Now my medical record says that I need psych appt. and psych medicines...

by Jane
(Cleveland, OH)

It's Good To Know I'm Not Alone!

It's Good To Know I'm Not Alone!

I'm sorry I don't have a specific question, but I wanted to let everyone know it gave me strength to read the earlier postings.

I have been feeling so alone and isolated because I have not let anyone know of this problem except for my sister.

I share the pain and frustration of the previous posters. I have many of the symptoms exactly as have been described and told the doctors that I feel like I'm living in a Stephen King novel where an alien is living inside me but no one believes me.

I believe I contracted a tapeworm from a neighbor's puppy they brought home from the pound earlier this year. I have seen a section of tapeworm in my toilet. I have "things" that crawl out of my and up my body into my clothes.

When I feel them in different places as they move up my body, I also use packing tape to remove as many as I can as did one of the earlier writers.

On the tape, appearing larger than what must be the normal skin debris background, are very tiny, very white, oblong things. It is unnerving to see how many there are.

I have pictures of my clothing covered with them. They have spread to other clothing that I have not even worn yet. I found the fuzzy inside of my winter boots now has them and it must be because the winter coat I wear every day hangs above them in the same closet.

I am now washing each load of my clothes with 1-1/2 bottles of 91% rubbing alcohol added with the laundry detergent. That helps remove more than detergent and hot water alone, but not all. I will try adding the 20 Mule Team Borax as was recommended in an earlier post.

These little things attach to fabric so tightly that when I tweezer them off, I can hear the ripping of thread. They also wind themselves up in long threads attached only at one end so that they appear to be a ball at the end of that thread. I have seen them wiggle the end of the thread.

I spend hours picking them off my clothes and then in a few hours, more have shown up on what I thought was cleaned. My theory is that some of them were inside the fabric and worked their way to the surface.

These little things create what appears to be an unhealthy, whitish, skin covering in a very short amount of time over the two sides of my mouth where they burrow.

At first, I didn't realize that was happening until I felt one on my face and watched in a mirror until it slowly disappeared into the skin beside my mouth.

I started using the little, individually wrapped alcohol swabs to wipe the sides of my mouth until it removed that whitish top skin covering and irritated roundish, yellow things enough to come back out of the area leaving little, tunnel-type holes.

The alcohol wipes were drying my skin which one Infectious Disease doctor blamed entirely for the skin problem in that area.

I was going to CVS to pick up multiple boxes of the alcohol wipes and noticed Witchhazel Cleansing Pads. I picked up a box to try it. What a blessing that has been. Now that I am regularly wiping with witch-hazel during the day, one side of my mouth is almost healed with normal skin. I have to wipe in the morning to remove the ones that went into my skin while I was asleep.

I vacuum my bed and pillow cases every night. I was taking two showers a day, but that was drying my skin too badly. I now also vacuum my body on days when it has been particularly bad during the day.

Usually just using clean pajamas every night allows me 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. There are still occasionally nights where I have woken up, usually around 3:00 to 3:30 a.m. and have had to use tape on areas where I feel the movement. It is so sad to me that no matter how tired I feel, I cannot think of my bed as the haven it used to be.

I am now finding some little black things and the yellowish things around the house. I do not have a dishwasher so, after finding three of the yellowish things on the edge of my drinking glass after washing it, I soaked my dish sponges in boiling water in a bowl. At the bottom of the bowl after I took the sponges out, were many little black things that had apparently been in my sponge. (I'm wondering if the black things may be the yellowish things that died.)

I have had several "Ova and Parasite" stool tests done. Each time it came back with "Negative for Worms" results I became more upset.

How could the lab not see that I had something living in me? All of the submitted stool samples had either sections of white worm in it, little brown round pill-shaped things with a striated circle inside it, or even popcorn
kernel shapes - one of which had a little white worm coming out of it.

It wasn't until I went to the Emergency Room in desperation that the ER doctor admitted to me that the "Ova and Parasite" stool tests only detect two types of worms and not tapeworms yet that was the test repeatedly ordered for me even after I told the doctors that I had seen a section of it in my toilet because my hospital does not have a stool test for tapeworms.

When I saw the second Infectious Disease doctor in the same practice, I felt they had read my file and formed their opinion before I even saw them. She also said that I needed to have a psych appointment.

I told her also that because these things were physically on me and I wasn't dealing with a "neurosis" (their word), I was not going to a psych appointment.

I left that second appointment feeling so hopeless. I did not know where to turn. This has been the most terrible time of my life. I was very disappointed to read an earlier post that having received a Delusional Parasitosis diagnosis can prevent someone from pursuing malpractice claims because there is a potential of developing cysts in organs when going undiagnosed and under-treated for too long.

In researching on the internet, I came across Parasitology Center Inc. where I ordered a parasite stool testing kit that is supposed to test for tapeworms. When I receive it, I send my stool sample back to them and they will return the results to my doctor.

I have read that herbal cleanses may kill an adult tapeworm but not take care of the reinfection which is what causes the cysts so I have an appointment in a little over a month with an infectious disease doctor at a different hospital system.

I wish everyone the best of luck in obtaining the correct diagnosis and treatment.


Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I'm a Cleveland born girl myself, though no longer living in that region.

I'm very glad that you have found some semblance of encouragement here just to know that you are not alone. Just having someone to talk to can be a blessing.

I'm also glad you mentioned the witch-hazel and how it has helped. I haven't thought about witch hazel in years, but it is helpful for a variety of skin issues. It's good to be reminded of it.

Because you have been putting drying agents on your skin let me suggest that you get some organic coconut oil to massage into your skin. You can probably find it locally, but I've bought it also at Puritan's Pride.

Cold pressed organic coconut oil is excellent for your skin for a variety of reasons. Not only will it help to moisturize and nourish your skin, but it is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. In other words, it should help fight whatever it is you are dealing with. That's a big plus.

You mentioned your concern over the herbal cleanses not killing and eliminating all the stages of the parasite life cycle. This is true in many cases. You need to use the right combination of ingredients to tackle a wide variety of parasites as well as their various life stages.

For example, clove kills the eggs, while black walnut hull and wormwood kill the adults. For tapeworm, in particular, pumpkin seed is a good option.

I wouldn't wait another month if I were in your shoes, but would get started now with a good quality internal cleanse. Perhaps by the time your appointment rolls around you would be considerably better.

Will you let me suggest a protocol for you? If you can afford it, this is what I would take in your situation....

  • Para 90 - 3 capsules three times a day for one full month. That means you'd need 3 bottles (currently $18 each).

  • Herbal Fiberblend - morning and evening; starting with 1 tsp. at a time and working up to 1 Tbsp. for at least one month (longer would be better to ensure you don't get a re-infestation). You'll need at least 1 pot for a month (currently $33 each).

  • Barley Life - 1 tsp. in water or juice twice per day (mid-morning and mid-afternoon, ideally on an empty stomach). One family-sized pot should last you well over a month (currently $46 each).

  • AIMega - 2 capsules twice per day with meals. One bottle will last one month (currently $24).

I realize that seems like a lot, but it is well worth it if you can manage it. The total cost of the above protocol would be $157.00 plus the postage (probably around $10 to Cleveland).

I can also assure you (having dealt with this company for several years) that the supplements come with a money back guarantee, so you don't have anything to lose.

No matter how little or how much you decide to order, you can get the wholesale prices with my discount if you use this US Order Form.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Angie from

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May 28, 2015
Help from an unexpected source...
by: Angie from

Dear Jane,
I'm so happy to hear that you finally have found someone who is able to give you some definite help.

Your comments just reinforce what I have been telling people for several years now. They need to cleanse their body internally and build the immune system if they want real and lasting results.

Sadly the medical profession is of very little help in this area as they are not trained in the basics of good health as a general rule.

That's why I am always suggesting a full and thorough cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and immune system boosting supplements for several months to turn around not only symptoms but the underlying quality of your health.

I do sincerely wish you the best and hope you see long lasting results after following the regimen that this chiropractor has outlined for you.


May 21, 2015
It's been over 2 years now and SIX ID doctors!
by: Jane

Hi Angie,

Thank you for sending me the link to my 2013 comment. I had lost it. What a nightmare this is. I have been to 6 ID doctors who all say that they have dealt with tapeworms before, but do not know the symptoms and say the ones I tell them are impossible. (Researching the doctors' profiles let me know that 5 of them attended the same University for their ID training. I think the curriculum needs updating.)

My medical file is now showing "delusion" in several places. It is funny that the doctors that do believe me are not ID doctors and have nothing to lose by recognizing something is wrong. They tell me that I need to leave the state of Ohio and even the U.S. and seek treatment elsewhere.

I read other people's comments and many are going through the exact same things I am going through. What is this? Mass delusion by ESP? I am joking about it but it is pathetic how impossible it is to get treated for this. First I was told that I needed a referral and lab tests, but if you read my earlier 2013 comment, the ER doctor told me that my hospital does not test for tapeworms in their O&P test so how can I get a positive test to go for treatment somewhere with the knowledge to do so?

I now have the parasite in my urine. Small, soft white things that I first noticed in January of 2014 now jam my urine. It has changed my urine pattern. My urologist took a sample of my urine and looked at it himself under a microscope and wrote my PCP that he had seen something and that I needed a referral to a parasitologist.

Thinking that I would now finally be sent to a doctor that really would know how to fix this, I was very happy. When I did get in the next time for an appt. with my PCP, 3 weeks after my urologist's note was sent to her, she denied he had said that to her. When I told her that I knew that he had because he had called me to let me know about it, my PCP was angry with the urologist. She said "Why would he say he saw those things if the lab said they didn't see them?" I said "Maybe because he looked at them himself with a microscope."

A friend recommended a chiropractor that knew about parasites and I had my first appointment with him today. He was so accepting and understanding about parasites that I thought I must be dreaming. He said that doctors do not know about parasites and Lyme Disease. He said he is treating patients that have Lyme Disease that were told by their doctors that there is no Lyme Disease in Ohio.

He is starting me on 4 different dietary supplements and told me that I am so infested that it will take several months of treatment to clear it up. He said because of the various egg/worm cycles the worms go through, we will have to keep checking to make sure it is actually cleared up. After that, he will help me rebuild my immune system. I have 0 neutrophils that kill and my IgG levels are way below normal. My blood sugars have gone from a 7 to 10. (My endocrinologist said that parasites in your body can cause that to happen.) The chiropractor will also help me bring those all back under control.

I still don't know if this is the beginning of a success story or just another chapter in a long string of disappointments, but I am feeling the first glimmer of hope in a long, long, time because of my appointment. I want to suggest that people dealing with this, if they aren't lucky enough to have a wonderful ID doctor as I read about in another comment, should check out chiropractors in their area.

What an apt word that I see I am to type to prove I'm human: STRIFE!

My heart goes out to all the sufferers.


Dec 01, 2013
Send a private email to me...
by: Angie from

Hi Jane,

I'm very happy to be of help in any way I can. You are welcome to email me directly at angie (at) allaboutparasites (dot) com with your list of medications and any other personal info that you don't want to post publicly.

Incidentally, if your immune system is as low as you suspect, you might be better getting the full Garden Trio, instead of just the BarleyLife (if you can afford it).

The Just Carrots and the Redibeets will provide an additional nutritional boost to your immune system, but also the Redibeets is an excellent natural liver cleanser which will aid in detoxifying your system and enabling your body to heal.

If you decide to go that route, you'll save a few dollars on the price, and you'll also get free postage on your order, if that helps.


Dec 01, 2013
I appreciate your advice
by: Jane

Hi Angie,

Thank you very much for your recommendations. I was just looking at the order form for the Herbal Fiberblend after reading your reply to the woman with chronic constipation. I also have had that my whole life so it seems that between that and the fact that I have almost no immune system, I am the perfect hostess for my very unwelcome guest - the parasite. I will order all of the things you recommend. I am glad they will probably arrive after I have finished the parasite stool test I am starting because I do not want to skew the results.

I do take a lot of medicines (both prescription and other). How would I submit them for you to check for any incompatibilities with what you have recommended?

Thank you again.


Nov 29, 2013
Why Try The Protocol Above?
by: Angie from

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to add a couple of other clarifying points. ;)

The reasons why I would suggest that specific protocol combination above for you are two-fold.

First, (Para 90 & Herbal Fiberblend) to ensure you get the full range of cleansing herbs to kill the widest range of parasites in all stages of their life cycle as well as the fiber to help sweep out the dead and dying parasites from your body as quickly as possible.

Second, (BarleyLife & AIMega) to boost your immune system in the simplest and most efficient way possible through real food sources - the green whole food supplement of Barley Life and the essential fatty acids in AIMega.

Basically, those are choc full of what I call "cell food" that helps your body repair damaged cells, create new healthy cells, reduce inflammation in the body, balance your pH levels, etc. It's the best all around way to nourish your immune system.

I know you didn't technically ask a question, but I read every single submission to my site and my heart aches for each one of you who are suffering.

I can't help but offer you the best information I can to help you win your battle against the parasites that may be afflicting you and help to return you to good health.

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