3/4" Very Thin Stick Type Parasite

by Judy
(Watford, Hertfordshire, UK)

My crippled friend woke to a very sharp pain in his foot. On investigation he pulled out what seemed to be a small splinter. Then it moved.

This creature was 3/4" long, extremely thin with a V shape on one end and also stripy markings.

The only place this could have come from was his brand new duvet from John Lewis. He phoned John Lewis, and someone came out immediately. John Lewis staff took the duvet away but have come up with no conclusion.

My friend said it seemed as though there were more of these creatures in one of the pockets of the duvet. He had a very nasty shock.

Hi Judy,

I imagine your friend would indeed have had a very nasty shock. It's never nice when you discover creepy-crawlies lurking where you least expect them.

I wonder where the duvet was made? Was it imported? It's very possible that if it was manufactured in another country that some type of parasite from that location hitched a ride on board the duvet.

They may have even been eggs that hatched after they arrived at John Lewis. It's interesting to speculate on the possibilities.

I just went over to the John Lewis site and took a look at their section on duvets. It appears that they use down and feathers from several different countries. So, I suppose that scenario is a possibility after all.

Did the 3/4" Very Thin Stick Type Parasite Look Like This?
3/4 very thin stick type parasite

Your friend describes this 3/4" very thin stick type parasite as having stripes. I assume, then, that it was thick enough to be able to identify the stripes? I've attached a photo. Did it look like that at all?

You've got me curious as to what it may have been. :)

Anyway, is your friend suffering from any lasting effects from the bite he received? I hope not. It's a good idea to cleanse the area well and clean it with peroxide.

He may also want to apply some anti-parasitic essential oil to the area for good measure (tea tree, oregano, garlic, neem, etc.).

If it were me, I'd take some additional prbiotics for a couple of weeks (good/friendly bacteria like acidophilus, longum, bifidum, etc.). This is just an added support to the immune system so that he will be less likely to suffer from infection or toxins left from the bite.

Let me know if they ever get back with you on the results of their "investigation."

To your good health!

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