Burrowing Hair Parasites

burrowing hair parasites

Burrowing hair parasites have become a concern to many individuals around the world.  How do I know?  Because they tell us all about it here at allaboutparasites.com.

Many lives are being damaged and people are suffering emotionally as well as physically while they look for answers and solutions when the medical profession labels them all as delusional or crazy.

While it is true that delusional parasitosis is a real phenomenon, it is usually the result of a nerve disorder (neurological) or the side effects from drug use (either recreational or prescription). 

I've personally seen the effect of prescription medications causing the patient to see and/or feel bugs crawling all over them or around the room.

This is NOT what we are talking about here. 

In recent years there has emerged a growing number of people who feel like they are being attacked by alien parasites, weird burrowing hair parasites in their skin, etc.

These people are not on any medication, nor have they been taking recreational drugs.  They were living "normal" and often "healthy" lives until they suddenly started to experience strange symptoms.

It's been my observation that often times this onset occurred after a recent attack on the immune system, and that many people are able to conquer their burrowing hair parasites issue by cleansing their body naturally with herbal supplements and boosting the immune system with nutritional support. 

It's not a quick fix and takes dedicated persistent effort, but it has been quite effective in most cases.  If you'd like to consider this natural protocol, you can read more about it here...

Because the majority of the mainstream medical profession is ignoring this problem of burrowing hair parasites and even demonizing the victims of this condition, many people have come here to have their say, seek help, find others who are suffering so they know they are not alone, and encourage each other in their journey to health.

We have numerous (hundreds!) pages written by visitors to this site, and sometimes the comments have had to be added to a new page like this one so that the page can load in a decent amount of time. 

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Dec 16, 2011
I feel everyone's pain...
by: Anonymous Me

Ok I have seen both the white bug and the black bug. The white bug burrows into your skin and when you scratch your skin that's when it manifest itself into this white hair or blond hair. Now what I've noticed there some disk oration of the skin. It usually looks like a little lighter than your skin color and its blotchy. The black or brown bug that I have seen in my hair which I believe those are the ones that are flying around your hair making it seem like its moving by itself and they burrow themselves I your scalp and when you scratch they come out as the black hair floating around. Now I' saw first hand last night how it is done. I scratched my head the black one came flying out and I scratched my arm where the blotchy skin is and the white worm came out they work together and they form this cotton like thing and they stick to the walls, ceilings, trash cans anything hard surface and they wait until your just around and they drop off the ceiling, doors, television and fly over to you and get on your Clothes, skin, shoes hair whatever they can get on and they you go. The nuisance starts, the itching of the skin and hair. I wiped my face coarsely because I felt something brush by it like it was a nat or something, it look like a piece of hair or fibre. I watched it go strait to the wall. I did again and watched it shoot so quickly to the ceiling. Now here is the kicker. Check out your walls and ceilings or anything else and you will not blotchy yellow patches (if you have light colored walls)that look like the ones on your skin. If you really look at them you will see these patches move around. That freaked me out. They also when dropping from the ceiling go into the carpet hence is why your feet itches. Now they on your feet, your bed and your furniture.Now that is when they go back to being the bug. Check out your feet and ankles and legs. The blotchy patches will be the little almost microscopic white bug and the black bug you will see all over. I know this sounds crazy but believe me I'm still tripping. They come out more at night because I believe they do not care to much for daylight although I do see them sometimes in the day. I guess they are really getting bolder and braver. They love ears, eyelashes, eyebrows, your face and even your lips. I don't know what to do about this. My husband tells me it's my nerves so I can't talk to him about it and my mother made me go talk to someone because she thinks I'm having a breakdown. I have been to emergency on I don't how many occasions and only to no avail. The same with dermatologist again no help. I had something long come out in my urine that looked like a worm. Ahhhhhh I'm so frustrated. Oh by the way, the bottom of my feet are blotchy and so our my hands. Ok..whew I'm glad I got that out. We have to ban together and do something about this. I can't live like this anymore. It has been three years for me but I actually so all the above last night.

Dec 25, 2011
Lysol Complete Clean Kills Them
by: Anonymous

Put 1 cup in a gallon hand pump garden sprayer and spray ceilings, then walls, and finally, clean your rug with it. I take a bath in 1 cup of the Lysol and they are floating dead everywhere. Boil your clothes to kill them and their eggs. Soak in the washer in Lysol and then wash. I dry everything for a long time and carefully clean the dryer door and lint trap as the dryer seems to be an environment they like.

Jan 10, 2012
something like that in my hair too
by: Anonymous

I have seen my hair stand up and very slowly move from side to side and a fume is coming out of the hair. But is seems that I have some very thick black like hairs in my head that are the ones that are doing this. any idea what it could be?

Jan 16, 2012
Crazy Hair
by: Angel

I hate to sleep in my bedroom because I feel them the worst in there. Well, my son came to visit, so I had to give up the living room. I was just about to fall asleep when I feel like someone just took some powder and blew it up my nose. I stood upright quickly and blew the stuff out of my nose. What I think happened was the parasite knows I don't sleep in there often and would die without a host. So,some kind of egg sack exploaded into my nose. I had a difficult time breaking the next day like some of it traveled into my lungs. I believe that it gets on the ceiling because there are black bugs on the ceiling in the shower. Somehow I even found a long hair on the wall about 6-7 feet up the wall. Which is pretty creepy. I've actually seen my hair jump or scoot in the sink trying to get out. What helps me with the biting and stinging is to put my hair in a cap. You know those plastic caps so your hair doesn't get wet? I wear those all the time. They bite me head sometimes, but they do not spread all over my body. When I need to go out I wear a hat or something that keep my hair up. I do this to keep from spreading it and I also do it because my hair seems to be attracted to whatever I am eating or drinking. It probably wants to be ingested to start the cycle again. I too have moles on my arm where my rash first started. They come in two's. I used to get sores on my stomach, head, and near pubic area, but I haven't had those in awhile. I bathe in Sea Salt and lots of stuff came out of me in the tub. I do that once or twice a week and it feels so relaxing. I actually feel clean when I get out. Then I put on some cheap desitin baby ointment with Zinc only in areas that need to be moisture resistant. For instance my arms for me. when I sleep i drool more than I normally do and that drool is very toxic. It goes into my arm and infects me. So, if i put the desitin on my arms it resists entering my skin and I tend to sleeep better. I have to wash my blankets every other day not to feel itchy with 20 Team Mule power borax. You can get this stuff at target. the borax is only 2.99 for a box. I put 1 1/2 cups in the laundry to kill them. It works pretty good. I will not however put that in my room or around the house as it irritates my lungs very badly.The desitin is only 5 or 6 dollars. I am not a promoter of this stuff like I see some people on here. I just promised God if he healed me or helped me I would help others. Has anyone else bought a black light. I am afraid to get one. I'm not so sure I could handle what I see.

Jan 16, 2012
Blanket Fuzzies
by: angel

I forgot to add that I received a new red blanket for xmas. it is very soft and warm, but I notice that these red fibers seem to be attracted to my skin. Since the blanket is red i can see the little fibers on my face, arms, etc. Do you think that the bugs get into the blanket and mate and then infect me? Should I ditch the blanket. I hate to do that.

Jan 16, 2012
Packing Tape catches Thousands
by: Anonymous

Just a note to everyone regarding wearing a cap on your head. I have noticed that my face feels like stuff is crawling more now. I think because I am using a new shampoo with NEEM Oil. I think they are leaving my head and trying to find elsewhere to locate. My face is naturally the next stop. So, I put a little bit of the organic shampoo on my face and it's ok for a few hours. I will then have to reapply. I think there are thousands of very small bugs/bacteria or something on my hair because after I put the cap on my head as an extra percaution I taped it with clear packing tape all around so that NOTHING could get out. WELL, the next day where the tape was was covered in white dots by the thousands. So, when I have no access to wash my face, I just take some packing tape to my face and pull those suckers off. I don't know if the glue is safe to have on my skin, but sometimes I am just too tired to care.

Jan 17, 2012
So glad I found this!!!
by: Anonymous

I have been to several docs about this... It literally got me sent to the psych ward by family members... and yet all I think is you are flippin crazy if you don't see those odd hair stuff floating around everywhere!!! I have noticed similar things that have happened to me in previous posts... I shave and a bit later HAIR what in the worrrrld?! Has anyone else noticed when you sweat it gets worse? Has anyone else felt like it "transfers" like you'll feel a "sting" or itch and rub it notice the "hairs" in that area leave but then it will sting quickly in another area? This is a little graphic but I NEVER had blonde hairs in my pubic region or anywhere for that matter even my eyelashes and brows!! ODDDDD!! At first there was grainy seed like and sandlike things coming out of my skin often and none of the hair issues... now less grainy stuff but TONNNNNNS of hair issues to where I almost am terrified people are thinking what the heck is up with that lady!? My hair seems to be getting thinner and thinner by the day...I have noticed my hair will seems as though it's making a cracking sound and also become stuck or is clinging to fabrics, my pillow, shirt, etc.. Has that happened to any of you? SEVERE itching, stinging, biting, and crawling sensations!! If this many people have noticed this, we can't be crazy... RIGHT?!

Jan 17, 2012
Red blanket and Crazy subjects
by: Chicago Mike

To the person with the red blanket; In my opinion the red blanket has nothing to do with the fibers or hairs, if you check with morgellons.com website, it says that these are not fabric fibers at all. They are being called fibers because that is what they most closely resemble. They are finding out that they are instead a living organism that is in the shape of fibers. To the most recent anonymous poster, you are not crazy at all, go the the morgellons.com web site and print out the letter that is specifically designed and written for your doctors. It states that there is new research being conducted by CDC and that they should go somewhere on line to read up on what they have found so far. This letter will get you off the path that they think you are crazy. Someone mentioned about getting a black light to see if there is something that can be seen with it; I too am afraid to see what might be there, but walmart sells these cheaply and I think it will give this a try. I will keep in touch with what I discovered if anything at all. Also, from what I'm seeing, it looks like most of you are women? I was wondering where they guys are? Maybe we could use fake names like Paul or Patricia to identify the sexes along with a nearby recognizable town they live in or near? Instead of just anonymous, this would tell everyone else here what sexes are mostly reporting and what areas of the world are reporting in. Also it would let us communicate with each other and address and specific questions or concerns by the poster, kind of like a chat line. Any thoughts? Mike-

Jan 17, 2012
crazy times
by: Anonymous

I am a female... One of my docs that recently changed locations actually seemed to start believing my symptoms were real... She said "there are some skin conditions we don't know how to treat yet" lol well, thanks a million haha! I went to the er (this is only one of the MANY times)and the doctor this particular time did seem to show concern for me she did run a battery of tests but ALL she diagnosed me with was a urinary tract infection... HMMMMMM she prescribed me 2 antibiotics, lortab, an anti-anxiety/allergy med., and the cream that treats scabies... NOW, I DON'T think all of that's needed for a U.T.I. hahaha really doc. tell me what yr thinking try to offer sympathy not another wrong diagnosis to make me feel more alone and crazy! Most of my symptoms do match with morgellons disease...

Jan 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have even had the "glitter" come out of my skin that the other victims speak of. Actually, at first I thought my exfoliator(explaining granule type items coming out of "pimples" or tender skin) and glitter(which I wear on occasion) was getting stuck in my pores lol then came the "hair" and itching, biting, stinging, creepy crawly stuff... Then, I couldn't think of it being anything "normal". I have had my thyroid levels come up high, but when tested again tested normal. Was told to go the endocronologist, suspected to have a pituitary gland tumor, but when given the MRI no tumor was seen. Been told to go to the dermatologist, which I won't do because I think this is something internal and external a real medical problem NOT just a skin disorder. I hate it because I can't voice how I feel in my house or I'll be risking going back to the psych. ward... I can't stand it!!! I go through two phases... one I call the "build up phase" where "pimples" clear up and itching stops also, I don't seem to notice the "hairs" releasing during this time. The second stage, I call the "release stage" where I am symptomatic and see these crazy hairs everywhere... If I rub my head they float all around, same with my, arms, legs, oh my and my back is HIGHLY effected by this I've gotten freckle/mole like specs. and that seems to be the common location of where the granules come out... right now I feel a fair amount of tenderness with a bit of inflammation underneath and on the skin tiny bumps that feel rough when I touch them... sometimes I have noticed if I can manage to remove the part that feels rough I can get to the "hair" and remove it... I have told my family... If I wasn't going through it, I probably wouldn't believe it either because I think it's a crazy real thing. I feel like a science experiment for crying out loud.. I have even told the docs. in the er I feel "unusual" and in thier faces I could see they felt bad for me and even had an inkling if not KNEW what is really going on. One time I am laying in the er and these crazy creepers are floating around me like a "hair parade" really I know they had to see it!!!! By time I left the er that particular time my purse was covered by these suckers... Another oddity is there's been times if I rub the soles of my feet in circular motions hair has come out.... REALLY?!?! No one can convince me that's something that should be happening to me!!!

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

To Female Anon: The hair you explain in the ER is what I experience too. They are all over the couch and when i sit down the float all around me.That poor nurse. I feel bad for her, but that's what happens when the government doesn't respond to a new infectious disease. There is no protocol. Therefore, it is nor our fault if they are not recognizing it.

Mike, the reason I mentioned the red blanket is because i can clearly see those red balls all over me. They are magnetically attracted to me. I think the hair grows to catch these stupid lint looking balls. I feel stinging when they are on me. I am going to get rid of all white hairs by Nair.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Angel... have you noticed that you get bumps when you use the nair? I would think it was an allergic reaction, however, it seems as though they get a hard crust over them and if I get the hard crust off... A HAIR comes out!! What in the WORLD?!?

Jan 18, 2012
Using Nair And Finding Hairs
by: Angie

Nair can cause the "reaction" that you are describing, regardless of any other condition you may have or not have.

Hair grows kind of in cycles. Each little root has 2 or 3 more coming right behind it. When you use the Nair and "dissolve" the top layer of body hair, sometimes the follicle gets bumps (just as when you shave your bikini line, etc) as a reaction to the product.

Then that second layer or row of hair has to work harder to push it's way through the skin. When you are scraping the tops of these bumps off, it is probably just allowing that next hair to burst through.

I can't say 100% that's what is happening in your case, but it's happened to me enough times to recognize the description. :)

Jan 19, 2012
That makes sense:0
by: Anonymous

Atleast there's one "normal" thing=) lol

Jan 19, 2012
Alienhairs in Okla.
by: Anonymous

I Too have this parasite problem, and have been to my primary doctor with it so much until I think she doesnt know what to do anymore. She sent me to a dermatologist which was really a waste of my time and his because he had no idea what to do so he gave me a shot of cortisone, which didnt make any difference for me. I finally took the matter in my own hands and just started a herbal parasite treatment, so some days it feels like its working but the last few days they have really been bad, but I still have a few weeks to go. Honestly I am at my witts end, but to finally know what we all are dealing with really helps and I do have all the same symptoms as you!! I am anxiouis now to try the Borax, The Lysol tx. and the shampoos as well as the Desitin, so thank God for all of you and your help Ive had this for 3 months and it is driving me crazy and I have granschildren that I am afraid I will give it to them. So thank you Everyone and should I hear of anything new I will pass it along!! Grandma Deb.

Jan 20, 2012
Soap will help to Tame your Wild Hair
by: Anonymous

Hi Grandma Deb! I am a grandma too. Putting clear packing tape where I get bitten and where my rash is really helpful for me. When I pull it off I can see hundreds of those things on the tape. What helps my hair is to use soap on it. I don't know if you have hairs that move, but I do. I swear that something comes out of my hair to bite me. So, I use soap and soap has a film that makes it difficult for the unseen critters to move. It weighs the hair down. I use Dead Sea Salt soap, but I imagine you could use any soap. At night i still wear a plastic disposable cap to keep from getting bitten. You have to do the packing tape thing on your face though because if you continue to use the cap they move to your face and cause more irritation.

Jan 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Does anyone think this the no-see-um insect or some form of it? Just curious....

Jan 27, 2012
No see-ems
by: Anonymous

I don't believe that's what it is at all... When this first started happening, I looked up every parasite under the sun... none of them cause "hair" to come out of the skin.

Jan 28, 2012
Searcgh and Destroy Mission
by: Itchy Owie

I think my problem may have started as pinworms that somehow spread to my vagina and have take root there as well. I had fibroid surgery over 3 years and I think I got them while in the hospital. Isn't that a kick in the eye? They are currently pinworms and other things in my ears, nose,possibly eyes (whites specks (eggs?) and threads on lashes and in eye mucus) and my, well, everywhere. I have found the long threadlike things around my privates and mine are sometimes even red and a light blue in addition to the white and black ones... so very very patriotic of them. I've had constant vaginitis for the last 3 years...never had a problem before, do not have a STD or otherwise. I've since learned that pinworms can spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes. I have the occasional black specks in the vaginal area and the lovely fuzzballs and threads in my hair. I also am pretty sure that pinworms are there as well. These fuzzballs, hairs, thread, whatever they are surround me and whatever area I co-habit. Some look like pet hair, some are straight, some are curly, some are striped...I live in wacky world!!! I feel like Pigpen from Charlie Brown because I have those air floaters wherever I go. I think they have colonized my body and luckily seem to be somehow genetically coded to me since they have not infected any others...apparently I am their queen, colony and source of nutrition. I know they are are clever beasties and play dead when you lay them down. I've seen them move on tweewers and sway in the air but when placed on a flat suface , they play dead. Perhaps it's some kind of electromagnetic thing.

I have been to the doctor's several times and twice have been told I do not have pinworns according to the lab results. I know the lab is incompetent. I have been to the emergency room twice and was told the first time to go back to my GP and the second tome they referred me to an infectious disease doctor who let me make and appointment but then told me after stripping down in a room that they had not received clearance from my GP and I would have to pay out of pocket to be tested.

Jan 28, 2012
Search and destroy Mission (Part 2)
by: Itchy Owie

This has been going on for way too long(almost 3 years) and I cannot continue another year like this. I have tried Pin X many, many times... I've also used the metronidozale vaginal gel and also Black Walnut, Wormwood and cloves. It all helps for a small time but it always comes back. I finally understand I need to bomb my entire body and home like any other infestation problem. I saw an episode of House where someone had a parasitic infestation all over their body, they used a drug called entamizole. I will obtain and use that and Bactrim(antibiotic). The vaginal gel I will also use in my hair,eyes, nose and face(especially around my mouth) I will use Steri Fab to bomb my house. I will also used Combace eye drops. I will repeat this two wees later. I intend to have a very happy birthday this year.

Good luck to all and thank you sharing your stories and tips. It really sucks that my misery has company but at least I know I'm not crazy.

P.S. I recommend wrapping your keyboards with Saran wrap and wiping it with Clorox wipes several times a day then changing each day. I also vacuum my around the computer, chair, and surrounding area religiously. I wash every time I use the bathroom(I'd love a bidet) and sometimes more. The biting/itching below is a killer! I recommend changing pillow cases, night clothes every day. I've read that sunlight seem to kill them or hamper their growth. If you can't change the sheets each day try to hang them out in the sun. Dry everything on the hottest heat setting possible.

Jan 28, 2012
Don't Give Up On Internal Cleansing
by: Angie

Dear Itchy Owie,

So sorry to hear of all that you have been through. It sounds like you've still managed to keep your sense of humor in tact, which is a big plus in my book. Good for you! :)

What I found very interesting about what you posted is when you mentioned that you had done some anti-parasitic cleansing with the herbs (wormwood, cloves, and black walnut) and that it DID help, but then your symptoms returned.

This leads me to believe that you probably could get some long term results if you did some long term cleansing.

Too many people start to see results and then quit what they were doing before they have really conquered the problem. Then their situation can become even worse as the parasites fight back with a vengeance!

You didn't mention anything about your diet, but in a situation like yours, you really need to pay attention to what you are eating, too. NO sugar. Seriously, if you are really determined to beat this, cut out the sugar in all forms. I know it is the hardest thing in the world for most of us, but carbohydrates/sugar just feed internal parasites.

Secondly, I would like to encourage you to seriously consider taking some long term action by using the following supplements daily for several months!

Para 90 (use 3 bottles in one month and then stop)
Herbal Fiberblend (daily for several months, minimum 3 months but since you've been battling this for 3 years, I'd say go at least 1 year).
Florafood (daily, indefinitely - this is good bacteria that helps your body fight off fungal overgrowth, intestinal parasites, etc)
Bear Paw Garlic (daily, indefinitely)
Leaf Greens (daily, indefinitely if you can afford it)
AIMega (daily, indefinitely if you can afford it)

I know these are the same suggestions that I make throughout the site, and I'm going to keep saying it until people start listening.

I use these products myself and know that they work. Of course, I can't guarantee that they'll work in every persons situation, but they do offer a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? Not much. But a lot to gain.

The first four in the list are the most important, but if you can manage to afford them all, you'll get better/faster results because the last two support your immune system and enable the others work more efficiently.

These are all available at wholesale prices.

Whatever you end up doing, I sincerely hope that you are much better by your birthday! :)

Jan 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm also suffering from the same nightmare and have tried everything from lice shampoo on my hair, peroxide on my skin & tea tea tree oil on both. I've also used ammonia & borax (not at the same time)in my laundry and sprayed my mattress with bed bug spray.
I find it most difficult to sit and relax and even more difficult to get a decent night's sleep due to this crawling itchy sensation. It seems to be the worst on my scalp.. my hair has gotten thinner and it's texture has changed drastically. It's been going on for over a year this time. I experienced the same thing back in the late 90's which lasted a good 2 years to only return again. It doesn't matter whether I'm at work, home, in the car or someone else's home. I've never had any visible bites or rashes but am very familiar with the lint, black fibers & hair strands that seem to be alive. I've been to dermatologists who have absolutely no clue and I'm afraid to say too much for fear that they'll think I'm crazy. I'm at a total loss of what to do from here and am completely worn out.
Good to know that I'm not crazy...best of luck to all.

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