Thank Goodness I Am Not Alone

by Brad
(Perth W.A)

Fellow Sufferers, Thank Goodness I Am Not Alone - Sanity!  Ahhhhh!

Fellow Sufferers, Thank Goodness I Am Not Alone - Sanity! Ahhhhh!

For three years I've had much the same complaints as you all - 15 visits to hospitals and labelled parasitic psycho, locked up and placed on psychotic drug order 8 months.

I stuck to my story but after three weeks of convos with psych. I had to pretend it was imaginary and take drugs or I would still be there.

I had or have a feeling of what I thought was constant movement under skin. Just recently constant looking with a geologists magnifier (what they use to look closely at rock samples), I could see very clearly an extremely fine clear hair like alive critter.

I would see my hairs on arms and legs lay over or join together and travel to other areas om arms or leg. Eureka! If I looked ahead of follicle movement I could see this critter wrapping itsself around hair and next hair and so on.

Like a snake it uses hair follicles as means of transport A to B. I also have a lot of skin large brown marks and some sores that don't heal and are not normal. Some have been there for two years.

I believe that the critters live in these blemishes. If I use tweezers and give a decent squeeze to blemish all hair within 5 or 10 cm lay down or exit and start to travel to another blemish.

I can see clearly now that I have worked out some behaviors of my pets and this has explained what I thought was under skin movement when it was actually on top.

I found if I place small amounts of cleaning ammonia on flannel I get long periods of relief.


Hi Brad,

I'm so glad to hear that it has given you some encouragement to discover that you are not alone in battling this condition.

A lot of people feel that sense of isolation and despair, particularly when they are getting the run around from their doctors and being labeled as crazy or delusional.

It's good that you have found something that helps, but please do note that ammonia is toxic to your body and is definitely NOT recommended for long term use. I completely understand
the desire to risk it because it seems to be working for you, but I would encourage you to consider some other external and internal treatments that will probably work as well (or in fact better) without the danger involved.

Although you are experiencing what appears to be an external parasite condition, it is important to understand the way the body works and that an internal AND external treatment is really the only way to eliminate and heal for the long term.

PLEASE consider trying the following:

The point of these three suggestions is to give you a good internal cleanse with the HFB and boost your immune system with the BarleyLife. This is viatl.

I've added a new product called Mag-nificence to the list as I have been reading excellent things about it and have just ordered a bottle of the spray myself.

Normally, I would suggest you get some AIMega as well because the essential fatty acids are necessary for balance in the body and for cell repair.

Since we live in Australia, that one has to be ordered from our NZ office. I can do that for you, but you won't get free postage like you will if you place an order for the other items. It's up to you.

If your budget permits, I would go for the AIMega, if not, find yourself a good source of essential fatty acids locally and take them daily.

A good alternative would be chia seeds, which you could buy in the health food section of IGA, Coles, or Woolworths. You simply add a tablespoon to something you are eating or drinking each day. The seeds are tasteless, but rich in the Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that your body needs.

I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you in not only getting temporary relief, but long term healing as well.

The supplements I mentioned are available to us here in Australia using this Australia Order Form.

Do let me know if you have any questions and make a special note if you want me to organize the AIMega for you as well.

To your good health!
Angie from

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Jan 10, 2019
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by: Anonymous

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