How To Treat Pinworms

by Ben
(United States)

Best Tips On How To Treat Pinworms

Best Tips On How To Treat Pinworms

My question is about how to treat pinworms.

Reading about pinworms I understand that at night they leave the human body via the anus and return after laying eggs.

As garlic is shown to be effective in killing pinworms, would it be advisable to use a garlic clove as a nighttime suppository to stop this from happening?


Hi Ben,

It is my understanding that your idea of using a garlic clove as a nighttime suppository is a good one. I would slightly crush the garlic clove so that the oils can be more easily absorbed.

Some people may experience a slight skin reaction to the garlic in such a sensitive area. Just monitor it and remove the clove if you find that to be the case in your own situation.

Ideally, it would be good for you to either eat some raw garlic or take some good quality garlic capsules, like Bear Paw Garlic. This will help take care of it from the inside and outside, too.

Personally, my preferred and most reliable method for how to treat pinworms is to use Herbal Fiberblend. It's an herb and fiber mix that is easy to take and cleans out the entire digestive tract effectively so you get good results.

I hope you'll come back and let me know if the garlic suppository worked well for you or if you tried any other methods of pinworm treatment, including the Herbal Fiberblend I've suggested.

I'm sure other visitors to the site would appreciate your personal testimonial on how to treat pinworms successfully.

To your good health!
Angie from

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Jun 29, 2015
Treating pinworms NEW
by: Stephanie

Years ago I had pinworms while living in the south, where the pediatrician said its almost impossible to avoid them. He treated my children but didn't treat me because I was pregnant and vermifuges are abortifactants too. I didn't know of any natural cures at the time, but my reasoning was that if the eggs don't get from the anus to the mouth, the cycle is broken and they die off. So I used a lot of preparation H to mire them down and made absolutely certain I didn't put my hands near either area without vigorous use of soap and water. I learned very quickly not to put my hands anywhere near my face if they weren't scrubbed I case I picked up eggs from objects, etc. and they went away. Never had them since and stopping touching my face has also lowered my rate of colds and flu over the years. Simple, safe, effective.

Aug 31, 2012
Carrots and garlic NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been using DE, garlic suppositories and MSM.
I had a big bile movement this morning and it was loaded with them. This is my second day doing this regime and it seems to be working. At night, I use the suppossities so they cannot come our to lay eggs. In the morn take a shower and eat something (I eat raw carrots for breakfast lunch and dinner. I just ordered some black walnut hull extract folr reibnforement. ITs a process but I see reflief coming. Google carrots and threadworms. There is a lot of information as to why this works. The DE seems to be pushing this out also. No sugar please, they live off that stuff. Good luck

Sep 27, 2009

by: Anonymous

some foods that really help alot include carrots garlic oranges grapefruit pineapple onions pumpkin seeds. go on a diet of strictly these foods for 4 days with 3 cloves of garlic and worms will be gone

Dec 03, 2008
by: seasurf

Increase your amount of sea salt daily to 1 tsp unheated a day and take betaine HCl after eating meat.

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