Thin White Hair-Like "Worms"

by Anonymous Me

Hair-Like Worms In Hair -

Hair-Like Worms In Hair -

I have this problem of thin white hair-like worms and I have literally contemplated suicide over it. I am fighting depression because of it as it gives me complete panic anxiety.

These same thin white hair-like worms or "things" come out of my hair too. I am a woman with black hair down to the middle of my back.

I don't have pets, even though the second dermatologist I saw laughed at me when I showed him one longer one I saved in a Ziploc bag and said, "This did not come from your hair it came from a dog or something!" What a JERK! This is why I get so depressed.

"Um… do you think it's in your head?" said the doctor before this one.

I have seen an allergist, (oh yeah, because these "things" get in the air and make me cough and sneeze ALL the time), because I first thought I was allergic to my shampoo. -NOT THAT

Then I thought it must be a hair product I'm using. So, I stopped using ALL hair products.-NOT THAT

Then I thought maybe I have burned it so much (with heating tools) that microscopic pieces are "peeling" off my hair follicles. So, I stopped using heating tools (even though my hair was a mess I just wanted to breathe at night without all the allergies I was experiencing). -NOT THAT

So about two years with this problem and it has gotten PROGRESSIVELY worse, and I finally search on-line…"hair-like things coming out of my hair."

So doctors NO IT'S NOT IN MY HEAD!

I have no clue what to do as the last dermatologist I saw (DUMB ****) gave me about 8 different "dandruff" items to try. Sal shampoo, Nizoral, (btw, I'd already tried everything over the counter), a steroid oil for scalp, Zinc shampoo, Tar shampoo, special hair lotion… the list goes on. NOTHING WORKS!

I told her, when I am out in the sun and I shake my hair, a bunch of microscopic dandruff like particles come out AS WELL AS these little squiggly hair-like pieces.

I said, "Is there any way you could just walk outside with me (outside at this Kaiser was no more than 30 feet away) and I can show you what this looks like?" "Um, no. I can't go outside" she says, "I have other clients."

At this point I'm pissed because I already showed her these particles that were visible on my black tights and she didn't even care. Again looked at me as though it was nothing. As Chicago Mike posted, they get on everything!

He is right they are all over my nightstands, my lampshades on my nightstands, my car, and all my house mirrors that I use. They float off my hair and land on these different items.

I have tried it ALL! I have spent so much money getting "green" hair products, shampoos etc.

I am so sick of this! I would rather not live than cause
those around me to have dry coughs and sniffles because this stuff appears to linger in the air around me and get caught in our throats.

I did read about Tea Tree oil, so I bought a little bottle at GNC. It gives me some relief rubbing some on my scalp and hair before I wash with one of the stupid medicated shampoos the last dermatologist gave me. This week I stopped using the Tea Tree oil and only used the medicated shampoos and this stuff got to be just as bad as I had it 8 weeks ago.

That doctor told me, "You have to try these things for at least two months, then if they don't help (enter laughter here) I will walk outside with you." WHAT A ****! I cannot even believe these so called doctors.

So it's been about two months now of battling these thin white hair like worms, and I have gotten ZERO RELIEF with dandruff crap.

I need to attack these things differently. Especially if most people are calling them a parasite.

Oh one more thing, I've tried taking pictures, but they are difficult enough to make out under dim lighting so are not visible in pictures. The camera picks it up as dust and won't focus.

Anonymous Me

Dear Anonymous Me,

I understand your frustration and I applaud your realization that you have to tackle this problem in a different way as what you have been trying is just not working.

You've been focusing on external topical treatments, when I believe wholeheartedly that you need to focus on internal parasite cleansing and building up your immune system.

This is the protocol I would suggest:

The Composure will help calm your anxiety as well as work together with the Herbal Fiberblend to cleanse and detoxify your system. The BarleyLife and the AIMega will work together to support your immune system.

There are more suggestions I could make for internal support, but those are the most important I think in your situation. You can purchase them here at wholesale prices.

Having said that, I'm not saying that all topical treatments are useless. I would suggest that you get some organic cold pressed coconut oil and apply it liberally to your hair/scalp each night and wash it out in the morning.

You can wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap while sleeping so as not to soil your pillow cases if that is a worry.

If you can't find the coconut oil at a local health food store, you can buy it online at Puritan's Pride.

I hope you will be able to follow the above protocol and finally get some relief. Don't give in to your discouragement. If you decide to act on these suggestions let me know and I will give you more specific instructions on how and when to take each supplement to get the best results.

Angie from All About Parasites

Comments for Thin White Hair-Like "Worms"

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Jan 23, 2020
My update and how I healed NEW
by: David

After taking the samples I had to the microscopy at the university and resolving images of things that were simply beyond modern explanation, I came to a realization. I could continue to invest in documenting a phenomenon nobody wants to believe, even with this level of research, or I could invest my money into healing myself.

Last summer (June 2019) I walked away from my research and I took drastic steps to approach this problem from a new direction. I assumed the infection was moving between my physical body and my ethereal body (the energy field that exists in parallel to the physical body). I did research for many months and found a reputable shaman in the Amazon that works with plant medicine, inter-dimensional beings and spirits. I was obviously skeptical but I really felt that I would be lost if I didn't put this problem fully into the hands of someone who works with beings of alternate/higher dimensionality.

What happened over the course of my 2 weeks in the jungle was extraordinary. It wasn't just about receiving medicine, it was about the shaman being there with you and being able to talk and negotiate these things out of your being. In just a few days, I felt lighter and more a peace. And within the first week all my symptoms disappeared. She explained to me that sometimes they need to remove these parasites, sometimes called "chunta" that operate exactly how I had been experiencing them, and described them here on this forum. Through medicine and the sounds generated by her chanting she was able to draw out the source of the infection, tiny worms, from the ethereal body and into the physical world and then remove them from my body.

I know this sounds like magic, pulling worms out of thin air, but honestly, it's simply healing technology we don't understand in modern society. And it's been practiced for generations in the jungle. Two years ago I wouldn't have believe it possible that there were people able to do this. But now I know... there is.

I hope this update gives you hope. It's really hard for me to read this forum now knowing all the pain and frustration each of us has gone through, but there is hope. I look back and I don't even recognize me in pictures from when I was infected. I still have healing to do, mostly fixing parts of my life that were destroyed by this experience. I can now finally pay healthy attention to them. Thank God.

Jan 13, 2020
I think i know what we all have NEW
by: Michele

I have taken some great pics of my hair and caregivers....the organisms have bead like rows on them. And i think the ones ive been coughing up are blood flukes that are always paired with a female. They start out as sm blk worm then mature and go to lungs. I cough them up daily.
I believe these are trematodes possibly from the platyphylum helminths...maybe Triclad? They checked 10 out of 10 weird things that happen round apt:
Ect and endo parasites
Have cement like secretions
Weave anything cloth or tp to incubate
Have toxic skin
Females are longer than males
Males have anterior sucker and larynx
Can become comepletely transparent
Have hooklets
Are free living as well as on us.
Look up Turbellaria/ terrestrial types.
I got all this info out of Lacrousse Animal Life Encycl 1968

Mar 04, 2019
Very interested in contributing to David’s research
by: Jessica

David, i have this infestation as well. The notion that it’s a multi-organism infestation has crossed my mind. I have also had the same thought that these things seem almost alien—they definitely have a consciousness and it appears to be a group consciousness... for instance if I poke one of them the rest of them all over my body are aware of it and even seem to feel it.

I have strong suspicions that they influence their host mentally in an attempt to control their behavior. There are many parasites that have this ability, but i think theirs surpasses any other known species. Reading this thread supports my theory... especially alarming is how many of the afflicted have contemplated and even fantasized about suicide. Anyone who is currently infected, don’t worry you are not crazy and you are not alone. Please hang in there! The way to get rid of them is through natural remedies like the ones recommended on this site and through diet. I’m unsure if I’m even able to heal from this because my infection is so advanced and I have other health issues, but my daughter is also infected so fighting is the only option!

These bizarre creatures also seem to be able to move through walls , plastic, glass, stone... the only thing I haven’t seen them penetrate is metal. David, What kind of container are you storing the specimens in?

I am very interested in contributing to your research. I have notes and pictures I could send you. Please email me I’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.
Best wishes. (PS the link you posted to the pictures is broken)

Oct 15, 2018
David... I have come to your same conclusion, need to talk NEW
by: Max Bartertown

I have experienced & witnessed most of what everyone has stated. I have also experienced things seemingly unrelated to this unknown phenomenon but, with keeping an open mind & unflinching focus, some lines are starting to form between things thought unrelated. "David" is on the correct path!
I would very much like to speak with you David to share stories.
I will be posting my experiences on here soon. I have found only one gained advantage biologically to this evil. Yes, it has some form of Conscience and it is not in the business of being nice. Anyone listening ?

Jan 04, 2018
A few photos that prove this phenomenon is real NEW
by: David

I'm tired of trying to convince doctors and family that this white worm phenomenon is real. As most people are aware here, it's really hard to see these things in action, let alone catch one alive. I hope this small piece of my research gives you some comfort that you are not alone, and you are likely not crazy. These worms are part of a multi-species existence that seem to exist under a veil of camouflage. They are very hard to photograph with existing technology and its very hard to prove they exist. There are at least five or six discernible species at work to create all these symptoms, which is what makes it impossible to diagnose as a single illness. They seem to live is a bandwidth of light that's not perceptible to our eyes, so you can't expect to ever see them that way. However, with the correct optics setup, and a lot of patience you can start to see what's going on.

Skin crawling, scalp crawling, strange substances from the skin including scales, gels, colored fibers, black brittle hairs, to name a few. All of these things appear to be byproducts of their existence, either on purpose or incidentally. It is my hypothesis, for example, that Morgellons fibers are can be observed to be used by these organisms. The fibers get stuck in our body as a byproduct of these organisms living out of phase with us and then being getting stuck in phase with us-- for some unknown reason. Hence the fibers stuck inside our body.

I understand that this all sounds too much to believe, but once you start documenting the evidence with decent equipment, clear patterns emerge, and several species become defined. And one things seems to be a commonality, which is that this "infection" seems to always begin with the white worms and skin crawling.

Since I've been able to photograph and record video of these organisms, I'd like to share a small number of them here for you interest, and to back up some of what I'm said. Most of these photos have been photographed on my skin, or in my hair. Most are on the scale of 0.1mm to 2mm. Most of them move 0-100x faster than our perception of time. I haven't had the time to write descriptions of the photos in the gallery, but they fall into one of several categories:

1/. The white worm /shimmering incandescent serpent and baby worms.
2. The concentric circular orbs
3. The face-bearing orbs
4. The fake incandescent stitched skin that has started to replace my original skin
5. The white shapeshifting cloud like organism.
6. The tiny holes these things make to burrow and hide.

I seriously recommend to anyone if they can find the time and resources to research and document your experiences with an open mind. I've seen every specialist under the sun about this and the one common idea between them is that this is something they don't understand. If this is of interest to you, please reach out.

Jan 03, 2018
Morgellons??? NEW
by: Belle

Going Nuts,

I've researched so many things and it sounds like you have Morgellons. I, too, spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying anything and everything. Any doctor who would listen, any chemical internal and external. Nothing helped! My only relief is vinegar. I bathe in it, I pour it on my head with my conditioner in my hair and let it soak, clean my entire house with it, and even add two cups to my laundry. I have a small bucket that I keep filled with vinegar and soak all my combs and brushes in it. Changed dermatologists and she put me on Zoloft for anxiety. That also helped a lot. Its only the left side of my head that itches and had a sore that would not go away. I lost my hair there from using rubbing alcohol and peroxide. The new dermatologist froze the nerve in that area and what a relief that was! I also keep a spray bottle of one cup distilled water and two cups vinegar on hand to spray my head when itchy. I also ice my head to numb it. I came across a video of a woman saying she had her boyfriend pour vinegar on her for 20 minutes a day for two weeks. That's how I got the vinegar idea and that's the only relief I have gotten. Clean everything with vinegar and/or peroxide. Walls, ceilings, floors, shower, clothes, inside and outside of cabinets, etc.. I would do this every weekend for a few months. It's work yes, but it's cheap and helps to give you your life back. Please keep us posted on how you're doing and if it worked for you. Like you, I, too, walked away from everything I own and still brought it with me because I brought my towels and it was in my car. Be sure to spray your car down daily and sweep it weekly.

Ps. for those of you reading this, if you leave a comment, be sure to click the "notify me of comments" or you won't receive notification of other comments posted.

Jan 03, 2018
18 months of hell on earth and still going on NEW
by: Going nuts

I moved into my ex bf home and ever since then have been infected with a white clearish hairlike infestation. Sometimes I see black wispy wavy looking hairs come up out of skin that sting me and cause welts. Ive also seen black dots and fuzz ball things come out of my skin and also glitter. It reminds me of fiber optic hairs that glow. They float in the air land on me and create sores that wont heal and wrinkled skin that is red or purple. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing gets rid of them. Thousands of dollars wasted. My car had them and my windows look like a mildewed shower curtain. I find hairs on my dash that start out white then turn brown and have a jet black end with a white dot that are slimy looking or stick straight out like a pen. I have rashes that resemble ringworm but isnt and my hair has 70 percent fallen out and what is left is brittle coarse and wiry uncontollable and stiff. It has a reddish clear copper tone and some are super glue like or dark black and sooty looking. White flakes that turn into a glue see thru liquid land on me and glow under a camera lense. I never had this until i moved into his home and I am so miserable. I was so healthy and energetic. Now I stay sick and tired 24 7.. I have used every single skin cream and internal medicine for everything u can name and it does not help kill this off. Its in my clothes now and home and I moved and left everything but still have it. Please does anyone know what this is? I thought mites or water damage but no. It is not and I have no quality of life bc I am miserable and am losing hope.

Dec 13, 2017
I hate my once loved hair NEW
by: Gauteng babe

I'm so sorry there's so many people suffering this. I have the same for almost 2 years now. Nothing I tried killed it. Sometimes it's better and sometimes worse. My hair also knots constantly thanks to this and breaks of tiny pieces. I loose alot of hair daily. It went from middle of my back length to shoulder and extremely dry. Constantly feels like bugs on my scalp. Suicide definitely crossed my mind more than once. And lately thinking about it daily. Anyone found a cure yet?

Oct 22, 2017
Update on my research NEW
by: Belle

My symptoms are the same exact as the original poster. All over house, mirrors, sinks, toilets, my car, work, etc.. I see them floating out of my hair. I've researched bird mites,rodent mites, mold.. anything you can think of. Epsom salt (not a salt bath) directly on my skin helps keep them off my body, but not my scalp. For the past week I've been using White vinegar. This is your new best friend people. I wash my hair, body, clothes, walls, ceilings, mirrors, sinks, toilet.. with this stuff. EVERYTHING! I pour it directly over my head and it's the only thing that has given me any relief. I have a lesion on my scalp that I've had four months and will not heal. Also, lemon juice. I squeeze fresh lemon juice onto my scalp and rub it all over my face. Internally, I've taken Reeses Pinworm medicine(you can get at Walgreens). I don't know what else to do. I have taken pics and looks hair-like or lint, but when blown up looks like a long dark worm or fiber. I'm at a loss and don't know what else to do. Doctors are no help!

Oct 14, 2017
And update from research into this NEW
by: David.

Sorry for the long delay. I wanted to be sure I was posting accurate and helpful information and not just hypothetical. As much as I've documented this thin hair like worm, it's easy to get caught up in one aspect of it and assume that is the cause. Even easier when muti-species are involved.

The 2MP CCD microscope I had wasn't good enough to really resolve images at 200x-500x magnification for doctors or researchers to understand. Neither was the 3MP variable zoom 50-220x usb handheld microscope. I was getting tired of having debates about the interpretation of new/unknown behaviour on video or images, so I bought a lab-grade 14MP High Speed CMOS sensor. This has been the best investment for dealing with an unknown organism and it has provided ultra-clear images, making interpretation more consistent among doctors and researchers.

Here is the thing with this organism. It is unknown to any specialist or researcher I've seen in the medical community over the past year. Because of this, they haven't been able to help much. Most of them don't like to be associated with unknown, or illness they can't fix, so I brush you off or pass you over. Many do not want to lose their existing grants/funding so they it's frustrating, because they should want to help.

At this point, there is no solution, cure, or treatment, although Ivermectin did help with one aspect of it. I've decided to pursue private research. I'm currently validating my findings through established/published skeptics and journalists in hopes of finding the right research partner. The reason for this is due to the nature of the findings, which strongly indicate that is strand-like, fibrous organism is both inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial. Its not clear where it fits in the food chain, but it is very opportunistic, cleaver, and communicative. If you can isolate it and observe it, you will likely come to similar conclusions. It's fairly consistent in how it acts.

I really resisted these ideas for the first 6-months. I've lived 40-years without a single thought regarding ETs, let alone IDETs. But once you accept this idea as the core hypothesis of a working theory, the data begins to make sense. As do the visual experiences. The easiest way to catch them and see for yourself, is to use glassware containers with water. There always seems to be an angle at which the invisible become visible while floating in water. Look for scaly/crystally goo buildup on the face and scalp. I find that much of my scalp is covered in this shimmering scale skin. This was confirmed with a rare/infectious disease specialist a few weeks ago.

I hope to update again before going public. As well as post some photos/videos. If anyone needs a private link or two to compare findings, please reach out. I hope this helps.

Oct 08, 2017
White spots?? NEW
by: Anonymous 2

Just found two spots on my leg just before reading this. Weird.

Oct 08, 2017
they are alive NEW
by: april

do any of yall have white spots

Aug 19, 2017
by: Anonymous 2

Have any of you been exposed to mold???

Aug 17, 2017
Getting better!! NEW
by: Anonymous 2

I don't know that we have same thing or not, but suicide crossed my mind many times but please do not do it! It gets better and I want to help you. I just got to work so can't talk but you can text me and we can do this together. I'm almost healed and you can be too. 574-202-1301

Aug 17, 2017
Fungus or parasites NEW
by: Thinking about ending it all

This same thing is driving me out of my mind everyday I think about suicide my fantasies about being at peace are closer to reality then I have ever imagined. These millions of squiggly worms are so tiny yet they impact my life greatly. Im not even remotely the same person as I once was. I've been going insane spending countless hours researching and trying to cure this. Ive come up with countless self diagnoses that are wrong. doctors refuse to even consider even the slightest possibility a new disease could exist because they didn't gain any skills or knowledge of subjective and critical thinking to in medical school. The doctors ive seen are dismissive and crude they have zero patience respect and have piss poor empathy. To think a patient has any idea of the symptoms they are suffering from is absolutely absurd, right? Im 26 years old and feel 80. Ive lost a lot of my hair after i considered shaving it just for a bit of for relief. I miscarried twins one fetus i passed looked like something ate it i believe its because of this. I had swollen feet with crazy liver spots all over my feet. The most scary thing is convulsions where you feel your hair being pulled way back and not being able yo control your body .feeling like something is living and lastly things nesting in eyelid pulling hairs out some times. they can grow up to an inch. They live on my cats too. Tried moving ithat didn't work threw away all my stuff. Please help

Jun 09, 2017
Found my cure NEW
by: Anonymous 2

David, I am really interested in seeing photos and knowing if we share the same thing or not. If so, I have cured myself for the most part. Let me know if you'd like to share stories?

Jun 08, 2017
Sounds familiar, , no cure yet? NEW
by: David

I have a more extreme case of this. After reading so many similar stories herw, I'm going to post my experience and photos. I've done extensive microscopy at almost every stage of these things. Putting one of the fake white hairs under the mic was eye opening. It's a living breathing organism that looks like a worm or snake. It's very smart and in my case may be part of a multi organism infection. I've documented the reproduction cycle and can predict with decent accuracy how it will behave. If anyone wants to reach me and contribute to finding a cute and treatment, i welcome it. I'm working with a microbiologist to isolate the DNA involved so that's a start. I'll post my case study soon and link here.

Be strong, Theres hope!

May 11, 2017
my symptoms NEW
by: Anonymous 2

Mine started with an itchy head, then next thing I know it's all over. Scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, face, nose, mouth and crawling all over my body. Worse at night when the lights went out. Had bites along the hairline and all over my chest and back. Dermatologist proved it was something biting with a biopsy. I tried the epsom salt soaks but didn't help. I was so desperate, I poured epsom salt in my hand and just started rubbing all over me. It burned like crazy but it stopped the itch immediately and cleared my skin. Except my head. Because they float, they drop in my head nonstop and I can't get the itch gone. I spray rubbing alcohol (really helps) all over, then I spray a mixture of thyme, oregano, tea tree and peppermint in distilled water everywhere. Kills them. I also keep that mixture running in a diffuser in my bathroom at all times since they like the bathroom the most. I've steamed ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets, and clothes and had my car professionally steamed and detailed. Seems it killed everything but I can't get rid of it at my office so I get it right back. Plus, people we've been around get them but doesn't affect them, then we get it back from them when around them. It's a vicious circle. I even moved and put everything in storage. Sleep on air mattress and have zero furniture. I don't know what else to do.

May 11, 2017
We need solutions NEW
by: Miller

I have this to thought it was dust mites but they are small white floating particles..and they can also shoot across the room fast. They seem to gather on using a mix of clove oil , tea tree oil and a bit of ceyenne pepper mixed in a aloe lotion. It wards them of and even kills them..they're all in my couch , carpet, clothes..these things are Horrible.. another weird thing a white particle landed on my pad screen and seemed to melt into a liquid.

May 08, 2017
Cure??? NEW
by: Anonymous 2

Omg I have this too! For the past 7 months now. Everyone thinks I'm crazy! Please tell me you found a cure?? I've done a lot of research and only thing I could come up with is bird mites. I clean, clean, and clean, I use so many essential oils, etc.. it gets better then comes right back. I can't do this for the rest of my life so I feel your pain. :(

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