Parasite That Looks Like Hair

Parasite That Looks Like Hair

Parasite That Looks Like Hair

I have parasites in my hair that looks like my hair. When they are on any fabric, they camouflage to look like the fabric.

I don't know how to get rid of them. I have tried all kinds of dangerous enzymes, and some essential oils and nothing seems to work.

Sometimes I pass them in stool and I can feel them crawling and biting in my genital area and in my hair on my skin.

I obtained them when I started craving and eating dirt so these things are real and not imaginary.

They grow so fast and are in every piece of fabric in my home. I am not sure if they are glued to my hair or they ingest it.

My hair use to itch so bad that I shaved it and within a few days they are back. On fabric, they tie themselves in the fabric.

Please do not think I am crazy, these things are real. If you can tell me how to get rid of them, I would appreciate it.


I'm not familiar with a parasite that looks like hair and manifests itself in the way you are describing.

If you were simply describing a parasite that looks like hair in your stool, that wouldn't really be surprising. Intestinal parasites are not at all uncommon.

Your description of a hair-like parasite that is attaching itself to your furniture and changing itself like a chameleon to match the location is not something I've dealt with.

Regardless, I'd be tempted to try a good internal parasite cleanse and make every effort to boost your immune system so that it might be able to fight off whatever has gotten a hold in your system.

You mentioned craving dirt some time
ago. Do you still feel that way? Usually cravings for dirt indicate a mineral deficiency.

I've spoken to women who craved and ate dirt during their pregnancy. Their bodies did not have all the nutrients they needed and hence the cravings.

Here's what I'd consider trying:

  • Para 90 - Parasite cleansing herbal capsules
  • Herbal Fiberblend - herbal digestive cleanse
  • Florafood - good bacteria to help fight against parasites and rebuild your immune system
  • Garden Trio - nutritious whole food supplement powders to provide you with the vitamins and minerals you are lacking

All of these supplements are safe and very helpful to the body. I don't know if they will be sufficient to completely rid you of the particular problem you are suffering from, but they have the potential to do so.

Is there anyone who lives with you? Do they have the same symptoms as you do?

You mentioned trying essential oils. Have you tried spraying/misting a tea tree oil (or oregano or neem oil) and water mixture over your furniture to try to kill off parasites? It may be worth trying. I would spray and then vacuum everything about an hour later to try to get rid of them.

If you don't want to use essential oils again, try raw apple cider vinegar instead.

To your good health!

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Feb 01, 2023
my thoughts from personal experience .... NEW
by: TFax

Ah yes... the hair. I ended up cutting mine so it doesn't mess w my face however I feel like they are related. I have been watching this for about a yr now and I believe that the scalo or hair (up close they look like tubes and they woukd work their way out of my pony tail or clip only to find the end of the hair in one my facial lesions or lip or eye ...almost like supplying whatever kind if worm that has created a village on my face only ... and there has been a lot of different onea ... I would like to elaborate when I'm not so tired ... love n prayers for all of us dealing w this worm issue and get no help from doctors or medicine. Stay strong.

Aug 11, 2022
Omgod NEW
by: Crystal coulter

I have the same thing .exactly

Feb 07, 2022
This summer I went into remission from a skin parasite NEW
by: Dawn

I don't know what it was however it was associated with carnivores spring tail. I tanned all summer not wanting to get near anyone and in fear it was contagious by the end of summer I was not feeling the biting and crawling on my skin very much. When the dayes grew shorter I felt it come back. I thought about going to the tanning spa and a friend said they thought I had found relief from the vitamin D and suggested I take 500mgs of D3 and I did, I am finding relief. I still clean my living space but not as much as I needed to before, it is getting better !!!!!!!

Feb 04, 2022
I hope this helps NEW
by: Kleen Green

I’ve been dealing with this for about a year and a half now. I spent so so much money on cleaning products and anything to help and there are a few things that have helped me. (I’m not affiliated with any of these products and I’m not getting any compensation from naming them)
PEROXIDE! They do not like peroxide
Coconut oil on your skin draws them out. Wait a couple of minutes after applying and you can get them off
Apple cider vinegar makes them angry. I pour this on my head in the shower but be careful because something about it makes them unable to burrow. I had one of the black ones that ended up being the biggest one I’ve ever seen fall on my arm and sting and leave a huge welp. I would say put coconut oil everywhere (especially on your face, neck, eyes, nose, and ears before doing this

Kleen green for your environment. Google Kleen green and I ordered from a website that had genesis in the name. It takes a couple of times to see results but spray daily for at least two weeks
Debriding soap from the Natures Gift website
Use Kleen green and the debriding soap in laundry, baths, cleaning, everything
Also the mouthwash from Natures Gift

Food grade diatomaceous earth all over the home and you can also add a spoonful or do in your water daily (it’s good for your hair, skin, and nails also)

If you’re in the beginning stages of this, freaking out doesn’t help. I’ve been there. If you got this from a home like I did, move out of that home!!

No one is really sure what this is, but it’s been said that it’s morgellons, Lyme, a mix of fungus and bacteria, and a slew of other things. Google lymephotos and see some similar pictures to know you aren’t alone.

Jan 20, 2022
Morgellons podcast
by: Lisa aka Waking Gods Child

I have a YouTube channel called wakinggodschild. I have regular human individuals like myself and many of you on the show all the time talking about this affliction of evil. No matter which way you look at it we are fighting the good fight in the end. Please if you would take some time to check it out it always has useful information. People are always offering advice, protocols, or just a shoulder to cry on or an ear for listening.
My heart goes out to each and every single one of you as I am a single mom and I’ve battled this completely alone… The world does not understand and they turn their backs immediately. Just wanted you all to know that there are people like myself and many others out there who love you and support you and are here for you. Blessings beautiful friends.

Nov 25, 2021
It is a slime mold NEW
by: A

This is a slime mold. I’ve commented below about a year ago when this started for me. I legitimately thought I was losing my mind. Moving hair, little black "hairs" all over me, my daughter, and my home. I have videos of this hair very clearly moving. I spent tons on cleaning products, got looked at like a psycho by doctors, the works. This took over my life. It started when my daughter and I moved into a home filled with this stuff.

I bought a microscope to try to see if I could find something showing this was an actual parasite. I looked at all the weird shaped hairs under this microscope. It is a slime mold. Slime molds move by shape shifting. It’s is called Althea rolfsii- which is currently only known by scientists to affect plants. More and more people are being affected by this. It will come to light soon.

The Facebook group "Mold and Morgellons" explains this and has a protocol. They have a store where you can buy Fenbendazole to help you rid your body of it. You have to clean your environment while cleansing yourself. Good luck everybody.

Nov 24, 2021
I’ve saved 100s of lives NEW
by: Megan

I’ve given so many people their lives back that I have no desire to defend myself. This disease gave me mold toxicity. And I give every last dollar of my profits to people who can’t afford my protocol. They are happy to talk to people about how much I’ve done for them.

I don’t need anyones money. However, others with this PARASITE may.

Nov 20, 2021
This is not parasites NEW
by: Holla

This is some type of mold issue/illness. Be weary of people trying sell you their magic soaps on here. They will gaslight you and feed your fears with untruths and lies to make a quick buck.

Nov 15, 2021
Brianna NEW
by: Marty

Completely sounds like you have or developing mold illness.
Unfortunately it does feel and look like a tiny worm that's alive.
The toxins start to build up and clear thinking is not there.
Unfortunately again when you present your self to the doctors with a parasite infection and my hair is alive they go to straight to delusional parasitosis.

If you find a new doctor, tell them you feel sick and that your apartment is completely covered in mold. Don't ever mention parasites. And ask for a myotoxin test. This will get you prescription meds to combat the mold in your body and get you back to normal. You may develop CIRS if left too long.
I'd sue your landlord after all this is done too. Make sure to document the mold too as evidence and all the times you ask for it to be fixed.
Doctors world wide policy is to treat symptoms not cause, nor to look for it.
I went through this hell and lost everything from a dream job, my dog, and independent life. All because of mold. I'm 45 and back with my parents.
I too thought it was a parasite and presented myself to doctors like that. I too was asked if I was a meth head by the nurses as my behaviour was paranoid when toxins built up in my brain.
Luckily I figured it out with others on the internet.
And yes my previous dwelling was covered mold and I developed mold illness with CIRS.There never was a parasite, but I did think that way.
I hope you take this seriously as it's a serious matter. I wouldn't want you to lose custody of your child or anything for that matter.
My neighbour suffered the same although didn't believe me when I said I believe it's the mold. His place was worse than mine. Unfortunately the toxins in his brain built up so much that he's in state care and his memory is completely wiped. Doesn't recognise anyone not even himself. He was smart with over a million dollars portfolio in property that the public trustees have acquired. Something that could of been avoidable.
I've helped many people with this advise and life gets back to normal very quickly. Good luck and don't give up.

Nov 15, 2021
Mind is blown.
by: Brianna

I don’t even know what to say right now the fact that there are other people dealing with the same thing as me like down to a T just blows my mind I truly thought I was alone. i was starting to believe the asshole nurses & doctors that would sit and laugh about me soon as theyd leave the room & call me delusional.
I really could use some advice ASAP please I isolated myself for the past few months due to this and I’ve been in fear of passing it along to my daughter so she has been living with my mom and I’ve been trying to keep my distance and it’s been making me sick of course because I miss her and nobody can understand my side of this I just keep being accused of being on meth!!. well I have no choice but to move back with my daughter and mom tomorrow or my mom is going to try and fight me in court which is extremely unfortunate because I’m doing it for the sake of my daughter I’m scared to give it to her But I also don’t want to lose her so I’m between a rock and a hard place and don’t get me wrong I’ve been sick to my stomach not being around her I’ve just been so scared to pass this to her I know you guys will understand but nobody else will please any advice at all what I can do to get rid of it before I move in with her I don’t want to bring it there!I’m only bringing my car full of stuff (photos/few clothing items/papers/kitchen ware etc) no furniture.. I’m gonna leave my bed and everything else at my apartment leave as much as possible behind but it’s in my car too so I don’t even know what to do about that.
I have noticed a lot of comments about mold and I have had a wall in my apartment covered in mold and the floor board carpet there since February & management keeps saying they’re going to fix it and they still have not and it’s just an open wall of mold and now I’m wondering did this come from that? Sure seems like something I could sue them about that’s for sure. I tried so many times to research this and I couldn’t find anything on it besides the horse hair topic but it still didn’t fit exactly until I found this page I am so relieved at the same time but I am so sorry that others are dealing with it. it even got so bad for me that I broke up with the love of my life and made him move out of my own apartment and was so extremely mean to him for several months blaming him for this accusing him of putting stuff in my hair accusing him of putting stuff in my drinks, putting snakes and worms in my hair🤦🏻‍♀️ doing this and that and he swore up and down he didn’t and I just didn’t know what else it could even be now I just feel awful that wasn’t the case.
I’m sorry for talking so much I’m just literally shocked right now to I found this website I feel like I’m almost in a dream because I’ve been so desperate looking for somebody else that would believe me …OK well please somebody comment anybody I’m literally desperate here is my email address and my phone number 831-760-6390

Sep 14, 2021
For Megan NEW
by: Marty

You do mention parasite, which one is it?
Certainly you would have identified it?
I too have beat this, just interested on what specific parasite you think this is.

Sep 08, 2021
FINALLY! The miracle we all deserve. Part 2 of 2. NEW
by: Megan

Which reminds me… I highly recommend that everyone stop making attempts to kill all these organisms in/on your body. This includes trying to interrupt their life cycle using non-prescribed medications and drugs. Again… it won’t work anyway. If it does.., your symptoms will be back again shortly. And they’ll return with a serious vengeance. Or they’ll dive in your eyeballs/ down your throat etc. in attempt to survive. Not good…
Consider this… if you could kill these parasites living inside and attached to you… what do you think would happen to their remains? Yeah. Death by toxic levels of dead parasites anyone? I suppose thd crawling like sensations would stop.., but then what?!

Ps. I’m not knocking anyone for what you have already tried. Trust me… I’ve been there. I took invermectin topical AND oral (dosage for strongyloides) on a daily basis for 30+ days.. did it again in 6 months. I’ve pulled all my eyebrow hairs/eyelashes out with tweezers. Attempted to scrape/cut parts of my skin with a knife. Spent countless hours with microscopes, taking 166457448 photos/videos of evidence, I’ve taken every antifungal & antibacterial antibiotic under the sun, covered my skin in things that supposively "cure" you: like baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, high PH chemicals/low PH, pet parasite medications, natural herbs, etc,

Good news is… you don’t have to kill them to get rid of them. 🤭 plus, I guarantee that Once you begin to fight off this infection… you’ll learn EXACTLY what’s been wreaking havoc on your body.. don’t worry. Not all is lost if I don’t share this with you. Lol

I am in the midst of designing more products but for now, I’m working on perfecting my soap bar. Im getting started getting everything Legalized & protected. As well as collecting information on duration of use needed, monitoring for adverse side affects, etc. all the fun stuff. So far… so good! 🤗

I’d love for you guys to be a part of this miracle with me! Im ecstatic with results so far. I want to give out Atleast 100 more soap samples for feedback in meantime. And Id like to add to my collection of before & after photos. So that I can reach and help more people be freed from this.

If your interested you can email me at Just send me a message with your first name and let me know your ready to get your life back. I’ll send you a reply with my phone number. So we can text/call one another. Of course I’m always here for support and other questions you have too. We also have a group conference every Sunday that everyone is welcome to join.

A final note: The FDA requires me to inform you that I am not a medical doctor. Therefore, I cannot diagnose, treat, or midi gate any disease or illness. Before accepting any of my recommendations or using any products I give you/advised you try, you should consult with your medical doctor to make sure it does not interfere with any other health condition you may be currently experiencing.
The FDA also requires me to inform you that the hot process soap and ingredients used in my soap is not to be confused as a treatment for parasites, infection, disease, or as a cure for any skin condition. I am not responsible for any choice made by you or others in household, to use my product. Including usage of soap when used/applied in a manner not suggested by me or instructional booklet. And I will not be held responsible for any side effects that may arise during or after use of my product.

I simply want to share with you, what worked for me and those I have helped. But individual results may vary.

Ps. Sometimes emails sent to me go directly to my spam? I’m not sure why that happens. If I don’t reply Within 48 hours… you can assume that’s the case. You can re-send your email OR try from a different email address. Sometimes, my replies are sent to your junk mail box too. So be sure and double check junk folder for my reply.

Again, Email is
Let’s get your life back & get you started on the right track to freedom, shall we?! ❤️
Please don’t worry about bothering me if you need someone to just talk to or have questions about things. I do not mind.. at all! I have devoted all my time to helping others get their lives back. Because I enjoy it. It makes all the suffering I endured… a purpose & gives it some meaning.

Sep 08, 2021
Successful results obtained for everyone so far!!! Post 2 of 2 NEW
by: Megan

Which reminds me… I highly recommend that everyone stop making attempts to kill all these organisms in/on your body. This includes trying to interrupt their life cycle using non-prescribed medications and drugs. Again… it won’t work anyway. If it does.., your symptoms will be back again shortly. And they’ll return with a serious vengeance. Or they’ll dive in your eyeballs/ down your throat etc. in attempt to survive. Not good…
Consider this… if you could kill these parasites living inside and attached to you… what do you think would happen to their remains? Yeah. Death by toxic levels of dead parasites anyone? I suppose thd crawling like sensations would stop.., but then what?!

Ps. I’m not knocking anyone for what you have already tried. Trust me… I’ve been there. I took invermectin topical AND oral (dosage for strongyloides) on a daily basis for 30+ days.. did it again in 6 months. I’ve pulled all my eyebrow hairs/eyelashes out with tweezers. Attempted to scrape/cut parts of my skin with a knife. Spent countless hours with microscopes, taking 166457448 photos/videos of evidence, I’ve taken every antifungal & antibacterial antibiotic under the sun, covered my skin in things that supposively "cure" you: like baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, high PH chemicals/low PH, pet parasite medications, natural herbs, etc,

Good news is… you don’t have to kill them to get rid of them. 🤭 plus, I guarantee that Once you begin to fight off this infection… you’ll learn EXACTLY what’s been wreaking havoc on your body.. don’t worry. Not all is lost if I don’t share this with you. Lol

I am in the midst of designing more products but for now, I’m working on perfecting my soap bar. Im getting started getting everything Legalized & protected. As well as collecting information on duration of use needed, monitoring for adverse side affects, etc. all the fun stuff. So far… so good! 🤗

I’d love for you guys to be a part of this miracle with me! Im ecstatic with results so far. I want to give out Atleast 100 more soap samples for feedback in meantime. And Id like to add to my collection of before & after photos. So that I can reach and help more people be freed from this.

If your interested you can email me at Just send me a message with your first name and let me know your ready to get your life back. I’ll send you a reply with my phone number. So we can text/call one another. Of course I’m always here for support and other questions you have too. We also have a group conference every Sunday that everyone is welcome to join.

A final note: The FDA requires me to inform you that I am not a medical doctor. Therefore, I cannot diagnose, treat, or midi gate any disease or illness. Before accepting any of my recommendations or using any products I give you/advised you try, you should consult with your medical doctor to make sure it does not interfere with any other health condition you may be currently experiencing.
The FDA also requires me to inform you that the hot process soap and ingredients used in my soap is not to be confused as a treatment for parasites, infection, disease, or as a cure for any skin condition. I am not responsible for any choice made by you or others in household, to use my product. Including usage of soap when used/applied in a manner not suggested by me or instructional booklet. And I will not be held responsible for any side effects that may arise during or after use of my product.

I simply want to share with you, what worked for me and those I have helped. But individual results may vary.

Ps. Sometimes emails sent to me go directly to my spam? I’m not sure why that happens. If I don’t reply Within 48 hours… you can assume that’s the case. You can re-send your email OR try from a different email address. Sometimes, my replies are sent to your junk mail box too. So be sure and double check junk folder for my reply.

Again, Email is
Let’s get your life back & get you started on the right track to freedom, shall we?! ❤️
Please don’t think your hassling me or bothering me if you have questions or need someone to talk to about this fyi. That will never be the case. I couldn’t be happier to help you,

Sep 08, 2021
Been busy creating a cure!! -post 1 of 2 NEW
by: Megan

Hi guys! If you read some of my previous comments than you are already aware that I am a free morgellons/parasite that looks like hair/etc. coach: I teach people how to get their lives back from this parasite. I work with Richard Kuhns, author of "how to get your life back from morgellons, Lyme, and other skin parasites" & his team most days. In my spare time when I’m not teaching protocol or helping others cope with their traumatic experiences…
I’ve been busy working towards finding a permanent fix to get rid of these god awful organisms.

Getting my life back from this infection was a blessing- but I wanted everything for myself that I would’ve had, had I never caught this parasite. A long time ago… I decided that I was not going to live with this disease even if that meant accomplishing something that has never been done before. You see, I spent over half my life with a brain tumor: the doctors never scanned me for this rare occurrence during the entire 13 years it was growing in my head. They gave me all kinds of meds for the agonizing pain: I grew weak and spent years unable to experience life. The doctors began to call me delusional or accuse me of over-reacting… until one day…. A brand new intern decided to do an MRI scan. They told me I had about 14 days before it killed me.

I beat the odds! I became a real walking/talking/breathing miracle. I never thought I’d have to endure neglect or abuse from the medical community like that again. It had never crossed my mind that I would become ill with another super rare, life altering illness. Until I caught this parasite.

To my disbelief I was neglected, abused, lied to, and treated like a dog- again! But this time.. my experience was even worse than before. The parasites had taken over my entire body: they were in my hair, in my eyes, in my mouth, my skin, my nails, up my nose… ugh. Crawling sensations head to toe with random biting, stinging, and shocking sensations day in and day out. Sending shivers up my spine. Living in constant fear- stuck in fight or flight mode 24/7. I had no control over my body or it’s functions anymore. Eventually, I went completely blind which seemed to be random & sporadic. Some days I could see almost normal- other days, I’d have a white film clouding my vision, worsening blurry vision, and/or Red/itchy swollen eyes. Doctors eventually decided I had conjunctivitis… which led to corneal scarring.. and eventually, what they said was permanent vision loss.

Man was I grateful that they were WRONG!!! Seems to be a regular occurrence these days… none the less. I was able to "see" well enough to function most days after that. However, the parasites seemed to be rapidly multiplying and I felt myself growing weaker by the minute: I could barely make it 10 feet without needing to stop & catch my breath. I was so swollen that I could barely bend my knees. I was acused of being on drugs anytime I opened my mouth to ask for help. They’d ask me if I was drunk because often times, I couldn’t keep my balance. It felt like my entire being was off balance: I was walking sideways. It felt exactly like I had gone through brain surgery again. Which throws off your equilibrium in the same way. Scared for my life… I went at it again.. seeking help from the doctors & specialists. I finally got the doctors to do some real tests… the full spectrum of blood work, biopsies, urine samples, saliva tests, MRI & cat scans, X-rays, EKG machines, 24/7 monitoring from 10+ doctors at a time, full psych evaluations, PARASITE TESTS THE FULL SPECTRUM, skin/hair/tissue/eye samples across the board with lots of variations of agar in Petri dishes. WHAT A RELIEF!!

LOL I’m just kidding. Every single test was completely normal and I was negative for everything under the sun. Except for an MRI head scan that showed visible signs of extreme changes & lots of concerns. I was sent for 4 additional head scans that were performed by different specialists: including 2 of the top neurosurgeons and U of M infectious disease (top in country). This time… I was SURE they were seeing some type of alien parasites on my scalp or in my brain. HA! JOKES ON ME.

My results? I was diagnosed with another brain tumor! But no effing parasites? GET THE F*** out of here!! I was ready to just commit suicide. Instead, something told me to pick myself up & keep going. Scans & tests in hand.., I continued onward with my journey to get actual medical help. I wasn’t going to stop telling the truth: my hair was alive and I could care less if I was dieing of a brain tumor I told them. A brain tumor?! What you think that scares me?! How about we focus on these killer transforming parasites that do magic for a living, I said. This brain tumor is standing in the way of my parasite testing & diagnoses… I thought. It gave them psychical evidence that I had reason to experience mental confusion & hallucinations. GREAT.

The good news? THEY WERE WRONG AGAIN. Turns out I didn’t have a tumor or any abnormalities at all. The "medical professionals" DIDNT request access to my post surgical head scans… basically, mistakenly thinking my residual tissue changes & scarring from my brain surgeries… we’re abnormal cell growths. JESUS. After that experience… the severe stress that placed on me… seemed to give the parasites super powers.

I lost total control of my movements. I’d often twitch and shake for no reason. My tears turned to drops of burning acid. The post-nasal drip continued to worsen.. "nose juice" constantly dripping down the back of my throat. It caused severe throat irritation which turned into severe erosion of my digestive tract. Swallowing became almost impossible! I spent countless, endless nights hacking/coughing/choking which only made it worse. I’d cough up white foam sometimes. Finally, my delusional parasites caused my delusional esophagus to completely collapsed. I was rushed into surgery to open my throat back up. Not a pleasant experience. Yet again, I was informed that they didn’t find any parasites or signs of parasitic infection… despite 100s of tests & a camera down my throat/in my digestive lining.

I was diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, held against my will, locked up in the psych ward 4 times.. for "harming myself". Nobody consider that these parasites are causing my eye damage, non healing sores/lesions, etc. ugh ?! You know?!
Eventually I completely isolated myself in my home. 2 years of my life passed me by before I gave up getting help from the doctors: before I realized it was a lost cause. After all, I never imagined the vast array of psychical abnormalities this infection caused… Could be mistaken as anything other than parasites.

People I knew my entire life.., would pass by me in the grocery stores… they didn’t recognize me. By no means am I bragging/talking myself up.., but I have been naturally stunning since I can remember. That kind of mouth dropping, makes you stop what your doing and stare kind of beautiful (which I wasn’t fully aware of until I lost it all). But OH MAN did this disease make me ugly! Wow!
The random bruising, skin/ nail discoloration, shedding of "dandruff", patchy hair loss & changes in hair texture/color, cellulite, "acne", scabs, weight loss & weight gain, jiggly/loose/sagging skin, "wrinkles", "spider veins" white furry tongue, thick saliva, chapped lips, recurring fungal type infections etc. did not make my hideousness any better. Plus, I was buried alive in clear fibers and hair that I swear was not my hair! Pretty women aren’t hairy. Shaving barely made a dent in my monkey suite.

Anyway… my story is quite extensive and I’m happy to share with you further, if you like. But back to the positive exciting news… my cure.
I spent a lot of my free time since I became a coach & living mostly symptom free… acquiring knowledge from 100s of people all over the country, spent all year recording/tracking data of our commonalities. I collected data on which ingredients had a strong effect for long periods of time on the parasites, but only if it worked for everyone that tried it.

Finally.. I’ have 95% of the answers I needed to design a solution that allows us to gain freedom from the organisms without draining us, causing extreme agony/pain, or forcing us to do treatments for years. I even know EXACTLY what has parasitized all of us & taken control of our lives. Yep.
I know. I know… you want me to tell you. But I suggest you stop trying to figure it out & I wouldn’t ask. It’s easier to cope with treatments and get through the healing process if you are oblivious. You can hate me if you want. But I’ve now helped 100s of people get their lives back & 20+ people who are using my potential permanent remedy, that are still completely free of any/all parasites. Including myself. Which is still holding up… 8 weeks in counting. Yay! But with that said- you’ll just have to trust me on that note. Knowing what it is will NOT help you prove it, get help, or figure out how to kill it. I promise. You can’t kill them all. They are immune to everything. No I’m not making it up or guessing.

Sep 05, 2021
Frequency Parasite NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello. I’m a well-known attorney in the state of Florida so for professional reasons, I’m choosing to stay anonymous at this time. Nevertheless, I would like to share my experience with hope of helping others/finding those willing to give my recommendation a try.

Those who mentioned the parasites are a frequency and response accordingly are correct. While taking a shower one day, at my wits end from dealing with constant sores on my scalp; hair loss; itching; constant crawling sensations; and utterly knowing that some invisible worm-like parasite was to blame for the aforementioned symptoms—I manifested that upon exiting the shower, I would exit in a new reality free from this parasite because I no longer allowed it to have a place in my life. What causes me harm, I set free.

It worked for majority of the day and I knew I was on to something. After researching various studies on manifestation and the laws of attraction achieved through various hallucinogenic substances—I decided to give DMT a try.

Having no prior experience with DMT, I could only prepare so much—the rest is for each their own to experience. Mentally, I was ready. I prepared myself for the trip, I made sure to remain cognizant about my intended purpose of trying DMT—to understand the parasite and manifest a reality free of the parasite. Once I blasted off, I experienced the "grid" and the layers as so many others have witnessed as well. I became aware of the ego and how truly powerful the brain is wired to live in this reality. I found that every thought and every feeling is a frequency to which we give power, and in that moment I manifested that the parasites were no longer a frequency I attract. I manifested a powerful brain and body that was healed and free of harm.

I came out of trip, and all around me was "hair" that had fallen from head. I brushed my hair and removed globs of dead tangles /debris. I visioned a healing and powerful frequency that killed them. That no longer allowed my body to host them. Since then, I’ve been cured. Good luck to all.

Aug 11, 2021
How I’m getting rid of this! It works!
by: Jessica

After 2 years of research I’m finally heading in the right direction of getting rid of this!!!! Visit and call for a free consultation! You’re not crazy, and this will help you get your life back! I’ve literally lost so much of my hair from this, and after soaking in the vets choice product, I can literally see and feel these suckers dying. I wish I found this website and support sooner! I had to pass along the info because I know how horrible this is! Good luck!

Jul 29, 2021
Nikki you identified it NEW
by: Marty

Nikki from below, you said you were at your mom's that has black mold.
The mold is most likely the cause of the illness.
Many people have Aspergillus fumigatus- black mold growing in their homes without knowing.
You need to get on top of that, covid and mold illness doesn't mix well.
I know... what does mold have to do with a parasite. This particular one moves around like one and feels like one under your skin and in your hair. Believe me been there.
I treated myself as if I had mold illness and a parasitic infection.
Also my environment. I cleaned it up and free from that horrible torture.
Sending my prayers to you and everyone suffering from this horrible torment.
You can overcome it.
I suffered for years then treated it as mold and parasitic infection infestation and the same time. Most major symptoms gone within a month. I did need alot of help with the house cleaning inside and out. New clothes bedding, etc...
Most important lint traps in the washing machine and dryer, clean them every use. Sun is the best dryer, but understand weather conditions in some areas..
You have the power and knowledge, you can beat this.

Jul 29, 2021
I have good pic and videos of the white hairs and long w bright light end
by: Nikki

Where can I post videos and pic I have ? I even have a video me and my brother went over showing the. Clear thing in a bag that moves fast into a c shape from a s shape and it's very clear all of my stuff. The clear jelly is disgusting I just want to know what it is and help others I even dyed my hair they still live ! My skin has marks like moles nails are bad. Tired very tired

Jul 29, 2021
Hair that moves by itself
by: Nikki

Please anyone text me or email me so we can spread the word and fix this. I won't see my kids I'm afraid to get them sick I can't see the whole article to read all the messages onlly the left half . I'm tired of getting treated like I'm craxy I'm a nurse and never have been treated so bad I almost tried suicide many times. I have OCD already and this made much worse. I have a long story and did nothing but took pictures videos and collected what I could to use one day to teach people about this. But they are smart but I am a religious person it has me torn aliens devil I do sound craxy but idk what else it can be and If it gets hurt on outside of body by me like from fire it hurts me on inside. So....who knows 3606491169
My hands hurt to text all this I have lupus RA and was at my mom's for few months w black mold

Jul 21, 2021
I work with a group of people who have gotten rid of this!!! NEW
by: Megan

After getting my life back from this parasitic infection and helping many others. Most of you seem to have an idea on what helps…. But the issue is, you have to understand everything that works to get rid of this for good.

I became a free coach and began working with richard Kuhns and the group. I help people across the country get better, every day. We have collected sufficient evidence based information… we know what works for everyone.

In addition to free coaching, we also offer a free conference call every Sunday. 50-100 of us all meet online to discuss, ask questions, tell stories, teach newbies, etc.
everyone is welcome to join us! You can talk with us or you can just sit back and listen.

Contact me for more information. I’m happy to help! Email me and we can exchange phone numbers too. I can help you via phone/text with any questions. Megan.mick@icloud:com

Jul 20, 2021
You're not insane! NEW
by: Marty

Please believe me when I say you're not insane, none of you are. I've been part of this comment section for more than a year. I suffered everything everyone is describing. It's horrific, it's awful, it's alot of things. This will change your life forever.
I first became sick around the beginning of 2018. No doctor would help me. Having a scientific background I researched myself. I've come to some conculsion on what it is. I been down the rabbit hole which nearly ended in suicide. Don't go down there I went for you.
You can treat this as a parasite or a mold. Treat them as both. Then you will beat this. And treat your living environment as it is mold and parasite infestated. Clean it. Clean your lint trap in your washing machine. Run a wash with hot water no clothes throw some bleach in it to clean your machine. Same with dryer, clean that lint trap!
Once gravely sick with this, now I'm better and honestly can't find evidence of it around. I still have issues from the illness which is manageable.
You can beat this, I have faith in you. Sending my prayers to all suffering and asking that you will be helped. Sincerely and will always help in anyway.

Jul 20, 2021
Hair that flys back into your body
by: Jesse James

Just one anecdote cuz there's too many for me to write about. So I was showering and combing my hair. have very long hair and the comb is getting covered with thick black hair that's falling out but as soon as I grab the hair to take it off the comb and toss it out it flys back up my arm and disappears into me. Beyond my wildest imagination/hallucination etc. Couldn't believe what I was saying thought I was going insane. Then I would try to "trick" it. It's smart. I would grab it on the comb and then splash my hands with the hair on them rapidly in the water collecting at the bottom of the tub and quickly let go and it wouldn't come back into me it would get confused and stuck in the water. Tons of it. Insanity. We're being experimented on or it's an alien. Or were in a simulation. No idea. Shits fucky

Jul 13, 2021
Parasites that look like hair
by: Steve Baugh

Iam writing because the same thing is happening to me. These worms are in my hair ,in my clothes ,bedding EVERYTHING MY CAR. I cant get rid of them. They look like tiny snakesclear w/ black stripe they change color to match and weave there self into stitching. There in my stool. They multiple so fast and thousand of them . I have used every thing to kill them and they dont die. I got them when I was camping one night bugs were hitting the ground and they laid eggs hundreds at a time ,then the bug would pop and burn up into ashes. And the eggs hatched immediately all kinds of weird parasites including the worm iam talking about I have pictures. Please someone tell me how to get rid of them from me and everything I own. I burnt everything first time . I cant afford that cause they dont go away. Iam a wreck cant sleep and jumpy over everything cause I have a thing about snakes. And something all over my body. HELP! HELP! STEVE. PLEASE

Jul 07, 2021
So how do you get your life back? NEW
by: Megan

Most of us developed so many complications that we lose the ability function. We are terrified and often isolated without help or support. The result? Your body starts producing fight or flight hormones. It becomes a constant uncontrollable process. The more you learn about this disease, the higher your fight or flight response goes.

We end up STUCK once we realize these parasites cannot be killed. Many have committed suicide because they get stuck on the fact that they can’t fight these organisms. Suicide is their final attempt to run (the flight response) from these parasites.

This is why it’s vital to do whatever it takes to lower your body’s natural response to this infection. You can’t fight them and you certainly can’t run away from your own skin. It’s a never ending cycle.

Fight or flight mode takes away our ability to use our creative mind and to think outside the box. You don’t need to know what this organism is. You don’t need to kill any of them.

Here are some examples:

You need to break down their protective biofilm if you plan to harm them at all. This can be done. Then you can irritate them and get them to leave you. Although this can be tricky because when threatened they may shift into cyst form.

The second option is to change yourself: they are parasites and you are the host.,they are using you to survive. Get rid of/lower everything in your body and environment that they need… they won’t stay much longer.

There are other ways to get your life back, don’t lose hope. If I can do it… so can you!

Jul 07, 2021
Re: crystal NEW
by: Megan

Truth be told… Im pretty positive that most people everywhere, now have it. Most are unaware. I was asymptomatic and infected with it for several years…. Without a clue in the world. It only becomes a problem when you come in contact with a "super infection". Certain objects, environments, animals, various insects (often vectors), and people can pass on these organisms if infected badly enough.

This is also why I always tell people not to worry about what it is. Knowing what this organism is… doesn’t help. There is no single treatment. There is no cure. You cannot kill it. You’d have to kill every animal, person, environment, insect etc. that carriers it. Good luck convincing the city to add permithin into the water systems (nobody go using permithin or drink it) lol only an example. Plus, they have developed immunity to most disinfectants. Even Chlorine does not kill them. They are able to shift forms: they fly, they swim, and if threatened… they quickly change into cyst form. They also create a sticky biofilm that protects & encases them. They cannot be killed when buried in layers of protection.

If you need a reference parasite to learn about… research acanthameba. But it is not an amoeba: they tested me. Believe it or not… I did eventually get the specialist to test me for every organism known to date. It was all negative. I thought I needed answers for my own sanity… ha. What a load of pointless frustration.

Jul 07, 2021
Biofilm NEW
by: Crystal

The worms actually produce a film to protect their cuticles or outer skin so between that a the eggs being double walled it is super hard to kill them. Yes they stand up and wave (they call it nictating) like waving down a taxi. They look all around and if they sense something they like the jump and fly through the air.

Jul 07, 2021
Re: crystal NEW
by: Megan

Ugh that is so awful! I figured that may be the case. I’ve seen it happen before. Please do email me ASAP! We’ve got to get you started on treatment like last week. You are an incredible woman. Most of us would have quit before now.

Jul 07, 2021
Horsehair worm NEW
by: Re: crystal

Ahh the horsehair worm. 😂 I researched the crap out of that particular species: I’m 99% sure I emailed the guy that your talking about, too:

I was super infected the day I had a set of expensive hair extensions put in. It was real human hair too. And the hairs began diving into my forehead!! I’m not kidding. I watched in the mirror over & over again. Yet, I didn’t feel a thing when it happened. Except a light crawl or itch in surrounding area. It was terrifying! I should’ve been bleeding and in pain.

Within the next month I noticed moving cotton balls,strings, and lint everywhere on me and around me. But they never moved the way a a worm moves. It’s almost like they sway lightly or dance in place. It was so confusing. If they moved far it seemed as tho they were jumping or shooting them selves across the room.

Way too fast to see it happen or record it tho: haha. I learned through research that horsehair worm and all parasitic worms l…cannot zoom fly away. At best, they can float in the air with a draft. I was convinced it was a work anyway. So I followed treatment for horsehair worm. Then treatment for parasitic nematode. It seemed to help drastically both times. Then it got worse. Using topical & pill form of invermectin… is how I discovered the biofilm encasing the parasites and the biofilm that was covering my skin.
…. No more worm treatments for me! Not after that nightmare.

Jul 07, 2021
Taking meds NEW
by: Crystal

Yes be careful taking medicine the worst one is prednisone I’m finishing up mine now I had to take it to open my lungs up from the pneumonia but it gives these things a way to really screw you up because it is Suppressing your immune system

Jul 07, 2021
Reply to megan NEW
by: Crystal

For sure all my health problems stem from this. And don’t worry about upsetting me I was born in Maine Down east Maine to be exact. The winters there can last until June not very populated and they say we get by with our sarcasm or dry humor deciding on what you call it ha ha. But I have to say looking at the bright side of everything has always been my strong suit. I think the stent I have put in was it because my heart was clogged but I do not think it was normal I think that stuff has clog my arteries. I also have in my lungs pulmonary nodules and I think it’s that too. They also diagnosed me with COPD and emphysema but if that was the case it would’ve been years leading up to this as I have had no problems until the last six months first episode my bronchial tubes totally closed up they had to intubate me that was the end of January. The next inCident What is the same thing except I went into cardiac arrest and I did actually die they had to life flight me to the hospital And intubated again. That what was last month. 15 days after that I went back in with pneumonia my lungs are we’re completely filled. Been home to three weeks so far. All my joints are swollen and I’ve lost all my hair. I am in process of sending you a couple pictures and video clips through my email to you. I am attaching them now and it is hard for anyone else to believe you because I’m having a hard time believing it is just so crazy. I live in Pensacola and everyone here has it too and they are clueless. We quit drinking our water as when I changed my filter all the eggs and larva they were in my water filter coming out of the sink but it’s just not there they’re all everywhere the windows and looking at our surveillance cameras they are not spiderwebs it’s them all over the front that’s the cameras or we can see the eggs in them. It’s just not normal when your hair looks at you when you use a camera phone to Fillmore take pictures. I don’t know if it was the heat from the phone or something electric that they’re sending. I am finishing up attaching pics to the email I’m going to send you so you should be getting them shortly. Oh don’t worry about upsetting me as I feel the pain trying to tell these people here and they’re not getting it.

Jul 06, 2021
To Melissa NEW
by: Megan

Be careful with doxycycline. It kills these parasites and helps dramatically with symptoms. But for most… the parasites come back with vengeance after finishing the script. I hope 🤞 you keep getting better.

My symptoms went away with various antibiotics too. Anything that kills bacteria pretty much, will drastically help. But only at first. They seem to thrive on the bacteria in our bodies.

Usually your doctor will cut you off the antibiotics after 6 weeks, tho. The last thing you want is the organisms to develop immunity to the doxycycline. I was given another script of doxycycline when symptoms returned… and it no longer affected the parasites. They quickly gain immunity to medications.

With each medication you put in your body…. You may give the organisms more strength. Making it a lot more difficult to kill them. Please be careful! You may want to consider starting lufeneron 220 mg daily with your doxycycline. It’s a chitin inhibitor. This will break down any fungal organisms in/on your body and kill these parasites as they are composed of chitin.

It’s best to attack full force, all at once.

Jul 06, 2021
Re: Crystal NEW
by: Megan

Lol! I’m glad my last comment made you laugh. I was worried that I might offend some people. I just genuinely get really upset when I have to watch other people suffer another day, with this. And I wish someone would’ve said that to me: maybe I wouldn’t have lost over a year of my life to this before I started to make choices that took me in right direction.

I look forward to your email! I will help you work around your daughter and her needs.fI can only imagine how difficult it must be to have that responsibility on top of this infection. We can figure out some quick fix tricks, together. you can try different things and make your protocol unique to you. It will still work out in the end. Once you eradicate that fight or flight response… creativity will kick in. You’d be surprised what I’ve heard of others doing, when they didn’t have a bath tub. I know a guy who actually walked around in a wet suite soaked in debriding soap water all day HAHAHA. You can do this!

Sorry to hear about your other health issues. I hope there is no permanent damage that can not be reversed or treated. Do you think these other issues are related to the parasites or the harm they have done to your body?

Jul 06, 2021
Reply to last post NEW
by: Crystal

Yes they are all over your body all the hairs everywhere are them and Hair does move by itself because it’s not hair. If you have an email or text number I can send some picks and check out Ben Hanelt I think New Mexico University. He discovered a terrestrial version of horse hair worm. Lots of good information. They don’t have to go back to the water to me and it is the only one that has double layered eggs. That’s why it is so hard to get rid of them. I’ve had it so bad that I was literally scraping larvae out of my mouth with a spoon. I am pulling larvae and egg strings out of the bottom of my feet. They are between your tissue and skin. Once you take off dead skin they literally jump out of your feet. They are vicious and fight each other even the ends on 1hair if u put both ends of the same hair close to each other. The scientific name is Gordius terrestris my email is

Jul 06, 2021
I had something similar. NEW
by: Melissa

I am recovering from something similar. It was a two pronged issue. I had some sort of parasitic infection and an advanced skin infection. I’m all homesty I gave up trying to find what it is. My hair would move on it’s own, it stopped growing and glowed under fluorescent light. It was also the hair in my face and all over. I began taking a parasite killing med I found online and at the same time my GP put me on doxycycline. I was on that for 3 weeks before the crawling feeling stopped. It just got better from there. I am still on antibiotics and I continue to recover.

Jul 06, 2021
For Megan NEW
by: Crystal

Hi this is mainly for Megan my name is Crystal Taylor I’m probably one of the commenters driving you crazy lol! I would love to email you and give you my number to text. When I get time this afternoon I will. My daughter is autistic and I have a hard time getting time to do anything ha ha. And yes I prefer to text or email as it’s easier for me than talking on the phone as I have to keep an eye on my daughter. I look forward to sharing information with you. I got out of the hospital a couple weeks ago I had pneumonia and that got me because two weeks prior to that I had just got out of the hospital from cardiac arrest and had to put a stent in. I’ve got a little strength back now so definitely looking forward to exchanging with you ha ha. Later this evening I’ll send an email with my number so you can text I’m out to the pharmacy now look forward to talking to you have a good day.

Jul 06, 2021
These comments are driving me crazy!! Lol NEW
by: Megan

I see so many of you wasting your time as you suffer tragically with this awful parasite. I’ve been exactly where you are and it just kills me. So I’m going to try my best to inform you of the truth. In hopes that more of you will contact me or an individual who has successfully treated this infection. Instead of treating yourself for horsehair worms, mold toxicity, delusional disorders, etc.

I have beaten this infection. I got rid of it in & on my body, cured my dog, rid my house & vehicle of the parasite, cured my fiancé, and have successfully taught others how to do the same. I learned a lot in the process and I have been through everything you are experiencing. I

once thought my hair was alive, I shed various colored hairs, lint, fabrics, and debris from my body. I was swollen head to toe with severe soreness & pain. I had no energy. I had itching, biting, crawling, stinging, etc. head to toe. I lost my vision several times. I saw what looked like various organisms moving in/on my skin & in my environment. I had severe digestive issues. I had non healing lesions, sores, acne, bruises, rashes etc. of unexplained origin. I’ve had various types of "goo" and a sticky substance that dripped from my body. I had skin fungus that wouldn’t go away. They were in my mouth, up my nose, on my lips, in my cuticles, on my eyelashes etc. I obsessively went to specialty doctors and tried 100s of treatments. Everything seems to help a little for a bit. But it never gets rid of it. Everyone thought I was completely crazy at one point. You are not alone.

So please believe me when I tell you: you don’t have a billion different parasites, it’s not going to kill you, it’s not a crazy man made parasite. It’s really not at all what you think it is. It’s a microscopical insect. It’s too small to see. And it’s all over the place. You just have wayyyy too many of them. They produce a sticky biofilm that protects them from harm. This is the goo & water droplets you see/feel. It cannot be killed when surrounded by hardened biofilm. Don’t waste your time. This parasite can swim and fly; similar to acanthameba. It can withstand extreme temperatures. It attaches to various fabrics, debris, dead skin cells, mold, rust, etc. to blend in with its host and environment. It prefers toxic elements like mold, other parasitic organisms, dust, etc. most of us often develop new allergies or toxic build up because of this.

Read my previous comments. I can teach you how to get your life back. Just email me @
Helping you is my way of giving back. As im grateful to have my life back.

Jul 05, 2021
I’m secreting Crazy Glue??!!?!
by: Annie B

I’m not sure exactly what ALL I have. Little blue balls of thread-like things that will "pop" between thumbnails,hair that moves on its own,tiny little red/brown dots that literally melt into my thumbnails & feel like I’ve just spilt superglue & this sticky substance is present every time I pick a scab!!! Baking soda is not good to use with an acute heart failure diagnosis & I’ve been wanting n quarantine for weeks,not insurance l,please help

Jul 05, 2021
Horsehair worms NEW
by: Crystal

No you are describing horsehair worms. I’m not saying morgellons doesn’t exist as I don’t know but I know what horsehair worms, eggs, egg strings, and larvae look like. I am trying to get a site up to upload all the photos of them. They affect everything living from plants to animals. As soon as they are uploaded I will post the site.

Jul 05, 2021
Parasite that looks like hair NEW
by: Devine Engagement

you are describing "Morgellons"!!

Jun 30, 2021
You can get your life back! NEW
by: Megan

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need someone to talk to or if you need help with your protocol to get your life back. At this point; I know all the tricks and I promise you, it works! If you email me at I can send you my number. I’d love to text you. I relied on others who beat this parasite to help me… and now that I have my life back, I want to give back.
Please stop obsessing over what it is and trying to prove to others that your sick. It’s a big waste of time that only ends in more anger & pain for you. Trust me. The doctors are not going to help you either. They are not trained to help and it’s not medically safe for them to treat this. My best suggestion to you is to put your focus on getting your life back by relying on YOURSELF. The rest will fall into place.
And please don’t waste your money on these 1 product or 1 treatment ideas you find online. None of it will work for long. You must clean them out of your skin & body, and out of your environment. It is hard work and it takes time.

Ps. You are not alone. I believe you. You are not crazy. And honestly, nothing is what it seems to be…
Take a step back, accept that today you cannot change your situation, and remember to breathe. Cuz you can’t get your life back when your constantly stuck in fight or flight mode.

I have mad love and respect for all of you for making it this far: im proud of you for not giving up.

Jun 25, 2021
Not crazy, until now NEW
by: Heather

I've never in my life felt crazy until now. It's gotten to the point I do not want to leave my home due to what's going on with my hair and skin. I can't talk to anyone about this that I know because they think I've lost my mind, but I Know it's real. I have had to chop my hair to the scalp because of knots. The more I'd brush the tighter they became. All the hair I put into a plastic Ziploc bag and still have. Picture of before I cut it of and some spots looks as if my hair formed into has affected my life in undescribable ways and I've tried everything

Jun 16, 2021
Have same thing live hair and is on all lint fabrics
by: Kevin

raw garlic every night don't forget or will start to geothermal larva or whatever it is around ur but. NO Doctors want to even do tape test or any thing that will all say it is in ur head ,crazy ur not. I am going to diseases center to see what they say i have a piece of this thing in my garden it is a foot or 2 white and moves it is forming in to like a rope hope we all can beat this creature good luck to all

Jun 08, 2021
It’s Mold
by: AMP

I have been dealing with the same hair like specimens coming out of my skin for over a year. After watching R. Dane Woodruff YouTube videos, I found he has the same exact hair like specimens coming out of his hair. He was diagnosed with mold illness from aspergillus fumagates. Based on the information he provided, I tested my house for mold (ERMI test) and it came back positive for mold. I then found a doctor via the website who is trained in Dr Richie Shoemaker’s mold/biotoxin illness treatment protocol. I am 2 months into my treatment and already feel so much better compared to two month ago!
My recommendation is test your house for mold & find a doctor from the website (or an integrated or functional medicine doctor) to get treated. Stop taking the antiparasitic meds because the hairs are not parasites. (They are mycelium from the mold living in your body.) In order to heal, you will have to leave your home and find a mold free place to live if you want any chance of getting better. You also have to be careful to not cross contaminate your new living space/home with moldy belongings from your prior home. It’s a process, but you will be on the road to healing if you take the right steps.

Jun 05, 2021
by: Kristina Martin

I ALSO HAVE THIS . it has been taking over my life for about a year and a half. my best friend had it first about 3-3.5 years ago and I didn't believe her. KARMA?? HOW I WISH i wouuld have. this changes my hair 100% I believe sometimes it has been for years and years and i haven't noticed. Now i'm seeing the early signs on my boyfriend of a year . . his 60 year old mother that stays with us notices it. hairs and lint that look very similar coming off all of us in the shower. i didnt read all of these commments, though I will .It's just such a relief to even find this thread... yet also terrifying. been to doctors three times already about this even had doctor say it looks like worms gave me albendazole. i've been taking invermetcin but everytime i stop they come back. I had very long hair that was very stragiht so I would purposely spend days not brushing it for some curl. caused massive clumping in my hair. went back and forth witht his, and thinking i got acrylic glue ( was doing my own nails) or had lice stuck in my hair for soooooo long. eventually shaved my head all but, little boy cut. RAPIDLY spread to body. About 9 months ago me and my boyfirend changed rooms. I see dead ones all over our old room in the closet that havecntbeen swept up yet. they were always there even before I had a clue for some of the places ive seen i've left these. underneath my spare tire compartment in my car3 years ago.. tons of curly little little hairs. baking soda i have not tried yet.. excited. tired of putting meds in my body. started with febendazole..... dog wormer.. now horse wormer ... invermetcin.. get this... ALSO ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS THEY FOUND THAT HELPS COVID. this is a big reason why i do agree this all has to do with some type of evolving us. but these thingsn are in my lungs... .causing major problems with my menstrul cycle.. 2 years ago i was diagnosed with endometriosis.. but my doc was .. "always skeptical if i really had it" yet i had ultrasounds with pics of cysts coming back on my ovearies, tubes. was on antibiotics for days a few times. I worry TOOOO much this has taken away my ability to ever have kids. 6 monhs before endo diagnosis .... i had a miscarriage. also noticed great decline in short term memeory. increase in long term. always was a spirtual signs meditative type of person... and i get signs this is really hurting me. I"ve had 'gingivitas' since about 20 years old. no major substances go in my body yet ive had two front teeth crack and need repaired $$$$$ from decay. this has caused so much trauma to my life im suspecting. rinse your mouth with hydroperoxide, they're in there. Take it and wipe youre whole body... with an alochol swab, they're everywhere. Invermetcin is sold on amazon 30$ for three treatments each one supposed to treat the weight of a HORSE. it is the same breakthru med thataccording to the political standpoint "fake doctors"came out at the capital saying INVERMETCIN CURES covid. truly just started with invermetcin about two weeks ago. did febendazole for 2 or so months before that on and off. If invermetcin is ever gonna work it has to be cointinued for about a month im' learning. taking break again now to try another round.. stocking up... ill keep yal updated.we need a supoort group

Apr 19, 2021
This site
by: Marty

Sometimes I think perhaps this site is collecting info. On what we experience and what we are doing to help ourselves.
Just saying

Your correlation with frequency certainly caught my attention since I too did many experiments frequency and can conclude and in my case I do think it's related.

I'd like to say more but I don't want to make it public. I hope you understand.

I wish everyone mega great wishes to break this. You will. I did.
You are on the right track.
Baking soda baths are good since baking soda is pH basic, they the thing bugging us thrive on acidic skin pH. Baking soda will bring the ph down. I did baths with three cups of bleach. Ten minutes warm, not hot! Even washed my head and hair. Again be careful not to get it into your eyes! If you do wash with water until the sting is gone. The stuff falls out of you plus bleach is very basic, not acidic, in pH terms. Then take a shower with water. Change clean your towels everyday. Also lint tray in your washer dryer must be changed every use. This is very important.
You can beat this!!

Apr 18, 2021
by: J

Hi there,
I’ve been dealing with the same thing for the last few years, and have spent over thousands of dollars on all sorts of products from cleaning chemicals to facial cleaners / oils and doctors. I’ve even ruined the interior of my car that I just bought at the time with chemicals, because it was extremely active while i was in my car and precious car as well. I have finally gotten whatever the heck it is (morgellons? White piedra? Demodex mites? No doctor can tell me what is without suggesting it’s in my head) it to decrease just the last couple weeks.

Baking soda - to wash hands and body with soap and water, and I’ll used it on my scalp and hair with shampoo.
Witch hazel and Coconut oil REFINED- together it has been the most effective - using witch hazel to clean and coconut oil as a moisturizer and even used it as a hair mask (I would say 1:4 ratio of witch hazel to coconut oil)
Tea tree eye wash (we love eyes brand)- really works on my face
Kleen green - just used it today on my body and hair and I have felt very minimum "movements." I used it in my laundry previously and it was effective

The most important thing that I realized, is that I have to switch whatever is effective daily. It seems like they become immune to the products if you rely on it often. I have been rotating them daily this last week and have noticed my skin is getting flakey because maybe whatever it is is finally dying?
It’s expensive but try to have multiple products of your daily toiletries / skin care products as in face wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and body wash - to keep "it" on its toes, and use the suggested products on a different rotation with the shampoo and conditioner as well.
Steam and lint BRUSH everything before and after you wear it / touch it. Even better if you can do both before and after laundry as well.
I also realized not blow drying my hair has helped.
Make sure you’re cleaning all areas every day or every other day.

Also, get an air purifier with Uv-c light.
Separate your laundry by material, and always wash towels and undergarments completely separate from everything else. I have also been pouring white vinegar, kleen green, and permethrin into the wash - rotate products.
Tanning in a higher power bed will also decrease the activity for a bit. Get a moisturizing lotion. Wash your hands every time you touch your skin, face and hair. Always use paper towels to dry your hands and face even after showering.
Steam and lint brush your towels before or after every use.
Use a damp cloth to dust daily. Windex with vinegar, baking soda, kleen green, and Clorox wipes - again, use different products daily
Dust dust dust! And cleaning daily will help.
Steam and lint roll or brush your bedding every night too. Satin silky sheets are much better to sleep in.
Try to avoid wearing and using cotton materials. They are really attracted to cotton I noticed.
And if you tend to pick them off clothing or off your body, put it in the garbage. And place something over all the particles in the garbage so it doesn’t fly out every time you open and shut the garbage can.

Hope this works for you too

Apr 09, 2021
Alive Hair
by: Havalina

Yes they wrap around themselves and fuze to become longer an stronger ' you can see their different material attachments if you look closely - they even attack each other if you hold two close enough - they seem to want to get in my body, I put baby powder to close my pores

Apr 09, 2021
Alive Hair
by: Havalina

I'm aware of this in my evolution- I often tape them and watch them ' I feel like they are evidence that everything has conciousness ' I've seen them in the air if the sky ' potententialy related to chemtrails' potentially a form of nano technology or earth's elevation from 3D to 5D.

Apr 08, 2021
Made my mind up
by: Elizabeth

I've decided to buy insects and insect pheromones and repel them with their own sense of smell and communication I had to go science on them reading all your comments showed me I had to kick it up a notch I'm buying loin aphids too eat them. I'll let y'all know what happens. Also I read about fue ticks seems to be a start in my investigation of origin. Otherwise it's new age war fair bio shit I am really starting to believe someone cooked these suckers up . It's perfect warfare against USA especially since docs think Americans can't get parasites. Which is stupid everything on this planet has something eating away at it before it dies lonely and staving. I'm out for revenge with this creepy crawler. Wish me luck. I've suffered far too long and miss being around my kids and I want to be able to protect them if this should ever cross paths with them. So here's to my revenge against these dirty mofo's.

Apr 06, 2021
Battling this too! This has helped!
by: Jessica

I’ve been battling this for almost 2 years now, and I have gone to some many doctors and they think I’m crazy or a drug addict. I’m finally seeing results but it’s cost be who knows how much! Benzarid! You can purchase it on Amazon. I’ve been using is for about 2 months every day I soak my hair in it. And you can see these things come right off. I’m close to using it for 3 months and I’ve seen so much progress. Also I soak in kleen free organic enzyme. What I also found that helps is sulfur powder, I use MSM in my water every morning and it helps with itching. I’m not sure if benzarid has any side effects on humans but at this point I don’t care. It’s the only thing that kills them and kleen free organic enzyme. I also soak my clothes in both, and spray everything with Benzarid, it’s the only thing that kills these things off my clothes. Good luck!

Apr 02, 2021
Pest control
by: ***

Hey all,

I actually was lucky enough to have a friend that works in a pest control business. He got one to look at under a microscope and came over with two different things. One was for fleas and was a mix of:
Pyriproxifen .10%
Pyrethrins: .05%
N-octyl bicyloheptene dicarboximide: .40%
(If you get pest control and ask for a flea treatment, this is more than likely similar to what you’ll get, but you can ask to see it)

The other was:
Pyrethrins: .50%
Piperonyl butoxide: 1%
N-octyl bicyloheptene dicarboximide: 1%

With the second, I sprayed clothes and hair started falling out of the clothes. It was the most insane thing I have ever seen. Even after dealing with all of this. I spray down the carpet and then stood on the hardwood and hair came out of the carpet. I don’t think this killed them. I was moving houses and was trying to get rid of anything I could and I put the rest in storage and go spray every other day. This does absolutely make them get out of whatever they’re in. One came out of the side of my shoe. They are in EVERYTHING. They hang out wherever they can and sometimes look like they’re part of a cob web. Good luck

Apr 02, 2021
My hair or not my hair
by: Levi

Angie my wife & I are dealing with the same thing. I'm actually going crazy cause of them but no one seems to know what it is and I can't explain it to them cuz they look at me like I'm nuts. Please let me know if you figure out how to get rid of this. Please. I'll do the same if you want

Mar 19, 2021
Medication update!
by: Megan

First off... I want to be clear woth everyone. Because the comments below are correct... once you contract the morgellons parasite, you can not be cured. And you can’t kill all of them... because they are found everywhere.
The treatment protocol I used, gave me my life back. The point is to get rid of all of the ones in and on my body. And eliminate them in your environment. It doesn’t stop there tho...
The main point of Protocol is decrease the attraction level.
Because at one point or another.... we will all be re-infected. You will bring them back into your environment or, someone else will. The parasites will always be attracted to you. So, some lifestyle changes are necessary to maintain a normal life.

For example,
These parasites are attracted to bright lights. Especially bright electronics. Like your cell phone, laptop etc. Keep everything on a dim setting.
I found that lowering EMF levels in my home: getting rid of all aluminum, shugnite plates on cell phones, etc. dramatically decreases their attraction to my home.
I also use Debriding soap & disinfectants occasionally still. And I like to ozone my hour every couple of months.
You’ll have to learn what works for you, over time. And I’m always on alert. If you get re-infected... you gotta watch for the signs. And treat promptly. 72 hours strict protocol along with disinfection of everything you came in close contact with... is all that’s needed.

Anyway... I’ve added a new medication to protocol for those that are interested. It was sent to me a few weeks ago, by a friend across he cointry who has successfully helped 100+ people get their life back. And it sped up my recovery by months! I couldn’t believe how quickly all of them died. It was nitenpyram 70 mg capsules. Taken every 3-5 days until symptoms are gone.

If you can’t afford everything I used...
I suggest buying this medication and Debriding soap for baths. If you are unable to bathe... you can lather Debriding soap with disinfectant into your skin, turn shower off, let sit on your skin for 3+ minutes before rinsing.

As far as your environment goes... You Havetp find out why they are attracted to your house. Or, where the majority of them are hanging out.!mine were mating in my dryer vent. And the second tone around because I started getting lax with my lifestyle changes... and wasn’t paying attention.... my vents, air in my home, my drains, carpets. Ugh. I got rid of them in all areas. If you need help with what to use or how:.. you can email me. Chances are... I have experience in that area of your house lol. I’d love to help.
Don’t give up!

Mar 18, 2021
Please read
by: Nicole

Sorry guys. Its morgellons. Ur skin biopsies will all have cellouse. Its a lil like syphilis believe it or not. Things are popping out of u in high velocity and hitting around u going "click click pop" and ur pets will freak. My one year old was pulling threads going "puff. Gone " and looking in my shoes. Threads on everything will be distroyed. You unopen yogurts and stuff already has it in there. Tampons, tp...all of it has it deep inside. Notice next time after a shower, any bottle of liquid will have condensation inside. yea u do that now. My kid farts and poops on any floor of the house if i play with my skin too much. If i bent my knees too much like in doing now, every one in house wakes up. You gave it to ur house and other have symptoms but they dont have it. Seeing threads stuck inside ur kids skin from a blanket, under a open piece of skin flap, without a cut or any trauma, will make u go nuts or want to kill urself. People do both. My husband said "leave it be for a few days" i did and its so much better. I mean hair, white threads, cement glass stuff are still everywhere...ignore it. It took years and nearly my family and a clearing of psych ward to get my life back but i did. Real bugs are around u. Yes. I heard different theories on that....u smell like ur already decaying to them...they all like moisture or cellulose...probably but i found that the carpet with clumps of hairs that fly out like living things....they seem to be a sort of carpet wicking . These bugs are all carpet hiders and its frozen with fear was hiding one minute and the next its not and there u are.. Some look like bugs but are not... they have no heads. One had this armor like punk rock studs but no legs or eyes. No place for the head. Some have legs or antennae but some are perfect hexagons like computer chips. They will colored with a hologram on one side and flat matte on other. Its nuts. Micscope slides are wild. Some are all gold
.. Its real but not what it seems. I study and researched for many years. As of recently it has been acknowledged by cdc but was on cusp when i had me. Me and this one dr, out of like 20 figured out its a type of moving bacteria that reproduces by using energy to float and this dr at an urgent care, believe or not...she told me syphilis is known as the great deceiver. They found it attaches to same immune cells so she was close ...just Breath, pray. Ignore and other people are behind u and with u. We came out on the other side and u will too. But please, the less u touch it or even look at it (might have connections to heart rate and such) the more it calms down and remission is next. it won't ever go anyway but ull take long showers, keep some rituals and move on in life. Im saying this covered in vicks vapor rub. Lol. Mine hates coconut oil and mint. Windex is ok too. Very little , tiny raid on skins bad moderation because that can be dangerous....listerine is good. I found orange and lemon works excellent too. I burn sage, use vicks at night and keep pure essential oils. Thats about it. Just try my way. But no debridement soaps or anything to pull it out. think of it like poison. Its in ur mouth so dont share spoons or anything really with ur mouth. Ur hands, knees, nipples and butt...back of neck...they are the big trigger spots on u but mouth seems to infect others. They are researching a neuro toxin about that now. I was pregnant when mine exoloded so my son might have it. My situation is rare because it was mild before pregnancy but during id alwyas ask my husband how he cant feel bugs all over him in head dripped on pillow and pull hair on one side of head and it would tighten other side until i snapped it off. Hair doesnt work like that. Lol. Then the small grey lines in skin and orange blobs etc...fbi studied it and says its all man made and nothing in world is like it so u like a super hero. Sorry i wrote a book but i did when i was in it and loosing it so u all deserve to know the other side is right in front of u if u change your methods. u cant get rid of it. Dont try. Just turn away from it and ull be ok

Mar 05, 2021
by: Also at a loss but LOOK

Guys I have been following this and reading everything I can. But have any of you noticed your home being damaged around the doors, TRIM, etc? I moved into a rental home and that’s where this nightmare started. My two year old came to her grandmothers for a few hours every week and not even knowing there was anything going on in the beginning, we transferred it to her grandmothers. I am about 6 months in total (3-4 knowing what’s going on), and my daughter and I left. I got rid of everything that I owned because I KNOW it’s Part of that not, but when we came to stay at her grandmothers, I realized it’s also here. This house in very, very nice. So when I noticed the trim coming away from the way, I looked behind it and THERE ARE NESTS. It is disgusting, but this is why cleaning doesn’t fully keep them away! I also went to the dollar general in this part of town and the store is infested. This is an endemic y’all. People can’t just stay oblivious for much longer?

I ended up getting some chemicals from my pest control company- mainly stronger mixtures of pyrethins and permethrins and I sprayed down the carpet at my old rental. They came out onto the part of the the floor that’s hardwood and I got some interesting looking pictures. Two of the longer hairs in particular look like they’re tied in a bow.

I also pulled a hair from my head and the root was absolutely disgusting. It looked like a white starfish the was wiggling all it’s legs. I have this in a hard plastic container to be identified.

I also have a GOOD, and I mean good video of the little black one moving. If anyone needs videos and pics for evidence, let me know.

Feb 24, 2021
This works! Start here.
by: Megan

Hi guys! Hope everyone is making progress toward getting their life back. I’ve made so much progress... it scares me. Literally. I’ve shed so much dead skin & hair debris from my body...
that I could fill an entire vehicle lol. In 4 weeks time.

Good news is... it hasn’t caused me any pain. I’ve had some really strange looking rashes & some itching. But that was to be expected...
as I was severely infested the second time around here.
My face feels soooo much better! My vision coming back slowly.... although these hairs like to dive in my eyes as they die: UGH. Worst part of the process so far.
And I’ve had some stomach issues here & there. Only because they are coming out as they die. Nothing I can’t ignore.

I think in 6-8 more weeks I should be completely healed from these awful parasites, again. I am counting the minutes.
With that being said... I feel confident in relaying what I have learned throughout this nightmare..
In hopes that I can help some of you, get better as well.

FIRST: GO BUY ORGANIC DEBRIDING SOAP AND DEBRIDING SOAP CONCENTRATE NOW!!! You can email me at if you want to know where I get mine.
Use it non stop/. Put it in everything and on everything. Litterally. Add it to your laundry, your lotions, your house cleaner, your nebulizer, your mouthwash, etc.
And don’t stop using it! Results can take time. But with every use... it gets more & more or the organisms off and out of your body.
- don’t be alarmed with the appearance of your skin. Hair, etc. If you begin to shed or see skin changes... this is a good thing. Debriding soap removes all/any foreign materials & dead decay from your body. So if it’s shedding off... it’s toxic to your skin. Go with it.

Secondly: start taking baths as often as possible: for 45+ minutes at a time. Multiple times a day, if you can. Add debriding soap concentrate & a disinfectant of your choice. A disinfectant can be any essential oils (safe for skin at right amount)... to something like borax (although this isn’t very safe for your skin... I’ve had no problems).
Check the rim of your bathtub for various debris like hairs, dead skin, flakes, specks, etc. If you see lots of debri stuck to your tub...
then your baths are effective. Keep it up! And don’t be discouraged. Each bath will become more effective, than the last. And if you ever fail to find debris lining your tub as you get out of the bath...
Then your disinfectant of choice isn’t strong enough to kill the organisms. You’ll need to add more disinfectant next time or something different.. like a cup of baking soda.

Thirdly: add some debriding soap + 8-12 drops of organic debriding soap + FILTERED water to a spray bottle. Carry it in your pocket or purse.. spray it everytime you feel a crawling sensation or an itch. If it comes back... spray effected area again. Keep spraying tell the sensations are gone.

And please remember... I am not a doctor. Nor can I be held responsible for any adverse reactions... as these things are alive. So I can not tell you how they may react. I am sharing what has worked for me. Try everything at your own risk and please be careful of following instructions and warnings on all products you use. And always study the ingredients.

Fourthly: start taking chianese enzymes for your digestive issues. You’ll notice a huge difference fairly quick. To really kick your parasite killing into high drive... I recommend checking out Garcillin capsules (equivalent to 35 whole garlic gloves). Take them daily. And look into some medications to lower your cortisol levels. See if you can get your doctor to prescribe you a very low dose (if all else fails... most psych meds for parasitosis like zyprexa @2.5 mg will do the trick. I know it so demeaning but keep in mind your goal is to get your health & life back.. your not crazy).
These should all decrease your attractiveness to the parasites and they should quickly start to leave your body.
For me... that just wasn’t enough. And I was sick too long. So I went a bit further and got a lot more risky in my protocol.

Just to be clear I’m not recommending anyone do this at home without a medical professional: as serious side effects could happen and even permanent damage as the organisms die and exit your body.
But...if you were me....

Fithly: if your health care professionals absolutely will not help you in getting a prescription... you can purchase luferon (destroys all organisms that are made of or feed on fungal organisms) 222 mg+ daily for 96 days. I also added in fenbendenazole capsules 3x a week 20 mg for 96 days.
And finally... I purchased invermectin oral tabs and followed the recommendations for strongyloidasis. 200 mg daily, for 2 days. Repeat dosage in 4-6 weeks.
Keep in mind that all those medications will vary slightly in amount of mg you need... depending on your body weight. My boyfriends dose of each medication was about 20 mg more than mine.
SIXTHLY: do not disregard your environment!!! Change your bedding daily. 4x cups of ammonia in laundry. Clean everywhere and everything... continuously. Don’t stop! Don’t forget to use your debriding soap in all your cleaning. Don’t forget to add a disinfectant. Buy lint rollers. Use them on everything. And defiantly buy lots and lots of FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth from fresh water. Sprinkle it. Leave it on your floors if you can. Mix it up in a spray. Spray on everything. Often. Eat it every day. Dust inside of your clothes & shoes with it. Use it in every way you can think of. It’s a god send. 🥸
Mentally prepare to live in hell as getting better is NOT easy. It’s more difficult than living the day to day with this infection. All of your symptoms will probably get way worse before you begin to feel better. You’ll need to educate yourself as much as you can, find support SOMEWHERE somehow before you engage in your healing journey, research every part of this process, and formulate a plan. And stick to it. Don’t give up! It’s possible to return to a normal life.

Feb 23, 2021
I think I know what this is! Now I need to figure out how to get rid of it.
by: Mia

I believe that they are springtail flies. However I think that they DO borrow into the skin of humans. I also believe that they lay eggs under the skin and turn you into a walking egg laying factory. I know damn good and well that I have something coming out of my skin. And I believe that it's springtail flies. I believe that they have been under my skin for quite some time. It makes sense. They are microscopic and they are attracted to light. I am not sure how to get rid of them and am hoping that someone can help me out with this. I honestly don't think I can take this much longer. HELP!!!

Feb 22, 2021
Aspergillus fumagatus
by: Marty

I think this is it
Aspergillus fumagatus
Go to
R. Dane Woodruff channel on YouTube
He explains it perfectly with videos of moving hairs and fibres.
Also explains your symptoms and why. Very smart and logically.
I'd have to say 100 percent of what he described I've went through.
He also mentions lint traps like I previously have. Also dust and molds. He makes perfect sense and works in the medical field.
Have a look it's all you can do.
I do think that this will help and answer some of your questions and thoughts.
I did overcome this and always searched for answers as this nearly killed me. Killed my dog and lost a dream job to this.
The least I can do is help others by providing any info that I come across that gets us closer to the source of this. Destroy the source destroy the illness I say. Fuck the doctors that only by policy around the world treat symptoms not the source and say your mentally ill. I'm in Tasmania Australia it's everywhere worldwide.
God bless you all reading this and speedy recovery! You can do this, stay positive! You're nearly there.

Feb 21, 2021
New information
by: Crystal

Hi my name is Crystal Taylor I posted a couple of weeks ago since then I have come across a professor at a university that specializes in horse hair worms. I had planned on emailing him to help get identification as he does that for people quite a few people actually they mail specimens to him and I put it off for a couple weeks. I don’t know why I did but I’m glad I did because a couple days ago I found out that him and his class had discovered a terrestrial horsehair worm. Which means they do not have to return to lakes and rivers to mate. Him and his class walked all around during and after rains that’s usually when you find them and he would get them off the grass and some from under the grass mixed in with the grass roots. The egg cases are different from any other horse hair worm because they don’t go in the water it’s like an egg with a void over it and then another egg covering and none of the other hair worms have eggs like that I’m thinking they are that way because they are on the ground in the grass. I am going to email him and see if he can help me identify these worms and if I find out anything I will come back and post here. From what I can tell he doesn’t mind being asked and is interested in our specimens and helps people out so hopefully he’ll be able to help us out. I had already pretty much come to the conclusion that they were horse hair worm but with only growing inside a cricket on earth instead of water I couldn’t figure out how there were so many of them not in water so when I found out that there is one terrestrial species I think he calls it Gordius terrestris Well bam! Everything else fell into place. His name is Ben hanelt and he is teaching at the New Mexico University I think it’s the biology department. I am going to email him and just send a picture of the horse hair ones I saw on A site on the Internet and looks like just the same thing but literally they shoot out of the back of my head then I will see how he deals with that one picture because it will give you nightmares so hopefully he will realize that I am not kidding we have serious issues and he contacts me. If I hear anything back from him even if it’s just about requesting more pictures or videos anything I learned I will come back and post it here. Then again I’m wondering if enough people send emails to contact the CDC I think the headquarters are in Atlanta maybe they will look into this if enough people bug them just like they did with morgellons. I wish I could post more often but my daughter is autistic and that pretty much takes up all my time and I also want to tell everyone else I appreciate what they post I think that’s the best chance we have eventually to overcome these parasitic critters and I think it’s just like anything else some thing works for someone but not for the next person and they are opportunistic if you get sick That gives them time to grow and multiply they do not want to be in your digestive system because they don’t want to leave. They burrow through your gut and live in your extremities and the body cavity the larvae are parasitic until they melt into an adult worm at that point all they do is absorb their nutrients from our tissues. So we also have the problem of not getting our nutrition muscle starts to disappear and you feel only tendons and bones and the bridge of your nose between your eyes is nothing but bone skin over bone. I think the most useful and best advice initially is you don’t have to take any test all you have to do is pull her hair out and look at it it doesn’t matter if it’s from your head your arm your eyebrow the hairs on your jawbone or sides of your hair because it’s not your hair it’s them some move a little some wiggle a lot and shoot right off the tweezers. Everything I get pictures or take a video of just gets weirder and weirder it’s a wonder my mom and I still have chins from as many times as our jaws hit the floor. If you get a cut or a wound or a scab knocked off look at your sore and you will see white larvae moving all around popping in and out of your tissue then you start to notice all the holes in your tissue under your skin where they were but with your skin or your door near can’t tell you have holes from where they were staying and eating around them without a camera that seems to be a big issue if you don’t have a camera for the little stuff that’s why they’re not finding them. Sorry I could go on about this all day but I’m sure y’all are as busy as I am so I will post back as soon as I can if I get any new info stay well everybody

Feb 21, 2021
I’ve been seeing the same thing as that lady
by: Lo white

I’ve been seeing the same thing as that lady! I have so many pics and videos to prove it! She is not crazy, nor am I. I’m a RN myself and since sept of 2017 everything in life changed! I’m not sure what I got into or where but I went camping 1 weekend and a couple days after I got home is when it all started! I either picked something up from the river or about a month prior I was taking my dog for a walk at the river and something flew in my eye! After 2 days it was so swollen I caved and went to urgent care and doc said it looked like something latched on the inside of upper eye lid, but he couldnt find it! And the only other thing out of the ordinary was taking a bite of a darn near raw Macdonald’s hamburger but I spit it out. I started getting a bunch or sesame seed looking things in my stool! And as a nurse that screamed tape worm to me! I went to 5 different hospitals over 2 years with zero answers and a lot of weirdness and doctors listening and I showed pics to some and the next thing I know a different doc came in and other was no where to be found even though it wasn’t shift change! I even had one doc say well your labs are good we’re going to discharge you and when he left the room my chart was still up on computer, and I saw a bunch of red Indicator flags, and my red blood cell count was astronomically higher than normal but he said not one word!!! I live in northern Idaho so I understand our doctors aren’t familiar with odd stuff or things doctors in big cities see all the time but there so far out of date that one Er doc told me that " parasites don’t leave the stomach" I mean the fact that he’s a doc worries me! But the lady is right on everything she said they do camouflage and they like embed or weave into clothing and it’s hard to pull them out! I’ve tried everything on my head except shaving it! But I can’t go on living like this much longer
It’s been 3 years of pure torture! I’ve lived through cancer and a current pituitary tumor and that was nothing compared to this hell! Sometimes I beg god to please just take me and end this suffering!

Feb 06, 2021
Check out this
by: Marty

Checkout this YouTube channel
Morgellons disease the silent epidemic
This guy is on to it. The pictures are exactly what I have and of what people are discribing on here also.
Hope everyone is doing better. I'm slowly getting there although plagued by poor health. Don't give in fight it!

Feb 01, 2021
Don't get a microscope
by: Marty

Whatever you do don't get a microscope with a camera. This will really scare you. I've found ones with hexagonal chips or crystals on them. They look like some sort of microchip? It doesn't look like glitter but has that shiny appearance. This stuff is starting to look stranger then ever. Then I discovered this stuff called smartdust. I'm really confused. No one wants to hear me, they say I'm crazy. I found a bunch on new clothes at a mart that starts with K. What's going on. Three years and suffering.

Feb 01, 2021
New Information about these Parasites !
by: Tisha Bradley

Hi Everyone I am experiencing this same phenomena that you all are as well. I contracted mine last summer of 2020. I wont go into detail. Lets just say its been a nightmare beyond belief like the Twilight Zone ! Also you get to find out who your friends and family really are. Bizarrely Unbelievable. I believe that I was led to this information by God , I fear God and No man. My love for my creator and my savior are beyond words. I am a 47 year old warrior christian woman, meaning that If someone gives me s*** Ill give it right back. I don't see anywhere I can attach a file so I guess Im going to have to spell it all out here.I was on a parasite lecture on youtube and commented and a lady out of no where commented on my comment telling me about giving myself a diluted version of 3% hydrogen Peroxide and the other half Saline. If you cant do that then she said put pure 3% Hydrogen Peroxide or dilute it however strong or weak you want it , I use spring water from the store. Put it in a nebulizer ( machine for Asthma inhaler medicine ). and just start nebulizing it inhaling it as much as you want. I know what your thinking ( thats crazy, ) but its true and This information Im putting here now. so God Bless and Keep us All email me if you like pdf file says An At Home Treatment That can Cure Any Virus, Including CV ) I wont say that one loud ok. Lol Then the Doctors website will explain everythimg and much much more, People this will blow you away with this website.Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD Good Luck email me with yalls experience ok. I take no responsibility for anyone. Do at your own risk. Jesus Lay your Protecting Arms on each and everyone of us Dear Lord. Amen In Jesus Name

Jan 31, 2021
You're Not Alone!

My daughter brought home bed bugs and waited to tell us after almost 75-80% of our home was infested. This is a 35-40 year old home and we are on well water. I had to call in a exterminator to help get rid of the issue and when I did and they heated up the house they I believe woke something up in the house or outside.I got in my car to go and get drinks and ice and there were white hairs coiled up like tiny snakes everywhere even on the vinyl dash I gasped when I seen it and made the mistake of opening my mouth because whatever it was jumped on me from every direction in my mouth,eyes, nose and on every uncovered part of my body. I couldn't breathe so my best friend took me to er and the doctor could only see the few bed bug bites I had prior to this. I was scared and devastated. We then came home and my mom,husband best friend And I suffered with not able to touch as to the hair entering the skin ! I know it sounds crazy but I and several other people watched this actually happen. We pulled our carpet and cleaned up the room and to this day they are in my closet, blankets,towels,etc.they actually pull the threading out of the blankets and clothing! These things go through the cloth and intertwine with the threading and mat all up as to make a nest. They do not like fire because if you hold a flame to one it moves away from it immediately! I captured one with my husband it felt as if it were messing up my hair so we put it in a plastic baggie and for a couple of seconds it was in the shape of a bug but then it went straight stiff as a board. Heat does not kill them and I don't know what does but I can see them come out of my fingertips when I'm eating and it's not pleasant. My best friend has it much worse!

Jan 27, 2021
Bugs in hair
by: Juldia

First I would like to call them what they are all RVs and they are a Norwegian scabies I got them in my hair I have them on my body they go in my skin and they lay black dots everywhere. They have infested my face with a crust on it I have holes in my face and on my body where they have made pouches for for their eggs and waste. I have been to doctors had all of the medication for scabies I'm now down to home remedies vinegar and aloe vera. I wish you the best.

Jan 24, 2021
Does anyone experience internal hair growing
by: Kari

I didn't get a chance to stroll through the comments yet but has anyone experienced these parasites looking like hair and weaving in skin?
I'm so beyond getting hope up to even read the comments yet. I'm getting ready to give up at this point as with all doctors they are dismissing me as crazy.
That alone has me feeling like I just have to accept my fate...which I believe will be dying from this.
The strands of hair in my body are real. They are so painful as they seem to turn into sliver type particles when they embed.

Jan 22, 2021
I have them can any one help
by: Sasha Antypovich

I could cry right now . I thought I was crazy . What are these things ?

Jan 21, 2021
i have them too
by: kim

Imagine you know something is happening to you, you feel it you see it and everyone else thinks its a hair and lost it. Ive gone to doctors, nope no help go see shrink, may have to afterwords. I use vasaline to get them out of my skin, still not pretty site. And yes they all different colors and lengths.....when I insisted to be seen by ifectious desease the they wanted a Phych evail. But never once did they check me , scrap my skin, nothing written off as a nut bag

Jan 19, 2021
Equal parts horror/fascination
by: Crystal Taylor

Yes they can look like your hair they can also look like your cat her or your dogs hair. Main colors are black brown white yellow cream some with speckles. Most of the ones I have seen have a white tip at one and followed by a dark band or collar Before continuing the main color of the worm. They say horse hair ones need water to live I say hell no they don’t. And yes they are in every fabric of your house and clothes nothing takes them out not the washer not the dryer they are literally growing out of my couches blankets towels anything fabric chairs everything. Before I lost all my hair they were my hair move wherever they wanted to and can lift up from my head and look at me. Well I’m going to say The cell phone I was using to Record them got them excited. They are also in your hairline jawline back of your neck hair on your arms it’s all them even your eyebrows. The only beautiful thing about this whole ordeal is just pull a hair from your cheek or your eyebrow or your arm with a pair tweezers blow on it and see what happens. They say new species of these horse hair worms are being found every day so we may just have some but they have not seen yet. These ones tend to be a little stiffer because they are not in the water they also have a very tough cuticle that they make with a chemical to protect them and it kind of makes your hair or your skin smooth but waxy at the same time. I thought they are evolving to realize that they could go through many generations in a human without having each generation looking for a host. They are being used when people have parasite stool and other tests not found in bloodwork either. Whether they go through your skin or they get eaten they do not stay in the digestive systems. As soon as they are in a suitable host and reach the stomach They break through the gut to live in the body cavity. The larvae are small but have a proboscis to cut and dissolve hosts tissue. After molting into a worm it absorbs nutrients through its cuticle so after they erupt from the host they don’t eat again. Knowing how they move whether they are in your hair or your pets hair will tell you if you’re infected. I honestly don’t know how people are not seeing this with their own hair and looking at dog hair on their clothes going nuts. Go sit on your steps on your porch watch The foliage. if they cannot get into a suitable host they will insist somewhere it can be in the water where they normally would live it can be on a leave it can be on the stem of a plant they are even in the roots of the plants that I have pulled up and you’ll see the little cysts on them. so I don’t know if anyone has realized the connection yet between these plants and our food. yep sorry to say it’s in everything from tuna fish to lettuce. We can’t avoid food we have to eat. My most recent thoughts have been deer wasting disease a third of the honeybees gone every winter we have no mosquitoes or noseeums by my house. All lizards are gone from my house as well as geckos and spiders and no roaches. Even the dust in my home has changed. It’s not dust It is Small horse hair worms and detritus floating through the house. I have a lot of medical issues and problems from this and I will share them on another post. I have so many pictures or video clips I am trying to put them all on one to YouTube site to make it available for everybody. All the Covid long haul symptoms are the same as parasites. When a person gets sick it allows other things in the body to multiply. Oh and one more thing take your phone or your digital camera facing towards your face like you would be having I Web chat and look at your eyes the corners of them they are in the corners of our eyes you will see them.

Jan 10, 2021
Nice to know I'm not the only one.
by: Regina

Wow, I have been going through this for over a year and I'm scared to go to hospital affraid they would also think I'm crazy. It took me forever to finally keep showing a close friend the hair like worms on me before he finally really looked and seen what I have been going through. I have spent money after money on all kinds of products and treatments .I can't get rid of them. I had hair down waiste and was over weight when I contacted them I have lost so much weight and no matter what I do I just can't seem to gain, it has aged me then years and now my hair is above my ears. Also, I feel like it's attacking my bladder the odor is like the worst infection smell but the symptoms don't seem to get any worse as far as running high fever. I believe I will try to got o hospital all though I feel my ammun system is very low and with Covid I'm afraid I would catch easily. These things have just about paralyzed me, mentally and physically. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you all for being brave bc only one person even knows what I'm going through. It's so embarrassing on top the YOUR CRAZY response.

Jan 07, 2021
Clean, clean and clean
by: Marty

It's a type of horsehair worm. Some say it's a mutated form. At the same time it looks like Borrelia burgdorferi, a spirocete associated with Lyme disease. It can be both or either or. I had they same symptoms of Lyme and isolated horsehair worm. I had both. Clean for dust as thats what they love. Also insects are a vector, scorpions and millipedes which were the number one vector for my area. I had to remove everything from my living quarters and vacuum all dust off then wipe down with bleach. Then I had a blow torch and ran over the floors and walls and ceilings. This made sure, and they sparkle and pop. Also I found them on the outside of my house stuck to the bricks. Blow torch,then insectide. Cob webs I'm sure they are these things. Also certain fabric attracts these guys, get rid of it. I did with furniture and clothing. Get a fine tooth comb, wow so many in my hair. Comb hair hourly, wash frequently.until the dust in hair is gone. New bedding that don't attract dust or pile works wonders. Towels that don't pile are great too. I found towels that piles and leaves fabric on you was a killer. Clean the lint traps in your washer and dryer.I found one person source of re infection there. Once I kept my home clean like this I found most my skin problems go away. Alot of bathing soaking in just water helped. They take ages to heal, Don't pick them. Also took combination anti parasitic and anti biotics. Had to source myself as the doctors just think I was crazy and won't prescribe me anything except schizophrenia meds which I refused. I found the oils and skin products didn't work and prolonged healing. Once I did all this mine were gone within a month. And life is back to somewhat normal. Plus you need to eat healthy no drugs alcohol, processed foods. Think healthy, this all helps your body immune system come back from being hijacked another reason why test won't pick up on a positive parasite infection. I have more remedies for stubborn skin ones and house tips, or any further questions email

Jan 07, 2021
Need help with this
by: Martin

Hi all, sorry that you are going through this,and I'm I'm glad I found this site as i have been under the mental health services for three years over my symptoms but not believed.nealy done something silly over this and bin run down so this is the first relief I have had over this,I have no one to talk to as I'm the only one that see's the fine little hairs floating around me but I work as a delivery driver,so how many people will I infect as that is my worst nightmare

Jan 05, 2021
Same thing here but I have picked off a scab what started a pin head size when I finished it was size of a five pence very avacive and killing me
by: Graham

I have been working on the abits of this thing and I know that citric lemon are a dislike. Bleach and stuff no good unless you have citrus in it

Jan 05, 2021
It’s back again!
by: Megan

So after a few months free of these awful parasites...
and getting myself off of the crazy patient list with the doctors...

It’s back! Idk what happened. Last thing I recall doing is cleaning my ceiling fan. It was filthy and don’t think it’ had been cleaned in a long time.
The strange thing is... i wore a body suite to clean it. Lol
I woke up the next day and my face was distorted, the hair I finally managed to grow back was matted in a bunch of Glueballs? And bunches of the living hairs tangled inbetween. Ugh.
.... 5 days later, they attacked the crap out of my eyes again. Woke up with my eyes glued shut and couldn’t see all day. Doc says my entire top layer (epithelium) of my eyeball and the center of my cornea had completely eroded. 🙄

So I’m going to get back on a strict protocol for killing these disgusting creatures. This time, my boyfriend (who lives with me) has it really bad too. He’s going to make an attempt with the doctors too. I’ll post updates when I can.

I’ve managed to get some specialists really curious in my case. As long as I don’t mention anything about parasites... i.figure they will keep testing me until they are completely out of ideas... and finally, they’ll have to test me for these parasites, I hope. For all of our sakes.

Recently, I saw an allergist and had some "allergy tests" and blood work done. I have developed severe allergies to dust mites (weird,... its like he knew about the dust that seems to follow me everywhere), mold (I’ve had crazy mold growth in my car & homes I’ve lived in since the infection started), and some basic foods (which I learned are all known food triggers for the morgellons parasite), and an IGE level above 5000! This proves beyond a doubt that I’m very ill because my "allergies" according to my blood tests, are not the cause for the elevated IGE levels. Also, they have found GI tract erosion (really severe, from top to bottom), and severe cystitis & bladder inflammation. Anyone else have any of these issues going on? You should def. find out if you can.

After doing extensive research.... I’ve ran into a few possible ideas as to what these parasites are....
I believe they are related to the genius strongyloides. Do some googling and see what you think.
This could give us an oppurtunity for a diagnoses! There is a blood test for specific antigen strongyloide IGG level. A blood test that is 100% accurate for all types of strongyloide infections. It shows positive for past infections too.

Let me know what you think.

Ps. You can email me if you like. I try to answer everyone when I can. I hope I’ve been able to help some of you.

Jan 04, 2021
I'm Desperate
by: Cat

This question is for Megan, what saop do U use? And where do I get it? So tired of this! My life isn't mine anymore, I have tried taking packing tape and wrapped my arms legs U name it and pulled it off of me and a white film is all over the tape, go get a shower to feel normal and still needing another shower! Never clean enough.

Dec 30, 2020
I have them to!
by: Cat

They also look like tiny spiders which freaked me out and shaved my head! I REALLY MISS MY LONG HAIR, VERY SAD AND DISTRAUGHT WITH THIS

Dec 30, 2020
I have it too!
by: Cat

I have it too! A little over 3yrs,I tried to show my husband to and he could not see them said I'm picking my skin! They let out this invisible mist don't know what else to call it, but you can feel it ooze and it burns and they are camielons,all ways looking like something else! I can't get RID OF THEM,I FEEL LIKE I'M DIEING! PLEASE HELP ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS THIS SERIOUS PROBLEM. THANK YOU,

Dec 18, 2020
I beat this horrible thing
by: Marty

I suffered for two years. All the symptoms as all are describing. You are not crazy. This is real. I lost my dog.I lost my job. I lost my mind to this. I would really like to tell the world how to end your suffering, but someone will monetize off my discovery. It just how the world works these days. I lost everything to this so it's only fair that somehow I get something in compensation for helping out the tens of thousands that are suffering. I just don't know how to do it yet but I feel it's my human duty to do so. I truely want to help all with this.

Dec 13, 2020
Same thing here but I have picked off a scab what started a pin head size when I finished it was size of a five pence very avacive and killing me
by: Graham

I have the same problem but you will find out that you have a queen they're doing the work for and believe me that will scare you to death have you been to West Africa

Nov 04, 2020
Video tape it moving
by: Lou

No ur not crazy at all..close windows..turn off anything tht causes a draft..cut a lil of ur hair off..look at it it move on it's on. I have many videos n PROOF OF try tht n let's c what naysayers say then. Lol

Oct 29, 2020
Not Crazy ...
by: AJ

These aren't exactly traditional parasites. I believe you can research anything from nano technology (hard to believe... until you research it enough) to "Morgellon's" if you experience biting too. If you are Rh- that's also worth researching. I have experienced this off and on since 2007. I drink a beer a day and rinse hair with apple cider vinegar (dont let it touch scalp because you will smell like a foot all day). Use baking soda to clean/laundry and to brush teeth and scrub your body. I know it sounds weird but it unbinds whatever these are. Good luck.

Oct 28, 2020
Your not crazy
by: Sunny

I have them too whenever I start search engines to look up these things my computer ends up with the word stop in the box so I get spooned and quit

Oct 26, 2020
Parasites that look like hair
by: Oregonian

I just found this site. As sorry as I am to hear you folks are going through this there is a relief to hear that I'm not crazy. Iv been struggling with this for about two years now and I don't even bother going to the doctors anymore for they just think I'm crazy. So iv pretty much just given up and given in to them taking over my body. I feel like there killing me but I don't know what to do and do very very alone. If anyone has any advice for me I'm desperately open to any suggestions. Sincerely, Oregonian

Oct 19, 2020
Hair like pararsit
by: Robin

Hi, my heart goes out to you I have the same thing it going on three years there are days it’s so bad I’m not sure where to turn, I clean every day it’s back.

Sep 06, 2020
What about the children
by: Meme

My fiance and I both have this,but our toddlers do too. The Drs have made comments to us suggesting that we are crazy. I have taken the children and they are not buying it and I'm afraid they will take away my children and put us in the crazy house if we keep going. Does anyone know how I can help my children???

Jul 21, 2020
by: Megan

Hi guys! If you read all my previous comments... then you know how I managed to get rid of almost all these parasites in/on my body and even a large majority of them in my environment. I am still on the medication because I do not believe the worms are 100% gone. I still occasionally get a foreign sensation or a light itch on my body. And, I have dark/red spots on my back still. I believe they may be scars now though.

Other than that... I’m still feeling great! I also, stumbled upon this debriding soap that helps tremendously,. And anytime I feel a weird sensation... I go wash or spray that spot with it. Works like a charm. I no longer have any large pores, sores, abrasions, etc, my skin and hair is back to its original color. My environment has significantly less lint/hairs everywhere. My nail "fungus" has gone away almost completely. I no longer have any "swelling" and my skin elasticity is back to normal. The eye crusts are gone. And I’m still free of any internal and/or brain fog issues.

Again, if you have any questions or need help treating yourself... please feel free to email me, I’d love to help!
But I am not a doctor and any advice I give you, is your decision to do it or not,

Jul 17, 2020
Your Not Alone
by: Trisha

Hi Honey, I want to start by asking first how you are doing now. ? But you are not alone in this. Most of us were afraid to come forth. But I am a very observant person and I will tell you it's happening like crazy everywhere. Now Emergency rooms and Doctors will call you nuts and try to pen the " drug addict " on you. Unless they see what's going on with there own eyes at that exact mi minute. But unfortunately that don't happen often. Which is sad. Because there goes another sickness to be released into the population. Try and get a Dr. To prescribe Albendazole for parasites. If not start with Pyrantel pomoate it's for pin worms. But works for many parasitic infections. God Bless Us All.

Jun 13, 2020
I’m so glad I’m not alone!
by: Elizabeth Isaacs

I thought I was going crazy! My husband thought I was nuts, too, but now he has the same symptoms. So do our two Y’all, this is a huge epidemic. I don’t know if it’s just mutated horsehair worms or if Morgellons ties into it somehow, but I know it’s very serious and extremely widespread.
I’ve had luck with lemongrass oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, but Oil of Oregano taken internally has been the biggest help so far. Surely with this many people having the same clinical presentation of symptoms the medical establishment can’t keep ignoring us.

May 30, 2020
It’s a mutated version of a horsehair worm!
by: Megan

I absolutely agree with Lauren. It’s a parasite that looks exactly like hair/lint and is def. some kind of mutated horsehair worm. Yes they do normally infect crickets and were known to only live in water previously. Now, they have adapted to survive in other species. And good news...There have been 2 human horsehair worm infections reported (in China I think). Unfortunately, the horsehair worm (not mutated) will purposely get ingested by its host and mature internally. Until it’s ready to survive on it’s own... and exits. We won’t test positive for internal parasites or horsehair worms... because the hair parasites we have, latch onto us externally. And there is absolutely no way to convince any medical professional that your hair is alive.

I didn’t realize it was a worm at first. 6 months into my infection, I had glue in hair extensions that were really long and thick. I would often see my hair move in ways, it shouldn’t. I knew it was alive... but couldn’t prove it. Turns out they multiplied like crazy in the hair extensions... great place for them to blend in.One day, my boyfriend calls me into bathrooms shouting, "hurry! Hurry! Look at this! The hair really is alive..." THERE WAS A HALF BLACK/HALF BLONDE LONG PIECE OF HAIR (marching my extensions perfectly) STANDING ERECT ON MY BATHROOM COUNTER, moving its head side to side. We sat and watched for what seemed like an hour. The most incredible part about it... is this parasite was completely free living. It had no interest in us. This is when I learned that the adult stage of horsehair worm lives freely in our homes, cars etc.

I never saw anything quite like that again. The hairs often move in very subtle, unnoticeable ways. I’ve seen them scoot to the side... or "jump" as if a large breeze just pushed them across my shower floor. And they seem to be very sticky. Can’t ever get them off. And I never seem to find any mating patterns or reason... but they sometimes just show up in abundance, all over my home. And other times... there isn’t a hair in site for weeks. Strange... because the itch, rashes, sores, foreign sensations, etc. never seem to go away. Even if I manage to get my lint count way down.

I believe they sometimes look like lint... because they can change colors. Just like the horsehair worm. Horsehair worms change color throughout their life and for various reasons. The baby worms appear clear/eradescent most of the time. So this is why you have some sores with visible hairs and others seem to have nothing to do with hair. There is a hair(s) still. You’ll be able to pull them out still. They also can turn brown, black, blonde, and white.

Bleach kills all of them... if you can manage to soak them long enough. You can use borax (best bleach alternative for colors) for your clothes. If there is still lint on any piece of clothing in load.. be sure to re-wash with borax again. Bleaching the washer/dryer in between loads will help anyone cross contamination. Heat does not kill them. I think they prefer to live in the dryer with hot setting. Especially if you throw in a couple of dryer sheets. The worms will hop off your clothes and cling to the dryer sheet. Just be sure and grab the dryer sheets out of dryer ASAP, throw away, clean & bleach lint trap, and wash your hands. Do this before you grab your clothes out of fresh dryer. Otherwise you risk the clear worms latching onto your clothes and mating. And if you find a shirt in your closet that’s covered in lint... removed and wash immediately. They will mate on all nearby clothes next. And horsehair worms make an average of 1000 babies a night!! The original worm babies rarely made it i inside a host before it starved to death. Instinctively, they make so many babies because of the high mortality rate.

PS. I have been successful in getting rid of these awful parasites on my body. I am now attempting trial/error to get rid of them completely in my environment. I tried to list some information... that will hopefully help others who suffer. Just see my previous comments.

May 27, 2020
by: Megan

So if you read my comnent(s) below. I was able to rid myself of these awful parasites for about a month. Using permithin cream, medications, bleach & borax in house/on clothing.
... but they are back! I’ve got clear (almost see-through lint/hairs all over my face again. :( They have ripped open my eyebrows and any time i scratch them, white specs fall off. Ugh. Along with a bunch of dust/tiny lint?

I decided to wax my entire face. Except my eyebrows. This disease has taken enough from me and I refuse to get rid of my eyebrows. It has helped a great deal with itching, crawling sensations, and bumps/sores. I doubt it will last long though. I can already feel something strange in my hairline.

I ordered permithin spray. I’m going to use the cream again. And spray my entire house, car, and everything I own with it. In addition to everything that worked previously. I’m hoping for the best!
I’ll post another update soon.
Also, I’ve recently learned that these parasites almost disappear when your pregnant.

May 26, 2020
So glad to read someone having the exact same situation
by: Tia

I had severe stomach Bloating with either extremely loose stools or extremely constipation
Lost a good amount of weight within a month
Became weak malnourished depressed.
Soon after my hair started falling out and skin began becoming inflamed in certain areas of my body
Doctors claimed allergies and pruritus
I began seeing black lines in my skin that would appear out of no where
Seemed to poke its head out of my skin and i would sit and try and pick them out
My kids saw it
I had cobblestone mouth skin in pits of arms legs feet hands stomach and boob area were my main areas
There’s clear fibers that come off
Dark thick hair come out of my head and appear very different
Burn different
And it has something with spilt ends
Plus everything you said

May 18, 2020
Mold or Morgellans
by: Loba Mason

I had the same symptoms as you have described and it turns out I was exposed to Black mold the most dangerous kind to people who have low immune systems (I have the luck of a snail on the sidewalk on a rainy day downtown) I have had these horrible stinging lesions that do not heal they have a black ring around them I have been able to heal them by painfully pulling out that yellow nasty middle plug and pulling all the gook that is connected to it. I am glad you are feeling better..

May 15, 2020
I have your answer!
by: Lauren

It's horsehair worms. I have them and you described it perfectly. If you zoom in on a picture of your hair it should look peppered. Those are the eggs. I also find them on clothing and linens under camouflage like chameleons matching the color. They're roundworms. Im trying piperazine which is in the veterinary section at Wal-Mart. It worked before when i thought i had pinworms. You're not crazy. It's nearly impossible to convince a doctor a person can be parasitized with them because their normal targets are crickets. I am taking it with turmeric which is an anti inflammatory. Normally a doctor would also prescribe a steroid for the anti inflammatory so I had to substitute the best i can. This is trial and error so I'm going to try other anthelmentics for roundworms if i need to. Also using hibeclens and vapor rub for the skin rashes which are working well. I don't use a washcloth with the hibeclens because rubbing with my fingers brings the slough off. I'm an adult treating myself at my own risk. I do not recommend any treatments for children who should be treated with a doctor's supervision.

May 01, 2020
by: Megan

I found a few treatments that have slowly attacked my symptoms & the parasites, one by one. I can’t believe it... I barely have any left!

I hope this helps others.. and I’d love to hear about your experience with this. Don’t expect a one time treatment, cure all, type of experience. Getting rid of these things, takes time. And only time will tell... if it gets rid of them forever.

1. Use 50/50 bleach and water to clean everything (ceiling to floor) in your home & vehicle. Do this as often as possible.
2. Use borax powder to clean everything that cannot be bleached. Also, use it in every load of dishes and laundry. You can buy a box of borax 20 mule online for like $2.
3. Get your doctor to prescribe an antidepressant (Effexor 75 mg worked best for me) and an antipsychotic (abilify 10 mg works for me). For some reason... it seems to really weaken the parasites. Continue to take the medication as prescribed until your symptoms are gone.
4. Get prescribed permithin cream by your doctor or if needed, make it yourself. You can buy permithin online and mix with lotion (half:half). Apply cream once you’ve been on your meds for 1-2 months. Use every 2 weeks 2-3 times. Be sure and apply it head to toe.
5. Begin borax and dawn soap baths. 24 hours after permithin cream is applied.. is the best time to begin doing this. Use 50% of each to cover entire body (hair and face also) in shower. Lather and Let it sit for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat 2-3x a week or more if needed.

If you have any questions... feel free to email me at
Best of luck!

Apr 14, 2020
Please contact me!
by: Megan

I’ve had this for nearly two years now. My best friend and my boyfriend have contracted it too. So I am no longer alone. All my experiences are the same.

I’ve got a lot of helpful information I can share. And I’m really hoping to share this information and learn from others. We cannot let these parasites beat us!

Please get in touch with me. Questions, information, just someone to chat with, etc. all welcome. My email address is
I will consider exchange of phone number etc. as well.

Together we can prove, solve, and conquer these stupid parasites. I know it.

Apr 02, 2020
Needs help
by: G lo

I was so scared to try to research this online thinking I was the only one. I tried to explain them to my husband which thinks I'm on drugs. I was going crazy and starting to think it was just me loosing my mind so I finally broke down and googled it. The very first article I read was this one parasites that look like hair Omg. I was so happy I could cry knowing that I was not going insane. I thought washing my clothes in hot water would help and it does a little but then they come right back. My 8 yes old son has some of the symptoms but I didn't tell him what I thought it was bc I didn't really now. I think my dog has them now and I don't know how to get ride of them. I need help.

Mar 30, 2020
Parasites period
by: Anonymous

Pok , I hope y'all are ready for this. Moved into new apt mth ago and stated noticing for example , toilet paper standing upright on floor amongst other things that a worm or parasite can crawl in and screw for a few days. Long as they're comfortable. Haha. I saw something today and caught it on video too. I'm taking the phone , along with my videos to my dermatologist tomorrow , hopefully.
My true life grossness event will continue after I show video. One person has seen it besides me and it could be very disturbing for some , then again , it may be kinda fascinating. Only when it's someone else's skin is exactly how I feel.
So , I'll be back me it's worth waiting for.

Mar 21, 2020
Their alive
by: Bryan

For the last two years I've been dealing with the same thing they are everywere,I shave my whole body 5 to 6 times a day and you can watch them grow right back out of you. Hold them an inch away from your cellphone flashlight and they glow so bright it blinds you ,they also after a minute or two will bend towards your light and latch on to it,not sure what it is or what to do about it,cayenne pepper pills and garlic pills and rubbing alcohol they don't like. I've got all kinds of video and specimens if anyone wants to see or help. Reach me at please I need help with this can't take much more...

Mar 18, 2020
it real
by: John patton

What you are talking about is real and is a nightmare. I have gone to 7 doctors. I work in Pharma and life science, so Have been studying it to try to cure myself. I realized they were parasites because they start out white then are able to mimic shape and color. When you yank them out they bleed. I realized they are dark and you bleed badly because they are sucking on your blood and injecting you with an anti-coagulant for the blood or a thinner (like a leach). How evolved and intelligent these things are is stunning. I am planning on writing a white paper on it when I find a cure. Each one seems to have what I call a root, then they have pockets of materials and blood under them. They release an acidic chemical when attack or building fake skin. Yes fake skin. My face looks fine in areas, but if you feel it my skin is rubbery and oily. That is because it is not my skin. They are all connected as well. If you yank on one for an. hour or so you can pull them out of the hole area slowly. I have found Propolis works well, it is from Manuka Honey. Use colloidal silver to avoid bacterial infections on the sores. I acquired a drug resistant staff in the first 4 months. I am 8 months into this, and as a mid 40's man in good shape and healthy, I am fighting for my life with this. I have to drain my face daily or the toxins begin to over take me and make me horribly ill. Another tip, use surgical dressing on the big sores. Leave them on for days. The colloidal silver nitrate highly absorbable dressing for surgery will wipe out any under them for a week. It is a slow battle, but I am attacking them like an invading army hitting them in strategic spots. once I realized they were feeding on my blood I understood why the largest colonies were on my face, neck, scalp and penis. The blood supply is most accessible in those locations. The spots on my legs and stomach have never been as strong due to the layers of fat and muscle. So I hit them in the main colonies, and hit them hard. I spend at least 4 to 5 hours a day treating it. I will not lose to these bastards, but I definitely need help. any suggestions would be great.

Mar 14, 2020
by: Pamela

Everything y’all say is what I’m going through. I want to kill myself. I don’t want it to hurt my family. Please help me too. I have pics and the actual thing I collect them and make videos Incase I die someone will know.

Mar 06, 2020
by: Judith

Yep I could have wrote all this what in the world is this people? Nobody wants to talk about it, and anybody that does talk about it gets treated like their crazy.something's definitely going on all over the ecosystem and it is changing everything we've ever known and become used to.

Feb 07, 2020
Please contact me
by: Bunny

I’ve been suffering for this for the past year. The few people I have discussed this with thinks I’m insane. They are now infecting my cats; this so depresses me..I’ve found vinegar, zinc in dandruff shampoo and hydrogen peroxide helps but can’t Moving hair, white hairs, white eggs, black specs, slime in wet hair, and orange crumb- like after treatments. It might be tricomycosis . Please contact me if you know how to help or need to talk to someone who can relate

Jan 16, 2020
I have the same thing
by: Susan

I have the exact same condition down to the blending in with fabric. They are torturing me now causing welts on my neck I’ve been to the ER and I am treated like I have a a mental illness then sent home with no cure.

Help me please I’m on the verge of losing it.

Jan 08, 2020
Comment from Jeff
by: Nettenet

I could have written the comments by Jeff. I've suffered nearly as long and have studied it intently under 900X microscope.

Jan 02, 2020
Not my real name
by: Jeff

I’ve been suffering for 15 years. I know this thing intricately better than anyone I’ve read about yet know nothing about it. All the crazy things you’ve read about it I’ve experienced. It’s not what most people think. It defies most logic. I know how they move and why someone studying it misses the truly most astonishing thing about it. I’ve lived it alone and can’t talk about it because it’s too unbelievable. I’d love to study this and share facts I know about it to see what we can do about it. I would describe myself as the absolute best person to study. Please let’s talk.

Dec 24, 2019
Research and Development
by: Sam

I (as a hobby) investigate/ collect data, research and develop solutions to problems for what I would call "hard to answer" questions. An example: A person had trouble sleeping, felt ill over time and uncomfortable in his bedroom. he thought it may be spiritual in nature. I found it was due to the main electrical lines in his house all ran under his bed. Most problems I work on are due to ill health that doctors fail to solve. I'm not ghost hunting or anything, Just wide field. I have a very high success rate. The more I have worked and tested on this, the more questions and test it leads to. I am lacking on accounts of this and could use more data (for the obvious reason that its not taken seriously or drives ppl mad). If anyone is willing to have privet conversation, it will not be repeated to anyone. Please leave an email address. I will give a # so we can text or talk if possible. I will make an email specifically for this project and post it here later, if contact that way is your preference. This seems big. Stay strong.

Dec 21, 2019
I have the same thing!!
by: Niki

It's been about 2 years now and I still haven't found anything to work. My life is a living hell and everyone things I'm crazy but I know what I see and feel. Just wanted to let you know that your not alone!!

Nov 10, 2019
News, Maybe Good
by: Nettenet

During my last doctors visit in early October, he emailed a link to his medical news subscription. The link led to an announcement from the CDC that Morgellons has been proven to be an actual disease. We are no longer delusional!!
However, there is no known cure. But, because it's a disease with no known cure, researchers will be eligible for funding to find a cure.. Perhaps some of you under age 20 might live to see it!,

Nov 07, 2019
by: Holly Shrestha

Hi all I am a homeopath in the UK. I came across this page as I have a patient with intestinal worms and was researching remedies online. (not the same kind of worms you describe.) I don't know if any of you have considered homeopathy for this and I don't have experience of treating these types of conditions but some of the symptoms you describe are in my homeopathy books. For example a very common homeopathic remedy called calc carb has symptoms where the person wants to eat indigestible things, chalk, dirt etc and also is listed as person seeing animals, creatures, dogs, mice, rats, snakes. There are other homeopathic remedies eg stramonium, cocaine, arsenicum and belladonna where the person has delusion of seeing or being covered with worms. I am not saying you are delusional but this would cover the symptoms you describe I think and could be worth some research. I attach link to homeopathy website for info
Best Regards Holly

Nov 07, 2019
by: Holly Shrestha

Hi all I am a homeopath in the UK. I came across this page as I have a patient with intestinal worms and was researching remedies online. (not the same kind of worms you describe.) I don't know if any of you have considered homeopathy for this and I don't have experience of treating these types of conditions but some of the symptoms you describe are in my homeopathy books. For example a very common homeopathic remedy called calc carb has symptoms where the person wants to eat indigestible things, chalk, dirt etc and also is listed as person seeing animals, creatures, dogs, mice, rats, snakes. There are other homeopathic remedies eg stramonium, cocaine, arsenicum and belladonna where the person has delusion of seeing or being covered with worms. I am not saying you are delusional but this would cover the symptoms you describe I think and could be worth some research. I attach link to homeopathy website for info
Best Regards Holly

Oct 11, 2019
hair like things on my skin
by: kimberlina Gonsalves

I have been experiencing everything w/the fabric & my skin it is destroying my skin. Been to the Dr. , hospital, nobody can help me beyond frustrated in fact nobody believes me they think I that I am crazy. It is real because I find them on my clothes and fabric and carpet. they are impossible to destroy and they grow super long . They are awful if you get them embedded in your skin it feels like the5e is tree sap all over my skin. Don't know what to do but cry and hate it.

Aug 11, 2019
I Believe Her, But That Aint Nothing
by: Michael

This parasite or fungus has it's head, micro in size under the skin. I have black light pictures of the erupted burrow sites. The sites began around and on both outer ear. From the embedded head sites, thread like, about human hair diameter excrement comes. This "string" excrement grows about 3 inches per hour and will, if permitted grown to two feet or more maintaining hair size diameter. The excrement is completely transparent, it cannot be seen in a air media. It can be found by feel and is sticky. If grabbed and pulled on (with tension) it usually breaks about 1 millimeter above the skin line. It site will then begin the process of growing again. I've been Unsuccessful removing embedded heads, I've tried many ways. My opinion is "surgery will be required. I was washing one day and strings started coming at a very fast rate I became frustrated and grabbed my ears with strings and threw the strings into the sink water. By doing so they became visible in a water media. They appeared broken into little pieces, all uniformed looking through a magnifying glass. That when I realized the string unit is a same box about three times longer than high. All the same except every fifth one which appeared to be a marker and all markers are the same. I'm not sure if they were eggs or what. I took this to my Plan Primary care doctor. Says he can't see them, refuses to touch without gloves, therefore they don't exist, I'm nuts and need Prozac and don't bring the issue back again. Tried various over the counter drugs, no success yet. Can't change PC's until Sep 1.
If anyone has any insight as to what these things are, please post. I haven't found much.

Jul 26, 2019
Guinea pigs vs parasites like hair
by: Dulce

I came upon this online while searching for anything that can explain anything about my stick hair and worms , Now is it positively that this is caused from Mold exposure, I know I have (had black hair mold) and if you look up Mold and parasites , they go hand in hand.!. Ok below I’ll writ what I found today....
Running Lice
Like static lice, running lice, feed off skin debris and can be seen moving about in your guinea's hair, usually at the bottom of the hair on the skin surface.  They are about 1mm long and look like tiny worms wriggling around.  Their eggs are laid at the base of the hair, near the skin and look like small specks of dust.
Lice 'n' Easy Shampoo can help guineas with external parasites to feel more comfortable as they may cause irritation if left untreated.Static Lice
Static lice are actually tiny mites that feed off skin debris and adhere to the outer half of the hair shaft, often around the rump.  They often come in with hay - hence they are sometimes known as hay mites.  Eggs are also laid on the hair shaft and look like small dust particles on a light-coloured pig.  These are the least damaging of the parasites.
Lice 'n' Easy Shampoo can help guineas with external parasites to feel more comfortable as they may cause irritation if left untreated.Parasitic Problems
There are 3 main types of parasites that can cause skin problems for guinea:
1. Mange mites
2. Static Lice
3. Running lice
Burrowing Mites / Mange Mites
Trixicarus Caviae is a tiny mite that can burrow under your guineas's skin and cause intense itching.  Look carefully, you may see small bumps just under the skin in the area of infestation. These are the mites that have burrowed into the skin and will cause your guinea to scratch himself.  Hair around the infested area is usually thinning, and may be broken off half way down the hair shaft.  Guineas bite and scratch themselves causing open sores that can become infected, so prompt treatment is required.
Treatment is with Ivermectin - usually two applications 10 days apart will sort the problem out. Sometimes a third dose is required if the infestation is bad.  Where there is intense scratching, Ivermectin usually starts working within 24 hours as the mites start to die off. Do get your guinea to the Vet for treatment ASAP as mites can kill if left untreated.  
Most Vets now recommend Xeno 50 or Xeno 450 which is a "spot-on" product rather than injections which can be very painful for guineas. Guineas often carry mites with no symptoms, but when they get stressed (moving to a new home, pregnancy, illness, old age etc) the mites can start breeding and causing problems.
Ivermectin will only work on parasites that are blood suckers (ie mange mites and not lice).  
Where mites are present, there is often a lot of skin debris and scabbing on the skin. To remove this, use the Manuka & Neem Shampoo but always leave at least 48 hours in between using Ivermectin and shampooing your guinea.
Do bear in mind that guineas often get fungal and parasitic problems at the same time, so if in doubt treat for both.

Jul 26, 2019
Static is my name
by: Dulce

Have it (IT) brushing my hair seems to aggravate "it" it becomes too hard too come through unless I try hard enough I end up pulling my own hair out. However if I play with my hair a certain way this way that way I confuse "it"!and I do this over and over making some of these things pop out of my hair every time I comb one time I brushed it so hard it felt like my scalp separated from my skull and when I looked down there was a white/ creaming color what looked like a magnet / worm this all happened in one day and I never saw these kind again. If I put my hair in the shower while my face is facing down and I brush my hair these things come out like throwing slime into the tub all over the walls. I’ll do this for like 30- 60 minutes and it’s a constant slime shower. I believe u have had this for at least 2 years from then I have seen a doctor which in fact contacted CPS and the rest is history. In the past month the cops are called my family have turned against me and my husband thinks I’m loosing it. There was black hairy mold in the house that really didn’t affect me until recently. I began well my three kids 7, 4, 2 were experiencing dry skin, severe I guess I wasn’t sure what to blame but our flaky skin was constantly everywhere in the house like feathers coming out of our skin. Both my 7 year old and I experienced dry cough like coughing hair out showering immediately calmed us down. When ever I brushed her hair oh and my 10 year old hair and my 2 year old too it also was like brushing gum out every time....within a period of time different things were noticeable like my 4 year old grinding his teeth at night so loud I didn’t think it was him, besides itching he butt all the time, pinworms ( most likely) I do believe there is more that more kind of parasite within us! 2 bite lik appeared on his face between eyebrow which led to his face looking like a balloon with one eye shut, by the way it still looks smallrer than the other one. Every time I came in contact with the water that came from where the mold was (is) I felt as if it penetrated my skin while burning it. Breathing it became like breathing the sun. I left the house running but not before trying to take the kids out and my husband wouldn’t let me telling me I’m nuts . I couldn’t do anything. I left the house to my moms 3 houses down and called the non emergency number for the PD would not do anything as well as the fire Dept. Whether I have allergy reaction to mold or not something is growing in our bodies . I’m No one listen now cps is involved my husband had to leave out of state to work my kids are with family and couldn’t take them to get checked . I believe that my. One house is infested and my friend, what the heck everyone that has been around me or one of us had it before never new (knows) I believe it manifested when exposed to the mold? The strange thing is that my body react to these things , like have some allergic reaction I become staticky all over my body right before I sting while touching certain things, clothes etc. and they mold themselves with everything and everywhere I Am present.,my vision gets worst I feel like my face will explode, My eking , toes fingers have these weird like cuts/ scar s and I have patches on my scalp with a certain pattern that I saw online of someone expose to mold. I hate cooking now because I will end up serving whatever it is I have. " by the way if you brush your hair preferably with a thought comb brush all back make a line horizontally from side to side in different parts of your scalp then from the line brush it forward if it get stuck keep it there and brush hard til it pops out if by chance you have patches or cuts in your scalp spray rubbing alcohol , when I do this they all dance their way out. I’m not sure if this is considered advance stages because from all the comments I have read I seem to have a few if not all or more than every single person I read messages of. Like crunching on ice May cause them to pop out of my tongue , gums creating s metal , iron taste all over my mouth, spitting out thes things with yelloish redish saliva. Well am still fight many battles with many doctors finally one got me 2 referrals with the specialist I requested. Hopefully I see them next week. A aDoctor specializing in disease control, and a dermatologist. Hopefully just hopefully they have an answer. . We should form maybe save money to meet somewhere to protest to something. I am willing to do this however I would need more than myself to fight this.

Jul 26, 2019
Parasite that look anything they touch
by: Dulce

I know exactly what you mean , it has cost my sanity almost my children yo be taken from through CPS and my own family and husband think I m going crazy. These parasites seem to become what they touch making hard sometimes to see or when you are trying to seek help or show someone else that they are real, I tell my son "LOOK this is a parasite or whatever is coming out of my skin" , he reply’s with" mom that’s a peace of tissue, mom that’s a piece of noodle!. Also when cooking I feel like they somehow invade into the food creating its texture different like when I cook eggs they become like rubbery my spaghetti lol oks old and hard etc. m

While trying to brush my hair ithe parasite becomes resistant making hard to brush at all

Apr 08, 2019
It looks like hair
by: Driving miss crazy

They are long and short. Get your not your eyes, ears, nose,mouth, and private areas. There has to be something that will help us to get rid of them.

Apr 03, 2019
I'm also infected
by: Jennifer C

No info online resembles what I'm infected with. Professionals want to call it Morgellons and act as if it is a mental disorder. But I am not crazy. When I attempt to burn one of the hair like parasites they try to run from the flame. The flame has to be held directly on it for a long time for it to finally burn. It leaves a carcus and does not smell like burnt hair. They defy the laws of physics. It's unbelievable. But it's true.

Apr 03, 2019
I'm also infected
by: Jennifer C

I have them too. They will stand out facing blowing wind when normal hair is blown back. They have tapped the person next to me on the shoulder. When I removed one from my scalp and put it on glass 1st it run from fire then I had to hold flame for long time to burn it. Eventually turns into a carcus and does NOT smell like burnt hair.

Mar 09, 2019
hair like parasites
by: rae

I have same never ate dirt, I think they came from stagnant water, or mold. environment has to be clean b4 you can clean your body and be free. they are difficult to spot, active at night and build some sort or web, look 4 them in ceiling creases.
walls, and fabric! driving me crazy !!!!

Jan 12, 2019
by: Nickie

Number 1: Go to tractor supply and get some fenben

Number 2: go on Facebook and join mold & morgellons group

Number 3: get on the FIRM protocol.

This will give you relief until there’s a cure for our imaginary problem.

Sep 22, 2018
Found it!! Hope this helps everyone! Morgellons
by: Nicole

I found what it is and I can tell you how to do it I found it in my keep my bathroom sink and I got one of those here polar things out of the drain the yellow things and boom there they were so good luck everyone they look like kind of pieces of tobacco but a little bit longer and some of them look like little tiny hairs or something hope it helps ive had morgellins for 3.5 yes r so now or what i think is morgellons at least. Doctors have been so rude to me an now i got the proof!! Ima sue the shit outta them! I defidently have enuf evidence now!!

Sep 07, 2018
Live hair
by: Jen

It is morgellons disease.

Sep 06, 2018
by: Daidre

I also have the long moving 'hairs' and fibers in my hair and in my skin. I received the diagnosis of being delusional, despite trying to show Drs photos and videos I took. One video has a long 'hair' attacking a small one. It actually curled up and struck out and grabbed it. Tons of them come out of my skin and hair. I feel like Medussa! I also have the blinking glitter like things, cottonballs, you name it. My house is full of this stuff and my dogs have it. I had a pet snake and rat that died from it. One comment mentioned patterns of faces and animals on skin and clothing. I have the same thing. Besides deep holes in my skin that spread like crazy & itch like hell, my clothing is full of holes. Anyone else have that problem? Can't take it anymore.

Aug 28, 2018
Try this for alien hair
by: Heather

Try the little blue laser light you can buy for GELL nails.
Also impantiego cream 2% provides alot of relief.for ladies where fake eye lashes it glues them down.they hate baking soda too hope it helps

Aug 09, 2018
I know
by: Donna

Have same thing. I do not eat dirt but I have shaved my head for last 8 months. Have been treated for parasites a nightmare bacteria, enter actors c complex and fungal infection. Now being treated with flu console again for scalp ring worm, tennis capitas.

Jun 18, 2018
Parasites that look like hair reply.
by: Mike

I have them in my house too and have had them for more than 10 years. There is very little known about this. I believe the CDC is covering up what they really know about it.
I spray all fabrics in my home with steri fab sold on eBay and amazon. It’s about $45 a gallon.
I also wash and dry with only hot water and the hottest dryer setting I have. Dry cleaning helps too.
I’m able to controll them in my house this way, but not eliminate them.

Jun 16, 2018
Burn Them
by: Be Brave

I first encountered these invincible demons 5 years ago when I moved. Was told from the begininning I was nuts. My roommate would not even try to look and would NOT talk about it.

The second month in this house I got up about 3am and went to a cold drink. When I switched on the kitchen light Imwas horrified to see MILLIONS of roaches everywhere. They were covering everything. I screamed and screamed and screamed some more. They ignored me but my roommate didn't. Oh my god. My landlord sent an exterminator the next day. I was happy again. No roaches that night or next day or next...then BAM! Millions of roaches, not just in the kitchen but Everywhere. I called him back but he said once was he would do and I he refused to pay for me keeping a dirty house. DIRTY HOUSE! My house was not dirty (it is now because I am physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted from trying combat the infestation and the raw sewer issue in my basement. I have given up for now wind now me and my animals reside on the couch(which now needs to be replaced for the 5th time in 2 years because of the nasties). I hired an exterminator and he came and out down Advion. Not one roach for a year. Problem solved yes and no. No roaches, mice! Trillions of mice everywhere. My cats got tired of hunting them. I literally watched this weird scene in my back yard. My tabby cat was sun bathing when a mouse ran right up him. I mean he ran right up on his belly to his face. My cat yawned and stretched rolled over knocking the mouse genially off. The mouse sat up and my cat, strange as this sounds, leaned his head down, opened his mouth and I thought omg that mouse is gonna stand there and let that mouse eat him! I started to scream but my cat did not eat him. He picked him up gently and strolled across the yard with him and put him down. The mouse and kitty looked each other in the eyes, then the mouse scurried off. Weird. Mice jumped through windows, hid in clothes, lived in the couch cushion. Thousands of mice! I spent my days screaming...then after about two weeks, they vanished! Not one single mouse. Weird. A year after the mice came the mites. We first thought bird mites, then rat mites, then we were told oakmites as I live in the epicenter. I killed myself trying to eradicate them, only to be told it useless. They will not thrive inside but at everywhere outside. Raining from the sky as it were. We only needed a good freeze. Well some years and several freezes later still mites. Still itching and biting. We were at breaking point mentally and physically. My friends didn't feel a thing. I was accused of being nutty. That hurt so I learned to say nothing about it. NOw several people I know have been overrun. I, perversely, feel better.

So here is where we come to it. During these miserable years I became weaker and weaker and weaker. I have gained so much weight yet eat very little. I am pale, stinky and tired. I have blisters all over me and have problems with balance so walking is a trial. I itch. My mind is slow. I am starving all the time but can eat very little at a time. I have not left my house for a year because I am to weak to make it to the sidewalk. My hair is thinned and falling out. I don't sleep. Really I ceased for the most part to sleep. I regularly go 30 or more days with little more than two or three 10 minute shut downs a day. I call them shut downs and not naps because I just "turn off". Lights on, lights off, lights on. When I switch back on I am fully awake. When I have switched off you cannot wake me.

The mites were ramping back up into full gear when I noticed some new problems with my animals skin a fur. I put an app on my phone for a microscope camera and ceptical but still hopeful at getting a look at these oak mites. My little Pierre looked at me woefully as I scratched his little back and talked him through being my model. I could not have been more shocked. Worms! Worms all over my little guy! Strange shaped bugs, worms and lights! A certain type of these strange motionless worm blinked red, blue or green lights from there heads. They seemed to use it as a means of communication. I kept this thought and the whole light therory to my self. Ok here is another crazy: I watched a tiny hatch open on the surface of my dogs skin and two lasar light beams shot out from the opening the the minuscule skin door closed again. (I have pictures). I checked my dog and yes she had the same parasites as did my cats. Lastly and scare to death, I checked me. Yes. Oh god...

I took photos, posted them, looked and looked for information. Most are identifiable, some are not. Some seem to be a blend of several creatures. I order invermectin and pyranthol. Both helped a great deal. I will be more in two week. I use veterinarian grade. It is safe for humans and is vastly cheaper, and I can use it on both cats and dogs and me. Use it internally and topically. I am very careful with my cats intake. They can become ill and even die if overdosed with either. Dogs are more resilient.
I want to add that last year when I would bathe my dogs the suds would suddenly turn a burgangy color very bright burgundy and lots of it. The water ran with color when I rinsed them, The first time I though my dog was bleeding. I was hysterical as I checked him. Nothing. Not blood, but when I scrubbed on him vigorously the suds became suddenly stained with color. I only showed and told one person. This year the water runs a very bright neon blue. I finally located a worm (nematode) that is named for Cain of the Bible. Guess what. They live on animals, they are considered immortal, they emit a mean blue dye when die and...they flashlight from inside their bodies to guessed it communicate! They themselves are neon blue in color! Not crazy! I tried to show several people but they won't even look.

I found one creature that looks exactly like the drawing of a ascarius that is laboratory created and is a patented in use genuine bio warfare weapon. I found the drawing while searching for for..yes biowarfare parasites.
My hair starting biting me. On close microscopic inspection with my trusty android I have discovered long clear. Worms have invaded my hair. They root in scalp side by side with my hair shafts. I pull them and burn them every night. Dandruff shampoo seems to kill them. I wash my hair and use it Onmy dogs. The show of blue comes almost immediately now instead of five or more minutes with dandruff shampoo so I know it killing the nematodes too. (Roundworm). I tried 9. Volt pulse oks
. It works great for a minute. The voltage stops them dead. It blows them up. Problem is, if you have any bioweapon bugs on you, the bastard nanobots gr an up the electrons and ions and whatever and build new bots. So in the long run you end up in a bigger fix. Best to shift the magnetic field drastically to kill them. I am working on that.

New problem has arisen. I now have the distinct displeasure of have giant 12" and more clear worms attaching themselves to skin. They ar e inside my body but send tendrils out my mouth, my nose, rectum and vagina and glue themselves down to my skin. The main body remains in my body. They burn badly and when aggrieved will burn so badly that I blister so badly it shows the nasty buggers body trail. I am not what killed them off all at once because I tried several methods that day. It was great though A couple of days after trying various things I noticsparkling crushed lass tai all o me and I rubbed m it fell away. I Rene wasthisdamn worrms and that they are dea! Hurray! they are back now..
I noticed that my toilet was weird small gate shaped so I had a closure look and sure enough several had long worms, now opaque in death coming from them. What evEr I did killed some of them all the way through.

Jun 12, 2018
Parasite that blends into everything
by: Not High

It sounds like the same parasite I'm dealing with. They're everywhere including my car and ceramic dishes. Yeah, they somehow turn into ceramic!
They're pliable as they are in the fabric but if you take sissors to one of them they solidify and make a loud snapping noise when you cut them. They appear to be under my skin but a slight impression indicates they're above it. They're transparent and very difficult to see although a part of them does sparkle, a point. They exist in different material for reasons I know not, carpet fibers, hair, string even shoe laces and abandoned them eventually.
There's a certain type of worm with what looks like a dragons head that spits out white partles very quickly, they stick and melt into the skin. I'm guessing they're eggs due to tiny black worms under the area of skin a few days later.
But the strangest thing is that they make tiny sculptures of Humans, animals and what I assume are otherworldy creature or cartoon characters.
I thought it was apophenia but the faces are too consistent to be random patterns. And they appear to purposely leave them in certain areas, like my pillow. They also form large patterns that mostly resemble snakes on almost anything from saran wrap to cooked pizza. Yeah, I've eaten plenty of these guys, no way to avoid it when they're in your lips, teeth and gums and everywhere.

My concern is are they contagious? Does anyone know?

At least they don't taste like anything. Also, o haven't had to pick my nose in a very long time.
Also also, they keep my curls from breaking apart.

May 15, 2018
Still struggling?
by: D

Do you still have this problem if you do could I email you?

May 13, 2018
We need to unite in real time and demand answers
by: Steve in San diego

I've had same symptoms in scalp sinuses mouth for over five years now. Diagnosed as delusional parasitosis by my former inept primary Dr Joseph Tyler lonagan who is part of Owen clinic at UCSD healthcare and I challenge him to debate this anytime anywhere and we will discover who is truly delusional. There's something all these doctors have in common:. They are lazy arrogant know it all who would rather call patients crazy than take the time to actually examine their patients and the samples and evidence we have that prove that THIS IS IN FACT SOME TYPE OF PARASITIC WORM POSSIBLY DWARF TAPEWORM OR SOMETHING VERY SIMILAR THERETO THAT FOR SOME REASON DOES NOT SHOW IN O AND P TESTING. I am so insulted and sick of being made a fool of by these so called medical unprofessionals. I live for the day when the correct diahnosis will be made so I can hopefully be treated and cured and reclaim what is left of my life. And yes so I can SUE THE HELL OUT OF EVERY DR THAT HAD THE NERVE TO LABEL ME AS DELUSIONAL WHEN IN REALITY THE ONLY DELUSIONAL PLAYERS WERE THESE INEPT INCORRECT LAZY ARROGANT DOCTORS AND THEIR INEXCUSABLE ON GOING AND CONTINUOUS ACTS OF MALPRACTICE. DR JOSEPH TYLER LONAGAN WITH USCD JEALTHCARE IN HILLCREST, SAN DIEGO, CA YOU HAVE WRONGED ME AND ARE A DISGRACE TO YHE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE, YOU WILL PAY FOR YHE WAY YOU TREAYED ME, AND I WONT REST UNTIL I GET JUSTICE AND LOTS OF COMPENSATION FOR MAKING MY LIFE A LIVING HELL. YOUR DAY IS COMING LONAGAN. DELUSIONAL MY ASS

Apr 22, 2018
Your answer
by: David

Sorry to say there’s no cure yet It’s one of the 21 different bacteria’s that make up morgellons. CDC’s working on a cure most drs don’t know anything about it.

Apr 02, 2018
My hair and body are infested also
by: Southern Georgia girl

Im hoping that maybe wee could all list what has helped and what has not helped so maybe we can all compair and figure out something so I can have a normal day for change..I'm ruining my body by scratches and my family thinks I'm on drugs but I surely am not!!

Mar 12, 2018
Parasite that look like hair
by: Bob


I've been dealing with this for 2 plus years.
It's amazing reading the new post@ They all are so so similar to mine and everyone elses.2 yrs. And the same B'S from the Drs? It's unreal. They are moving slow but very slow.its hard to believe Drs. Still sitting on sideline acting stupid.i@ this how it works with all new diseases? To read a new post makes me feel bad for that person. They are just getting started down this nightm.k my fingers are all swollen and infested with worm like creatures I cut cut all my hair off.eyes,nose,ears all affected. 4 teeth have f!ollen out.xray @how's same looking little dots,3 dots,looks like a face.u see it e:erywh÷re.must be the bu=gandorfi spiro..or similar. I still can't get in to see anyone decent. I got refer!'ll to doc wafersin wis.took my money talked 5 minutes,now won't answer.not t!king new patients. Don't use him.good luck everyone. Hot baths,lemon juice e,peroxide, all temp u can do

%or Bless@i÷

Mar 08, 2018
same here
by: ec

I have experienced the same sensations and have these strange "scabs" which hard very hard I thought I had bed bugs and dont . my doc thinks I'm delusional and want me to see a psych, I'm a college educated individual and never really go to the doc but this is aggravating the bloating, not having appetite and just the crawly sensation in my nose and scalp is too much

Mar 08, 2018
by: Jamie

A lot of these symptoms people are posting are similar to mine. I’ve been suffering with this for 2 years now and have yet to receive a diagnosis. I’ve seen infectious medicine, ent, head and neck surgery, ophthalmology, dermatologists, so much more.... no one has a diagnosis. I’ve been treated with albedazol and biltricide, I’ve tried every herbal, essential oil, baths (I’m ashamed to say the things I’ve bathed in) parasite cleanses, fasts, juice diets, elimination diets. My family sees it. I’m not nuts. I’m to the point where they’re basically falling out of me every few seconds. They do camaflauge themselves. I believe you. I feel like I’m going to die soon. I’m going to several doctors appts a week at this point and they’re stumped. Please help me.

Mar 02, 2018
My hair is not my own moves like is living thing attached to furniture bed tread change my sheet tread hat feel so tired don't know what too do nobody believe try lot shampoo thing nothing get
by: Km dones

Hi Start like this feel itch and my hair feel like some pull my hair run too the mirror see what wrong se couple my hair clean my self think nothing of it and moth later feeling thing moving on my hair every time wash blow dry my hair my hair be a getting weir like hair coming out black dot like oil don't weir my family think Im crazy please help me

Mar 01, 2018
Experiencing worsened condition
by: Shana

At one point, my symptoms had lessened considerably, but that is no longer the case. The darn things seem to be everywhere. I literally can be sitting talking with somebody and these curly white feather-like organisms literally seem to jump off of me and float through the air around me. People have noticed it, saying things like I have feathers in my hair or lint.

I was writing a blog on hair care (I do content marketing for a living) and saw a question written on a forum for African-American hair care about the odd fuzzballs that appear — seemingly from nowhere — in AA people's hair. Obviously, my client wouldn't have wanted a Morgellon's post on the blog, but I couldn't help but realize that the problem is much more widespread than people ever thought.

Two of my dogs died within a month of one another last summer. Neither had been sick. They were 9 or 10 years old, rescued "sorta Corgis." As smaller dogs, I expected them to live at least 3 or 4 more years and can't help but wonder if these critters hadn't hastened their deaths.

I don't feel pain with any of this, thankfully. I feel an itchy sensation in my nose, ears and scalp when they are "on the move." Nighttime seems to be their most active time, although they can *poof* out of my hair and into the air at any given moment. I recently had about 7" of my hair cut off in an attempt to reduce their presence.

I have long curly hair and live in a subtropical climate where it tends to frizz. The only time that I used to actually comb my hair was in the shower with conditioner on it. Otherwise, I tend to look like a sheep having a really bad hair day. But since the onset of whatever the hell this is, I make sure to comb out my hair before bathing. Clear, "doll-type" hairs are always stuck in the comb — and my hair is dark brown. How am I growing clear hair (NOT gray) in my 50s? The only parts of my hair that are graying is a bit at both temples. This is another phenomenon related to the infestation.

If I enlarge photos of me, spidery filaments appear to be attached to the strands, sometimes coiled around the strands but usually draped around sections of hair. It totally freaks me out to see that.

I wish our government would address this, but it's obvious that this administration can't find its own arse with both hands and a flashlight, so there's little hope of that happening anytime soon.

Mar 01, 2018
They Exist
by: John_nSC

In October 2016, I became sick with chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain. After two weeks, I began passing blood and shedding tissue from the intestinal wall. After experiencing this, I went to the urgent care at my local hospital. My abdomin was dissented, tender, and a rash was visible from just above my belly button down into my groin. Stool samples were taken for an Ova & Parasite test along with a Stool Antigen test. The results were negative across the board. Yet I remained sick and my condition worsened with the "infection" spreading to my lungs and skin by early December 2016. Doctors did nothing watching me drop from 172lbs to 140lbs in two months. I could not get a prescription for any of the antihelminthics and resorted to over-the-counter pyrantal pamoate sold for pinworm which was marginally effective but not a cure. I read the National Institute of Health's protocals concerning diagnosis and treatment when patients present with my symptoms. I should have been given ivermectin immediately along with mebendazole for three days and then again two weeks later for three days. Ova and Parasite tests correctly identify a parasitic infection in only 15% of those who are infected. The NIH clearly outlines that the O&P is not to be dependent on nor should the doctor wait for further testing to identify the parasite. In my case, I was not given my first round of ivermectin and mebendazole until February 2017 after seeing an infectious disease doctor. By time I saw him, I had dropped to 118lbs. For the past year, I have suffered and came close to death while doctors sat on their hands and wrote me off as being parasitic delusional. I have to resort to invermectin pour-on and injectable due to reinfection. No doctor believes me when I describe the "hair-like worms" in my skin or that pass in my stool. Multiple O&P tests fail to identify any parasite. MRI's show moderate to severe inflammation of the small bowel. I have suffered an intessuception in the jejunum of the small bowel. I pray that I will cross the path of the right doctor but I think it may be too late. There are many parasites especially nematodes of which there are hundreds of species with many visible with the naked eye though very thin. In their "free-living" stage, they can have the appearance of a "hair" with the development of a hard outer layer or "cuticle".

Feb 16, 2018
Parasite hair-like fibers
by: Jesse

I had this and here is what I did to get rid of it- I went to the farm/tractor store and bought pour on ivermectin for cattle and measured the proper dose for my body weight (one millimeter per 22 lbs). It is an antiparasitic drug and I poured the proper amount on my head. Every day for about two weeks. I treated my environment with Sawyer permethrin spray- you can find it at Wal-Mart or a camping store. I added 1/4 cup to every load of laundry and sprayed it everywhere for about one month. It is gone, and I feel great. I just wish I could share this with more people at once.

Feb 10, 2018
There is no cure
by: Nettenet

Please be aware of online comments that refer to a cure for Morgellons. I've seen everything from magnetic body treatments to bath additives, topical creams and ointments, and vitamin supplements. People are making lots of money selling what they claim to be a cure. Anything you try will seem to ease your symptoms but, it's only temporary. The culprits of this disease are able to create their own immunity to whatever treatment is being used. It won't be long till they are immune from whatever it is you try. Check out this video: NBC Tells Truth On Hellish Morgellons!

Jan 09, 2018

I got a question is it possible I could have came from the Soap Lake water in Soap Lake Washington because every since I started swimming in there again I started having the same symptoms I did as I did when I was a kid don't even like my hair is crawling feeling like there's things crawling in my head please answer thank

Oct 29, 2017
by: Katie

Hello this is an update from the previous post-comment (titled: "roundworm?") I'm reporting back that preliminary results were back before I posted and they think I have trichinosis (caus d by trichonella spp) upon the urgent exam my doctor concluded that she is very sure that the final results will confirm the diagnosis. If anyone had similar symptoms or findings to what I listed in prior comment look into this. Hope this helps.

Oct 28, 2017
by: Katie

Like many of you here, I have also had issues for a year now with these hair-like, moving filaments. Most are white, small, curly. Some are darker, longer. Depends where I see them. They look lighter on dry dark surfaces like black clothes, and appear darker when wet against white surfaces (like sink/tub). You guys aren't crazy. I am Gonna figure this out and report back here. It started with my eyes. Severe dry eye and blepharitis (eyelid swelling) out of the blue. And never fully resolved with any reatments. Doctors just say it's dry eye, and do no tests. Yet it came on so suddenly right after I got my dog. So then they say, "then it's allergies" and put me on steroids, made it worse. Ive just been doing natural treatments such as witch hazel, oregano, aloe Vera juice, healthy diet, which works better than treatments from any MD, but it's still not enough. It's gotten much worse. I began having Skin rashes and some have formed scar-tissue, as if something got trapped under my skin. Then I started having Stomach cramps and digestive issues...was diagnosed celiac 6 months ago. Gluten free but still getting sicker. Last week I was hospitalized with high fevers, visual hallucinations and eye issues. I was there for days until My blood pressure and temperature got stable. My BP was critically low. Blood cultures and urine were negative for bacterium. I told the doctors everything and was not shocked when they didn't listen. Used to that. Anyway...bought a microscope. I'm no expert but I put the creepy little moving-hair-things under scope. Compared to tons of images online, looks like a helminth to me, possibly hookworm, whipworm, but not positive. It's definitely real. A parasite. It's the same shape as the scar tissue& rashes I got on my skin. Was curious....and looked at my endoscopy scans from months back...every lesion in my gastrointestinal tissue is in the shape of this organism and covering my entire small bowel. Showed to my GP and I just got blood drawn and stool culture collected... waiting on results. Will return with update.

Oct 23, 2017
answer to Pam, Susan, Shana
by: themar

Hello Pam,

here's an article I found ; it seems that this illness / phenomenon of 'living 'hairs protruding out of skin (morgellons) was noticed some centuries ago as well, in France . At that time they also named the illness Masquelons !

They used to cure it by applying (and friction with) HONEY all over the affected parts of the body (or the whole body)
They also used milk the same way

here's a link

Maybe you should give it a try

Oct 20, 2017
She's not crazy
by: Pam

I've been dealing with this parasite for a couple years now in the obvious, and for many many years prior and not knowing that's what it was. ... She's right. These things enter and then 'take over' every material in my home, from cloth to metal to glass,,, plastic and paper are their favorites; possibly because they are so easy to penetrate. ... When they fall on the skin they burn like acid and disappear into the skin just that quickly. There is no 'catching' them. They are simply too fast. Some enter from the thin end, going straight into the skin in a most bizarre and extremely painful manner. ... I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of these things, but they just keep coming; more and more, faster and faster, until in the past year they have completely taken over every hair on my body. They have covered me in layer after layer of themselves. They are in my blood to the point i don't even any longer bleed when cut. ... And here's the real kicker>>> The healthier I am,,,, the faster they increase. I've tried cutting, burning, chemicals, non-chemicals, plucking, shaving, ......... Nothing stops them except asphyxiation of some sort; but that of course would mean me also, as they are in my eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, nails, skin,,,, Every part of me is covered now in these things; as is my cat and my home. Someone PLEASE!find a way to STOP them!!! Thanks for your time.

Oct 15, 2017
I think it true
by: Susan

I use to feel tingles in my hair at one stage... when I felt the funny sensation I would run to a mirror and watch the area and could see just one strand of hair wiggling... I started to think hair was alive and moving on it's own.. I started to believe they were/are parasites that look like hair too and the grip onto anything when pulled out and searching for something to grab on too ... I then thought it was static thru my hair making only one hair move and wiggle... someone else said could be wind when I pulled one out and said watch it... t moves... even when pulled out they still wiggle so I put them on a hot light globe and see if they move after being scalded and they don't . It's very odd and it's like they alive and move as the please ...
What ever it is .. there are only a few o them.. it's anoying but I find hot blow dry or hair straightener gets rid of them...

Oct 11, 2017
Morgellons cure
by: themar

Hello you all,

You are all describing the MORGELLONS symptoms !!!

Here is are 2 links for 2 cures
at about 17:30

Sep 28, 2017
Hair better, but they are in nose and ears
by: Shana

My distress with the situation with my hair has lessened but the problem remains with them still in nasal cavities and ears.

I've been taking double doses of biotin vitamins and no longer have as much hair loss. I truly do feel as if much of my hair loss was related to the 3 surgeries under general anesthesia that I have had thus far this year. But that doesn't explain the critters.

What comes out of my nose looks like thin filaments or hairs, but there is a creepy, crawly sensation. I can detect no movement once the matter is expelled. I dip Q-tips in alcohol and run them around in my nose and ears to get rid of any parasites but I am not sure how effective this is.

I'm no longer contemplating suicide. I guess this is a level of contamination I can live with. Two of my dogs died suddenly this summer, one while being boarded during my recovery from 3rd surgery. Vets don't know what killed them so I have concerns it's related to this but don't share them with the medical personnel.

Sep 28, 2017
worms in hair
by: jez

I have the same thing and its eating me and so painful and then like little white curly hairs that do move when take them out and they curl up as if to protect them self so odd

Sep 25, 2017
I knew that I was not loosing!!
by: Coocoo

I just knew I wasn't loosing my mind but after enduring my boyfriends ever-so caring coocoo hand gesture insults for about a year that confidence slowly started to fade away. He came close to convincing me that I was becoming a fruitcake. Then I came across this site. OMG,finally, I knew someone else had to know what I was experiencing. My nightmare started when the crawlspace in the old house I had been renting for many yrs flooded due to the subpump going out and not realizing. Don't know how long it stay flooded I only found out bcuz the hot water heater that was also in crawl space stopped working when the stagnant water put the flame out and had to be lit.i soon last control of the house to mold and whatever the stuff was coming through the ductwork and on out the heating vents and return vents into the air all over the furniture and US etc. I started noticing that my hair was moving not blowing in the wind but creepy-like and by itself. May be hair's seem to be breaking off in middle. I would throw lil balls of hair in toilet then they would really move and swim around. I though it was like extreme static shock or ?. I would get intense sharp stabbings pains all over,a skin crawling sensation, fatigue, blurry vision from out of the blue, almost constant postnasal drip, headaches, ringing in ears, an occasional nose bleed, brain fog, crazy mood swings, irregular 2 or 3 times a month per.,and always had these lint-like fibers all over my skin, clothes, furniture even find them on combs after using them I felt dirty and gross. I thought I was suffering from mold exposure. Oh yea, developed candida. But I don't think that what the hair's are. Now it's much worse have rectal bleeding,discharge, bad abdominal issues. The last few days noticed vaginal bulge rectal swelling, starting to see what look like small worms that area and two huge cysts-like on both sides of face directly next to ears like something came out of my ears and crawled under skin. I am freaking out that's the type of thing that I would see and make as much distance between that person and myself as possible!! I m going to give the ER one more shot if the dont commit me to mental ward my symptoms are so clear they surely will have an idea??? of what it is. This has been a hell I would never wish on my worst enemy. But at least I know that there are people with similar problems that exist and know what it's like and whom aren't doing that coocoo gesture while pointing one finger one finger at me.

Jun 17, 2017
I wrote this in 2013 can you relate
by: dna

How can I accept what doesn't make sense
I strive for things that just don't exist
follow the rules and all that is told
Love and happiness always my goal

keep spiraling down this bottomless pit
each fight to get out finds me deeper in shit
Don't know who I am or why I am here
set up to fail on this ever spinning wheel

did i miss the bus or take the wrong route
I follow my heart but I dont follow suite
no friends to confide in don't fit any group
a magnet for psychos that eat me like soup

as the madness continues I suffer alone
in this world of such wonder and beauty to behold
no more joy in my heart and no peace in my soul
at the end of my rope in this bottomless hole

Hello fellow sufferers
I have lots to say on this subject, but decided to just send this poem that I wrote a few years ago. Has no mention of these hairworms, but relates to what we are all feeling, so thought to post this instead of the book that would be my post.

I am greatful for finding this site. What a horrible nightmare we have been having and it is real. Very lonely and depressing, Let's get together and talk, I think we should find a way to start something important. I have tons of things to talk about but no one to talk to.

Jun 13, 2017
Getting Worse Every Day
by: Shana

My condition has gotten worse. I had a brief respite by using Spa Haus Tea Tree Mint shampoo and conditioner, along with the body wash. I purchased them at my local Dollar General for only $1 per bottle.

I also soak in Calgon Lavender and Honey Epsom Salts, and dump about another half cup on my head and rub it into my scalp and hair. This appeared to work for a few days, but then I noticed they same to have shifted to expelling themselves through my hands, nails, cuticles and feces. It's more than disgusting.

I've stopped answering my door, taking calls or interacting on social media. I purchased the book "Final Exit," and have been reading it to learn what I need to know to make my own final exit go off without a hitch. The only hitch is that I have 3 dogs, 2 of whom show symptoms. If I commit suicide, I worry what will become of my beloved pets. I feel like a monster. I just want it to be over.

Jun 12, 2017
Additional Information
by: NetteNet

A doctor friend of mine tells me he received a letter from the AMA, sent to all licensed doctors, stating that a diagnosis of "Morgellons" could result in loss of license to practice. I haven't seen this letter so consider this hearsay. However, I DID see a letter from a doctor from University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, that was distributed to doctors that explained Morgellons is a real disease, people aren't crazy, and should be treated with respect. Just an FYI.
My research has resulted in some small relief. To help with fabric infested with this urchin, soak laundry in 20 Mule Team Borax before washing. The first time soak for 30 minutes before washing and for 20 minutes thereafter.
I believe this problem is inherent in all people but a strong immune system keeps it in check. I believe my case is internal due to the bee attack and bees inside my body for so long. Most other cases are from external urchins attaching to the outside of the body. Seems many cases resulted from trauma to the body that left open skin. This supports my theory that the urchins are all around us. I have found creams that seem to promote healing from tissue eating urchins and itching. A good one is Calmoseptine. It may be found at Walgreens on the adult diaper aisle. A mixture of tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and aloe vera seems to restore the skin somewhat. Be aware that new treatment seems to cause the urchins to rebel and symptoms may seem somewhat worse at first.
God be with us.

Jun 03, 2017
Cure us Already!
by: Cody Travis Major

These parasites are only invisible to the naked eye of us infirior species so this ill explain is the way you can obtain a visual, simply shine a light preferribly a flashlight directly on your comb after brushing your hair and you will find tiny threadlike appearances of these little bastards and its so crazy just how much they shine bright neon colours, these things look like expensive pokemon cards for goodness sake will someone with a brain just find the cure already Im over the edge losing my mind and I am consumed by the wondering of how soon Im going to die from this as I have not found out anywhere online in 2 years ofsearching just how deadly this disease is, will someone tell me please.

May 31, 2017
by: Lea Denise

Amen. ..ive had almost 17 years of battling the same characteristics as those who have been reporting the
very real and life destructive symptoms, but i was left
only to my dismay...shamed treated without any kind of sympathy nor empathetic ears, living and suffering so much humiliation bcuz ive tried ignoring the problem
medically impossible to find a place where I am not a problematic mentally ill 58yr old, i can't stand the way
medical professionals judge before they ever hear the
very thing ive tried to explain, trying to live with my pain
its a pity
maybe together with enough information ..
this will make people hear us
but most are too afraid to tell because of being labeled
its really dibiltating and unpredictable day to day
the bad days out number feeling good
it has been a heavy cross to bear
not knowing if it was punishment or something God cant seem to fix ... my faith remains
please contact me if you are willing to give the details
of your plight and observations, also your email and I am ready to take this opportunity to get the message out the best way I'm able.. i cant do anything without a group of people that come from a place of experience with this as well. Theres not much else to do or say something like this must be brought out of the closets .. i offer my own best effort if a person who has been enslaved by the parasitic or environmental impact on the psyche, soul and spirit along with a lessened quality of life. wellbeing hasnt had any value to the core of our lives and hearts..and what happens to on the dignity and honor we lose here even with family
its not imagined
this is Really going on and its not going away, til heard by us vs hushhush world of covering up the truth
please contact me if you are willing to give me a testimony of what you are suffeting and how you have been treated by the professionals and others who are making it a joke 4 us

May 21, 2017
At least now I know I'm not crazy
by: Shana

I have the same thing and nobody believes me. My daughter and son-in-law tease me, saying it's a flashback from my hippie days in the 70s. At the emergency room, where I went fully believing I'd get a shot or a prescription, they drug-tested me and acted so funny around me that I began to realize they were challenging my mental status. One nurse tried to rifle through my purse, and when I refused to allow this, acted as if they did that with all patients. I felt I was lucky to escape without being committed, but they diagnosed me with "paranoia."

Meanwhile, I still have the parasites. I found that spraying Lysol on my body helps. I have to keep my hair scrupulously clean — I've always washed it daily anyway — but I still see them anyway. My hair is dark, and they appear as a bluish fuzz.

On clothes, carpet and blankets they enmesh themselves as tangled threads. Blue and red are common colors. I have a fringed black purse and found tiny, nit-like deposits on the fringe. The purse was expensive and I love it, so I painstakingly used alcohol to clean off each piece of fringe.

Things that touch my skin, like the frames of my glasses, develop a whitish film that is similar to the trail of a slug. I constantly use hand sanitizer on me and items I touch.

I also get them in my eyes, at the corners and in any tears or sweat that comes from my face or head. I recently had two surgeries after a bad fall, and wherever there was a skin break, I saw or felt parasitic movement.

What the heck is it? Where did I get it? And most importantly, how the heck can I rid myself of it permanently?

May 04, 2017
Hair bug
by: Dana

I have them too but I didn't eat any dirt but they are all over and in my hair be attached to blankets by burrowing in when one end and then they stick up I have no idea what they are or how to get rid of them but I'm about to go crazy

Apr 15, 2017
Reality Check
by: NetteNet

Being the most skeptical person I know, it took a while for me to believe "chem trails" could be possible. But, think about it. The medical/pharmaceutical/insurance industries are the only industries that haven't been bailed out by the government. They must keep us sick, or thinking we are sick, and on daily medication, to keep the country from bankruptcy. The Social Security Administration can't afford to let us live too long. Our country is no longer based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it's based on greed.
Nonetheless, the urchins inherent in Morgellons have the ability to alter their own DNA. If it's treated like bacteria with antibiotics, it will change to a fungus, or a virus. And, likewise, if treated like a fungus or a virus will change accordingly. It does not die at high temperatures, I've tried. The actual urchin is so microscopic it takes a 900X microscope to see it. What is visible to the eye is the cocoon type shell it produces to protect itself. My infestation resulted from a bee attack of 600-700 stings, bees that remained in my sinus cavities for 3 weeks, and free flowing venom from my nose. I had moved on to the afterlife but was revived by a neighbor with a water hose. Morgellons thrives in warm, humid dirt and in the air. After dedicated research for the past 3 years, I'm convinced this disease is caused by man-made microscopic organisms able to communicate among themselves. It is distributed through cheap fabric items made in China and, I wouldn't doubt if it's not in foods containing GMOs. And maybe, just maybe, chem-trails are more real than we think!

Apr 14, 2017
fresh water parasites symbiotic relationship w aspergillus
by: anonymous

look up bulharzia and drink coconut oil. whatever it is attacks the spleen.

Apr 14, 2017
We have this in alaska too.
by: anonymous

The $125,000 worth of doctors & PA's I've gone to see say "there ARE NO PARASITES IN ALASKA!" that is BS, After 8 Years of researching my symptoms, I am almost always led back to either some version of aspergillus fungi or chemtrails crazy-talk. (although I think it's quite interesting that aspergillus fumigatus is called FUM-I-GAT-US.) I can't help but wonder if I've become a victim of biological terrorism. anyway, whatever the hair-pain "parasites" are called (I call them "blood mushrooms") I have them. Look up transgenic goats if you would like to scare yourself more. The best advise I have is to live like you have a fungal infection. starve it. No sugar/carbs/glutens (that's it's fuel). Attack it's PH. eat every fungus fighting food/vitamin/herb you can find. up to and including marijuana leaf juice. eat tons of egg whites and butter and goat milk if you can stand it(lysozyme). and sleep slathered in butter. (shower before you start to smell) it can't survive over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so take showers that are 101 degrees or hotter if you can stand it. yarrow, cold processed garlic, oregano oil and GSE are excellent weapons. this crap is mining minerals and all kinds of stuff out of your body so you need mineral supplements, especially calcium citrate, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and others. a lot of ways to hurt a mushroom, this is how I keep from dying from a nameless disease. exercise and sunshine is also important. oh yeah, and ODOBAN(Ammonia based) your whole world, and never use bleach again. Do not drink bleachy city water either. and drink baking soda water (like a tablespoon in a big glass) taste is less offensive than you might think. Good Luck. try not to get depressed. you're not crazy.

Apr 09, 2017
All of this
by: Kerri

HI I'm dealing with all of this, I'm disabled from a bad car accident I'm only 28 I live with my family and they all think I'm nuts! I've recorded so etching trying to crawl out of my ear they don't even want to watch it, they refuse to take me to the Dr. I'm even seeing little eggs come out when I urinate and sometimes it hurts when I do. My leg that I damaged in my car accident that has never bothered me has been killing me I can barely pick it up at night and put it in bed or bend it. I know I have this I have found eggs in my head where it was cut open and the stichtched it back up. My hair grows then gets short again everyday. I put cotton balls in my ears my hair stood up all over my head. Does anyone know what cleanses I can do and any pain relievers I can do for my legs? If so please contact me 2547470686

Mar 23, 2017
There has been a name for hair parasites for over 2000 years
by: Bobby

I have sobeen suffering from this for over 10 years. Just like most of you suffering, I have gone to so many Doctors just to be treated poorly.

After 10 years of suffering I am so close to the answer i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The biggest problem I have been suffering from is the biting stinging feeling from the little tiny gnats which are real. There is a biological reason for that it's just something your Avg Doctor wouldn't of studied in school. Too much writing with two thumbs to explain but at least I know what I am dealing with.

Little white hairs is a Parasite and the Greeks have a word for it, it's called Nematode, which means little white hair. A nematode infection in modern day is called a Roundworm infection. There are countless Nematodes living in you yard and soil but never infect humans but do infect crop which are called rootknot.

I had all the symptoms but and the little hairs all over which I clean almost daily but this stuff lives in water so the bathtub and tolits can be full of them but unless you get a black light you can't see. Ot also turns everything yellow.

I found out one day after eating some pineapple which because I am diabetic I don't eat much but when I did the eggs came out the size of grapes. I had no ideal what I was looking at and took pics but none of my doctors had ever seen anything like it. It looked like a lot of different types of parasite eggs so I went to a Vet and asked if he had ever seen the pictures I showed him and he said oh year, that's a roundworm normally seen in cattle.

He wouldn't tell me the exact name because he didn't want to be liable for it, when I said Ascaris he nodded but said go home and look up roundworm and hookworms.

So after 10 years I went to my newest doctor and he actually believed me and said I wasn't crazy but doesn't know how to treat this. I also took samples in a jar with me but knowing my background he never thought I was crazy.

I did a treatment with Albendozal but it didn't kill it all and I called the vet and asked what test I can try because the lab keeps coming back neg for parasites. He told me how he would treat cattle and that Albendozal can work but takes a lot longer than I was taking it. My doctor has been trying to get a infectious disease doctor to see me but thdy won't unless we can identify the roundworm. Damn LabCorp sucks.

Anyways I told the vet all my crazy issues with this and gnats which is always a tell tell sign in horses and cattle which he says can happen to Humans. I see my doctor next week and a few days later they are using a camera in both ends to find out what this is all about.

The craziest this is if we lived in a 3rd world country the doctors there know all about this, it has just been forgotten in America. I live in So Cali in South Orange County when I got sick living on a Lake where this can grow so easy.

I sound know more answers soon but so far the best natural things I have done help, Pineapple, Pumkin Seeds have been the best. I felt like hell, coughing up this stuff, tasting metal, joint pain everywhere and they moved around and left zigzag marks in my skin. I also had one hair worm come out of my eye which I got on video and my tounge which my doctor was able to see.

I did a natural liver flush i read about and got even more out of me.

If anyone wants to text me, I don't mind giving moral support.


Mar 06, 2017
by: Tammy

I'm so glad I've found this site, I have all of the same the hair on my head looks like wire I have fibers growing out of my skin also I'm finding bumps all over my skin with white skin like coming out. Also my ears are blocked every day I've got gooey yellow stuff which are full of fibers. I really don't know where to get help as my Doctor basically says it's in my head and sends me away. If anyone has any info on morgellons of is going through the same then please comment.

Feb 17, 2017
Hair is just the beginning
by: Bob Buege

This isn't just a hair problem. i think thats where they start. look at a strand of hair. The bulb looks like a golf Up close the black is thousands of little hairs.They grow their fibers inside your hair,youll see 2 fibers on the outside edges.i have big black hairs on mr face ,never had before.the will soon look reddish then like straw.every hair on your body will soon be infected.Its called Morgellons. You might as well cut your hair off. And when u get a wig, same thing.They love stitching ,its unreal and change color as well.Go to Morgellons foundation and get good info your eyes, nose finger nails. etc its everywhere like a giant slime that covers your whole body .God help us all my daughter and i have been dealing with this for 6 yrs its a nightmare you can forget the loser drs won't even look at it. you'll see


Feb 14, 2017
Hair Parasites
by: Marie

I recently got this hair like parasite 2 weeks ago. It started with itching , bites, hives, and small grains of sand on my eyes and forehead. It was my hair changing that really bothered me. I started loosing hair and I felt like something was eating my hair. These strange pieces of hair were moving & blending in with my own. My advice so far is that I cover my body with olive oil from head to toe everyday & keep my bedroom light on at night. They feed and are very active at night. I really want to start a support group for this!!!! We all need to get together. I live in Massachusetts

Jan 09, 2017
Hair like parasite is actually "Collembola" !!!
by: kathyleen

I too have suffered from this'hair-like' parasite. This is actually my second time around with these things. I've been to all kinds of doctors only to have them look at me like I was crazy. Even my fiancee and children started to wonder about me. Of course in return I came really close to actually believing it myself. ..I was/am currently miserable!!! You are NOT crazy! It is actually'Collembola" ...You are infected will a mold/fungus that springtail feed off of.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look the information up!!! It will give you solutions to eradicate them from your home and yourself! I pray that it's not too late for me, because I have been dealing with this for a long time now. Was told I had Morgellans, parapsycosis, delusional, you name it. I finally got my fiancee to physically see these things and sadly, he too, is now infected. I almost felt relieved because now he knew I wasn't crazy! Thank JESUS a very good family friend did some research for me and came up with Collembola. Ironically, as I said, the neighbors next door moved out after only being in the house for one week. They are the ones who called the Health Department. The Health Department did inspections...And SEE YOUR DERMATOLOGIST- ask them to do a "skin scraping" BC even if they don't find the springtail, they WILL find the fungus/mold! I will pray for each one of you ...I hope this has helped someone!!! THANK YOU, JESUS, in JESUS' name, Amen

Jan 02, 2017
Hair Like
by: WMF

I have been fighting this for over 6 years. Have used everything but what seems to work most is mayonnaise, rubbing alcohol, and lice treatment. I am recently using thyme tea and seasoning my food with it and cayenne pepper.

While these help, I still cannot get rid of them because they lay so many eggs. Alcohol does kill the eggs. Very time-consuming to combat. If you slack off, they multiply again.


Dec 31, 2016
Pissed at Incompetent US Government!
by: Chris M.

Having dealt with a series of events for almost 2 decades, that I wouldn't wish on anyone but those that were responsible I'm beginning to experience strange feelings of my hair actually moving (barely perceptable) under clothing like a shirt. I am suddenly seeing solid white hairs appearing on m head as well as other places so while pulling some out I noticed one with a strange color. An unnatural reddish copper. When pulled it was observed with a magnifying glass and the scalp end was black, flat and curved. The remainder was like a clear insulated copper wire. I'm wondering if it's acting as an antenna (sensitizer) to make me more susceptible to directed energy attacks. Some coming here will know exactly what I'm saying. Others will not and think I'm wearing an aluminum foil hat. Believe this: The US government DOES NOT have its citizens best interest at heart. T.I.'s know this well.

Dec 24, 2016
Your hair Problem
by: Bob Buege

Hello, Im not sure if you've been told this yet as I didn't read all the comments. You have Morgellons disease. Im sure you know this by know. My daughter had long blond hair,then it looked fuller...then itching falling out etc. she shaved her head eventually. I too have MD. Its in my hair ,eyes,nose,lesions on hands lower legs,ears. It will mix up with any fiber,change color, take shapes,bug looking shapes,it will move combine wig hair with all kinds of fibers. Biofilm will cover it all and it will be slimy. Lots of sport out there.

PS Don't even think about getting help from a dr. or dermatologist.
go see a LLMD good luck

Dec 06, 2016
I think ur right
by: Rhonda Dumbfounded

I have a simalar issue a nd would like help. Please contact me . 9703428857

Nov 16, 2016
There is no cure
by: NetteNet

The original description of the hair parasite and following comments all point to Morgellons. I was attacked by a swarm of bees, 400 - 500 stings, to the point of death in October 2013. I was saved by a neighbor. A few days later I had dead bees come out of my nose then 2 days of free flowing venom from my nose. For months I had bee body parts coming from my skin and now, a skin disease that doctors can't diagnose or treat. After a couple of years of research I have learned a lot about Morgellons. It is inherent in fabrics made in China, in most all dirt, and in the air. Nothing will kill it. Some say it's chemical spraying by US Government. May be true since the medical and insurance industries are the only profitable industries remaining in the US. If they didn't keep us sick, US would REALLY be bankrupt! Anyway, Morgellons is able to change its own DNA and appear as a virus, bacteria, fungus, or as a fiber. It can look like whatever surrounds it. It can burrow into any porous surface. It has ruined by life.

Oct 18, 2016
by: D B

Oh my goodness I can not believe what I have read regarding people reporting hair like parasites here I only wish I would have found this site 10 maybe 12 years ago. What a relief to hear so many other people have experienced what I have. I also sought help from the medical professionals only to be called crazy or on drugs. The worst part is I am a medical professional. I to have had to learn to silence my concerns or risk being confined to a mental facility. I do have 5 large dogs that I live with as if they were human. One writers comment stands out it was a woman who said she craved dirt what intrigued about that comment is my dogs are large dogs and they eat only science diet dog food and it is the silliest thing to watch they will line up outside and wait their turn to eat dirt from specific areas in the back yard it is the craziest thing to watch. Wow I could go on but I am out of time please contact me or place me on a list or something. I will say I started by visiting my family vet complaining that our new k-9 addition seemed to have hair on him that was alive she said she looked at the hair under the microscope and nothing then she said every so gently perhaps you have to much on your plate right now. Thanks anyway I gotta go but I will return God bless us all. My email is

Aug 12, 2016
Hair parasite
by: Gidget

I suffer with the same issues. I use a flea comb when conditioning it help somewhat. I've tried many different ways to treat it, but it always returns. I spray house with water and borax.
God bless you, I know how bad you suffer.

Aug 09, 2016
Dr Hulda Clark Zapper
by: EJ

The Dr Hulda Clark Zapper helped me and killed those fiber/crimped little hairs.

Jul 19, 2016
Im not alone ...
by: Christina

So these hairs are they white and crimped i swear they move around away from you when u try and grab them. I thought i was going crazy because i have white cats too i started washing with antibacterial wash and tgata helped the itching ALOT. Also after a scrub down of house and dusting i re washed all clothes ect and keep them in a tote. Helps

Jul 16, 2016
It's real
by: Anonymous

Yes these parasites are real and very creepy. They affect humans animals in various ways. They can somehow make hair move maybe by being under the scalp and on the hair but they are microscopic in size. My cat has a Wound that won't heal and I have 3 rashes on my skin, itchy and as described on the Morgellons sites. This is scary and takes all our energy to deal with it. My cat is on antibiotics but it's not healing the wound or his itching. I'm beginning to just feel mad. I really can't wait to start seeing the worms that come with this disease. Ugh is it just nasty and scary. The doctors need to get a clue that this is real and help instead of ridiculing patients.

Jul 03, 2016
Help for hair relief
by: Gidget

I have been fighting this same issue for 2 1/2 yrs. I have spent all my money and luckily found something at the dollar store that helps. It has been tedious regimen.
Olive oil hair mayonnaise
Flea comb
Shower caps
I slather the mayonnaise on my hair making sure to really get it on my scalp. Using the flea comb I section off my hair and work the comb across my scalp then run it out to the end. This may take several comb throughs per section. I shampoo my hair separately from showering my body. Really scubbing my scalp well with my fingers then rinse, wash it again and during conditioning I then use the flea comb again. I go to bed with my hair in a pony tail and a disposable shower cap. I do this at least 4 days a week. It has taken some time for me to refine this routine. I can say I finally feel comfortable enough to allow someone to stand behind me at the checkout stand. Much money on doctors that found no evidence of lice, sent me home with anti-anxiety meds. you may want to look into Morgellons. But don't expect help from the medical community.

Jun 23, 2016
I also have been fighting this. I have been drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with honey. And keeping myself covered with insects repellant that contains feet. Noxema draws them out also. I feel like
by: Doozy

Drink Apple cider vinegar mixed with honey. Use repellant that contains feet. Put flea and tick shampoo in you're body wash and shampoo. I think I am finally winning over this creature

Jun 15, 2016
parasites that look like hair
by: ell

I use borax to kill the ones that are on the hair they look like lint in your brush when you look at them under a microscope you see that there worms that are finer than the human hair go on YouTube and look up Morgellons good luck God bless you don't stress over this it just helps them survive

Apr 21, 2016
by: dm

Use honey as a skin rub. 2minutes.
Garlic salt mix with bleach in a small amount. Use as solution spray affected areas for 10minutes. If stubborn, PEPPER!

Apr 20, 2016
by: darleneM.

Garlic salt with pepper.

Apr 12, 2016
what I think this condition is
by: Roy

I have been dealing with this same thing for 2 years pretty much the same symptoms maybe a little different variables and I would love to talk person to person with someone with this condition my email is if any one would like to email and chat about our similar nightmare situation ok my theory of this all is that I'm almost 100 percent sure it was created in a lab for purposes of bio warfare or population control or insect pesticides whatever the reason it's here and it has to be stopped one way or another or it's going to keep multiplying and eat everything up on earth literally I personally think the best treatment a person can do until a cure or a way to kill whatever this is is to eat healthy exercise keep I our immune system strong and pray to God to rebuke this evil creation that's causing so much pain and destruction to many lives now and many lives to come unless we unite together and terminate these critters anyone please fell free an email me thanks hope to talk to you guys soon hope everyone has a good day and don't give up and let them win don't ever think about taking your life that's not fair to you your friends your family or God or to anyone a lot of people are suffering taking your life is not the answer God will cast this evil from this earth I promise you that so just have faith and believe that this shall pass and you will be happy and normal again thank you everyone please anyone email me that's wants to talk

Feb 27, 2016
Wtf is going on ?!?
by: Steve

I don't know who has had these things go full term on them but it seems as if once one hatches/comes out your skin they all do at one time. I don't know what these things are but there not not flies, they present as just that I also think they start out like bots but there much much I said in my last post right below I'm a rec drug user and stimulants freak them out I'm about to do another experiment I couldent get a good look at them because I had vasolene all over my chin trying to suffocate them because I thought they were bots. I'll tell y'all from what I did see they look like nothing I've ever seen on this planet and since I suspected I had a mass infestation of Bors I've done tons of research and have looked up tons and tons of bugs. To the girl and her husband that have felt the buzzing under there skin I think its them buzzing there wings. I hope you guys are OK I see your post is very old and oddly enough nobody seems to have posted a follow up " hey were OK " post. .....I'm scared to death right now after the rush they all seemed to recede back into my skin its like they come out and go back in without even making a lesson. I've wiped all the vasolene off my face... Here we go, god help me

Feb 20, 2016
by: Steve

I mean really wow...... I knew I wasent going crazy. I've been to 3 different hospitals they treat me like I'm insane... From what I've found though it seems to be human botfly. What I dont underatand is the hair thing. I started pulling out the hairs it kinda makes like a bubble o. Your scalp and you push on the sides of it while pulling and the hair comes out. But than I left the hair in a pile and it seemed to almost look like it dreaded itself and started releasing these little tickish looking things that immediately crawled onto my skin and burrowed right in and than dissapeared. This is friggin nutz. I'm a IV drug user and it seems like its in my veins every time I use they seem to come to the surface where I hit. There not track marks I use the local needle exchange and get a hundred every week I never reuse needles..... WTF

Jan 19, 2016
Hair parasite
by: Trace

I have been experiencing exactly the same thing as this person explains. I have just today cut my 1 yr old son's tuft of hair that would never stay unknotted and would always be standing strait up. When I did I saw a small black thing crawling through his hair. I quickly put it into the bag and within seconds it was covered in a grey blurry "web" or something that made it look like a tiny knot in the hair. I have seen these "knots", everywhere in the numerous hairs all over the house, in fabrics furniture etc. even my own hair that has just been brushed will always have one of these clear or white hairs with a knot(I've also seen black but yet dot have the knots) anyway, I've been to dr.s and now that my own children r showing sigs I have an app for them and will demand their stool be examined as well as all our blood checked hoping something can be found. I am too afraid to show the film, pictures or specimens I may find after reading of how so many become judged as crazy when doing so. This is a scary thing. One thing I've noticed, garlic seems to help draw some out if one has any of the swelling (I am assuming this is from the "web" stuff or just the body's reaction?) but it has seemed to be the only thing I've found to give any relief. But I know it's real and maybe knot known yet by the professional Comunity but they will have to take notice sooner or later. My heart goes out to any who have been afflicted with this confusing and scary thing. Please contact me if pos if anyone has this same situation thanks .

Jan 19, 2016
N.Ireland sufferers
by: chris

just reading the other replies..."serenety angel"that is 100% the thing we are infested with...described to a is so crafty and clever the way it gets into absolutely everything..unfortunately it seems to be indestructible and gets into the core of everything in our house.i don't know how were meant to deal with it as 99% of people havent the patience to even see it never mind deal with it.

Jan 19, 2016
N.Ireland sufferers
by: chris

my wife and i have been living with this nightmare for over a year now..its great to see we're not alone ,as everyone else thinks we are on drugs and suffering from 1st my wife was the only one to see them .she was already suffering from mental problems ,so they just upped her meds ,even i thought she was just just showing symptoms of her wasn't until 6 months ago i was sitting and i noticed a hair just blowing infront of my face.but it dissappeared in the was exactly as my wife had described...thats what made me look into it properly and saw exactly what we were dealing with.most people don't and wont take the patience required to see this...its such a clever "being" and an expert at making itself invisible to 99% of knows when its being watched and just blows in the wind like all the can change from a hair to a liquid (random pools of water) to a wax like substance,once in your body it can come out any pour and look like a hair..every thing you touch it will pass can move through anything gets into absolutely everything,and camouflage in various forms to disguise alwasy goes for the seems or joints of on object as it knows thats the weakest area..its far more active at night and comes out from the cracks in the floor and edges of the skirting..small black and amber coloured specks which nip u like mad if ur not wearing shoes..our bed has been taken just dissects anything fabric...if you set down a crinkly plastic wrapper (like you get buns in) can hear it moving over it...i set something down that had it in it and watched it move over the worktop like a freezer is full of it...bleech is the only thing that helps (a bit) but i dont know how were going to totally eradicate this ..its driving us crazy..i say to people ,its like looking at a magic eye need to really concentrate on it for an overly long time before it becomes visible to you and most people havent the patience to do getting some comfort at least to see we're not alone

Jan 09, 2016
It's the gordian
by: Katfalt

I have it too. It's the horsehair worm, or gordian... The reason nobody listens is because they supposedly don't infect vertebrates! And they're almost impossible to see! There's only TWO cases on record, and those were thought to be accidental mistakes of nature... But that doesn't mean that there aren't more cases out there... They're just hard to see bc they really do look like hair! I have been trying to get a good shot of this little master of disguise, and I just did! Four times! I got a video, and 3 shots from different angles. It cannot be argued that this isn't true, bc it's still in me, just out a few FEET! I guess they can get really long in a bigger host! I never would've figured it out if it weren't for garlic! I use many anti parasitic drugs and foods, but garlic really gets them upset, and out they come! I just figured out the garlic trick yesterday, and I just figured out the culprit TODAY! I had gotten media before... But it has always been the same... You can see something, but never obvious... But moments ago, several of them came out- and I have two of them on media, theyre hard to see, but the odd behavior of the "hairs" while in the area of the current activity caught my eye. They stand straight up and look around, it looks like a hairball with one end up and looking around! I Can't believe this! I may put one of the pics on here, but it just happened, and I was googling what to do in my situation. This is all I found where there was another person who knew they had a "hair" worm.... I knew I had an obscure issue, I just didn't know how obscure...

Dec 22, 2015
hair parisite
by: dan

Its human bot fly..
Remedy is:
Colon cleanse,apple cider vinegar on skin and body while in shower,tiger balm at rite aid or gnc,also grapefruit face wash all over and natural enzyme med from gnc ECT.ench (cant spell it) but has something else dandylion or sunflower cant remember you'll see worked for me.
It was a 7 year battle figuring out what it was..also bot and dead skin might need physical removal..toenail clippers r best..good luck

Oct 31, 2015
OMG! me too!!!!
by: jenn

I am shocked to be reading so many similar stories to my own! All of the weirdest symptoms and facts, right down to the transparent fibers sewing themselves into fabric or going through a ziplock! The problem I have had is not sounding crazy when trying to explain these FACTS to anyone...and dont even get me started on specimens! You cannot get any respect from a doctor by trying to provide proof! They just assume you are nutts or a hypochondriac...or on drugs. It sucks! I have been dealing with this for over 10 years! It has very nearly ruined my life...I have scars, lost valuable time, become dangerously depressed...and still it is a constant part of my daily existence! I need to read the rest of the comments...but I just wanted to throw another testimony in here so you all feel less alone, like I am right now!...Maybe we should start a community or something!!!GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Aug 15, 2015
. . . . . .
by: Cynthia

. . . boy, do I have a video for you guys. . .
(coming soon, I have to find the phone it's in)

Jun 24, 2015
Identified!!!! N
by: Justin

They are a species of hookworm that are very thin and travel sown the hair folicles into the pores and then into the bloodstream. They are hookworms. Tell your dr you found worms in your stool and leave it at that. They will prescribe hookworm medication that will fix you right up.

Jun 24, 2015
by: Leanna

I have dealt with this to the extreme... Everyone calling me insane to the doctors asking if I was on drugs to misdiagnosing me with a STD!!!
Half of my hair on my hair fell out and both of my eyebrows besides a few strands gone. This happened 2 nights ago after a horrible week of breaking out with sores/pimples and itching. I cried & screamed in total terror. I picked at the sores till I could no longer stand the pain, determined to find what was causing my symptoms that I believed to be a parasite or bug (symptoms: sores, pimples, eye sight diminishing, fibers on everything, my hair moving on its own and changing texture & thickness, brown leathery spots on my skin, seeing 'things' moving under my skin, etc etc etc....)
I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I would end this one way or another I though to myself... :(
My skin is so raw I cannot not take the pain or embarrassment any longer!
I go to my bathroom and turn the water on. I pour almost a gallon of BLEACH into it. I take my clothes off and cover the pimples, sores with SUPER GLUE! If it was a bug I was going to find it. I get into the bath! Immediately I feel 'things' running across my body at speeds that made me think I was hallucinating! I'M GOING CRAZY!!! I start picking and scratching everywhere I put super glue, which was most of me. I then focus on the brown spots and behold it is NOT MY SKIN or atleast not the skin I have had for the past 32 years! But rather something much like the super glue I put on me!
I would post what I found but after this long road of NO ONE BELIEVING me I will leave it up to the people who like me are at the end of the road.... I still have symptoms but I am taking what I have found with me to my doctor... WISH US ALL LUCK! I hope the lose of my beautiful skin will ease the pain that thousands like me are suffering!
If you would like pictures of what I found please email me at Don't worry I am not a scam and I have nothing to sell.

Good Luck in finding your cure

Jun 19, 2015
Capture your specimens it helps the
by: Justin

i am going to capture some more of these evil little bastards and send them to a lab specializing in parasites. Hopefully i will be able post some conclusive results. Everyone else should also be capturing these things when possible. Put them in a glass jar because i watched 2 of them go right through a ziplock bag. I believe i got the infestation in santa rosa county florida on the sweetwater creek while looking for fossils for the Florida University i would recomend not going there. If anyone else thinks they know where they contracted these little bastards please post it. Identifying a pattern can help prove our case to the medical world. We need all the tangible evidence possible. So we can raise awareness.

Jun 19, 2015
Capture your specimens it helps the "i am not crazy" Argument.
by: Justin

i am going to capture some more of these evil little bastards and send them to a lab specializing in parasites. Hopefully i will be able post some conclusive results. Everyone else should also be capturing these things when possible. Put them in a glass jar because i watched 2 of them go right through a ziplock bag. I believe i got the infestation in santa rosa county florida on the sweetwater creek while looking for fossils for the Florida University i would recomend not going there. If anyone else thinks they know where they contracted these little bastards please post it. Identifying a pattern can help prove our case to the medical world. We need all the tangible evidence possible. So we can raise awareness.

Jun 19, 2015
They burn different than hair and explode when microwaved
by: Justin

Dude im not crazy i have these things in my eyes ears nose throat and theoughout my whole body. I have larva like things white and black in color erupting from
My hands and legs. I have discovered if you catch one and microwve it they explode. Also they burn differnet than hair if you light them on fire. I did these experiments to prove they are organic and not hair and i am not delusional. Lol for a while i thought i might be loosing my mind.

May 21, 2015
by: stacey

I have the SAME IDENTICAL THING! I'm trying vinegar in a little while. I colored it last night and my head is going crazy. I'll let you know about the vinegar.

May 05, 2015
What I think these hair looking parasites are.
by: Tom W.

Hello I've been fighting this same problem for about 5 yrs. I too had to deal with family thinking I had lost my mind. But time and more information, proved old Dad new what he was talking about all along. With new information coming out and the irrefutable evidence of Chemtrails, [ global Geo weather engineering, weather modification programs ]. I believe these things are one of many GMO life forms being sprayed down on us daily. The elite have decided to kill most of common man off.

Apr 25, 2015
paratroopers u
by: johnny

thanks angie i really needed ur feedbaçk im drinking lots app cid vinegar garliç onions cleaning spraying w Lysol bleach eating good healthy stuff i feel so muçh better i pray pray and thank god for helping honestly i just found ur site a week ago i was bout to give up i was begin to think i had no hope thanks to everyone i know its gonna go away i have real faith god has never forsaken me im going!to quit forsaking him😉im praying for all of you

Apr 19, 2015
Follow The Parasite Cleansing Protocol
by: Angie from

Hi Johnny,

If you are serious about getting rid of what is afflicting you, the best way I know is a full natural cleanse and supporting nutritional supplements.

In this way you not only kill off and clean out the "bad" in your system, but you build up the "good" in your system so that you don't keep having recurring issues.

Please read my suggestions for a natural parasite cleansing protocol and consider taking these positive steps to help yourself and eliminate your fear of passing something to your child.

Be encouraged. You can do this!

Apr 17, 2015
by: johnny

I couLd not believe what i just read ive been fighting these wor,ms for over3yrs ive been by myself afraid im gonna gi,ve them to kid i cant stand to write about them ive tried talking to dr but they wont listen first i thought i had.scabies i used lin dane,pyrethrin? Everything it seemed help but they come back im tired id rather die than give them to my child r anyone eles i need help bad

Mar 13, 2015
I'm mentally unhealthy and not feeling well
by: Carrie

I see these hair like parasites everywhere. It started this past summer noticing black specks on my skin. I will be honest, I was extreme fatigued and my entire body hurt from head to toe so I would skip a shower one day to two days a week, but never In a row. I'm extremely clean when it comes to my home, but I'm drained from the constant battle. I was with bleach and borax, I use sulfur soap, tea tree and the peppermint soap too, I'm loosing the battle. My husband and I are actually separated due to him thinking I've lost my mind and I'm truly crazy. But, I swear to God, I'm not, I'm extremely educated and have always been over the top healthy. My 3 yr old son is now showing signs of this also. I have sores from head to toe that have either sharp bone like material that expels or sometimes mushy white or grey work like creature. Also, if I try to pull it out, it feels like it's hooked or attached in my skin. I have pulled out transulscent long legs or tenticals from some object that is attached in the skin. I'm going to be honest, I'm loosing the battled and have often thought of ending my life. I just can't do it, my little boy needs me, but not like this. He needs a healthy, happy Mom, and I'm not that at all. I'm a cleaning fanatic, depressed and constantly feeling and looking at my skin. Please help me, I'm desperate to live, but I don't know how much more I can take.

Feb 16, 2015
flaring up bad rite now
by: x

Ive had this for around 4 years and live in southern California,and its gotten really bad the last week,is anyone else noticing this

Nov 12, 2014
by: brooke

have you tried cutting off its oxygen like covering it heavy with protrolium jelly like the kind in the baby section

Oct 31, 2014
This Worked For Me. FINALLY!! ;)
by: ​Anonymous

I have been dealing with this "thing", on & off since 2000. You are not crazy, you do not have psychosomatic parasitic delusions. They are real, itchy, gross & extremely disturbing. 1st go round, I spent hours upon hours researching only to come up with "Morgellons Disease", which was a relief to put a name to it, but with no cure. I did discover that they seem to cycle out & disappear after about 8 weeks or so. Eight weeks is a 'very long time to deal with this, so the thing you must remember is to avoid talking to family, friends, etc... or they will eventually have you locked up. This go round, I expanded my search & have come up with another possible explanation: the bot fly. Same symptoms & a way to get rid of it. ~~CAUTION~~~~DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE LIOVER DAMAGE```` "Ivermectin" & "Home Defense". While the Ivomec is a prescription item for humans, you can pick up animal grade up at your local tractor supply store. (They are virtually bolth the same. While you do not inject it, you'll want to buy the 1% injectable cattle grade "Ivomec. The ratio 1/10 of 1 cc per 10lbs of body weight. So, for example, if you weigh 150lbs. you would draw out 1-1/2 CC and put it into a full eight ounces of water. Drink it down. The itch will greatly diminish, if not completely stop within aprx. 20 min. For the rest of the house, clothes, etc... wash laundry in scalding hot water with 1/4 cup "Home Defense" bug spray either added to the water or sprayed directly onto your clothes, towels, etc., paying particular attention to the seams. Rinse them no less than 3x in scalding hot water before drying in 120* dryer for at least 20 minutes. Throw in a dryer sheet with approx.. 3 Tablespoons of hair conditioner added to the sheet. Next, Spray entire house with "Home Defense" per the directions on the gallon jug. Keep all people & pets out of sprayed area's until the spray is air dried. Changer all of your bedding and spray the new bedding too, & close the door until the room is air dries. Finally, inject 1cc of the Ivomec into a quart of antibacterial dish soap.(The Ajax with Grapefruit juice works best)Rinse scrub your self down from head to toe & then let the soap soak in for at least 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly & condition your hair. Sleep like a baby for the 1st time in weeks. You may need to do a second round 8 - 154 days later but then 1x /yr. will keep you from going buggy. Good Luck. Please bare in mind, this worked for me. After years of research, and making sure there were no contradicting medicines or prior health issues that could be a problem. CAUTION~~~~~<<<>>>> THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVISE. IT WORKED FOR ME...... THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD RUN OUT & DO IT TOO.

Oct 31, 2014

Unfortunetly I am very familar with this condition. Get ready for a long battle but you can at least get your cndition at bay. What you have is a disease called Morgellons and based on your write up you are fairly in advanced stages. You should also be seeing dark or black thick hair that will withdrawal back into the skin. I know this sounds bizare and if you are not a sufferer it will be hard to believe. I have had this condition for over four years and have had to get blood back in my body. I had lost over six pints w/o ever seeing any loss. Most recently I had to get another three pints of blood again without external signs. During a colonoscopy they found a 3.5 inch tumor which was cancerous. I have been under treatment for 18 weeks but know that the chemo will not get rid of this parasite. They are practically indestructible. They can live w/o air, withstand high temperatures (600f), resistant to almost all industrial cleaners, reproduce faster than a group of excited mice and are everywhere. It is unbelievable that the major networks aren't following this one. I have taken samples and tried to cultivate them in a petri dish and got the same results as my chemo doctor. Don't bother trying to find a doctor because they all think you are crazy. For over 1.5 yrs I have research this disease and the results are scary. What is inside of your natural hair is a fine tread (mostly red) that manipulates your hair. If you watch closely you can see a really fine inner filament that comes out to feed. Any type of body fluids will be consumed by parasite. What you can do to help is that if they are centrally located on you arms is to shave all the hair off or wait until it falls out by itself. There is one product that has made a difference and was recommended for rashes by the chemo staff and it is called "UDDERLY SMOOTH". It comes in a tub with the surrounding graphics that looks like a dairy cow hide. This stuff is really good in that it softens the outer layer of skin (which by the way is not your real skin but a survival response). Take the utterly cream and apply it directly to your skin and allow it to soften. Using a good set of tweezers scrape or remove the cream which will remove the morgies. Do not let this get on your fingers because it will immediately penetrate into your skin. Blot the remaining cream up and don't try to wipe it. This will only cause many more new ones to form. Another needed ingredient is "Nutri-silver"and can be ordered on-line. It is a little pricey but will draw the parasites to it to be removed from your body. Learn all you can in battling this disease and you are right it will take whatever color it is on and mimic it.. You will also need to buy some Borax detergent for you cloths and don't be skimpy when using it. I also recommend a cup of Amonia added to the load right before stating your washer and if at all posible use a cloths line instead of your dryer. One more important step in removing these parasites is to make sure you get the worm if not it will come back quickly. An easy way to tell if you got it is to continue applying Utterly cream and removing it until the blood coming out is bright red. I am also trying to get a web page up to help other people like you. God bless.

Oct 22, 2014
by: diana

I'm really glad to know I'm not alone. I can't take these creepy things much longer. I noticed them about 6 mos ago out of no where. I've been to my doctor and he basically calls me a liar. I rescue cats and have done so for years, so thought it might be a hookworm but they don't look or act like it. They are everywhere. I vaccine and scrub floors daily which is hard since I am disabled. I need help now. I have tried everything I can think of with no permanent fix. I feel like I'm going crazy. Someone PLEASE HELP. I've been putting the ones I find in the garbage disposal but they are in the furniture, rugs, I have even found them in my frying pan after cooking. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Oct 22, 2014
by: diana

I'm really glad to know I'm not alone. I can't take these creepy things much longer. I noticed them about 6 mos ago out of no where. I've been to my doctor and he basically calls me a liar. I rescue cats and have done so for years, so thought it might be a hookworm but they don't look or act like it. They are everywhere. I vaccine and scrub floors daily which is hard since I am disabled. I need help now. I have tried everything I can think of with no permanent fix. I feel like I'm going crazy. Someone PLEASE HELP. I've been putting the ones I find in the garbage disposal but they are in the furniture, rugs, I have even found them in my frying pan after cooking. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Oct 15, 2014
Parasites look like hair/fabrics
by: Adele

I get this disease seriously lately with high fever, chest burns, inflammation, and I feel something is biting me and can also feel they are crawling. Doctor gave me some allergy & anti fungus pills and cream which cannot help much. The allergy pills cannot stop the itch at all. I started to think they are outside my body not inside my body hence the allergy pill cannot ease the itch. 2 weeks ago I started using olive oil to cleanse and massage my body and after massage I did few minutes sunbath as they hate lights or sunlight. I can see they surface under bright sunlight or white light using torch. I then use diluted apple cider vinegar to wipe them off from my body. Both olive oil and apple cider vinegar seems to help to cleanse them off externally and kill the tumors/blisters. They are very active at around 2am to 5am & I can see many of them in the morning, be it black, red or blue colours with different shapes (some look like "S" shape, some look like fabrics, some just look like ticks and one dot). For internally cleansing, I drink apple cider vinegar with lemon drinks and eat some yogurts (without sugar). This parasites are everywhere but I see I had removed most of the black ones as now the red and blue ones starts appearing. I am still fighting for this infestation and hope to find more answers here. Thank you.

Aug 26, 2014
hair like bugs
by: laura

Doc thinks im crazy i dont talk a about it but i csn not tske it any more neef a solution please

Aug 14, 2014
Parasites in hair
by: E H

Sounds like carpet beetle

Or a certain type of caterpillar

Also could be hair worms or whip worms

Jun 08, 2014
Hair Spiky Parasites
by: Jen

Thank GOD I found this forum! I too thought I was going crazy. My boyfriend didn't believe me until he pulled one off of his head and it looked like a clear plastic tadpole with a large head and almost springtail body. I looked at this thing with a jewelers scope (or whatever they are called) and it didn't have any outside features. IT looks plastic and/or manmade with these little black and red dots moving around inside of it. These things were all over my arm hair and I proved this by shaving my arms and ended up with a whole bunch of them trapped inside the razor. One was also sticking out of one of my wounds (acting like a hair) and as I was looking for tweezers to pull it out, it went inside of the wound in front of our very eyes. This sh*t is real and I don't care what anyone says. I have a video of it that I will be posting on my youtube page. I too believe this is a result of the chemtrails / GMO bullcrap and anyone who wants to help me out with this, I am looking for any answers and/or ways to kill these things off. You are welcome to email me through youtube and send me pics and videos also. Good luck and know you are NOT alone :)

Mar 18, 2014
Its not just me
by: Michelle

Im so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this bug issue. I was beginning to think maybe i was going crazy. But there real! There in my hair , nose, mouth, ears and yes privet area. Iv tried everything to get rid of them but only get short brakes before they attack again. Everyone in my family was told it was just allergies But i know it's not!

Feb 13, 2014
parasite that look like hair
by: pamela

Have you looked into Morgellons

Jan 15, 2014
The "Right" Parasite Cleanse...
by: Angie from

Hi Marie,

What cleanse kit did you order? Cleansing is DEFINITELY important if you want to beat this, but using the right cleansing and building supplements is important to success.

For a condition like you describe, a quick 1-2 week cleanse is not going to do the job, no matter how good it is. You need to follow a thorough protocol that cleanses your system over a much longer period of time as well as building up your immune system so that your body can get back in balance and heal.

At the very least, please consider these essentials, but if you really want to have the best possible chance of healing, see if you can manage the full protocol for Morgellons.

Believe me, it doesn't matter if you are dealing with something like Morgellons or some other form of parasite infestation. The principles and steps for cleansing and building the immune system are the same. Your body can't do what it needs to do unless you give it what it needs to do it.

Praying you and yours will find full healing in this new year.

Jan 14, 2014
by: marie

so glad to see im not alone but horrified to see how real this is. For 3 years I have been fighting these horrible little creatures which somehow managed to work itself into every fiber of my being. I literally watched an entire patch my beautiful long hair curl its way to the top of my head. SCARY!!! My eyelashes have film over them and eyebrows have flakes in them with bumps on skin underneath. My eyes are always blurry. The blister like bumps, even after treating never really heal and remain filled with some kind of organism trying to preserve itself. Little curly lint is EVERYWHERE. This parasite has become part of all things in my home no matter how much I clean and disinfect. When I prepare to attack with tea tree oil or ACV it seems that patches of thin white blondish hair begins to appear like its running away and using these fibers or hairs to escape their extinction.
My ears have hairs crawling around inside of them which causes major discomfort and almost always a sleepless night. I dunk a q tip in tea tree oil and reach inside as far as I can and a few times I pulled out black dots with white lint that blends on with cotton q tip. The lint fibers are all over face and body. While using magnified mirror I can see the white lint and pull from the pimple like sores. When I wash my face or use lotion I can capture little salt or sand like grains that are clear or black .Im constantly spitting and wiping my tongue removing fibers and the little grains appear as if they are trying to surface from little bumps on tongue. My hair was so thick and dark, now I have dry brittle hair accompanied by bald spots with thin short hairs growing from it. My fingernails and toenails have also paid the price. I had to abandon my well paying job and social life to tend to the sores and ritual treatments. I use to have beautiful skin and complexion. Strangers would stop me on the street just to ask how I got my skin so pretty. Now my face is covered with scars and different sorts of bumps. I now where tons of cover up and face make up and it barely covers the ugliness. Not only does it look bad but I could easily be mistaken for paranoid meth head or junkie. It does have less active stages but never gone completely. Did I mention my husband is full on infected as well. Im worried about my kids constantly. Whatever is left of my income gets spent on remedies. I ordered a new cleanse kit. If parasites are on our skin then most definitely in your intestines, so a super cleanse is overdue anyhow, even if the symptom reduction is temporary its still a good start. From all I have learned it seems a long hard road to kill them off completely. I would love to have some real answers.

Jan 03, 2014
2nd part of cloaking hair parasite
by: Serenity Angel

When I wash my hair and brush it out, the brush is full of fine clear hairs and I used to pull them out and toss them in the trash until one day I noticed one of them literally scampering back up my arm. I've watched them very closely and although you may have a handful of them to toss, as soon as you let go, several of them will cloak to invisible and you will feel them tickeling their way back up your arm...I think they go back to your head but I'm not sure. If you catch them and they have no other choice, they can and will melt into your skin and look like a row of little clear hairs sticking up as if they have grown there. They were growing in my intestines at one point and I stayed constipated for months. At one time I had taken stimulant laxatives Dulcolax, senekot and phillips for three nights in a row, I used a glycerin suppository and a mineral oil enema plus I was drinking mirilax 3 times a day and still nothing. But I wasn't bloated or in pain either. The doctor put me on Amitiza AND told me to be near the bathroom because I would be in there for a few days...I took it for 10 days and still nothing. I went a total of 19 days without a bowel movement and finally used a saline enema with extra sea salt added and I held it for 45 minutes before I finally was able to go and I've never seen such was all completely white and clear, no brown or poo color or consistency AT ALL. I went for over an hour and it was just one glob after another of clear white gel shaped like all sorts of things. I think they are some type of bacteria...the spirochete that causes lyme, that have somehow genetically mutated and have the ability to cloak and can also replicate and mimic anything they choose. I could write a book about the odd things that I've seen and experienced, but I need to try and get a couple of hour of sleep if possible. I would appreciate anyone's feedback on what I've written and how it compares to your story. If anyone has any information on updates or cures or ways of staying sane and alive, I would appreciate those as well. Thanks, SA

Jan 03, 2014
GM bacteria that can cloak and replicate anything
by: Serenity Angel

I've read several pages of this forum and unfortunately, it's sort of hard to navigate so I don't know if I've read the latest comments. But I have experienced most everything that I've read about and I've obsessed and researched to the point of losing my job, my boyfriend, my two best friends and just about my life. I became so depressed that I swallowed two and a half bottles of pills and washed it down with a bottle of wine and then went to bed as if nothing happened. Somehow, God wanted me to stay around I suppose, my boyfriend noticed that I was purple and rushed me to the emergency room. I spent 3 days in ICU that I have no recollection of and then another 3 weeks in a rehab facility. But they are still here and I still struggle, I just don't tell anyone anymore. I have began taking pics and videos with my phone and I bought a really cheap microscope which helped me to see a creature that looks sort of like a needle with a large black eye, a long needle like nose and little stubby very short legs. It hugs against the hair so its hard to see, but I have seen a picture on one of the websites that was exactly the same. So it is definitely the same creature. I've been doing a research paper for school and fortunately, I have access to all the scholarly research journals and papers and articles. Although it is really scary, scientists and the government are experimenting with some really bad things and I truly believe that this is one of them. That's why they won't acknowledge it and why the CDC won't investigate it further. It can change shape and form from gel to liquid to solid that is as hard as glass in an instant, it can cloak itself by bending light to make it appear invisible to our eyes...but if you hold it to a bright light and move it back and forth, you can almost always find it.

Jan 02, 2014
parasites that look like hair
by: debbie

I have the same problem except I can lay hair
down and the strained will move over each other and hair is getting a lot shorter. I can pull some out three my scalp that is still attached. Sounds crazy but true. Their is a parasite my husband and I have that the doc won't even touch. They turn into tiny flies in our blood and have had them fly off our face. We always have a sore that has a worm or fly in it. But our hair moves and looks like whatever it falls on what is this?

Sep 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

Its from pets from dirt eating dogs cats all have bacteria and parasites they get and this is something a doctor won't know. Read parasite for dogs and you will see info on these bugs. You must treat it like scabies and wash everything get a dip for dogs to shower with and throw most of your clothes away as they will be interested. I have seen many houses where meth has been cooked and it doesn't create bugs. Good luck

Aug 27, 2013
Moving House Safely
by: Angie from

It's certainly possible that the house being a former meth lab that blew up is an underlying source of the problem you have been fighting.

It's also possible that it was something you picked up in hospital (sad to say) and brought home with you.

We certainly can't declare it to be one thing or another.

It's also difficult to outline an exact protocol for moving house safely, but I would certainly make the attempt in your situation if it is at all possible. I would be very reluctant to live in such an environment any longer than absolutely necessary.

If you are able to relocate, make every attempt to discard your furniture and bedding that is cloth based.

Solid wood furniture, like dining tables and chairs, book cases, bed frames, etc., should be safe with a good wipe down before bringing into a new home.

If you can manage a new wardrobe, that would be ideal, but most people can't afford to go to that length, I know. Wash any/all clothes and linens that you will be transporting in the hottest water possible and use borax in the water. I personally would also add some clove oil to each wash.

If you must bring along some furniture that is fabric covered, etc., I would at least try to clean it thoroughly perhaps by covering it with food grade diatomaceous earth for several hours and then vacuuming it out.

I would then spray it with a good cedar oil product or clove oil and water mixture if you can't afford the other.

It sounds like you are also a pet lover. As hard as it may be, it would probably be wise to refrain from having any pets when you move until you are fairly confident that you are completely well and free from this serious health concern.

Finally, I would begin (or continue) to do everything possible to boost your immune system and thoroughly cleanse internally. The Morgellons treatment protocol is a good place to start. Follow through with this while moving and for a good while after you have moved to give your body a chance to fight back and fully heal in the new environment.

I'm hoping and praying that this will be a new beginning for you!


Aug 24, 2013
parasites that look like a hair
by: Anonymous

I moved into a rental house October 1st 2013. I had major surgery 3 weeks later. December came along and changed my entire life, starting with my 8 year old boxer dog getting sick. She appeared as though poisoned, bleed from her mouth and feet. I took her to the veterinary emergency clinic and spent $800 plus, results showing nothing.
within the next few weeks I began to show same signs of parasite, started with skin sores on my arms which eventually have progressed throughout my body. Symptoms have continued to get worse as everyone now thinks I'm on meth.
The property owner has told many lies regarding this home as it began with him telling us the new construction home was built after the old one burnt down. I soon found the truth through several fire fighter friends about this house, truth is that it was blown up while meth lab. The entire back side of the house blown off, then burnt down. The property owner never did Hazmat clean up.
As the person stated about these hair like parasites, they become a part of whatever they are on. These parasites mimic ants in this home. They move quickly through cement foundation, walls, skin or anything else except plastic from what I can see. Everyone except a couple of friends think I'm crazy when I try to explain.
I became a victim to this because I came home from surgery with open wound after neck surgery.
they are in everything including my truck. Please tell me how I can move without bringing these parasites with me. I have tried all kinds of treatments over the last 9 months. Is it something from this house being a meth lab...

Aug 06, 2013
How I bug THEM back!
by: Anonymous

I have found that dusting with a dust and allergen furniture spray helps, as they somehow use dust and hair to form their vehicles to move thru the carpet and clothing and also other fabrics. I use 2 cups of baking soda in the laundry along with the laundry soap....helps get most of them out of clothing...( unfortunately, not all of them). I also use Lysol concentrate on my linoleum floors and I haven't seen as many, as it kills the bacteria that they thrive on (wear gloves, as Lysol concentrate is caustic!) I also Swiffer my linoleum before and after sweeping to keep the hairs to a minimum. I have 2 cats so it is almost daily that I sweep and Swiffer. I have found that using Arm and Hammer pet hair carpet cleaner before I vacuum the floor really helps get stuff from the carpet like tick things and fibers. When they are bothering my skin, I use pure Aloe Vera gel...I just rub it into my skin and it eases any irritation I get. They also hate the sun's ultra violet rays. I get about 15 minutes of sunlight before 10a.m. Hope this helps all.

Aug 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have the same symptoms that have bothered me for five years. I was beginning to think I had lost my mind until I came upon this article. I have been going to a dermatologist continually for three years and it is now that I am ashamed to even talk about this or tell anyone about the symptoms. I knew I couldn't be the only person to have this. I am confined to my house because I don't want to be caught off guard and have someone see these things on me.

Jul 21, 2013
parasite that looks like my hair or white short hairs
by: Anonymous

I too have the same symptoms! Sometime they look like ticks with a white spot on their back....large enough to see, but sometimes the tick is the size of the end of a pin. They infest my house. They can change from one to the other and back again in an instant. I can feel them in my body...sometimes they give off a light buzzing sensation through my skin. Hairs, ticks and larvae live in my body. Sometimes I see a gelatinous sack about the size of a deck of cards in my stool. I also see the ticks and hairs climbing up the inside of the toilet and I spray them with Borax water that I made up myself. It seems to weaken them and then I flush them down the toilet, bot they float back up! And the list goes on....I made the mistake of going to my doctor and now have to see a psychiatrist. I am not crazy and I swear that I am telling the truth.

Jul 17, 2013
Updates On This Page...
by: Angie from

Dear friends,

Over the last 4 years the comments on this page have grown to so many that the page has become unbearably long. Some have written in to say that their mobile device freezes when they try to access the page! :(

I've decided that the only solution is to break up this page into about a dozen more pages if I want to keep all of your comments in tact.

Unfortunately, in order to do this, I have to copy and paste all of your comments to the new pages and delete them from this one. That will most likely result in the cancellation of your email updates when someone new comments on your posts.

The only way around this is for you to go ahead and make ANOTHER new submission at some point (not just a comment on a current conversation) and tick the box afterward for notification of ALL new comments to the WEBSITE, not just to a particular page.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's the only way around the software that I could find for you and still keep you in the loop and part of this ever growing discussion forum about parasites.

Hoping and praying that you all are doing well and improving in body and spirit.

Angie from

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