These are under the skin and often emerge, causing sores that are slow to heal or not at all...in some people, the sores contain colored fiber-like strands. Believe me, every time I show a doctor the specimens I collected (three white with a "question mark" appearance and several which look like small grains of sand), their expression changes from concern to confusion, and they quickly write a Rx for some topical dressing and dismiss me. None of the doctors showed any interest in examining the specimens beyond a quick look, and none can identify them for me.

Oct 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Go to the doctor. show him one if you can and get rid of it. try some deworming meds like ivermectin

Sep 30, 2012
Delusional, are we?
by: DCR

As many -- if not most -- of you may be aware, the CDC issued a statement: "No common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified, similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation." This statement indirectly concludes that the CDC found Morgellons to not be a disease of any kind, but a psychological disorder. Further clarification about this study on the CDC's own website states, "This comprehensive study of an unexplained apparent dermopathy demonstrated no infectious cause and no evidence of an environmental link.”
That edict effectively ties the hands of doctors who attempt to treat the condition because of possible liability suits.
Maybe if/when those at the top of the CDC develop the condition, a new attitude and appreciation for the reality of it will emerge.

Aug 21, 2012
Diatomaceous Earth
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com


Wow! That is pretty amazing that the doctor used the term Morgellons to the records person, but tried to fob you off with a generic diagnosis. What's really interesting is that he knew the term at all! Hopefully word is spreading and perhaps the main stream medical profession will finally start to address these concerns more seriously.

Meanwhile, so glad that the salt baths are helping. What a blessing!

I haven't used the food grade Diatomaceous Earth around the home myself yet - though I did use some for an internal cleanse several years ago. Others have posted about using it with (and without) success for various parasitic concerns.

To find their comments, first go up to the top right of the page and type in Diatomaceous earth in the search box.

Then when you get the results, you can go to each page where someone has left a comment in that regard. Some pages are really long, so a short cut for finding the precise post on the page is to go up into your browser (usually under the "edit" dropdown menu) and look for the "find" button.

This will open a little tool where you can then type in Diatomaceous earth again and it will find all the instances on the page where the phrase is used. Hope that helps!

Keep your spirits up and do keep us posted.

Aug 21, 2012
Diatomaceous earth (food quality)
by: DCR

Has anyone tried this product? What was your experience? My sister recommended it, but she has used it only for outdoor pest control.
Today was an experience I don't want to repeat! Went to a dermatologist (new building, big clientel, etc.) and, with captured "critters" as evidence, was told my oozing, sticky sores and the specimens were only evidence of my skin trying to "regenerate itself."
They wanted to give me an injection for the itching but with my tendency to allergic reactions to drugs of any kind, I declined.
So, I am to soak the afflicted areas (compress or dip) in a solution of aluminum sulfate tetradecahydrate/calcium acetate monohydrate 3x daily. (12 pack/$13)
Additionally, I was given a Rx for Flucinonide ointment, which I am to apply 2x daily. ($45)
The most interesting (terrifying) part was being told that I merely have a case of "acute dermatitis," and then overhearing the Dr. instruct the medical records person (in the examination room) to note "Morgellons" on my chart -- a word I had not used!
The salt bath soaks (every-other-day) seem to be helping, so I will continue them, too.

Aug 18, 2012
Cleaning Your Environment
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com


I didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't clean your environment. Of course, that is natural, practical, and necessary that you would.

My comments were more in line with your analogy of finding and blocking the "entrance."

You mentioned that "All of this is very time consuming and saps my energy," which I completely understand and see so many people focusing on rigorously cleaning their home (sometimes obsessively) without "blocking the entrance."

If you have an internal fungal overgrowth or parasite infestation, it won't matter how much you clean your environment. My concern is that your time and energy would be better spent cleaning inside YOU than inside your house. :) I hope that clarification makes more sense.

Of course, some people actually DO live in a hazardous environment - moldy home, bird mite infestation, etc. In these cases, dealing with the environment is equally important.

Aug 18, 2012
Reply to Angie
by: DCR

Angie, in response to your comments about the effectiveness of cleaning my environment: I would compare it to finding bats in the living area of your home. You would, naturally remove them ASAP, but you would also search for and block any and all possible means of entrance.
If these "critters" and their eggs -- which get under fingernails and are frequently found on my computer keyboard -- are also in the carpet and fabric of furniture, then I need to keep that population to a minimum while I work to cleanse my system of them, as well.

Aug 18, 2012
Medical Profession Reluctance...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

I've been asking myself that same question for years. The only conclusions I can come to are...

1. They just don't care.

2. There is no money in it.

3. If there's not a patented potion (prescription) for it, it won't get any attention.

4. They aren't educated on the subject and can't be bothered to do the research themselves.

None of those explanations are flattering, but I haven't come up with any others that make better sense.

Sadly, we're on our own - which may be for the best if we proceed with discovering natural remedies that don't have negative side effects attached to them.

Aug 18, 2012
Remember when?
by: DCR

In the 1950s, there was an epidemic of head lice in my elementary school. The county health nurse brought out a purple light (ultra-violet?) and each child was called into a dark room where their scalp was examined, under the light.
If that worked 60 years ago, it seems to me the same technique could be successfully utilized to examine the skin of individuals experiencing the symptoms of worms or other "bugs" on their body. I just can't understand the reluctance of the medical profession to identify, research, and find ways to treat or eliminate this scourge.

Aug 16, 2012
Clean The INside First
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com


Thanks for sharing your own experiences and discoveries. Remarkable story about the Hydrogen Peroxide - I've never heard of it reacting that way before!

It will be interesting to hear if the salt baths, etc., help you. I often suggest that people try soaking in a bath with sea salt, but the other suggestions by Ray may be beneficial too.

It's not surprising that the peppermint candy has seemed to help you. Peppermint oil has natural anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties.

That's one of the reasons I'm always encouraging people to cleanse the INSIDE by using an herbal cleanse and beneficial supplements. If you want real results, you have to tackle this from the inside out.

All this constant cleaning doesn't seem like it will be worth the effort if the source of the problem is internal.

Aug 16, 2012
Experiment P.S.
by: DCR

Meant to add that I've started vacuuming daily...showering daily...changing the bed linens weekly & vacuuming the mattress cover & bed frame at that time...using paper towels to dry my hands...using bath towels & washcloth only once before laundering them...wearing clothes only one day before putting them in the laundry... vacuuming my rocker/recliner, couch, computer chair, computer keyboard, and chord organ keyboard daily. All of this is very time consuming and saps my energy, but so does living with this infestation.
It also seems eating peppermint candy has had an effect on curtailing the activity (itch).

Aug 16, 2012
A living experiment
by: DCR

For starters, I'm 67 years old and until recently enjoyed good health -- with the exception of allergies, which started when I was exposed to pesticide used in spraying our house for possible termite infestation (1973).
In April, 2012, an itchy, spot appeared above the nipple area of my right breast. That progressed to the nipple area and the entire breast itches. The clear fluid which oozes (cited in another post) is part of it. Trying to minimalize potential infection, I wiped the area with hydrogen peroxide. The fluid hardened immediately to something akin to spray foam insulation and I've found only one generic baby wipe that will break through the barrier!
Over time I began seeing the thin, white worms after bathing and drying the area. Then they appeared in other areas: face, eyes, nose, mouth.
I have a hand-held magnifier and one morning, feeling itchy skin on my face, took clear packing tape and pressed it to the area. What I saw was definitely not cloth fibers or dead skin (although some of each were present, as well).
I was seeing white, wormlike "critters" and what looked like small, white eggs.
Recently, after applying a natural tears lubricant, I discovered eggs in my left eye. I immediately called for an appointment with my opthalmologist who, after using drops, dye, and his fine-tuned instruments, declared there were neither foreign bodies nor insects, etc. in either eye but that I did have a serious case of "dry eyes." I'll not argue that. Mucous seems to be a requirement for these "critters" to survive.
The comments about adding SALT to the diet, as well as sprinkling it on the carpet and adding it to bathwater are interesting, since for at least four months before this infestation began, I followed medical wisdom and began limiting my sodium intake. I agree with another poster made a comment to the effect that "Maybe what I thought was right is actually wrong!

Aug 14, 2012
SALT SALT SALT!!!!!!!!!!
by: ray

I finally got rid of those darn things. Its not in your head. The Doctors are full of it!!!!! I was INSANE!!! Sores all over! I had them for at least 3 years. Tried everything. Only rite aids hand sanitizer provided relief. Didn't kill it. SALT KILLS IT. I put it on my bed,carpet,and in my shoes!!! I wash with salt. Ground it right in to my skin. If u plug the water. You wont believe what you see. The first 3 baths was scary. When they come out they want back in. Stick with it..I PROMISE!! I ate 3 teaspoons of salt too. That way my sweat tasted salty again. In 1 darn week i got rid of 95% of my sores. I can feel wind or air going into my pores. I feel so good. Oh yeah i shaved every hair on me. That way they have nothing to cling to. Its been 3 weeks now. NO new sores. Have 2 sores left. Wait til u see how quick the sores heal. PLEASE KILL THOSE THINGS!!!!! I would like to hear from someone that does it. Compare notes!!! When you put salt on your carpet. You will feel something jump from the floor and hit u once and awhile. I put 2 pairs of socks on. put salt between them when walking around the house. SEE YA GUYS. IT WORKS I DONT CARE HOW CRAZY ANYONE THOUGHT I WAS!!!! YOU WILL SEE

Apr 23, 2012
You don't have worms
by: Anonymous

I remember when I first started seeing these symptoms all I could think it was were some sort of worm or parasite. It's been almost a year now and still can't be sure what this is but I can say it's not worms. I am pretty sure at this point that these symptoms are caused by some type of slime mold living within our body. I also notice that Morgellons has the same symptoms. There are many conspiracies floating around and can't be sure whether this is a man made disease or not but I do know that medical industry wants to ignore all of the people with these symptoms and diagnose this disease as made up or delusions. I just don't understand why they would want to ignore so many people that are suffering. It's really sad...

Mar 24, 2012
White Worms In Stool
by: Angie

Dear Simoneme,

If you are experiencing all of these issues in your bowel movements, I can't urge you enough to try cleansing your digestive system with the Herbal Fiberblend. That's precisely what it is for - to eliminate parasite worms, toxins, etc., and help heal and repair the digestive tract.

I'm sorry you haven't been receiving any adequate help, but the best we can suggest for you to do on your own is cleanse with the HFB and support your immune system through a good diet (no sugar) and some probiotics and nutritional supplements like the Florafood, BarleyLife, etc., mentioned above.

I sincerely hope you are able to do so and that you get this problem cared for soon.


Mar 24, 2012
in my hair other things in stool and nose andmouth
by: simoneme`


Feb 27, 2012
white hair-like bugs
by: Anonymous

My god , my husband and sister think I'm nuts,but my husband just wont admit there is a problem, I noticed it on him a while ago, skin hair and skin on your face and body are blotchy and just look terrible. my husband gets mad at me for picking at my skin, but it creeps me out so much. I have been on the computer for months and months looking every site trying to figure what this is. I will shave my legs so smooth and the hair is like I didnt later that night. I am so glad that its not just me...they will attach to the sheets too,

Feb 09, 2012
White Looking Worm
by: Angie


Can you be more specific? Are you referring to white worms under your skin or are you finding them near the anus and/or passing them in your stool?

White looking worms can be pinworms or threadworms and are easily treatable.

If you are referring to the white hair-like worm under the skin that others have described above, that is likely something different which I can't put a name to definitively.

Consider some of the suggestions above for a good internal cleanse and external treatment to see if you can get some relief and healing.

Feb 09, 2012
white looking worm
by: gene

Is there someone who can tell me what these are ..thank you

Nov 25, 2011
by: cadence

I've also got this. I've got terrible itching and lesions all over my body too. I can see them moving in my eye but don't actually feel anything except my vision sometimes blurrs. I have also taken some movies of the skin lesions enlarged about 5 times and can see cysts developing and multiplying. When I tried to get help no one listened and I was sectioned and locked in a mental hospital twice. I can't risk it happening again so I'm extremely worried not just for myself but my 7 year old son. I think its cysticercosis but how do i prove it? - (and prove I'm totally sane?)

Nov 01, 2011
Olbas Oil
by: Angie

I hadn't heard of Olbas Oil before you mentioned it, but I looked into it and it's not surprising that it is helpful to you.

Olbas Oil is a combination of essential oils that have a range of natural medicinal properties. One of those properties is that they are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

I'm a bit funny because I actually like the smell of those oils - although my hubby does not! :)

For those of you who are unable to locate Olbas Oil in your area, you can make your own combination of essential oils, like eucalyptus (or tea tree), peppermint, lavender, coriander, clove, etc.

If you find them too strong to use undiluted, get a bottle of carrier oil and add the other oils to it - this could be extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, apricot oil, etc.

Before applying the oils, try rinsing the skin (or soaking in the tub) with a water and sea salt combo. This can help in the healing process and also prepare the skin to receive the oils more effectively.

Thanks for the tip about the Olbas Oil. I hope you continue to improve in health.

Nov 01, 2011
Feather type
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same as you all describe in depth, all except mine appear when they are out of the skin as feather type in appearance.

I can even pinpoint where I picked them up - I had been walking my dogs in the country side. through fields, through streams that ran through some fields.

I went to the ER and Dr's who's diagnosis was some kind of mental breakdown/exhaustion!!
The only thing that appears to rid them for a short time and cool down the area is Olbas Oil, which doesn't smell the best but it does the job.

I have them everywhere but mainly on my eyelids, chin, tongue, chest, private parts and really bad on my feet and toes.

Can anyone tell me please whether theirs appear to look like minute feathers when out of the body?

But I intend going to my GP very soon stating that I had brought a lot to show her but unfortunately I dropped the container that they were in.
Never mind-It's all in my mind.

Thanks for this, I don't feel mentally insane any longer but If I am honest, know worried sick for my kids etc.

Oct 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have had horrible problems with my skin and for months have been researching. I keep coming up with Acanthocephala (spiny headed worm) but honestly, there are so many types that we have no information about and these worms seem to evolve very quickly. The Dr's either have no idea which is quite scary or they are playing dumb. I believe this is a deep subject and am amazed at what I have learned about these worms through history. Makes me think that everything I thought was right was actually wrong...

Good luck everyone =)

Sep 11, 2011
To Scared
by: Anonymous

I hope you already had your problem solved. If not the type of worm you are describing(white rice)is a sign of tape worms which can be treated. The best thing to do would be to go to your doctors and have a stool sample analyzed. Its nothing to be embarrassed about these things happen. Oh, and if you have any animals that could be your source. Make sure your animals are dewormed also... goodluck hunny. hope all is well!

Aug 23, 2011
White Worms In Vagina
by: Angie

Don't be feeling too scared. White worms in the vagina or anus are NOT uncommon in children and you don't need to panic.

Threadworms and pinworms are intestinal worms that lay eggs around the warm openings of the anus and sometimes vagina.

I would suggest that you tell your mother about the worms so that you can either get some medicine from the pharmacy for eliminating them or taking a natural herbal cleanse which is also quite effective in getting rid of intestinal worms. You can tell her that Herbal Fiberblend works well.

You also want to be very careful about washing your hands and scrubbing under your nails after using the bathroom and when you wake up in the morning (especially if you have been scratching).

You should also wash hands before eating or touching food if you are helping to prepare it.

Wear undies at night and change them to clean ones in the morning after you take a bath or at least wash your bottom well, because the worms do like to crawl out at night to lay their eggs and you need to wash them away.

I know it all sounds gross, but this is nothing to be embarrassed about as it happens all the time to people so you aren't "dirty" or "weird."

If you have brothers and sisters, there is a good chance that they have worms also. It's best if everyone in the family does a cleanse, regardless of whether your mom chooses medicine or natural herbs.

I wish you all the best for the new school year!

Aug 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I don't know what is going on but for some reason I have been itching in the private spot. So what do I do I go in the bathroom thinking I need to use it and when i wiped i looked down and saw little white rice looking worms. I am already 12 and I am going through this. I am hoping there is a way of getting rid of it. I also start school in a week and 6 days so wish me luck it's gone by then :)

Aug 13, 2011
Parasidic Hyperinfections and Autoinfections
by: MysticAura

Hi its me again some four months later! I have been researching parasites myself because I was told I was delussional. I found that just walking outside with no shoes can cause parasidic hyperinfections, Strongylitis stercoralis. Or worse Tapeworms, Cystericousis. Or Filaral type worms in the blood. Its a NIGHTMARE and I want to wake up! Put the bugs in clean jars with alcohol. Then start looking at parasidic Hyperinfections and autoinfections for the worms that look like the ones your getting from under your skin. I have a magnifier thats 10 percent. I take it with me to my doctors and he looks. Regular labs can not diagnose skin parasites, only the CDC can, and its a process. Ivermectin and albudazole at the PUbMed sites treats all skin infestations and the ones in your blood. I am scared myself and I dont want to freak anyone else out but its most likely you all have them in your blood, lungs, and they are deadly. Get help and keep going Doctor to Doctor with the Jar of bugs until someone helps you and listens. Also print out the Strongyloid Stercoralis and take it with you. Normal Doctors no nothing about parasites. Internist no more than most. God Bless all of you! MysticAura

Aug 12, 2011
any1 also have these symptoms?
by: Been there

This sounds like what my husband and I have been going thru for several yrs now. However, ours build up into a core. If you pull the core out, it is instant relief from the itching. If you get them all, it goes away, but leaves a terrible scar. Sometimes, if u go back to that spot later, there will be a white ball under the skin u can pop out. I find many black ones as well, as if they are ones that have died. It is almost as if they are causing hair folicles to not let the hair come out of the skin, but to keep growing to build up a core. Like they feed on it or something. I have found tea-tree oil to work quite well. I think they spread by the blood that pours out once you've removed the core. So be sure to wash and sanitize all areas that come in contact with any blood. We haven't stopped getting them, but we also have found that when our stress levels decrease, they alomst completely go away. Someone said they are "worry-warts'. It kind of makes sense as we were doing well dealing with them, almost completely gone, then we had a house fire, and they appeared like crazy. So, who knows, just see if reducing your stress level helps you any. Good Luck!

Aug 08, 2011
freaking out
by: Anonymous

i think i have this as well. I thought I was going craxy until I read this. please let me know what you find out.

Aug 07, 2011
feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Seattle skin doctor - I would be very interested in your study. I live close and would very much like to solve this nightmare.
I'm pretty sure that I have this: human hair-like worms that are on my privates and in my hair that will not go away with an herbal parasite medicine or doctor prescribed Vermox, bruises, liver-spot type brown patches of skin (my dermatologist has even done a biopsy since they look assymetrical and cancer-like), red blood-blister-like spots on various parts of my body. I think my teenager has it but don't want to freak him out and not have a normal life. I have only told two people but they do not know the full, gorey details.
I am afraid of what to do around family, friends, and work situation (I work around kids). I don't want them to get it but I need to work. Besides, no one would believe me especially if doctors don't. Any ideas on how to handle that??? Desperate and totally sane.

Jun 02, 2011
lesions & live hairs
by: Anonymous

You think it's a hairball from your pet? Take another look. Get yourself a hand-held micriscope on ebay and be prepared. In certain cases, take a look in the center of the knotted, entwined hairs. See the little see thru monster in the center staring back at you? See the little creates on all the hairs? It's here, it's real, and what are we to do when I've went to 8 doctors, (an ER doc, two dermatolosits, and regular doctors). "your delusional. There's nothing there. Stop scratching and you wont have sores". Right. So tell me "doctor" it it's my imagination, you wont mind giving me a great big bear hug, and you wont mind if I touch your things when you walk out of the room and wipe them on me. After all, I'm delusional and these things that cause these lesions to appear on their own really arent there.??!! So, you're going to send me home to go about my everyday business, no knowing if I'm contagious??? How dare you people. You call yourselves doctors?? Didnt you have to take a code when you graduated??? The CDC may of told you to say that, but really, cant you be honest? So now, here I am 3 states away from my mother, dad, daughter, two grand kids, and I guess I'll just have to make the decision to never see them again. I sure dont want to take a chance on them catching this from me. Now my leasions when they open ON THEIR OWN have a clear liquid that dries hard, and I believe they're eggs. What are we sufferers suppose to do who are trying to go on about living, however so very far away from people, what are we all going to do now that it's 90 degrees outside, and I'm suppose to go out with open sores all over my arms? On my face? The makeup is packed on so bad it's clownlike. Back to the hairs - no, they are alive. They move, they all usually have one long hair sticking out of them, right??? Yep, right. They can disguise themseelves to their surroundings. Unless you are living this hell, and have experienced them, anyone else would think you are nuts, huh!!! No, they live. I put some in peroxide last night, tried to climb up the glass side of the jar they were in. So, sufferers, this is a few things you should be working on: Get on ebay and get yourself a hand help microscope. Keep what you can, but there is no guarantee any doctor will admit they are living things. "They're nothing but skin and blood" MY A**. Of course, this b****ch that calls herself a dermatologist didnt even use a microscope, just walked up and said "nope, nothing there"! Now, how about a drug test? And, she lied through her teeth (two doctors did that work together) on my visit report (thought we caught from work since husband was bit in the ass by something when he was bending over three times cleaning a room. No doctors admit this, no coverage. I tried to have a stool sample analyzed. WILL CONTINUE BELOW

Apr 26, 2011
Hair like worms
by: MysticAura

Hi crystal
i have the same exact worms and more! I have had them 30 years at least.
get yourself to an infecteous disease doctor. Take in specimens in alcohol, and ask your regular Doctor and any Doctor who will listen to look under your skin for themselves. They are a louse of some sort.
check and see if there isn't more types of worms. I have black spets and other worms myself. The specks are Leishmaniasis, from mexico. Take Care and good luck!

Mar 29, 2011
it is a ring worm
by: Nina Co. Brown

I had the same problem as you all. i even had black specks on my skin that itched and made these really ugly bumps. it is a ringworm. When we hear ringworm we think of the traditional raised up red ringworm. There are alot of different types. they also take on different shapes and appearances. Its not actually a worm it is a fungus. I thought i had morgellons disease but this is all it is. If doctors would take the time out to research and stop being close minded they could figure it out.

Oct 13, 2010
morgellon's diseasee
by: Anonymous

This is morgellon's disease. ):
I heard it is what causes one's skin to be dirty with acne. It is not a widely accepted disease among doctors, but I think it exists.

Aug 17, 2010
Maybe Hookworm or Tinea in your case...
by: Angie

Since you are in the sand a lot and also using public showers, it's likely that your particular condition is either a fungal infection from the showers (Tinea/Ringworm) or Hookworm (also known as Cutaneous larva migrans) from walking in the sand.

Lindane is pretty nasty stuff, and isn't really for those two conditions I've just mentioned. Did you doctor prescribe it for you? Are they certain you have scabies?

If you don't find that the Lindane does the trick, you may want to consider these other possibilities.

Aug 16, 2010
Sounds like scabies
by: Anonymous

I have the worms under the skin in my feet (I play a lot of sand volleyball & use the showers at the gym). That is probably how I got these little suckers (literally).

Hopefully this topical cream (Lindane) kills em off and stops this insane intching. I've actually fought off the urge to itch it.

Jul 23, 2010
there is help
by: seattle skin specialist

i have the same problem that you all are describing here, and its so frustrating. there doesn't seem to be any definite answers anywhere. which is odd since you can google anything else and come up with more info than you were looking for. but if anyone is interested i am going to be conducting a research project in the seattle area in hopes that there is a solid cure. i am not a dermatologist but i am a licensed skin specialist and i cant just sit back and wait for someone else to come up with a solution. anyone wanting to participate in this project will be doing so on a strictly voluntary basis, and must be willing to provide a full disclosure of medical history.

Jun 20, 2010
see my website you are not alone
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem as you it is loosely known as morgellons diseasecome to my website at www.youtube.com/morgellons and see the videos I made of these worms in the hair follicle root

Yours understandingly Andy Coyle
we are susceptible where others are not but the organism is pervasive in the clothes fabrics etc see my video on the cause of morgellons for a way to identify them

May 27, 2010
White hair-like worms
by: Anonymous

OMG..I have gotten creams from the Dermatologist x3. Wash everything in hot water, boil my toothbrush, combs. My husband thins I am loosing my mind. Help!!

May 19, 2010
White Hair Like Worm and Lesions
by: Angie

Dear Ali,

I'm so sorry to hear your story. I'm glad to hear you are doing the ACV baths, but I hope you are using organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) and not the regular filtered vinegar you get in the vinegar section of your grocery store.

I'm also wondering how long have you been using the tea tree oil? You said you apply it a few times per day. You don't want to keep that up indefinitely. Essential oils are great, but prolonged use can create a negative effect on your hormones in some cases.

I just spent last weekend at an informative convention with a number of health practitioners. I learned so much to help build upon my own knowledge of natural health and healing that I hope I can share with the visitors here.

Based on what you have described and the things I learned, here's what I would suggest for your consideration...

  • Para 90 - 1-3 capsules 3x per day for 1 month.
  • Herbal Fiberblend - start with 1 tsp. 2x per day and increase gradually to 2 Tbsp. 2x per day for internal cleansing until you feel you're completely well (3 months or more).
  • AIMega - 2-3 capsules 2x per day, with food. Reduces inflammation, helps repair damaged cells, etc.
  • Barley Life - start with 2 tsp. 2x per day, but can be gradually increased to several times per day if needed.
  • Florafood - 1 capsule 2-3x per day, with food.

I hope you will be able to find relief and healing using these practical suggestions of providing your body some of the basic tools it needs to cleanse, nourish, and replenish itself.

To your good health!

May 19, 2010
White hairlike worms, skin lesions, crawly feeling
by: Ali

In reguards to the person going out of their mind, I'm in the same position. 1 year ago I started getting horrible disfiguring lesions along jaw, cheek, chest, thighs chins and feet. They break open and ooz a sticky clear fluid. At other times the lesions seem to start to dry up but then these white hair like worm things start comming out of my pores. I also pull tiny flat white feathers out of pores. They are pratically microscopic. I have seen so many doctors only to be told I am hysterical and delusional. I can't sleep I toss and turn, I get migraines every day. My face and body is horribly scarred. My husband and teenager now have same symptoms. I have been taking apple cider baths for 6 months, I also put tea tree oil on several times per day. I am 40 and have never had ANY skin problems. I want to beat the dermatoligists who tell me it's dry skin and I caused the lesions by itching. I wasn't itching until I had this problem. I wish someone knew what this was. How many things can cause white microscopic feathers to appear from the skin? I'm sorry for rambeling, I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

Mar 19, 2010
White Hair Like Worm
by: Angie

I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family are having the same difficulties as Christine with some type of white hair like worm parasite.

Have you tried any of the suggestions above or anything else to get rid of the problem? What type of progress have you made?

Mar 10, 2010
Me and My family all have this
by: Anonymous

I dont know how old this post is, however me and my family are all going through this.

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