Aerobic Oxygen
For Parasitic Infestation

Aerobic oxygen for use against a parasitic infestation may seem like a new and novel approach, and perhaps it is.

Aerobic oxygen is one of the many suggestions given by our visitors as they experiment with different natural remedies for parasites in their quest for healing and good health.

I'm not terribly surprised to hear that aerobic oxygen has been helpful in battling parasites, as oxygen is known to have an amazing healthy affect on the blood and tissues when used as a targeted treatment for a wide range of illnesses.  

I haven't personally tried Aerobic Oxygen myself yet. 

The protocol that I have used successfully myself and generally suggest to my clients for parasite removal is the range of herbs found in Herbal Fiberblend. 

Herbal Fiberblend is a tried and proven treatment for parasite cleansing, but I'm always open to new suggestions, especially when someone has achieved positive results. 

For that reason, we've made it possible for our visitors who suffer from suspected parasitic infestation to tell their stories and share their own experiences, like success with the use of aerobic oxygen mentioned above and other treatments. 

Please feel free to join in and let us know what you've found to be helpful (or not!) in your own journey toward good health.

Below is the last and final page in a series of questions, answers, and comments submitted by visitors to the page about parasites that look like hair, etc. 

Jul 31, 2012
Some things that worked for my family
by: userchart

I have been "aware" of these "things" for only 6 months. I am the only one that is getting bitten and feel the crawling but I see them on my kids and husband, and everywhere for that matter. My husband is still in denial and thinks the movement is wind or static electricity.

I have used Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda baths. Half gallon Vinegar and half box of baking soda. More if you need it. I also bathe in Borax and epson salt, but like the idea to bathe in dead sea salt, ( I will try soon).

You must keep your hair as short as possible, brush your hair as much as possible, also use argon oil (or other hair oil) and keep yourself greased up at all time. Hair, body, pubic, anus, feet. Keep feet clean and free of dead skin.

Wear shoes at all times, even in your house. They will attatch to your feet if you don't have shoes.

This is going to be a lifelong battle, you will need to find what works for you but don't stop trying to clean your environment

Vaccum as much as possible, Make sure you have a Hepa filter on your vvacuum, clean bag after each use. Wash Everything with Borax, lost of Borax, all the time...

Clean with Borax or Vinegar and baking soda, around sinks, toliets and floors, windows, doors, etc.

Change sheets every few days. New pillow cases too. I also have a UV light that I will move around into a new room every day to help keep them at bay. They don't like light. Get plenty of sun if you can!

Don't forget to treat internally as well. I have those beatle triangle things, and the fiber balls. I have had to wash my cats too, in vinegar and baking soda. I also have been using a cleanse as well as the fish oil, pumpkin seed oil, multi daily vit plus Soverign (spelled wrong) Silver. (Colloidal Silver), it is for the immune system. I use 3 X daily, and give to kids too. I also have us all take fiber and probiotics, eat active yogurt. Eat as healthy as possible. Get exercise daily!!!

I think I have more tips and tricks, and will post later.

Everyone needs to get a microscope!!! you can see the red, blue, black, white, tan, green, purple and florescent green worms under your nails if you look. Ebay sells a tiny microscope that is 60x and it also have a black light. I think I got it for like $10. Be warned that your life no longer be the safe world that you thought you were living in... you may not want to open that Pandoras box!

There are ways to lesson this! We have to work together! If you smoke, smoke American Spirits.

I also want to say, check your stools, I have giant fiber balls if you will in my stool for 10 years! I was always to tired and week. The cleanse I took, wow, it was scary the things that came out!! but now, I am feeling better then I think I ever have. Very little movement on body and in hair, if I do feel it, I take a tea tree oil bath, with borax, and will be able to sleep without much bother.

Check your hairbrush for fibers, some you can see with the naked eye. You can also see fibers if you gargle with Hydrogen perioxide and red wine or organic grape juice. Do it three time before you start looking at what is coming out. My fiber count under my nails and the ones rotting my teeth out seem to getting lower.

Good luck to all!!

Jul 31, 2012
Aerobic oxygen
by: Anonymous

I have posted about this and I can tell you that it works, I have been taking it for a week and the things that have come out of my head scare me. It is really painful how fast they come out. Use pain killers because you will need it. They literally hate this environment now and can't wait to get out. Obviously it is taking awhile to get rid of them because they hatch and then fly out. I do not work for any company, I am a health care aide and got it from a client. You can get it from most health food stores, it works but be prepared for no sleep for a couple of days because they are flying out! They are even crawling down my body and don't even try to get back in! There are millions of these things in our body and this will evict them. I can hardly believe people have lived with this for years it just about drove me crazy for the 3 months I've had it. Trust me the more active they are the better it means they are no longer comfortable and ready to get out! There is hope, try it so you don't have to suffer anymore!

Jul 31, 2012
Help with Teeth
by: Anonymous

What are you doing for your teeth? this is a question for all. I have never seen that addressed.

Aug 03, 2012
Cedar cide, nizoral and aerobic oxygen
by: Anonymous

On top of aerobic oxygen wash has with cedarcide and nizoral and take cloves for killing eggs. Be prepared for this this lasting a week and a half. Since then I have had them come out of feet, head, back, legs, and face. They hurt when they come out that's why I added cloves now because this cycle could continue forever if I don't break it by killing eggs.good luck I can't wait atleast there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The bugs are collemba springtails and the worms are nematodes, collemba encourages the growth of fungus so drink teas that are anti fungal there are a lot of options out there, cinnamon, pau d'arco, chamomile and peppermint are just a few

Aug 03, 2012
Aerobic oyggen
by: Anonymous

Any particular brand of Aerobic oxygen?? I'll try it and if it doesn't work I'll let everyone know.

Aug 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

It's been so interesting reading up on all of this. Although I do not experience any of this, my sympathy goes out to all of you who are dealing with this.. I can't imagine how you must feel! I would go crazy! I hope you can find a "cure" for this!

It sounds like this might be what you have.

Parasitic folliculitis

Aug 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Started using humaworm, they do not like it, hopefully this will clear this up!

Sep 14, 2012
I have it too...Ive tried those and more.
by: Sharlene

I have this too. What is it.i have taken samples but dont know what to do with them. I was shocked to see that after pouring a whole pot of boiling water on them it thrashes about but doesnt die. At least not before i flushed it down thedrain...i also have all the symptoms to morgellons . Arethese two seperate issues? I make all natural skinproducts etc and have lots of essetial oils.i have used neem,tea tree,rosemary,clove, mint ,lemon, lemon balm and tons of others.aside from natural i have also used bleach,mosqito repellant.i even used some stuff for use in thailand. They dont kill themm off enough.and i used so much icouldntstabilize myblood pressure.iverepeated this many timesjust to killthem back some.

If u can afford to, get the tea tree, rosemary,neem,mint,clove and lemon balm and dilute in olive oil.add a little to sray bottleand fill sure helps! It kills them on contact and asit soaks into skin and gets carried by blood vessels, hoards of those escape your body through every means! But the solution has o touch them directly to kill em

Sep 15, 2012
Essential Oils In Moderation
by: Angie from

Hi Sharlene,

I'm so glad that you are finding some relief from these parasites that look like hair that you've been dealing with. Essential oils can be very effective because so many of them are naturally anti-parasitic.

Since you are making all natural skin care products, you probably know that you DO have to be careful when using some essential oils in large amounts and on a continual basis. I'm no expert on the subject, but I am aware that essential oils can have an effect on your hormones and you don't want to trade one problem for another. :)

I must encourage you to try AIM's Herbal Fiberblend, Barley Life, and AIMega.

This is an amazing combination of cleansing and building supplements that will make a wonderful difference for you.

If you try them faithfully for 1 month and they don't help you, you can get a full refund. AIM has an excellent reputation for having only happy customers, which is why I use and promote their products myself.

I would love to hear back from you after you've given them a try.


Sep 27, 2012
by: userchart

Time to do some research. Go to and look up videos on Morgellons, Chemtrails and then finally GEMS. (esp. GEMS Morgellons connection) This is a LOT to swallow so ... Good luck!

Oct 15, 2012
hair-like objects in bedding
by: Anonymous

I have found 1/4" "U" or more like(the Greek letter) "omega" shaped hair-like objects in our bedding (sheets, pillowcases). They are hard, black, springy, and extremely hard to reshape or break. Our dogs sleep with us, but they are essentially indoor pets and are quite clean most of the time. What can they be? I have kept samples of them and could send them to anyone who would like to analyze them.

Oct 15, 2012
U-Shaped hairs
by: Chicago Mike

I have seen these too, I think they come out of my skin at night at crawl into the bedding; they use the two ends as legs like an inch worm walks. I believe they are some type of worm that completes it's cycle through a host and in the bedding. I was laying down one night in bed, I felt something emerging from my eye brow, then it fell across my cheek and nose. I then turned the light on to find it walking quickly into the bedding which I was never able to find. There are also blonde colored hairs that all have the same shape but are different lengths. I think body warmth makes them active at night and they look for moisture; eyes, nose, mouth, or even a bowl of water on the floor. I think these too complete a cycle that involves a host and bedding. If you take a piece of scotch tape and put it on your bedding, pull it off and look at the tape, you will find these stuck to the tape. Soon after I discovered this, I started using "steri-fab" and the problems went away. I suggest putting one of these U-Shaped black hairs in the pals of your hand and see if the body heat starts making them move or become active. I honestly don't think your dog has anything to do with it, it's just another host to be used like a human. Are you able to take a picture of it and show us? Thanks, Mike

Oct 30, 2012
Selsun Blue Shampoo
by: Chicago Mike

I thought I would share with you something I have been using for over a week now, and it has helped stopped the itching a lot. It's using Selsun Blue Shampoo! It's about $10.00 a bottle (A little dab goes a long way) found anywhere shampoos are sold and it worked for me. I not only use it in my hair, but as a total body wash as well (with a washcloth)The itching has stopped and I feel much better; I have only been using it for 10 days, but so far so good. I have been using this instead of my regular shampoo and bar soap, it rinses clean and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. I found it to work for me, hopefully it will work for you too; it's an easy quick inexpensive fix. If you try it for a week, please let us know if it helps you too. I should also mention I use this with steri fab for my bedding and furniture too, as it helps control the external hairs around the house.

Nov 01, 2012
by: sheril

ive bn to my doctor and nothing now after 2 years its spread in my hair face ears mouth i need answers please it looks just like a piece of hair ..but its not hair about to go crazy

Nov 01, 2012
To sheril
by: Chicago Mike

Hi sheril,
What remedies have you tried so far to get rid of them? There are several easy to do and use suggestions here on the posts, have you tried anything? I have gone to my doctor, and had no luck convincing them for any kind of help; this is even after I showed them the letter from the CDC. 

Nov 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

Buy some hand sanitizer. Put it on your face. I do that every other day. Someone on here recommended and it helps, but it doesn't take them away for good. It makes them feel manageable. I put the stuff all over my body and rub. You can feel the grains of sand like feeling coming off.

Nov 14, 2012
Some things the "hair parasites" like and don't like!
by: J Vincens

These are some environmental variables that I have experimented with.

Attracted to(likes): cold- below room temperature(65°F-75°F). These 'hair parasites' burrow into everything; especially fabrics. I have found that they also nest in walls and on the ceiling(Look around for strange holes about .5cm ± in diameter, and .15cm-.5cm in depth).

Repelled by(doesn't like): Heat - above room temperature( > 75°F). This, in theory, may be why it is a dermal/surface-parasite.
Due to this parasites distaste of excessive heat, it is not surprising that it becomes more active when the heart rate increases; possibly, the parasite may be trying to get away from the heat. Or, it could be responding to the individuals biological responses. Though, I am pretty sure that it is my first theory(based off of experience with exercising and the parasite being excreted from my skin in large amounts.

Another heat related find is a superb, and speedy, treatment: ELECTROMYSOSTIMULATION(Electrical muscle stimulation). An easier way to think of this would be using electrical impulses to force the muscles to contract(great workout too). After just a couple minutes of having 4 electrode pads on my arms(2ea.) there were dozens of these hair imitating parasites falling out, and off, of my arms. The way to make sure that it works through the entire arm is to place one pad on H1(heart meridian-1 of acupuncture pressure points). As well, place one pad on either LI14 or LI15(Large Intestine Meridian-14or15 of the acupuncture pressure points). What this will do is send the pulse completely down the arm and into the fingers.

Hopefully you all may benefit from these findings. I hope, also, that there may be some others who can advance upon my curiosity discoveries.

I'd love to know how it works for those who try?

Dec 17, 2012
anything working to completely rid one of these parasites or mold?
by: Anonymous2

Did anyone use the Mold Bomb and did it work to clear up the issue.

What is the tried and true effective method to get rid of this?

Dec 20, 2012
Mold a Common Denominator?
by: Anonymous

I do know that when my family started to experience this, we had mold in the home we were renting.

Dec 22, 2012
you guys need to know this...
by: Anonymous

Some of you may be suffering from MORGELLONS. It is that simple. You need to get the RIGHT INFORMATION from some of the RIGHT WEBSITES.

To start with lets get you feeling better:

1) dry oxygen. go to:

2)Bragg apple cidar vinegar

3)cedar oil (organic)
Helps with biting, crawling, itching.

Listen, there are a million and one things out there to try and i'm sure there are plenty that will help alittle or even alot. REMEMBER MOST OF THESE ARE GOING TO BE CHEMICALS AND THAT IS NOT GOOD. wE WANT NATURAL NOT CHEMICALS IN OUR BODIES.

I leave it to you to read up on these products.

As for learning about morgellons, you are going to come accross an ENDLESS AMOUNT OF INFORMATION so I will suggest a few websites to follow so you can start understanding what you have. Everyone has opinions about this disease, but you'll need to make your own mind on what the truth best to you all. see suggested reading below.
Note: on this site 2 things you should do along with reading cliff's notes are, 1) do the wine and peroxide test on yourself and 2)read the list of people who have visited this website. Yes, you will be blown away... (in scottsdale az.)

ALSO: read up on dr.Staninger, Ph.D (she is an industrial toxicologist) see what she says about morgellons.



Dec 22, 2012
i forgot somthing!
by: Anonymous

along with my suggestions on antidotes to rid yourself of the morgellons, I would like to add 2 very important treatment options:

1)  Far Infrared Heat!
A Therapy that works. This is the same heat we give off from our bodies. READ UP ON IT!!!!!

look up all youtube clips put out by "skizit gesture" This is a very knowledgable person for info on moregellons. Top notch info that will blow your mind.

Dec 29, 2012
Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Angie, in response to your posted comment of Nov 15, 2011, you are a sweetheart.

Jan 26, 2013
by: IOWA

I have not been on 4 awhile... More internal problems than ever... My insides hurt soooo bad... Been sick and been hospitalized... Acute liver disease, cervical cancer x2, c.diff colitis x2... Feel like Im dying... Almost doubled over in pain writing this... The anxiety, isolation, depression, anguish, scarring, sores, alienating, ect... I have been defeated... One of the sad cases/ the sorry statistics... They have won... I cant pull myself from the heartache of knowing who I used 2 b... Vibrante, beautiful and full of life... It has all became a memory, now a stranger 2 myself... I cause anguish I cannot bare 2 watch 2 my loved ones and myself... I have acute liver disease/ hep c... I have chosen 2 turn down treatment of my hep c... Acute liver disease is faster acting than chronic... As Im sure my decision will ultimately lead 2 my demise... As I am not one of the stronger willed... As I should b... I have taken devestating blows 2 my esteem... But this proves that we r only human and can only take so much... My family will b disappointed and devestated... I have failed, let them down once again... But do I live 2 b unhappy and please them??? Or do I finally rest in peace 4 my sanity and well being??? I feel selfish...

Jan 26, 2013
Life decisions...
by: Chicago Mike

I'm Sorry to hear about your condition, I guess if it was me and my body it would depend on the percentages of the ability to get healthy and normal again and out weigh that for the value of my family. No one knows your level of pain like you do and what ever you decide to do is your life and your decision to make. What would you tell a close friend to do if they had the same circumstances? And what does your doctor recommend? 

Jan 27, 2013
by: IOWA

I know all of this has been difficult 2 deal with... I wouldn't want a friend or loved one going through this... I told my boyfriend in the beginning, when this started (may2011)-"I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy"... I could probably handle one or the other.... Either the liver disease or the skin parasite- not both... Nobody believes me about the parasite... its hurting my organs... my hair is thin... I eat all the time and still weigh 92 lbs... i look like death...I know what my liver issues feel like versus a foreign crawling of parasites... They tell me to go to bed and dont even look at my skin... Its been almost a year for me and never have they scrapped my skin or REALLY looked at my lesions... 8 times in the past year I have been 2 the doctor... They have their minds made up about this... This is a small town I live in... skimpy on DR. choices... ( my boyfriend has similar skin issues... DENIAL IS WHAT HE HAS... I watch him dig and thrash as he sleeps... He begs 2 differ...But his arent lesions... More like flesh tone pock marks... like hes had this 4 awhile- even b4 me... Why do I have 2 make him shower??? Thats gross... my mom doesnt even believe me... That kinda hurts... This is serious... Im speaking bcz I need this GONE... Who knows... This could only b body lice or demodex...??? I dont know cuz he wont follow procedure and do any treatments with me... cuz he dont have anything crawling on him... c if that helps... I also have 3 dogs that appear 2 b afflicted... something zoonic Im assuming... Not easy 2 get rid of when 1 out of 5 do a treatment... we also cant afford 2 get all of us treated at the same time and the house too... he has a part time job... me, nothing... got fired 4 being sick last may... im not leaving my animals 2 suffer... i watch them dig and yelp... I know their pain... I wouldnt want left alone , afraid, itchy, by my self... wait... I do feel alone... The ones I love and trust most in life dont believe me... sometimes I have them almost gone... and bam... their back... cuz nobody got treated besides me...

Feb 02, 2013
So tired of this
by: Anonymous

Hello, Fellow Suffers, so many of your stories sound like me, I actually asked myself if I wrote 1 of the posts myself. I am also so sick & tired of this, being all alone no one to talk to, dismissed by doctors, seen many experts, so tired of being on Internet looking at pictures if parasites, feel disgusting in my own body, no point in wearing makeup cuz what if it continamates it, trying so many different products & spending lots of $, have thousands of pictures taking up storage,I can't sit in on my own furniture, PTSD over any spec of dirt, loosing house to bankruptcy, admiited brielfy to psych ward, can't think clearly, feel crazy at times, almost lost my job, took medical leave of absent, see my kids with similar symptoms as me but can't do anything about it but watch it happen, my cat badly effected & other pets too, feel defeated becuz unless the household is treated at the same time it will never b gone, i wash anything worn or dropped on floor way backed up on laundry,white things float around me often, seems something to with dust, also have mold in my house, they don't seem to like hydrogen peroxide but doesn't seem to kill them, when I'm trying to expel 1 from my skin its as if other places they r in my body know, been diagnosed & treated for pinworms, pets been treated for tapeworms, have had hx of lice & fleas in my house, vets just think the white things are dandruff from fleas which is clearly not the case, bought microscope but find no bug but odd things, have cyst & fibroids on uterus, fibroid on breast, acne like bump cysts on nape of neck & back, lumps under my skin on eyebrow & jaw line, quarter size bump on back of my skull, have some type of drain fly or fungas gnat come up from drain during baths, larvae like things from my pores. hands,hair neck back eyebrows, chest, & face most affected, they seem to camouflage themselves as moles sores or scratches, find tiny paper cuts for unknown reason on hands & fingers. Tried micro peel & micro derm didnt work, possible causes: summer went to on vacation had problem with I think we're no see ums, had Botox on forehead after that that's when symptoms really started, hair extensions that wld top out & beautician never had a case like mine, recieved barely used mattress from family member & at same time a plant & adopted a dog all from same household, have a rabbit. Main problem I'm dealing with now is my hair coming out & they are twisted & knotted. Sore will scab over & if i pick off scab a white thing flys out.So tired of trying to b a scientist just want to b normal again!!! Wish everyone with this problems could get together & figure this out

Feb 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

St. Anthony the Abbot is the patron saint of relief of pestilence, skin rashes, & skin diseases

Apr 10, 2013
Suspicion of Hair Parasite
by: Gary Joe

This is a most unusual embarrassment and I don't know exactly how to handle it. I am an armed forces veteran and I do have health care benefits but I am too embarrassed to present this problem to my doctor because I may compromise the embarrassing condition I have. I have noticed the hair around my testicles to have a white-like coating around them. I am a black man. That hair is kinky and curly. I at first thought I was just getting gray in that area but then that hair started looking thicker. So I pulled some of them out to take a closer look. I looked at them through a magnifying glass and noticed that the hair is coated with some unfamiliar coating white in color and can be peeled off. Ever so often I get an itch there but nothing constant. Sometimes I feel something under my skin throughout my body that feels like a pinch or a very small sharp object passing through my flesh. This activity does not happen all the time but ever so often and intermittently when I least expect it. I wonder if I can find out what this is and remedy the problem without having to expose my dark secret to my doctor. I wonder how it got there and if it is contagious. A closer look revealed that the coating does not appear to be at the bottom of the hair but on the shaft. I cant seem to get it completely cleared off so I shaved the hair off. It still came back. Help!

With that information can someone tell me what is happening and what I can do to remedy this problem?

Apr 10, 2013
New web site found
by: Chicago Mike

I found a new website that will be helpful to read and see pictures about the morgellons disease (parasites that look like hair)I hope this helps, Mike-

Apr 10, 2013
Suspicion of Hair Parasite
by: Angie from

Hi Gary Joe,

It doesn't sound like your condition is Morgellons related. I would be more likely to suspect a fungal infection due to the location and description of the problem.

Ideally, I would recommend an internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend (as that's a standard natural precaution that helps clean out your system of fungal/yeast overgrowth) and an external application of tea tree oil.

You can use the tea tree oil straight or dilute it in a carrier oil (like olive oil) and apply to the affected area at least twice per day for a couple of weeks.

You might even find it helpful to rinse the groin area daily with a mixture of sea salt and water before patting it dry and applying the tea tree and olive oil combo.

I think those two basic steps will do the trick for you.

By the way, yes parasites and fungal overgrowth, etc., is contagious, so it's always a good idea to have your spouse (sexual partner) also cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend so you don't keep passing it around.

Hope that helps!

Apr 10, 2013
by: Icanrelate

Take a bath with a cup and a half of borax. They don't like that stuff. Don't do that all the time. I have seen people say it's ok, but I noticed I feel a bit weak after I do that. So, I changed to Seasalt. Not just any sea salt will do. It has to be Dead Sea Salt. Nothing can live in the dead sea. Their are some places that say they are dead sea but they are really not. You can put and a half to 2 cups of Dead Sea Salt in your bath. You will feel really good. Soak for about 45 minutes. The water should be hot, but not too hot. Comfortable for you. Put hand sanitizer in your hair and wherever you feel crawling under your skin. Cover the hair on your head at night time with a plastic cap. That will keep the biting down. On your body use a Dead sea salt soap. They love moist areas. Also if you have a lot of mucous in your throat every morning take a antihistimine morning and night. Watch out for new moles. If you see them right away try to remove them before they take root. They look like moles but they are not really moles.

Apr 10, 2013
Fiberblend NON-GMO?
by: Anonymous

Does fiberblend contain any genetically modified ingredients such as: Corn, soy, Canola Oil, Hawaiin papaya, potatoes, sugar, etc?

Apr 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I was thinking of starting a survey on what works and what doesn't work if I got enough interest. It would be an anonymous survey regarding what works and what doesn't work that you have tried. I would need help with some of the questions. So, I would need help from people here to create it. Then I would send out results. I don't think anyone has done that yet? I also need someone to help me find a free survey site. So anyone that is not working if you could help me out with that, that would be great.

Apr 10, 2013
Herbal Fiberblend and Genetically Modified Ingredients
by: Angie from

No, Herbal Fiberblend does not contain any GMO ingredients. It's made by AIM and they are very big on using all natural ingredients and even organically grown ingredients for their whole food supplements.

Apr 27, 2013
by: Athensboy

Hey ya'll lol my name is Chris, I live in Athens, Georgia Hence the y'all:) I am having the exact same symptoms signs and evidence. If it were only a couple people Experiencing these symptoms I might have chalked it up to being a little nutty. I didn't count but there's a LOT of people on this rather obscure site.. tells me "we the people" are far from suffering from any psychosis. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, chances are... Yep. But hey,, we are without question not crazy,,about this anyway,,,;).
Ok I had an idea That may be helpful if someone is interested...Since I am based out of Athens I Have unlimited access to The University of Georgia(UGA) and a little access with the CDC so if we could somehow collaborate our findings I can Set up a meeting and show and explain our stories and findings, and Hopefully get to the bottom of this. But more importantly Establish a solution or a battle plan. I would be happy to Present our findings and shake the hell of every tree that claims Or even looks like they may have an answer or any knowledge of such creatures or even close I am And would be more than willing to Do the footwork for all of us because this is a life crippling problem at least to me I do wonder one thing I read some people had some health issues and I have been Experiencing some super fatigue! All the time I am dead on my feet tired it could be from itching all night but it feels like more than that. Give me some feedback and let me know what you guys think about this idea or any ideas you guys might have let's get to the bottom of this together as a team we can Divide conquer and figure this out! *(edited to remove live email address)* If anyone has any private messages. I'm asking you all please please please do not let my personal email get out, I'm trusting you guys because I believe it be important enough To take the risk.thank you, God bless

Apr 27, 2013
Generous Offer!
by: Angie from

Hi Chris,

That is so kind of you to offer to spearhead an effort to get answers and help using your local resources. I hope you will have success doing so and that others will work with you on the effort.

I removed your email address from the post above. Any time you post an email address live anywhere on the web like you did, you are just asking for a ton of spam. I'm not talking about from our site visitors (though that is possible), but from spambots that troll the internet looking for these opportunities. ;)

After you submit your comment, there is a place for you to input your email that is safe and protected and that will allow you to notified when people respond to your comment. Hopefully you did that.

As for my own added suggestions to you for your own health improvement, I would strongly suggest you try the Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife, and AIMega for at least one month and see if that doesn't make a difference for you in your energy levels and overall symptoms.

You can read more about those three products by clicking on the product links here which will allow you to read the fact sheets on them.

You have nothing to lose because they are money back guaranteed. You have a LOT to gain. The combination of those three supplements being used in conjunction with each other works to cleanse out the system and boost the immune system. This helps to address both parasite problems and fatigue problems, etc.

May the Lord bless your efforts.

Apr 28, 2013
maybe not parasites
by: Joanne

I have recently gone to the dermatologist and he put me on monodox, a strong antibiotic. Its not to get rid of whatever is bothering my skin because we don't know for sure what it is. But once you have it and you pick these skin lesions, they become infected. They spread, hurt, re-itch and then re infect. Never ending. We keep thinking we're getting more and more of them on our arms, legs, neck and in our hair. We scratch and usualy wash our hands but not always. Then we re contaminate. I started cleaning my toilet seat with lyscol wipes everytime, use one blanket on the bed for youreslf and put it in the dryer every morning and run it for 30 minutes then again shower before you go to bed another 15 minutes along with your jammies. I also went off gluten and started taking flora fiber with the herbalife products. I am still taking the monodox antibiotics prescribed by doctor for one more month making it three total. The flora fiber and the no gluten is really making a difference. Could it be we are just allergic to gluten and we are all mistaken? No one else at my house is being bitten by bugs or worms. I'm not crazy and neither are you all. Something is happening and i refuse to see a psychiatrist or take anti depressants. I just want to heal so i can wear tank tops and shorts again. If anyone is interestd in getting the FLORA FIBER with HERBALIFE please email me [edited to remove live email address] I do the weight loss meal replacement shakes too and vitamins and florafiber and herbal tea and i have to say i havent felt better in a very long time. Call me if you wish and we can talk about this. 951 235 4805 Joanne

Apr 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

Don't hold your breath Chris. I volunteered many hours of time to create a survey with no one at all was interested in participating. This would have gotten to the bottom of what really works and what is worthless in trying. However this must be pretty much under control for people because of the hints/tips OR they are afraid to give their email address out (which they would not have to do). Whatever the reason, people are hesitant. I guess you really never know about people's motives nowadays. The powers that be can take your email address and track you down and you end up being some kind of govt test subject or put in a fema camp because this might result in being a pandemic. Who knows, so much weird info. out there right now. Sometimes it's hard to discern the real from the made up stuff because what we are hearing is so SCI-FI.

Apr 29, 2013
CURED!! with ONE PRESCRIPTION - Hope you're rich or well-insured NEW
by: Fed Up Gramma

(Angie, I was devastated to find what a family member was doing. Sorry.)

YES...CURED COMPLETELY of hair worms & 95% of all Morgellons.
Suddenly REAPPEARED!!!

I can't stop crying & laughing! My granddaughter asked me today why I hadn't combed it; I told her it was because I WANTED TO SEE IT STICKING OUT EVERYWHERE WHENEVER I PASS A MIRROR!!!
All this happened in less than a month, after taking a new Rx the first month of 28 days on — 10 days off X 3 months of 1 new drug!

I hzad spent 1&1/2 yearz building up my immune system using the standard for Lyme disease patients (which I am not) with a secondary BABESIA infection (which I had). I CANNOT say this would have worked without curing the babesia & pretty much beating the bugs/larva/ gross whatever & SOME of the types of WORMS first. But I would have tried it if I had known.

I write so much that I'll give my very quick cure & my Morgellons info in the next 2 boxes...


Apr 29, 2013
CURED...cont'd NEW
by: Fed Up Gramma

(OK, I guess I lose my perfect grammar/spelling obsession when I am this excited!)

I'll start at the end & go back; Morgellons in general will have to wait since my Nook gave out...

I FEEL SO BAD TELLING THIS WHEN SO FEW WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT, at least in the US; BUT I WOULD FEEL BAD NOT TELLING...Maybe enough interest in the drugs, suddenly, will lower the price or something; & if uninsured, always contact the pharmaceutical company for help...

The SECOND specialized drug I got, the one that turned my worm hairs into sticks, and the sub-wormy goo (another worm?) that sat at the scalp into a crystally-looking substance is called

ALBENZA - a drug for worms incl. liver flukes
made by AMEDRA, a new one to me
I took 200mg twice a day, and have just started the second of three rounds of 28 days, with 10 days off between them.
IT WORKED SO FAST, with a sign of these creeps dying off after 2 weeks, and MY THICK HAIR filling in the back just as I finished the first round! 3 weeks later, all but the very center edge of my forehead, and a little of my 'sideburns' looks like it did when all this began in fall 2011!!
Apparently my insurance had never had anyone use it; they (AETNA Open Access PPO) didn't know how much it would cost at first.
The good news is that they covered it at my maximum co-pay of $40/month. The bad news...

> $4500 was the charge to my ins the 1st month according to my pharmacy paperwork; but they finally posted an amount agreed on with the maker that said @ $3500 a month; I thought 'good' until realizing they meant for 2 a day.

> $6500 was the amt on the paperwork for my new batch. Sorry. I still paid $40.

This drug is a de-wormer. One ER had given me something they called that to appease me; but I took just 3 of them total, so probably less. And that was what I expected my Lyme specialist to give me. I felt SO guilty and that my hair - or even 'me' - could not be worth that; I wasn't going to refill it.

Then the miracle began; that nightmare seems over.

I cannot know how much the things I had been doing for so long helped; I'm sure improving/supporting my immune system was necessary. But I think 1 Rx that was for Morgellons in general is a necessity; of course, it is also very expensive.

I have been taking a drug developed for a kind of parasitic pneumonia only found in AIDS patients; somehow the Lyme research people found it works on other things, like my babesia. It is called...

MEPRON - an anti-parisitic
made by GlaxoSmithKline - a big 1
I take 2 teaspoons of the liquid a day...WITH FOOD; that usually means less tummy-ache -- HERE IS MEANS ABSORPTION OF 80% VS 20%, esp w/ fats. So taking with food is a MUST!
Again, my co-pay was medium at $25, but the insurance paid...

> $1700 per month for it; I've been on it about 6 months & she has me with 1 more refill. But if you have the tick-borne Morgellons, from a plain, brown dog tick, you might have babesiosis or one of the other parasites' parasite and need that.

Soon I'll tell you ALL I/we have done for all the symptoms. In the meantime, stop trying to blame some big cover-up of government 'testing', or chem-trails, or anything. The idiots at CDC are totally responsible for NOT INVESTIGATING PROFESSIONALLY (every professor I've ever had would give their report an 'F"; see, and NOT SEEKING A TREATMENT. BUT THE CAUSE OF THE DISEASE IS NOT SOMETHING ANYONE BUT, I'D GUESS, A FEW OF US KNOW. Don't laugh, BUT START TALKING OUT LOUD ABOUT HOW YOU CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE...TALK TO THE BATHROOM WALL!! I saw something I don't think I was supposed to; then I learned things I could never tell in public! If 'paper/toilet paper origami' means something to you, you might be one who kind of knows. 'Nuff said. More soon... FUG
PS Get a start by reading my comments from, uh, 11/11 & 4/12?; all that sci-fi crap about home-made/not real has held up through every test...

Apr 30, 2013
Have you ever though about...? NEW
by: Raul

I think this kind of parasites that looks like white hairs are cat's parasites or dog's parasites. So please take a chance to think about it, it's just an idea based on my own experience.

P.D. Sorry for my basic English :P

May 01, 2013
Fed Up G NEW
by: Anonymous

Grandma how do you know we have the same thing that you do? It's highly unlikely that we do.

May 08, 2013
tangled matted hair NEW
by: Anonymous

well were do i began my hair feels so dry and tangled all the time .after i shampoo condishon and brush one sec. later tangled again theres nats that fly out once in awhile.i think there in eyelashes to and i know what he means about the fabric they get tangled in threading im going crazy i used lice meds.didnt help im pulling out my hair by brushing so mom says its all in my head .no one beleaves me .even if they see the nats .what do i do?

May 08, 2013
replies NEW
by: Chicago Mike-

Not evreyone owned a dog or cat as a pet, and they are still all over the house, bedding and hair. And to the young girl with a mom, try going to the drug store and buy the hair lice treatment. You can buy it without a perscription, and follow the directions on the package. If this does not help, then you probobly have the morgellons. But when you talk about nats and bugs flying away, it sounds like either hair lice or body lice. Let us know how it works out for you.
We care and will support you when you have no one to talk to :)

May 09, 2013
Tangled Natted Hair NEW
by: Angie from

If you've already tried lice medicated treatments with no success, there's really no point in trying them repeatedly. You just end up exposing yourself to more toxic chemicals.

Try covering your entire head of hair and scalp with olive oil and wrap it in a towel overnight while you are sleeping. The cheapest brand you can find is fine.

Wash it out in the morning. You may need to use a dish soap like Dawn to cut the oil if you don't have a clarifying shampoo.

Repeat this process every 3 or 4 days for a couple of weeks in order to see if it helps. If there is a parasite of some sort, the repetition will help to stop the life cycle from reproducing.

Is your scalp itching as well? You didn't say.

Try that first and let me know whether or not it helps and we'll go from there.


May 16, 2013
help NEW
by: Anonymous

soak your warm salt water. then take a shower grinding salt into skin all over your while letting your feet soak in the salt water. then to take back control of your house. salt the carpet, your bed and your shoes. then mist those things with water to activate the salt.

May 17, 2013
tsk, tsk NEW
by: Fed Up Gramma

Dear poster of May 1, 2013: Don't fret your little Anonymous head. I have read all posts & can relate to all that have Morgellon's with 'dancing' hairs &/or nematode-type worms & secondary little critters that replace much of the hair. I went thru the silver-sticks taking over the follicles on pretty much all of me at one time or another; these critters & others have been my bedmates for almost 2 years. I have one of the best documented cases of Morgellon's because I found an interested MD early who was very knowledgeable of parasites as a Lyme literate physician. I have had unusual lab work done on my spit, urine & more by the only lab around, iGeneX, that is considered dependable for such tests. And I wrote a lot here, but you are the only one that seems I suffer(ed) from something different; that begs the question of whether you have what the others do...

May 17, 2013
To Tangled Hair NEW
by: Fed Up Gramma

You may be unable to deal so far with the easiest solution — I kept my hair about 1/4" long for months (& now have a collection of cheap winter hats — tho' we don't have much winter — & ball caps). I do have two other suggestions. Order on line some FOOD GRADE Diatemaceous Earth or D.E. — Earthworks (?) is cheap & thru Amazon is better shipping $$. It has a funny name, but is unbelievable stuff; it can be a pesticide, but is also eaten for medical benefits. If you believe you have small flies entering or exiting your hair, & I certainly believe you, the D.E. will kill them if they have an exoskeleton or certain other traits. Remember that some of us have 1. small worms throughout our skin, 2. other critters playing with fibers until they perfect making cocoons, 3. small flies that apparently were some of those worms in their former life! I honestly do not believe you can kill most of the worms safely; but you can destroy cocoons. Normally I would say to wait it out until they fly away; but then you are the first I have heard with a tangle problem.

Jun 03, 2013
white lint parasites that look like hair in my scalp. NEW
by: Anonymous

After visiting about ten dermatologists, baiobsies after biobies. I was first advised I had atopic dermatitis, another doctor advised me I had contact dermatitis. another doctor advised me I had prurgo nodularis, folliculitis After experiecing light therapy, that resoluted into eye surgery. The mountain like bumbs are all gone but left a lot of spots. For over a year i have been trying to eradicate parasites that look like hair. After using colbetasol propionae,taclonex,and doxycyline the parasites have gotten worse, the bitting and sting and seeing flooting things and stuff falling on my head. This has really gotten to be where my mental well being is in question sometime. some body let me know how to beat this problem.

Jun 18, 2013
Advice pls, Angie NEW
by: Fed Up Gramma

I have only about 1% of this crap left...the little black dots with a stinging sharp point & the black thread-hairs they become when unrolled. My doc said peppermint oil will keep the one critter from clinging; enuf remain to sting me a coupla times every few nights. Angie dear, what is best to mix with the tiny drops to put the mint oil on topically? It clearly does not go on straight or I'd need 10 bottles! Without another trip to the store, tough for me, or on-line wait, I have almond oil ($1 cheaper than grape seed this week), coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and of course tea tree oil; plus I've got lotions & stuff in the kitchen like olive oil. I am also doing all sorts of liver detoxing, but will do more if possible. Suggestions?

The hairs are no longer 12"-18" or more, only about 2" max. I was so lucky to get help so fast by finding a Lyme-literate doctor - the best kind! I added 2 Rx drugs, esp since my liver numbers, always high, tripled on the Albenza; they are Biltricide every 5 days X 7, & Ivermectin every 3 days X 8. The scalp surface rice-looking worms died with the Albenza & took MOST of the nematodes with them; the Ivermectin killed off the rest of the thin, hair-like nematodes.

Jul 19, 2013
Carrier Oil for Topical Use NEW
by: Angie from

Dear Fed Up Grandma,

First of all, I'm so sorry that I didn't have a chance to reply to you sooner. I was away for several weeks visiting my family and had little internet access. I've just arrived back this week and am trying to catch up with everything.

Yes, I do hope that you discovered that you can (and should) use a carrier oil to dilute the peppermint oil (or other essential oil) and make it easier to apply topically and go a lot further.

Olive oil is fine, so is the almond oil. The best is probably the coconut oil if it is organic cold pressed coconut oil. It has additional healing benefits that could help too.

Once you are finished with the prescriptions you are using to kill off the parasitic infections, I would suggest that you get some Herbal Fiberblend and take it at least once per day indefinitely to be sure that you don't have a recurrence.

You want to give your body as much support as possible, of course, to enable it to heal fully. The body has a wonderful natural ability to heal that God instilled in it, but it needs the building blocks to do so.

This is more especially true when you've been ill or have been effected by some trauma to the body.

I hope and pray that you may continue to improve and gain complete recovery and good health.


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Angie from

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