Parasitic Infections

parasitic infections

Parasitic infections are not at all uncommon.  In fact, many common illnesses and conditions are the result of parasitic diseases that go untreated.

Don't be deceived into thinking that just because you may live in a "first world" country like the United States, Australia, New Zealand or one of the European countries, that you don't have to worry about parasites. 

Parasites are part of life on earth, no matter what continent you happen to find yourself.  Once you realize and accept that fact, you can much more easily combat the effects and exposure to parasitic infections that you may encounter.

Have you ever had a cold?  The flu?  A nail fungus?  Athlete's foot?  Yeast infection? 

If so, you've been the victim of a parasitic infection! 

Those are some of the most well-known parasitic "diseases" or conditions, but there are many health concerns that arise because of an exposure to parasites in the home, at work, at school, at daycare, at the shopping center, etc.

If you don't live in a bubble, you run the risk of parasitic infection!  Should you be afraid?  Should you panic?  Not at all. 

There are simple precautions that most of us take to reduce the spread of germs. We wash our hands, handle food carefully, cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze and encourage hygienic practices among our children. 

If the inevitable happens and you or someone you love end up experiencing the symptoms of a parasitic infection, whether it is a well-known bug or some rather unknown parasitic infection like many of our website visitors describe, take action!

By all means, go to your doctor if you like and hopefully they will give you wise advice on how to eliminate the cause of your concern and restore your good health.

If you're more like me and prefer to take charge of your own health care for the most part, there are natural cleansing and immune boosting supplements that help your body eliminate a parasitic infection and regain a strong immune function.   Perhaps you'd like to give them a try, too!

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Mar 25, 2012
I've got them too!
by: L

I'm so relieved to hear of someone with same problem.  I've been complaining of exact same things for over 3 yrs.  My skin has become terrible too which i think is also down to bugs!  If i scrape down the wirey black hairs i get this fiberus mass off it.  im always gettin colds and am so tired.  everyone thinks im mad so hearin someone else say same things is relief. have u had any luck treatin it?

Mar 25, 2012
More Parasites That Look Like Hair...
by: Angie

Dear L,

Glad you received some encouragement by finding others in a similar situation. It does help. :)

It sounds like you definitely need to cleanse out your insides and boost your immune system so that your body will be strengthened. When people are repeatedly getting colds, etc., it's because the body is not strong enough to ward them off, for one reason or another.

Please consider a good natural cleanse, like the Herbal Fiberblend we prefer, or another one of good quality of your choice. It helps remove toxins, parasites, fungal overgrowth, etc., so that your body can concentrate healing instead of dealing with all that.

Also, you need some good probiotics and some nutritional support. These are the building blocks of your immune system. The more you strengthen your body, the more it will have to devote to the healing process.

Take your diet seriously. Try to cut out all added sugars and most processed foods. You'll be amazed at the results.

Hope that helps and that you will finally be able to whip this thing!


Mar 26, 2012
This is real..i've seen it with a microscope
by: Seen it with my own eyes

This all started for me the day i realized my hair was moving on it's own. Before that I had hair loss for years(10) and went to many doctors who ran many test.. on thyroid ext... dermatologists too... and the answer i got was that some people just have thinning hair. My hair looks like a normal thin hair person but i used to have thick hair. I also have always had folliculitis, but i never put the two together until now. One day i told my husband.. do you see this? look my hair is moving!? He told me it was static electricity... but I would watch it in the mirror and it didn't move like static.. it wiggled and moved with purpose like a bug wiggling around. I thought it was so strange. At first i believed it was static....even though i knew the movement was different. I decided to purchase a this is where it gets interesting. At 800X under the microscope i was shocked. I compared the images i took and realized that they matched many of the Morgellons photos. I do not have any open sores... i also do not have any of the balls of fibers.

Mar 26, 2012
This is real..i've seen it with a microscope  - continued
by: Seen it with my own eyes

let me tell you what i did see with the microscope.... Many different forms of parasites and possibly even fungus. I don't even know where to start. There is a black worm looking one. One that looks like a cream/beige colored bloob that attaches itself to the hair follicle with what looks like arms... or beetle or something. Beaige egg looking thing attached to hair follicle. small black and brown bugs attached to hair follicle (very small). Hair follicle surrounded in a clear gel looking substance. hair shafts have a sort of cocoon of biofilm near the hair follicle. Hair coved in a crystal looking biofilm. Some bug that looks like it has wings..... Seriously i don't even think I am covering everything.... Oh how could i forget the worst one of all..... The fake "Hairs". The are clearish brown... the dart and weave through the hair and attach themselves to the small black bugs or fungus or what ever it is. Now I can only see these things WITH A MICROSCOPE.... so i'm not sure if its the same thing as the people who see things with there eyes. I think the fibers may just be getting stuck in the biofilm that these creatures make....but I don't want to say that anyone doesn't have real living fibers... just in my case that is the only explanation I have for the fibers. At this point i would believe anything after the horror I've seen in my hair.

Mar 26, 2012
"Seen it with my own eyes"
by: Chicago Mike

Dear "Seen it with my own eyes"; Thank you for sharing your experience with us, you are the only one who spent the money and time to buy their own microscope to check this out. It's so very important that you keep sharing the information and your personal thoughts as to what you see through your microscope. I have thought about getting a black light to see if they show up in my bedding, but to be honest, I was afraid to see the results and not able to do anything about it. Your experience also makes me think that the CDC has found the same things, but are not announcing their findings publicly....
Anyway, Thank you for sharing, and I hope to hear much more form you as you discover new things.

Mar 27, 2012
"Chicago Mike"
by: Seen it with my own eyes

Thanks for responding. I don't tell anyone about this for fear of alienation or that they just wouldn't believe me and think i'm crazy. I can't even tell my husband about this... I don't think he really believes me... but i really haven't told him entirely. He says microscopic parasites don't scare him....but he also has a nice thick head of hair, so what does he care. It kinda feels nice to not be all alone in all this.... i mean there's other people out there who believe me and who KNOW what i'm talking about. I tried to bring it up to my mom but she just kind of blew it off, and i didn't take it any further. ... if they don't mind these things living on their body well that's them. As for me I would like to get rid of it. I will least make it an unpleasant place for them to live. ...Oh by the way i know that it is contagious because all three of my kids have it too. (THis makes me feel horrible) even my baby has it. I looked in two of my children's hair. And the other one has folliculitis all over the body just like me so... i'm pretty sure it's in the hair too.

Apr 03, 2012
To Angie
by: Anonymous

Hi, i have been reading the full threat..I have been sick for three years....but also started to notice the black hairs,itchy crawly sensation etc...i did not see them coming through the skin, but I did feel my skalp move and my feet are driving me crazy..i also have seisures...
however, i wanted to say that i started to get more and more annoyed with the woman called Angie on this threat..She has contributed about 20 peaces and all to recommend a certain list of herbs...i feel like chasing her of this forum and forbid her to come back for she is so annoying ..stop it Angie!!!!I forgot who started this forum, I hope it wasn't her..i canĀ“t stand people like that...

Apr 03, 2012
Leave Angie Alone!
by: Chicago Mike

Angie IS the one who created this web site for us to use, and if you read all of the posts like you claim to have done, you would know that. So if you don't like her web site or her advise on using herbal remedies (Which was the original purpose of this web site) Then you shouldn't use it. You can't even use a real name or location of who you are; But Angie knows and I think you owe her an apology.

Chicago Mike-

Apr 03, 2012
The Woman Called Angie... :)
by: Angie

Hi Mike,

You're a sweetheart. Thanks for jumping to my defense. :) It can be disheartening at times to get negative feedback or absolute antagonistic comments from people when they are using my website at no cost to themselves, but it's lovely people like you who help keep me positive.

I understand that people who are feeling so unwell and desperate for solutions can lash out at those who are trying to help.


For "anonymous" I would just like to say that there are about 1000 pages on this site that are designed to help people find natural solutions to their various health concerns. Some of the solutions are a simple change in diet, some are common and inexpensive remedies like organic apple cider vinegar or some essential oils, while others are more costly herbal or nutritional supplements.

We would ALL like to solve our health concerns without having to spend any money. I'm the biggest penny-pincher of the lot! However, there is no magic wand for health. We have to try and eliminate from our body the things that are causing problems and GIVE the body the things that help it to heal.

The reason you will find that I have to repeat myself so often is because people DON'T read the whole thread. This is evidenced by the fact that we get the same questions asked over and over again, even though we've already answered. I also don't want my visitors to feel that they are being ignored after they've taken the time to comment and ask for suggestions.

I can't "make up" new responses to those people just to keep things interesting or add variety. I have to suggest to them what I know to be helpful. If this upsets you, I'm sorry, but as Mike mentioned, you are free to seek your free advice elsewhere.

I once heard a story about a preacher who was voted in to pastor a church. He preached the same message the first three Sundays in a row. After the third service one of the members came up to him and said, "Pastor, we really like your preaching and everything, but you've preached the same message every Sunday."

The pastor's response was, "When you start doing that one, I'll move on to the next."

:~) That made me laugh, but that's sometimes how I feel on this site. I'll make OTHER suggestions to people once they've tried the ones I've already made. Until then, I'll just keep repeating myself. Cleanse and build!

No one is obligated to use the exact supplements that I suggest. I just happen to use and like those myself. We each have to do our own "due diligence" and determine what is right for us. However, the basic health principles remain the same. Cleanse and build!


Thanks again Mike!

Apr 11, 2012
Relief for what you think is a parasite in hair it not
by: Jeana R. from Washington State

to the women that has parasites that looks like hair let me quess its in every thing in your eyes mouth couch carpet every where and it acts like its alive let me tell you it is , its not a parasite after going to the hospital and no help the vet for my dog a little help after thinking how it was reacting to water heat peroxide startting to follow ok how about an anit fungle any thing i experimented with athlet foot and jock ich power and bingo MOLD my dear its mold not a parasite so stop shaving your head for releaf and quit giving the dam thing water heat heat heat bleach and a i found on the internet an moldbomb for big rooms its like a bug bomb hope you find relief.

Apr 12, 2012
Parasitic Mold
by: Angie

Hi Jeana,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I just want to clarify for you and my readers that mold actually IS a parasite.

It's easy to get confused when it comes to parasites, and I'm no expert! But fungus or mold is in the parasite family as it feeds off of other organisms and gives nothing positive in return.

Whether or not mold/fungus is the issue for those concerned about parasite that looks like hair or not, the same principles for cleansing apply.

The herbs in Herbal Fiberblend are anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal and work together to help detoxify and cleanse the body naturally.

Thanks again for taking the time to post, Jeana.

Apr 12, 2012
seen it with my own eyes
by: Anonymous

I believe i know which one the parasite is. It is the beige/cream colored round blob looking one. it is not completely round like a circle it looks like the shape of a kind of beetle I've seen, and similar in color as well. It just looks more blobish than hard shelled like a beetle. It attaches itself to the hair shaft with what looks like arms and is sometime coming out of the hair follicle so I can only see half of it.... I have tried using sulfur/salicylic acid shampoo to kill it...but it still prevails. I can't do a cleanse right now because I am breast-feeding....but i plan to do a parasite cleanse as soon as i am not breast feeding... does anyone know of anything topical that kills parasites other than what i am using... does anyone know anything topical that kills beetles??
Now I might be wrong about this but I believe that the fake "hair" may be it's tail. I believe that this parasite uses your hairs nutrition such as the melatonin, which is why many of the hairs go gray.
This parasite reminds me of one of those bugs (Microcentrum retinerve) that looks exactly like a leaf....but this one looks exactly like hair giving it the perfect camouflage.
Anyway this is my theory. 

Apr 13, 2012
3 years
by: Joanne

I have read all the postings about these parasites and to tell you all the truth, I could have written all of them. I don't know what it is any more then you all do but mine started in the back of my legs upper. I thought it was dry bumpy skin and i scratched and probably spread it. Then it went to my butt, Yes both butt cheeks are covered in red lesions. I pick,scratch and when i can get away with not getting dressed or wearing underwear i wont. i feel tickles mostly at night but you all have seen your parasites moving. i have not. i see the things i pick off me which look like white rice or more like coccoon with a dark spot in the middle and sometimes a roundish brown thing. i guess it depends on the type of egg, parasite or stage its in. my husband wont say it but he must think i'm crazy. I've been to Loma linda dermotology and they want to put me on anti depressants, county hospital wants me on anti biotics, and creams lotions ointments etc... I've even done steroidal pills but nothing worked. One day i googled "whats biting me" and found a doctor Karjoo in garden grove california which is orange county. He had a testimonial from a woman who pretty much has it all over her face and it was deep and her body bad. She was locked in her house away from others afraid she was contagious but she started seeing dr karjoo and using his natural made coal tar soap, a lotion kept in the fridge with silver sulfadiazine in it and a spray that smells like oak. Shower 2 to 3 times a day and do not use regular soap like dial dove carress or any of those. just a washcloth that can be laundered often and wear a robe while cream lotion dries. dont pick just let them fall off. this is morgellons (unexplained particles) but this doctor karjoo is calling it nano particles in the atmosphere also known as silica, I'm not entirely convinced yet either but i have been showering about three times a day when i can and washing every part of my body with black coal tar soap and then use spray and lotion and trying to wear lose airy clothing and no jeans or undies. i am getting better but slowly. I have a nice quilt that i wash daily and it stays in the dryer til bed time which is when i get it and roll my self in it like a burrito so nothing can get me. its clean daily and i shower before bed, wash pillow case too and throw pillow in dryer for 15 minutes.

To be continued...

Apr 13, 2012
by: FedUpGramma

I ALMOST WROTE THE SAME QUESTION, WORDED BASICALLY THE SAME WAY WHEN I READ YOUR NOTE; BUT I FELL ASLEEP! I WAS GOING TO SAY 'JOY' AND A GRANDDAUGHTER IN CA! COINCIDENCE?...THIS IS BEYOND BELIEF!! Folk, my son is the father who raised this lady's granddaughter, along with me and her 'Pops'; the daughter struggled with problems that made caring for her difficult. So once our son was told he was a father, we went all the way to Wyoming...again and again...until the court and social services gave him custody. I met 'Grandma Deb' on one of those trips...IN 1996 OR 7!!! The granddaughter we share will be 16 this fall! Her other grandparents, Deb who moved from Wyoming to OK, and a Grandpa in Iowa, have, sadly, not seen the girl since she was a baby. :( Every time I've tried to take her on a summer 'tour', something came up, like a pending court case or similar non-negotiable situation (and now the van I bought in 2003 for that purpose has dies...the day I was to first see the Morgie doc!). Deb, ironically I usually use the name Myksgram or my e-mail name and you would have known right away it was me! How in hell did we both get hit with this strange disease and land on this same website? OMG, OMG!! E-mail me (we've always somewhat kept in touch, especially with the Grandpa, who I have NEVER met). Our granddaughter and her mother have just begun contact, writing each other regularly, and I think it's doing the girl some good to make that connection. OK, I'll stop the personal stuff...almost as unbelievable as this crazy parasite, and get back to business! WOW, WOW, WOW!

Apr 13, 2012
Cleansing While Breast Feeding
by: Angie

To "seen it with my own eyes",

I understand your concern about using a parasite cleanse while breastfeeding, but I don't think you have to worry about it if you cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend.

HFB has the usual warning on the label for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding that's on just about everything and encourages women to consult their physician before using.

I can somewhat understand the concern for pregnant women, particularly if they have are high risk or have a tendency toward miscarriage. I have known women personally who use Herbal Fiberblend while pregnant without any adverse effects. It's a judgment call.

I personally feel there is much less concern for women who are breastfeeding. I know, of course, that what you consume does indeed effect the breast milk. A local lady told me some time ago that she uses HFB regularly while breastfeeding and feels that it really helps her baby to have better bowel movements.

If you have a regular doctor, you may want to discuss it with them, but ultimately it is up to you to make the final decision. I don't want to try to convince you to use it, but thought you should at least know it is worth considering and could really help you deal with your parasite problem sooner.

As for other topical options, are you experiencing the condition only on your head/hair? Try rinsing the scalp really well with some sea salt in water. Then try a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil (about 50/50 or 60/40). You can dilute it in olive oil if needed to make it go further.

If you can leave the mixture on your hair overnight, that would be better. You'll have the double benefit of the essential oils killing the critters or the olive oil smothering the critters. :)

I hope that helps. Keep us posted!

Apr 13, 2012
Still Fighting After 3 Years!
by: Angie

Dear Joanne,

Very sad to hear you have been fighting this parasite issue for 3 years without any real relief until now.

I am very pleased for you, though, that you've found some help through this Dr. Karjoo you mentioned in California, and the suggestions he has made.

Interesting suggestion regarding the tar soap. When I had my "itchy rash episode" last year, I used a soap here in Australia called "Pinetarsol" and another similar brand. They definitely helped relieve the itch and give me some relief, but didn't seem to get rid of the problem.

It wasn't until I started cleansing internally with the Herbal Fiberblend that I finally got some results and got rid of the problem entirely.

Thanks for sharing your good news with us and I so hope you continue to improve. Keep us posted!

Apr 13, 2012
3 years continued
by: Joanne

Continued from above...

i use a steamer around my bed too. i think its in my car cuz i feel shark bite like things in my car but no one else seems to. bizarrre. i collect the stuff that comes off me and i check it with microscope but i dont know how to read what the yellow and red and black is. i gave dr karjoo's office some specimens so hopefully i will get a report on them next thursday. my email is harrisjojo at so please i'd like to communicate with some of you privately so we can get better togther. i need you in my life because we know we arent crazy. we need each other so please reply to me. i used my name vs anonymous because this isnt our fault but we can fix it together. hope to hear from someone. check out dr karjoo in garden grove. if you want to see him i live not too far away so i can i feel like i am angry inside and its not a good help

Apr 13, 2012
To Angie
by: Seen it with my own eyes

Hi Angie,
Thank you so much for responding. It gives me hope! I am strongly considering doing the HFB in capsule form... I have tried other fiber (not in capsule..and couldn't tolerate the taste.) From what i read I don't think it kills the parasite eggs?? Is this correct? I am not sure if these buggers are internal but if lets just say they were only on my skin and not internal... in what way could this help my skin??
I have tried lots of different essential oils leaving them on for hours at a I haven't tried over night so i will have to do that.
Here is a list of oils and such...
tea tree
Apple cider vinegar
sea buckhorn
castor oil

Here's a recap of my questions for the HFB
1. Does it kill parasite eggs?
2. How can it help/affect my skin?
3. Will it have any affect on the probiotics I am taking?
Thank you so much Angie!

Apr 13, 2012
Killing Parasite Eggs, etc.
by: Angie from

Dear "Seen it with my own eyes,"

If you have trouble handling the "taste" of things, then you most certainly should go with the capsule form. :) HFB powder has a very strong taste because of the herbs. I can tolerate it mixed in grape juice, but it is NOT pleasant tasting, so I don't want to mislead anyone on that point! Grin!

Yes, HFB can kill the eggs too because it has Shavegrass as one of the herbs. This targets the parasite eggs. Clove is also good for killing parasite eggs, which is why it is in the Para 90 capsules.

How can an internal cleanse help a skin condition or parasites in the skin? There is a very common misconception that people have regarding the relationship between what people put in their body to what happens on the epidermis.

Think about this. Do you know anyone with a peanut allergy (or something similar)? If they eat a particular food, they can break out in hives, a terrible rash, eczema type reaction, etc.

This is because our body is a "whole." The entire body is affected by what goes in our eyes, our nose, our mouth, even our skin. We can be poisoned or healed by what goes in and on our body.

By taking antiparasitic herbs internally, you are making your body a place that parasites don't want to be or can't survive. Your body processes the herbs and fiber sending some out through your waste matter and absorbing some into your blood stream to travel throughout your organs and entire system.

Even knowing better, I made that same mistake last year when I had that "killer rash." I concentrated on topical treatments (to no avail) and did not get rid of it until I cleansed internally.

Yes, Herbal Fiberblend will have a negative effect on the probiotics you are taking if you take them together, so don't. Take the probiotics at least 1 hour before or after taking the HFB or any other cleansing herbs you may decide to use.

I'm glad to hear that you ARE taking probiotics because that is really important too. You are giving your body more ammunition to fight with.

I hope that makes sense for you.

P.S. I forgot to comment about the essential oils, etc. If you have already been using all those things in the list you gave with no success, I don't think it will make any difference if you leave them on overnight.

Perhaps you may want to try simply using clove oil mixed with some olive oil and see if that helps topically. If you use the clove oil straight, it may burn/sting, which is why I suggest diluting it with a carrier oil like olive oil (coconut oil is even better if you happen to have access to some).

Apr 19, 2012
lifes been snuffed out by this
by: Anonymous

I have this too and Im now standing in an extremely dark place. I dont have the intestinal problems just the others along with horrible cognitive effects theyve gotten me thrown out of my house and cut off from family insisting im on drugs because after a series of surgeries i was addicted to pain killers bit this was almost a decade ago. the effects these are have on the cognilevel are killing me Im blacking out and losing tine. I also believe ive had a sott of seizure it actually landed me in jail for 3 days.when i was thrown out of my apartment i slept in my truck a couple nites the second day in truck i felt those things shifting in my head and i went to a strange place the closest i could compare it to is a bad acid trip i had in high school the first memories of thus day are still fuzzy i was in a medical center parking lot and i was dreaming and thrashing around the front of my truck until police were called i have broken memories of the kicking and yelling but it felt more like i dreamed it. so my first clear memory is waking up with 3 cop cars around my truck. because of the nature of the complaint they were already thinking drugs. then the cop asked where i was coming from and i realised i had no idea didnt know how or why I had no memory of anything of that day i lost 5 hrs. Time. but the weird thing is the next day i regained these memories over the next day or two to piece it together. so 3 days of under the influence of meth my urine and blood were clean they didnt file and released me. these attacks now come on faster stronger and exponentially stronger than at the beginning. Another cognitive oddly when i have an attack for some reason i beginning moving around in a jumpy way and ill talk to myself out loud in front of people even i know they are watching me do it i know i shouldn't be doing it but my thoughts are so fragmented that i cant concentrate on stopping long enough to stop. Its as if Im only partially in control my thoughts are coming faster know and they get away and suicide entered my head and im not exactly chasing it away.

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