Discussing Hair Parasites

discussing hair parasites

Many of our visitors have been discussing hair parasites for several years. 

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Apr 13, 2011
giovanarossi (at) hotmail (dot) com
by: GI

hello to all... hope you understand my English ( I’m brazilin ) I’ve posted in here before.
I´M SORRY for you all suffer, but I m happy to share this nightmare without feeling shamed or being treated as phobic person.
IT IS very useful share experience, especially to let others know different ways to relief symptoms, and what should be avoided.
However, this is not going to clarify what is really happening. Feels like we are being our own guinea pigs without a sponsor lab…

We must have answers for:

What is this?
How to kill
How to avoid


The specialist of this site are right by telling us to clean up our body’s and increase immune system to combat whatever this may be. It is always a nice idea to get some staff to helps body keep healthy, especially after 30, and drinks and smoke… and in our condition, we should just keep as healthier as we can, as we do not know what we are dealing with.
Continues next
So I understood that for those who are affected is very hard to prove , and for professional we all went to , was easier to say that is mental disorder, or it is just in or mind,. they won’t loose third time researching our case as would not make them famous neither riche, so they just ignore it, braking the docs oath about doing whatever it s possible to save one’s life and as less miserable as possible. Continues...

Apr 13, 2011
Hair ghost size, color, most
by: gi

THEREFORE, I suggest us to create a list with most significant facts and charactericts of this unknown form of life in a way that we are able to compare similar points AND COMPILE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHARACTERISTICS.
Hence we will be able to visualize what items are in need of special attention, ( water, pets , woods, house material, plants, birds, food, fish… clothes material,plastics bugs) whatever appears most in the list , we can track I out and a START a new list about the condition of this picked up issue on every case , to chase how is contaminating us,
The idea is narrow as possibilities as possible, so we can give a more specific idea for some blessed professional make a research and help our illness.

Hair ghost size, color, most common places they grown inside the house,
Skin problems symptoms,
Hair symptoms
How long they sTay
How often they appear
Season of the year

IN an additional, we could describe exactly the way it hapened:
Place (country, city), house materials, if flat which floor
Which pets,birds, flowers, trees, plants , or you have in house or made contact just before the symptoms.
If you live close to a lake, river, sea or wet place.
Place in house more affected,
Clothes materials more contaminated,
Areas in body affected
Whicth symptoms ,like| red marks, wounds, dry sking, change of hair cor skin color.
and lots more,

Apr 13, 2011
by: Psilocelium

I have noticed these hairs before and I know they are not internal parasites as none are present in stools; at least for me.

They do seem to stay in the groin area though which is most bothersome. I intend to get ahold of infectious disease control tomorrow if possible and explain my case to the lady that handled my antibiotic administration when I was laid up in the hospital just recently.

That may have also had something to do with this apparent explosion in population/symptoms.

This lady, Erin Mason, is a doctor for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Mayo is a world renowned health care and research facility that basically sets the Gold Standard in medical research. They have had many breakthroughs in all areas of disease/cancer treatments, not to mention practical healthcare advice. They do somewhat advocate natural remedies as well for what ails you.

I will be sure to post back with any information or tips I get from her.

Hang in there guys, I'm right in this mix with all of you and I know damn well that I am of sound mind and have enough experience in the world of fungi to be able to tell the difference between a piece of hair and a parasite.

I just wish I hadnt sold my microscope the other month..... kinda kicking myself for that right now.....

Apr 18, 2011
hair like parasites
by: M62

I have been infected with hair like parasites since 2008. I have done three internal cleanses. The last one was about four months ago and I passed all kinds of crap. The black hair like worms slowed down but are back full force but not as bad when I initially had them. They are in my left eyes that appear as floaters, they are in my eyelashes, eyebrows, and I have recently discovered them in my ears. I spend about an hour each morning pulling them out of my eyelashes and nose because they cling. I do believe they are causing my allergy problems and thick mucous build up in my nasal passages. I have anal itching 24 hours a day and some times I can feel the larger ones when they come out. There fore, I am constantly washing my genital area for relief. Most of the time I see at least two hair like worms and little specks which are probably eggs. After a tub bath they are usually at the bottom of the tub. Some days there are more than others.
If I do not clean out my nose, eyelashes, and eye brows daily they build up and there could be about eight parasites comming out of my eyelashes.I still have thick eyelashes so my eyelashes are not falling out. I to have collected some of them and examined them under a magnified glass. My diet includeds a lot of fruits and veggies no fast foods or packaged food. They are driving me crazy. I do not have the biting and stinging of the skin with blak specks.

Apr 19, 2011
Thanks for posting
by: Chicago Mike

Just a quick note to say thank you to all of you for the intelligent and informative posts you have recently written. Reading these well written and respectable updates makes me feel more validated when I read them and re assures me that I am not alone or loosing my mind. It is important that we all try to update and contribute any information that we learn so it can be shared with others that are suffering not to mention myself included. I personally feel embarrassed and ashamed that I have these parasites in my life, not knowing if they are contagious, life threatening long term, or incurable. This web site community if you will has helped me a great deal and just wanted to say thank you. Mike-

Apr 20, 2011
by: Chicago Mike

You said you were going to share your pictures that you took, where can I find them? Have you received any more information from you lab results?

Thanks, Mike

Apr 24, 2011
so freaked out!
by: Anonymous in Seattle

I was so relieved yet horrified to find this site with so many others who are describing exactly what ihave been suffering through for about a year now! Everyone, including myself! Had me convinced that I had manifested this "alien parasite" for some unknown reason. I guess I was hoping if I really believed that, it would just stop! But I am really scared that these "things" are going to get into my brain and blood ( if they haven't already ) but mosrly I'm afraid for my kids! Has anyone had any luck getting rid of them?

May 04, 2011
Cleansing from the inside out
by: Anonymous

It is really wonderful to have a place to comment and know we aren't alone with these issues. I started colon cleansing 3 years ago intermitantly.
I have started cleansing washes as of this past February and this, in my opinion, is the best and possibly the only way to really rid yourself of the parasites. I am talking about enemas. using coffee enemas and peroxide enemas at least every other day, sometimes a combination of the two. It is very important though to make sure you are taking extra minerals and probiotics while doing so. I learned of the benefits of this type of cleansing from my father, God rest his soul, while he was alive. He read about the Gersen therapy and how it cured many from cancer as well.
Doctors do not seem to learn or want to know about the natural methods to help us in many ways.
These forums are a wonderful way for us to share what works.
God Bless all of you and I hope any one reading this will start a thorough cleansing continually for yourselves. Don't give up. It takes time but is worth it.
Keep praying.

May 12, 2011
I apologize for my silence
by: BuggysBeGone

Hey Guys...I'm so sorry for my silence. Things here have been very pressed while trying to get professional attention for this, answers to eradicating it, and all the while maintaining a life. All are becoming increasingly difficult. I'm sure many of you can relate.

I'm putting together a website that will explain everything I've done to date as well as the current state of communications (including emails with the CDC, contact efforts with a company that does genome research and DNA testing, and science professors), remedies that worked as well as failed (unfortunately there are much less of the former but there are a few that are showing some promise :), new pictures including shots taken under a microscope, fortunate and unfortunate reactions from sharing this with friends, spiritual treatments, and more.

I promise I will post the web address here as soon as I get it up. Until then, hang in there. I'm praying that the medical community wakes up and stops misdiagnosing people with Delusional Parasitosis just because they don't know (and don't care to find out) what this parasite is. It is real and warrants genuine attention--especially because similar situations are being documented worldwide. Just know that you are not alone and you are not crazy.

You can contact me at BuggysBeGone (at) live (dot) com if you have pictures, information, or remedies you'd like me to share on the site.

Take care,

May 15, 2011
by: kk

I have all the same symptoms! wat is this? my litte sister spent the night one night now she has it. helllp me I'm going insane seriously

Jun 16, 2011
by: at a stand still

As everyone I have most similarities but like most they differ I have lymes disease and have incresingly gotten bad health since Ive contracted it. I got it when I was 11 i just now turned 23 and iam loosing all hope in life and have lost all hope in doctors. IVe had a spinal tap done my tonsils and adnoids taking out and tons of blood tests done but no relief the main thing for all of those were my severe migraines that dibilitate me and cause me to get real sick. I had a son 14months ago and I've not felt more sick in my life. Some Days cnnot even move because of my pain and sickness and also depression. I too do have te white an someone's multicolored hair commingle out of sores on my body and see them travel underneath my skin. Nose is probably my most troublesome part to me. Also my head. I've just started getting acne in the last year when i would get a handful of pimples a year on my face. I can feel them move throughout my body and try to emerge either out of my nose privates ears eyes and top of head. I could go on n on but iam to tired. Tired of everything and losing hope. I'm so young so they say n feel so old so why do i feel.like this? I feel like I'm not able to be the parent my son deserves and feel.like Iam affecting him in that Way and passing parasites to him as well i know when he feels them n its the most painfully thing of all through this whole thing. I refuse to go o any doctor's here anymore because they have made me feel like iam. Crazy n worthless i have no where to turn n noone to talk.to my family has stopped listening to my. Complaints and thoughts on the subject. I now am just fighting for my son to get better so he doesn't have to go through the same thing and so he doesn't have to be without a mom because i feel I'm loosing the battle. I forgot to mention i have a lot of gastrointestinal problems and have for a while. I dont feel.going through all the details r necessary when u all post them so well. I think we should try to get down to the bottom of it so we can get answers to stop spredding them to family n making them multiply.lets investigate like detectives. My. question is what do we all have in common to have contracted them? Places we've been where we live? Backgrounds. Family health history. I need some strength n mbye a different approach can't hurt. I apologize for the mundane forum but I'm at the end of my rope. I'm loosing myself and my mind. I wanna say thank u for posting everything everyone it all helps n this site is amazing and healing it leaves hope.
Chelsea and mom

Jun 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

nice to know im not the only person that see's these things. like ya been to dr. and derma. one thinks scabies other said rosacea and girlfriend just thinks its fuss. but my dog a pitbull by the way sweetest dog i've ever known because i raised her that way started getting bumps under her hair. so i shaved one spot to see what was going on, and almost got kicked by girlfriend when she saw me do it. well anyway was swollen and didnt look right so she brought her to vet and he said she dont have anything and it looked worse to me a week or two later, so i brought her to my home town vet showed him the spots on me and her and he didnt really know so i asked him to do a culture( a test for ringworm that takes a week). well when he called me he said it was ringworm and it is the one that human can get from animals. so after all the dr.'s and meds which cost me a shit load asked if they would write me something for ringworm and they wouldn't so doc. said come take a stool test so i did and came back - then girlfriend said why did doc get you to do that because a stool test can't detect ringworm, girlfrinds a rn. so that cost $235 and she still wouldn't give me med for it so talked to vet family friend and he called in a script for griseofulvin which is made for human's and animals. and finally about to see the end of tunnel ever thing is going away on both of us and finishing up by removeing all carpet and rugs and cleaning and washing cloths. well hope my answer can help you because i know that this crap can really mess with your life and peace of mind Aaron

Jun 16, 2011
I also have the same
by: jen

I live in upstate NY, I have the same my hair falls out by the handfull and moves as if it is alive. I have not noticed anything in my stools. But I am bit all over and my eye brows, eye lashes even have them. I see little white like dots on my eye lashes. They are even in my when I brush my teeth and use sea salt and brush the roof of my mouth with it some come out but by the next time I brush they are back. I been dealing with this for 8 months now. I also have the fabrics in the house full of them, I iron or bake my clothes in oven before I put them on. I also thought I was crazy. My wife actually thought I was over taking my meds or something. My entire family thought I was crazy. I have video of my hair moving I recently posted it on my Facebook. I have researched it for 8 months even staying up all night. I believe that what I may have is bird mites/red mites they are called many different things but I believe they are on everything in my home is infested and I am the chosen host everyone else in my house gets bit here and there but I am covered head to toe. I found a feather in the back yard that was full of them every little piece of the feather was moving like crazy (no wind or anything making it happen) the next day the feather looked a mess. After I get my hair brushed out it starts getting matted right away again. 

Jun 16, 2011
Suggestions for Chelsea (mom)
by: Kate


Have you tried a natural digestive cleanse for a few months? With your specific situation, it sounds like it would do you a world of good. Your gastrointestinal problems could be at the root of your condition, or at the very least making your symptoms more severe.

Try the Herbal Fiberblend mentioned on this site and use it faithfully for at least 3 months.

While you're doing that, you should also try taking the BarleyLife a couple of times per day, too. It's great for nutritional support, but it should help improve your energy levels so that you feel more able to take care of your little boy.

The essential fatty acids in the AIMega would be the third supplement that I'd be taking to support your body. It helps reduce inflammation and aids in strengthening your immune system.

My heart aches for you and the despair you are feeling. Don't lose hope yet. There are still options open for you to try. I can think of a couple of more suggestions that might help, but those three are the ones I'd try first.

If you want more suggestions, just ask. Hope you begin to improve and are on the road to full recovery soon.

Jun 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience and I prayed, took a mixture of vitamin C and Zinc suppliment to boost my immune system, and spayed the scalp with some oil, steamed my hair and made sure it stay moist on the scalp, and I since stopped feeling all the above. it all stopped in 1day. you need to boost the immune system to fight against internal intruders

Jul 01, 2011
See a doctor???? DUH!
by: Anonymous

If I was a betting woman, and sometimes I am, I would bet 90% of more of us on this page have been to the doctor! I don't believe you have read completely all the related stories. I myself have been to see an E.R. doctor, a deneral MD who believe it or not, thought i needed to talk to the shrink, then another doctor & her dermatologist who basically called me a drug addict and entered incorrect information in my visit record, even things we did not discuss, she put into my record, then on to another specialist, who sent me on to another dermatolotist.
So you suggest seeing a SPECIALIST??? My My, why didnt I think of that!!! I wont see just one, I'll see 8 of them by the time I just gave up. Maybe I'll go back to one of those specialists, and get me some really good drugs and see what happens with the whole bottle. I cant see my mother, father, daughter or grandkids anymore, now can I? My Mom & stepdad are the only one that knows about this. I'm 3 states away from them. So, now that I'm completely alone, what do I have to loose? nothing. I've tried everything from salves, super glue, bleach, you name it! It may work one day, believe me, it wont work the next. Go see a specialist. You're funny.

Jul 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's REALLY bad when you wont even cook anymore in your own kitchen because even though you wash every pot, pan, skillet, you still find them on the food. I cant remember the last time I cooked at home, and was able to eat it. Chinese delivery? Let's just say I was really glad I looked at that egg drop-wonton soup, because what I thought was a piece of pork in it, was not. So, looked at the beef and vegtables, dont think so. I got my hand-held microscopes from ebay-wonderful little things. You get to the point where you can pretty much look at them with the naked eye, and tell if they are really bugs or not, really a "hair ball" or not. Talk about freaky, looked at a "hair ball" and as I was looking for the little monster inside of the hairs entwined together, there it was, stairing at me, bigger than life. Talk about an evil looking monster. How do you describe a creature that is see through, but yet it isnt? I've got pictures and slides and everything else you could imagine, but I might as well pitch them, because the doctors dont give a damn. I cant wait until one of them, or one of their loved ones come up with this crap. MAYBE then we'll be recognized. If these things are as "hardy" -not a good word- what I'm trying to say is, just think of what it's gonna be like when someone FINALLY gets this proof plastered on the news. And, why havent they yet? PANDEMONIEUM. yeah, I know, I dont spell so good any more. There's alot of things I cant do so good anymore. Not in this housenold- I'm starting to name all of mine in the house. YOU HAVE TO FIND SOME COMIC RELIEF. After you've dealt with this long enough, you will too, hopefully. What else are you going to do????????

Jul 02, 2011
Nasty little critters!
by: No Critters Allowed!

I have been dealing with these nasty little critters for a few months now and yes it's enough to drive you nuts! I have pulled my hair out in single strands & in clumps just to wind up having a bald spot in the shape of a heart on the back of my head, and I didn't stop the hair moving or the biting / stinging or having a popping noise going on. I did however notice that when I bled & ran my fingernail across it to get it off my head, the blood was specks not fluid & a couple times I got this clump of fleshy like stuff. When I looked at it with the magnifing glass it looked like a tee-tiny worm or cacoon. I wish I had a microscope to really look at it.

Today I accidently stumbled on something that stopped the movement on my head along with the biting / stinging and that nagging popping noise. I was using hand sanitizer when I felt movement on the back of my head. As anyone would I put my hand back there to pat my head so it would stop, but in the palm of my hand was a freshly squeezed glob of good ole hand sanitizer. When the two connected was an eye opener indeed, but within seconds it felt better. So I sat down to see how long it would last, and the was a couple hours ago & there's still no moving, biting / stinging or annoying popping noise going on....think I'll be stocking up on this stuff!!

Jul 05, 2011
A few quick notes on progress and remedies
by: BuggysBeGone

I'm really sorry to see that so many people are experiencing the same things and no one in the medical community has stepped up to seriously investigate these parasites. But as discouraging as it seems to most, I can offer a few words of comfort and perhaps hope.

First, I have to thank the moderators of this site. You guys are wonderful and your genuine care and concern clearly come through. So I'm sure I can speak for many others when I say thank you for all you do!

Kay...here's a quick update on several things:

- The last post talked about a popping noise. That is the first time I've read anything about that but have personally experienced this as well. In the first several months whenever I'd get out of the shower, I'd put my parrot on top of the toilet to dry her off. While I was squatted down drying her, I would feel and hear kind of a snap behind my right knee. It only happened when my legs were bare and after I was squatted down drying her for about a minute. So that was interesting someone else has experienced this too.

- I borrowed a microscope from a science teacher near me. He let me take it home and keep it for several weeks. What I've been able to capture on video is pretty good stuff. I recently was able to shoot a pretty good video of the "lint" that floats with some sort of intelligence. It shows what I believe is arteries and intestines pretty clearly.

Jul 05, 2011
A few quick notes on progress and remedies
by: BuggysBeGone

- Please be careful about the chemicals you use. Not much affects this thing so you may be hurting yourself more than you know without really affecting the parasite. Two things I found that definitely work on killing or at least weakening it are WIN High Performance Laundry Detergent and Dove Cool Moisture shampoo and conditioner. The WIN unfortunately has been discontinued and I can't find anywhere that still sells it. The company seemed to go out of business so I can't even find out its ingredients. Please let me know if you find it anywhere for sale. The Dove, on the other hand, is readily available! When I first started using it a few years ago, I loved it because it made my hair so shiny. But I stopped using it because it made my hair fall out by the handfull in the shower. But when I started noticing my hair not acting like normal hair, I put the two together and realized it was just the Dove helping my body get rid of them. Since I've learned they hate it, I started using the conditioner as a lotion as well. I'd venture to say putting it on your skin is far less dangerous than many other chemicals.

- The reader who posted about you must treat them from the inside is right. I've tried several cleanse products with no luck. I recently heard about the Rife Machine and bio-frequency therapy. I looked into it and tried one and was delighted to see it helped. I'm looking into buying one to continue my treatments. The one I used was called a Wellness Pro 2010 and it has a pre-programmed code for the frequencies that target parasites.

- Finally, I have a contact at the CDC who said she would look at my pictures. If you have any pictures or videos you'd like me to consider submitting too, please post them on YouTube and I will try to include it.

Hang in there. I know this is total hell to deal with. The most important thing is not to let it consume you. It's VERY easy to become obsessed with learning about and getting rid of it, and as a result lost a lot of the quality in your life. We have to work on this together and I believe we will find a solution. Please let me know if you know of a scientist or University that I could contact and I'll reach out to them about it asap!

Take care,

Jul 05, 2011
If someone would like to write to me
by: Ariel

I have good news for some of us: I guess, I can say that self-control really has to do something with the control we may get over this creature.

How do I know? Is easy: The most that you become unable to confront them, the most they seem to infest and disturb your life. In the other hand, the most you are having a good control and you are not letting them participate in every action that you do, the less that they appear or seems to disturb you.

Am I really noticing this? or it is just my imagination? Obviously, it has to do with the way we live... it has to do with the quality and sanitation and the "rightness of our way of living"... probably. I am sending my best wishes to you all...Sorry, English is not my linguaje.

Aug 01, 2011
паразити кто косми
by: Genko

аз имам от тези,май само мас и сира ги маха.
акарол састо.незнам нисто за махне от жилисхтето.
Халек е времена работа.Ндиужм н зимата... .минажат през вените без да има крьв.Боли на жлизане.Работа на Б.спец отриади-бивши мутри.Както каза г/н Михов д оставиме сл. да си сварсхат тихо работата.махнете се от тук и ще се отаржете от престапни намерениа на власта.

Aug 01, 2011
by: Anonymous


Aug 11, 2011
by: BuggysBeGone

Posts from people across the world in forums like this are painting similar pictures of what it is like to cope with this parasite. They report commonly struggling with substantial monetary investments for unsuccessful extermination, deterioration of lifestyles, and visits to medical professionals that only result in poor dismissals and misdiagnoses. Granted, some people are rightfully diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis, but many people are wrongfully being dismissed with the same when they are, in fact, dealing with a legitimate unknown parasite.

Perhaps one reason why doctors use this diagnosis is because the parasite is beyond his/her knowledge and professional experience. In their defense, doctors must frequently make diagnoses based on three things: medical knowledge, professional experience, and personal opinions. Since this is an unknown organism, it would not have any published acknowledgement, research, or medical evidence. Therefore, it is understandable why doctors would believe and diagnose patients as delusional.

It is, however, harder to understand why doctors would wrongfully dismiss patients with the same diagnosis after being presented with believable proof and sufficient samples. Perhaps this is happening because the doctor is not interested (or willing) to research it any further. Or perhaps it is because Delusional Parasitosis effectively protects doctors from medical malpractice (most courts would not argue that this is a valid medical opinion based on the absence of medical research and recognition). Or perhaps there are very few doctors are willing to risk their reputations and ask legitimate authorities (like the CDC) to investigate an unknown parasite that is so "sci-fi" in nature (can you hear how absurd that call would sound?).

Regardless of the reason, doctors have taken an oath to administer warranted medical attention and inform medical authorities about real and potential health conditions. Both of which are being completely disregarded and replaced with a conscious misdiagnosis despite being provided sufficient proof.

Aug 11, 2011
by: BuggysBeGone

What is even more disturbing is to learn that different sources on the Internet document how the CDC has known of this parasite for over a decade without public acknowledgment! (See an example at http://www.naturalginesis.com/info_parasites.html (2007).)

So why would they keep quiet about a potential health hazard that they know exists and is rapidly spreading? One guess is that they are rightfully trying to avoid mass panic. Imagine this: global news broadcasts how the CDC just announced a new human parasite. They state that the parasite already lives in the majority of our homes and then begin describing this sci-fi bug and all of its forms (like flying and biting, burrowing in your skin, floating intelligently, swimming in the bath, internal/external fibrous strands that are made of unknown material or external fibers that animate movement like a snake). They also share how it rapidly reproduces and lives in many kinds of fibrous material throughout our homes (including clothes, furniture, and beds). They finish with how they’ve learned of certain chemicals that can stun or weaken it, but that presently there are no known treatments that can effectively kill it without also killing people and animals. Can you imagine the mass panic that would occur all over the world and how people would simply avoid going in public altogether?

Other reasons why they have kept it quiet include:
* They want to have an effective cure before they announce it to the public.
* They're ignoring it as a real threat because they're sure that someone else (a victim, researcher, etc.) will eventually find what works just so they can swoop in and announce there's a new disease but it has a cure.
* Or worse, perhaps they--themselves--are the ones who created it and are responsible for accidentally exposing it to the public. So, they're taking advantage of a "fortunate" accident because it allows them to study public exposure to biological warfare. (I'm sorry...if this is the case, I never signed up to be a test subject!)

Clearly there are countless conspiracy theories out there as to why they have kept quiet. But the fact is:

REGARDLESS of their reasons, the CDC has an ethical responsibility to let the public know of any potential health concerns—with or without known solutions—and advise on known preventions/interventions in order to help us avoid potential epidemics.

Aug 12, 2011
parisites or something in my hair
by: Anonymous

I have Morgellons disease I have videa footage of these parasites, non parasites camoflaging themselves or better acting like chameleons. i dont know what to do

Aug 15, 2011
by: morgellons suffereer

it is possible you have morgellons disease.. the cotton strand or fiber is one stage of this horrid disease,,,ifn unchecked it is deadly it will grow and take over and alter your body,, you n=may see that it is replacing your hair,, i believe it starts out next to a hair follicle and eventuallyn kills and replaces the hair...there are different protocals to help you,,,, good luck,,,,IF YOU TAKE A Q TIP HOLD IT UNDER A LIGHT AND A MAGNIFYING GLASS YOU WILL SEE THESE STRANGE FIBERS USUALLY ON THE END OF THE TIP STICKING OUT,, IF YOU OBSERVE THEM CLOSELY YOU WILL PROBABLY SEE THEM MOVE.. SCARY STUFF IT IS IN ALMOST ALL COTTON INCLUDING MEDICINE CONTAINERS,CLOTHING

Aug 18, 2011
to Morgellons Sufferer
by: BuggysBeGone

Thanks for the heads up. You are very right about all of it. It is definitely in my hair now and I can tell the difference because the "fibers" are much thinner and usually shorter.

What are the treatments you've found? So far I haven't heard of anything that can stop it in the early stages.

Thanks again for posting.

Aug 18, 2011
sleeping questions...
by: Chicago Mike

Often when I lay down to go to bed or take a nap, a few minutes after laying down and before I fall asleep, I can feel small worm like movements spring out of my scalp or eye brows and trail down my forehead and face and usually going to my eyes or just trailing down my face. When I go to wipe them away, or grab them with my thumb and forefinger, It feels oily. Has anyone else felt this sensation while resting in a dark room?
Thanks, Chicago Mike-

PS: In the past when I get really itchy in my scalp and body, I have used flea and tick dog shampoo, and that has helped somewhat.

Sep 26, 2011
Parasite that looks like hair - Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have been dealing with this things that I have read in this post also, except for I never have found them in my stool, the ones I have almost always are coming out of my skin-kinda like acne- but typically not acne just these hairs- although they are VERY oily but I get them so much- like non stop for about 3 years or more, I have gone to doctors- even dermatologists that I was so hoping would be able to help. But most people just are not very sympathetic to my situation because I use drugs-mainly meth and I'm sure a lot of you if you read this will have some shit to say about me using meth also- that's pretty much how the internet is I know. So they just think I am delusional and "picking because I'm a t tweaker" and don't believe when I tell them that I believe (really I know) that these things are alive. If you look at them with the light behind them especially when they first come out of my skin you can see them move like a snake in pain. If you have stuff coming out of your skin that looks like hair but thinner- and feel like stuff is crawling on you a lot, and batches of these long often curly fibers- looks a whole lot like cotton fibers, they seem to float away into the air ofter, and grow at a ridiculously fast rate and are wondering if it may be alive because you see strange movements from it after it's out of your skin but your still not sure if it's alive or more like spring tension unwinding (in case people are telling you this or something similar, saying your crazy) then watch how it reacts if you take a long one and with some tweezers take one that you suspect is alive (shortly after coming out of your skin) and with the tweezers grab toward the center of it and dip it's "head/tail" in to a little peroxide and see if it looks as though it is experiencing pain and freaks out like mine do. And then try it to a known cotton fiber or a hair- because hair and fibers don't react like that!

Oct 18, 2011
to the person above
by: Depresed

Hi, I have this too and it all started when I was using amphetamine and I guess my immune system got so weak that it couldn't fight this thread crap. I'm 16 and I don't wanna go to school because of this, soon I will have to go to court and I might not live in my house anymore :'(. It makes me cry reading that people have this for 3 years and nothing helped them, thinking that I'm stuck with this for the rest of my life makes me so depresed!!!
BuggysBeGone - you were gonna post the pictures and videos and nothing. :( and getridofit deleted the post about this disease. I'm soo hopeless sometimes I just want to die... the worse thing is that I don't have support from ANYONE, even my own mother tells this to everyone and they think its because of the drugs but I don't use that anymore... well I even can't because it makes it much worse. I don't wanna stay in the house coz of all the threads flying into my nose and its so itchy, but when I go outside the little flies from the outside fly into my hair :( insects attract insects. Why is noone writing any comments anymore?

Oct 18, 2011
re: last post
by: Chicago Mike

Bugsys pictures come up when you google his/her bugsy full name. If they are really getting to you, take a shower, vacumme evreything you can think of, couch, mattress, change your bed sheets, etc...Put rubing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray your fabrics to try to kill them on contact.
I hope this helps somewhat, I'm sure someone will reach out to you on here when ever you ask for help, I know I will always try to help when I can. Ask your mom to keep the information confidential since it's a very personal matter. Remember to google bugsybegone to check out the picture, make sure you get the correct spelling though. Chicago Mike-

Oct 18, 2011
Copy and Paste links to pictures by BuggysBeGone
by: Chicago Mike

Here are links to see pictures that Busysbegone has worked on,; I hope this helps.




Oct 20, 2011
my cure
by: Anonymous

If anyone thinks they have morgellons my fiancee and I did and we cured it by taking Doxycycline Monohydrate and Prednisone. My dermatologist recommended that and it got rid of it 100%. We know what it is like to feel helpless. We tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Natural and Chemical cures. This was the only thing to do it. It gets rid of any kind of parasite. Ask your doctors about it! It could save you too! Good luck to you all :) Thanks for all of the advice.

P.S. Also it turns out that it is made worse by stress so the less you worry the better you get! Kind of like Shingles. Hope this helps!

Oct 22, 2011
my cure dosage
by: mike

What were the dosages of the medication? Did they give it a name?

Oct 23, 2011
See a doctor!!! D U H
by: Anonymous

PLEASE, dont tell me to go see a doctor. You think we're in grade school here??? I've been going to the ER, to dermatologists, to general md's for the last year. See the page on Morgellons, and read up. See a doctor. Oh really. Anyway, to those people out there who really have a brain, and who are suffering from this, YES, you are correct. They do exist. Go to the doctor with these open lesions and you'll be treated like a meth/drug addict, the doctors will tell you that you are doing the sores to yourself, and you will be diagnoses with delusional parasitis. Some idiot even went as far as saying that we are pushing these things back into our skin. You can see that idiot if you want to google "morgellons videos".

Oct 29, 2011
parasite like hair
by: Anonymous

Hi My name is Steve I to have been dealing with a parasite that looks like hair.The one's I was dealing with looked like shining glitter in the shower when I was shaving my entire body and they are more active in the shadow's and at night. I have found a way to rid myself of them,I figured out what mine are and how I got them mine are ultimately Bird ticks they do not like light and are attracted to moisture it sounds crazy but I've been told that by 3 doctors at the emergency and a phycatrist the chemical is called permethrin this is in a cream that doctors will prescribe in a extreme case of scabies and it's also in black flags flee and tick killer and drop dead flea and tick killer. there is also a powder that you can purchase at a feed store it's called garden and poultry dust lot#47000-149. now this has been working for me.now it's not to say that it will work for you.and I'm not saying that you have what I have I know that you have wrote down that you have tried many and some dangerous enzymes.But ask your doctor if He or She can prescribe permethrin and even fumigate your home.

Oct 31, 2011
I have these
by: BobbieTheGirl

I have been plagued with these hair like strands for about 8 years now. In the beginning they acted differently than today. They exit anywhere they please, especially painful when exiting directly and lengthwise through the skin. It could happen in seconds. I felt the pain before they surfaced. They came up as a long organized line of dark dots (sometimes 2 paralel lines)that became larger until bursting through (felt like a lightning strike). The "hairs" would be perfectly folding in a zig-zag which would eventually relax and look like a hair. It would leave stitch like marks in my skin that looked like something one would apply for Halloween. I know tapeworms are folded up like that. They have exited everywhere and continue from mucous membranes. I feel them under my skin twitching and moving about still.

I was diagnosed with Morgellons many years ago and it was absolute HELL. Ungodly things happened, while I lost my hair and eventually my teeth. I'm glad to say I am much better today and have not had those horrible leisons in years.

Two things happened before I became ill. One was working in horrific filth I will not even try to explain or describe, only to say the bio-toxin exposure was off the chart. Second was an extreme exposure to a pesticide.

I have been using all kinds of anti-parasitic herbs, detox, and cleanses this whole time. Kaiser has chosen to call me crazy and refuse ANY KIND of treatment. Actually seems as though no doctors in the US will treat for parasites at all - I've tried.

I have not tried the product mentioned here, but will.

If you have read this far, you have the same issue. God Bless, and good wishes to all who are suffering. I'm praying for us all.

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