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This page about hair-like parasites is a continuing discussion from a previous page that grew out of control - much like parasites themselves do! ;)

In an effort to help keep your browser load time reasonable and your mobile device from stalling, we've broken up these comments about human skin parasites (particularly parasites that look like hair) into several more manageable pages. 

We still want you to feel free to make comment and share ideas by joining in the discussion yourself.  If you're just looking for the best solution for your personal situation, we highly recommend the suggestions for the Morgellons treatment (whether you think you have Morgellons or not) because it is the most effective protocol that we have found for stubborn parasite removal.

May 28, 2010
parasites that look like hair are driving me crazy
by: Anonymous

I too have experienced these hair like parasites..have seen them come out of my skin when i put nair on my legs. i have had these symptoms for 3 years,it is depressing and it is and itch you just cant stand. i cant do all these supplements on dialysis and that makes things dangerous for me to add to my medical regimen.i have researched morgellons and i truly think that is what i have. i think on top of kidney failure some of my anemia and weakness is caused by this disease..i have went to 3 different dermatologists and two different drs. they think im crazy. its almost good to see other people see these things. i actually have used skin so soft from avon which is giving me relief and clearing up my arms and legs. i hope that soon the center for disease control will consider this a disease..they are studying it now..just about everything in all these posts i have seen in the last three years..and i thought i was weird when i was craving dirt....never ate any but craved it..when i see a tractor in a field i want to be behind it to smell and taste the dust..thank god there are other people out there who can verify for me im not nuts. i do have a comment,,no one else in my house has any symptoms.

Jun 11, 2010
To Whom It May Concern :)
by: Angie

I'm starting to get confused as to who I'm talking to with the various anonymous comments, so I'll just write "to whom it may concern." Grin!

First of all, to the one who is taking all the supplements and passing so many parasites in your stool, that's a good thing. You are doing a great job and I hope you won't give up. It can take time for your body to turn around and get rid of everything that shouldn't be there, particularly if you've had the parasites running free reign for a while.

I would suggest that you can stop the diatomaceous earth since you are taking the Herbal Fiberblend. That's one less thing you need to take. :)

To the one who is craving dirt, that's usually a sign of mineral deficiency. You should be able to take Barley Life even in your condition since it is merely a whole food in juice form. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and will probably you do you much good.

I'm sorry to hear of your suffering for so long. I know that can be terribly discouraging. I hope that you will find some of the above suggestions helpful and that you will speak to your doctor about starting some of them.

They are more likely to do you good, than harm.

I pray that each of my 'anonymous' visitors finds the help and healing they need. You are in my thoughts each day.

To your good health!

Jun 20, 2010
i have the same thing too
by: Anonymous

hi i know what ur going throught as i think ive the same thing to.dose this parisite sting and make hundred of holes in ur clothing i got a new top the other day and to try prove to my family im telling the truth it made two little hole in my top with in an hour and yes they think im crazy because they cant see anything but red little blotches on my skin .its driving me crazy cuz i no theres something there but cant be seen i do get magafin glass and mirrows to dry find it and cant seem to see it but when i feel it moving on my head it seems to shot something out and sting my fingers i feel like wet spot where its just stung i no i sound real crazy too but im telling you the truth.and my daughter as got the same i think i dont mention any of this to her as shes only 8yrs old and her hair feels just like mine do.ive even shaved all mine off befor but it still there i did pull two strands of hair out yesterday as they appeared to av something on them i got the magafine glass and it looked like thick clearish jelly almost as long as my hair .pleased dont think ive lost the plot.thank you

Jul 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

try this blog, he has a protocol that will help

it has lots of positive info to calm you down and heal, he is now symptom free

you do not have to have fibers growing from your skin to have this, your hair has them inside...

Jul 13, 2010
We are clearly not crazy!
by: Roser

First of all I just want to say that we are not crazy so we have to stop saying that , funny how our friends, family, Drs etc... Tell us were crazy and within time we start to belive them. There are too many of us with the same symptoms so there is truth to these hair like parasites. The only way to get rid of these hair like parasites is to keep updating post with any type of chemical solution you use that help or that did not work. I good way to understand and for others to learn is to try to observe what trigers it and movement in hair. I notice the white hair like floating around in my home and also outside especially in the evening. I belive there 2 types parasite the first one They float around and are able to move and land on you. You feel a crawl sensation on face , body and genetals. The second one are on your head you feel a sensation of something moving in your hair, and the weird part of this is that as you try to pluck it out of hair it will move like if it has eyes or sense it . I tried many things and honestly nothing kills it . The only thing that helps me is to keep the house clean and you have to shower and wash your hair out on a daily basis. Keep in mind that everyone is different and some solutions will help you and some will not.

Aug 12, 2010
Overwhelming...kidney problems...too!
by: Anonymous

Okay...I'm overwhelmed by this seeing of the hair in the toilet...long hair...and I have parasites as well...other types...that I've been trying to get rid of for months. At the same time I have kidney and liver problems...which I am fighting as well. The parasites are at the core of the problem and the only way to combat them and make them go away is to alkalize so that they are no longer comfortable causing problems and leave! I thought that I was crazy too...but now I know better...parasites that look like hair...geez!

Aug 13, 2010
Alkalizing Is Always A Good Idea
by: Angie

Alkalizing is always a good idea, but you will get much better and faster results if you take a more aggressive approach to parasites that look like hair or other types of parasites in your body.

A herb and fiber cleanse will enable your body to pass the dead and dying parasites from your body so that they have the least toxic affect on your immune system. I like Herbal Fiberblend.

Since you suspect liver problems, too, consider using the whole food supplement Redibeets as it is a wonderful natural liver cleanser as well as being full of nutrition.

Redibeets is part of the Garden Trio, and when taken together has a natural alkalizing effect on the body.

I hope you are feeling well again soon.

Aug 20, 2010
Hair like parasites are driving me bonkers!
by: Nataliw

I remember a time a couple of years ago while I was trimming my palm tree and pulling away at the mossey looking stuff from the trunk of the tree and all f a sudden I jumped back b/c i saw hundreds of tiny fast fruit fly looking bugs! Of course i wasn't using gloves and i remember felling as if i were being electricuted from my finger nail all the way up trhough the back of my spine. I then noticed muscle spasms and holes in my skin as well as red lumps throughout my body. As time went on it progressed and i started noticing thn wavy black hairs all over my body if i used toilet paper, lint roller tape, etc b/c i constantly felt things moving on my body and head. I also noticed thicker dog hair like things all over me and everywhere such as my vehicle and home while i have no pets! Now i really notice hundreds of the clearish, shiny wavy or straight hairs with a bend where they come out of my skin or are on EVERYTHING and I look at them constantly an notice one end of the hair does like a 360 and moves around at a 90 degree angle. Every time i feel something move on me i wipe it and notice a hair usually black or white/clearish in color and it attaches itseeto another hair or object or just floats in the air! My boyfriend has same symptoms and we both have severe headches, joint pain, constant itching, muscle spasms, mood swings, weird hairs sticking out our skin and when we wipe ourselves. Both of us runs fevers then we are fine but the hair like things ate still moving on us. I even went to the the hospital b/c of severe pain in my abdomen sand was diagnosed with E-COLI which was maybe a symptom of whatever parasite i have but i was on antibiotics for 5days intravenously and guess what? I still have them on and in me. I have taken natural stuff, albenazole, hospital and now i am about to start mebendazole. I know they are seriously injuring my boyfriend and i (he has started to have mile convulsions)! Please help! Everyone thunks i am crazy but i know my body and where there and the difference it has been since the palm tree incident. I also will have multiple tiny looking balls that burst out of my skin from the same spot when i hope it is a pimple i am popping but it also has a tomy hair-like thing come out every time and somerime looks like a a piece of fuzz when it is rolled up or multiple attach to each other. Please help before we die! Please!

Aug 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

ich kann leider kein english,nur deutsch, habe genau dieselben symptome bzgl haare,alle haare ob flaum,scham,kopfhaare o wimpern,diese moosflecken u eier in allen farben,diese bunten flusen u staubählich nur grösser fliegenden fussel,diese cameleon fähigkeit sich in sekunden der geweiligen materie anzupassen in farbe u MATERIE!stein,holz,usw
sie flechten sich in stoffe u dringen sogar in möbel u fliesen,zusâtlich habe ich seit ein paar tagen geometrische formen unter der haut im speichel ,im auswurf
^wûrde ich es nicht haben sondern nur hören ,wûrde ich auch denken die spinnt total
ist aber fakt
die kopfhaarähnlichen haarparasiten? kommen aus rückenhaut u sogar hals,die flusen spuckte ich zu hunderten relatiev zu anfang meines bemerkens
ich bin wirklich seelisch u körperlich am ende,zudem hat man mich entmûndigt weil man mit halluzination nachsagt
es hört sich wirklich unglaubwürdig an;erste mal dass ich fündig werde dass jm dasselbe hat,jedes symptom identisch
das sagt mir es muss eine art parasit oder so sein
die symptome sind zu aussergewöhnliich u unverkennbar um auf eine psychische sache zu schliessen
woher resultiert sowas u vorallem WER U WAS hilft mir,mir geht es tâglich schlechter
soager meine hautschuppen sind befallen, nägel echt alles,mir macht diese intelligenz angst sich so anzupassen das man es eventuell nie erkannt hätte aber extrem unter den symptomen leidet
echt schon fast zu paradox um wahr zu sein diese fähigkeiten
bitte um hilfe auf deutsch franz o hollândisch bitte antworten wenn es geht

Aug 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

please can everyone me write in french german or hollands ,just little bit english,
and sorry for my writing i had a problem with my writedesc?
they will me do in prychatrie,because they think all i'm crazy
every day the Symptoms are stronger and change in very very crazy things
first moment i can not release that,it's to unreal
but f uck it's not my head it's so,you can touch see etc
i can not live so,i do everything,but please help me, i feel that i di when i not had help

Aug 30, 2010
Catching Up With Everyone's Comments...
by: Angie

Hi Natalie,

Somehow I missed your earlier post - not sure when you wrote it. I'm so very sorry to hear of your distress and the problems you and your boyfriend are suffering from.

The treatments you mentioned are NOT natural, and are likely to have made your immune system even weaker and that could be why you are feeling even worse.

Please read the suggestions at the top of the page regarding using a natural herbal cleanse and the immune system support supplements. That is the best help I can offer.

Your body is not going to be able to fight off parasites or any other ailment unless you give it some nutritional support and help the body to detoxify the toxins and/or parasites that are in you.

Cleansing and building are basic steps to healing. I pray you find relief and healing soon.

Aug 30, 2010
I don't know French or German
by: Angie

Dear Anonymous,

I'm so sorry that I can't help you further because I do not speak French or German. I can tell that you are in great distress and discouragement.

Do you know someone else who understands English that can read you the information above regarding healthy supplements and cleansing? If they can explain the information in your own language, it may be helpful to you in deciding what you should do.

I wish I could be of further help. Maybe another visitor will see your post and can offer some support.

Sep 10, 2010
I am finally not alone
by: Anonymous

OMG I totally understand ur pain. I have the exact same thing and everyone even doctors think I am crazy evenwhen I show them how I can completely rub all the hair out of my legs easily and it looks like material fibers or strong silk when balled together and less than 3 minutes later my legs have sprouted new growth.

Sep 29, 2010
Parasite That Looks Like Hair
by: Chicago Mike

I also have this, and it is in bedding, fabrics, etc...If you squeeze one between your fingers, it dances around like the wind is blowing it except there is no wind or fan.I have found steri fab to be the only thing that works for me, you can buy it off of e-bay, buy it by the gallon, you will need it for your whole house. They are transparent looking thin hair like worms, I think they are attracted to our warm bodies and are more active at night when I sleep. They seek moisture and almost positive they enter our bodies through our eye sockets and nose when we sleep. I know this sounds really bad, but
i have had my years of experience with them.

Sep 30, 2010
by: Chicago Mike

for translation help, try this free web site;

here is the Germans note...

Aid by: Anonymous

I can unfortunately no english, only German, have colored pill to adapt weave penetrate tile myself exactly the same symptoms bzgl hairs all hairs whether fluff shamed,, kopfhaare o eyelash these moosflecken u eggs in all these colorful flusen u staubählich only grösser of flying this cameleon fähigkeit in seconds of the geweiligen matter in color u MATTER! stone, wood, etc it myself into materials u even in möbel u, I have meet form zusâtlich since a couple geometric under the skin in the saliva, in the
ejection ^wà "rde I it have not separate only hören, wà "rde I also think that spins totally is however fact the kopfhaarähnlichen haarparasiten? come out of rückenhaut u even neck the flusen spat I to hunderten relatiev to beginning mine note I am really mentally u körperlich at that would end moreover has one me entmà "ndigt because one with hallucination repeats it hört itself really unglaubwürdig at first once that I would become fündig that jm the same has each symptom identically that says must it a
kind of parasite to me or so the symptoms be the same to me are to aussergewöhnliich u unmistakably around on a psychic thing to close from where resulted such a thing u vorallem WHO U WHAT helps goes it tâbad soager my epidermal scales are befallen to me, makes to adapt recognized suffers nägel really everything this intelligence anxiety themselves so that one it possibly never hätte however extremely from the symptoms really already almost to to me paradoxically around aware to its this fähigkeiten franz o
hollândisch ask for answer aid in German please if it goes

Oct 08, 2010
new discovery today
by: Chicago Mike

For the last few years, I would sometimes lay in my bed and unable to fall asleep during a daytime nap'
I would stare at the fitted sheet on my bed and could swear to see small black worms coming through the sheet. Today, during one of these events, I felt something itch my nose while it was touching the pillow case. I quickly raised my head to investigate, and found a small black hair like worm trying to crawl back into the pillow case. It took about 20 seconds to do so, then it disappeared back into the fabric.
I need to point out that this is different from the transparent hair I previously mentioned in a prior post; this looks exactly like the black morgellons worm people are finding on or in their skin. This is really important as researchers are just now starting to listen and research our experiences without making us sound like we have a mental disorder. I feel that it is crucial for anyone to speak up and share as much as you have learned about this new hair like worm as scientists are closer to finding out what this is all about. Why are there no more posts? Mike

Nov 13, 2010
i have parasites that look like hair and camouflage tooi
by: Anonymous

I also have a parasite that looks like hair and can camouflage itself too. Its unbelievable until it happens to you. I feel them biting and crawling too. I'm searching for answers as well. My bowel movemnts seem to be affected which adds to the confusion of what this parasite actually is. I am a nurse and am going back to school to pursue a diagnosis by studying microbiology and parasitic diseases. Someday this will be uncovered I'm sure of it...hopefully I live that long. Goodluck.

Nov 13, 2010
Bowel Movements Affected
by: Angie

Hi nursing student,

I'm sorry you are also having this problem with potential parasites. You mentioned that your bowel movements have been affected by this.

That's not at all uncommon when it comes to internal parasites. Have you tried using a natural herbal digestive cleanse? It's a great way to simply and safely help eliminate "nasties."

You should consider using Herbal Fiberblend. Even if it doesn't completely solve your problem, it will certainly help with returning the bowel movements to normal and cleaning out your colon.

I hope and pray that you get relief and healing soon!

Dec 14, 2010
They are right
by: Ariel

I have the same parasite... I know I'm not crazy now...
I don't know what is it but those things EXIST now in this world. Probably Science haven't had the time to investigate but those things ARE HERE.
They are incredibly smart. As if they would have eyes or kind of conscious "awareness"
I started 8 days ago... when I start medicine "Vermox" as I have been doing twice every year to control and kill intestinal parasites...

And the second of three days of medication "THEY" just appear... in my anus.. itching... moving... they wake me up... and since the beginning I note that they would may have a kind of movement as a vibration they will allow them to fly across the room. I found them in my pillow, in my bed, in the floor.. they seems to be inmovile as any drop hair... but they move. They lay some eggs across my body specially between my hair on my head... face... feet... its itchy when it is happening... there are two kinds.. One I guess female... longest is the one who lay eggs.. other is smaller , as an eyelid... Sorry about my English, my idiom is Spanish and I am a Mexican guy.

I understand... I hope I will beat them.. this things..
You are not crazy... I feel a little better now.

thank you,

Dec 16, 2010
It's all over the world...
by: Ben

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ben and I'm originally from England and now live in Switzerland, I don't really know what to say... I've been having problems with my guts and the first thing I thought of was worms because my anus has being tickling/itching me... so I got myself some worm stuff from my doc and took it asap... but I still found some see through cat-hairlike worms in my poo and yes all over the house, in my hair and on my cats... so I started to investigate these "things"... they act alot like hair but they seem to rock left to right and back and forth... the will attach themselves to anything they come in contact with and if you put them in the sunlight they stop moving... and guy's I'm a realist and I don't think Elvis is alive and I don't believe in any religion or in aliens but these "things" are real and clever, they seem to know when they are in danger or are just being looked at...

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