A Lot Of Mold

by Cheryl D
(Vancouver, B.C.)

A Lot Of Mold In Your Home Can Effect Your Health Greatly

A Lot Of Mold In Your Home Can Effect Your Health Greatly

My imagination is visible to the eye now. I have a real problem. My apartment has a lot of mold, even black mold, also fungus. A couple of months ago I removed a mushroom from my bathroom wall.

I also have birds and squirrels nesting on the building's roof. Their duties drop close to my windows.

I have been getting problems on my head. The things I'm pulling out are thick like a piece of hair but coarser and have a black dot on the end. Some times my hair tip from the skull have a white coat on it.

I also seen things that look like tiny flies with a thing like a stinger on the rear. I have many scabs on head. I used rc shampoo; didn't work at all.

I feel things like slivers under skin on my head. Any idea what I'm dealing with????


Dear Cheryl,

My goodness! You certainly do have some troubles. Your biggest problem is most likely the fact that you have a lot of mold in your home. Mold can cause serious health issues.

Is there any way you can move out of your apartment into a mold free home? If that is absolutely not a possibility, you need to try to clean the walls, ceilings, etc., as best you can.

Mix about 10-15 drops of pure clove oil in 2 cups of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the moldy area and wipe with a rag, rinsing the
rag often. This will help keep the mold down some.

I'm no so concerned about the birds and squirrels as I am the mold and fungus. I suspect that is your biggest underlying issue.

I would also recommend that you cleanse your body with a good colon cleanse. You need to get as much of the toxic material out of your system as possible to promote healing.

I would also suggest the use of nutritional supplements to build up your body's own natural resources to fight off whatever is afflicting you.

It sounds like you've developed some internal parasites and they are targeting your scalp as your weakness.

As a topical treatment for your head, mix about 1 tsp. of eucalyptus oil into 1/4 cup of olive oil and thoroughly cover your hair and scalp before going to bed. Wrap a towel around your head to help keep it from being too messy and leave it on overnight.

The next morning, wash the oil out of your hair using a clarifying shampoo or some degreasing dish soap (like Dawn).

Repeat the process in about 5-6 days to be sure you've thoroughly done the job.

Anyone who has to deal with a lot of mold knows how difficult this can be and how much a lot of mold can affect your health. I hope you are able to move, but at the very least get some relief from your symptoms from some of these suggestions.

To your good health!

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Feb 16, 2012
Parasites/internal Nervous system NEW
by: Cheryl

Hey its me again i forgot to ask having the internal parasites for long periods of time can cause damage on the nervous system.I was always hyper and i am and was menapuasing this in itself isnt bad enough but since things stoped with biting me i felt a bit better but was extra hyper still.My cat seems to be as well.I believe you were right in your theorey.In saying that my cat and i were passing it back and forth i deworming her but we were still in the bacteria that was causing them.Tests are too expensive to test this i understand this but others also need to know.I was fortunate i was attending pain centre for myC.D. and a pshychiastrist is a head of.I had to keep questioning is this in my brain cause i couldnt ask if it was in my head cause it was affectin it,i had assurance it wasnt,some may not be so lucky.

Feb 09, 2012
Not A Lot of Mold NEW
by: Angie

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you so much for your update. I'm thrilled to hear that you've got your lovely hair back and that you are feeling so much better. That's a real encouragement.

I'm sure you probably know that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, so while you feel that "some mold" has been good for you, it was probably the good form of intestinal flora that has been helpful to you rather than a lot of mold in your home environment.

Many people don't realize how to toxic and damaging fungus or mold can be when it is out of balance in your system.

I recently was talking to someone about a young woman who had been suffering from terrible migraines and other issues for a long period of time. After seeing many doctors (traditional and alternative) she wasn't much helped.

She finally saw a naturopath who really listened to her and eventually discovered that she had a huge amount of essentially "mold" compacted up in her nasal cavities.

He cleaned it out and she had immediate relief from her headaches. It may build up again depending on her lifestyle, diet, etc., but at least she will know where to go for a solution.

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing that update. I hope that you continue to improve in health.


Feb 08, 2012
Molds NEW
by: Cheryl

Hey it is me again.I have been out of molds for much over a year now.Thank you for your suggestions,I forgot to include that i had and still have a chronic illness Crohn's disease with a colostomy bag.A month after i was finally able to move things stopped biting me and now have scabs and i have wonderful hair,yes my hair is back after two years without it.Im finding my body did a little better where the Crohns is concerned oddly enough i feel some mold on low levels may help control it some what.I was very frustrated and feel i came to a toxic level of mold.A week before i moved i experience memory loss dizziness,staggering along with naseua.The doctors because of law suits etc they dont want to idenify the problem some of the time.Yes some of these symthoms can come from my disease but i was smelling and still on the occasion smellinh mold comeing out of my intstenines,scarey stuff.With my disease i can output 50 to 60 times of bowel fills in my bag so parisites would have a hard time staying in there.But the Ostomey bag outside perfect place for them it's hard to treat an area that is your intestines on the outside of your body.Yes i am lucky i came out of that place alive concidering the place before that one also had molds and other problems>well so far so good here,but i do feel that molds on some level helped me cause Crohns works on the imune system.Well signing off for now.............

Feb 08, 2012
Birds and Squirrels nests NEW
by: Angie

Dear Infested,

Thanks so much for adding that update to this post regarding the concern of the birds and squirrels. This is quite an old post and I've since learned a lot more about the mite concerns that can arise from birds, squirrels, and even rodents nesting in the structure of the home.

I still believe that Cheryl's primary and most pressing issue was the mold, without a doubt, but you are so right to encourage her to see about getting rid of these nests as well.

One problem can so easily lead to another, particularly when your immune system is already compromised!

I haven't heard anything further from Cheryl, so I do hope that she has been able to take some action to either change or improve her environment so that she can get well.

Thanks again for helping out by sharing your knowledge. :)

Feb 08, 2012
Birds & squirrels ARE a concern NEW
by: Infested

I want to tell Cheryl that indeed, the birds and squirrels ARE a concern. They can bring many parasites into your home, especially when they vacate the nest. The mites, lice, and fleas that normally parasitize the birds and rodents go looking for another host after the animals leave their nests. YOU might be the next host. It is imperative that you get rid of the bird nests, keep squirrels off of your building, and make sure there are no nests inside the building. Trim any trees or shrubbery away from your dwelling as the parasites use them like highways to get into your place. Once inside, very difficult to eradicate.

I believe the parasites are attracted to individuals with a (internal) fungal overgrowth, so it is important for you to treat yourself as well as your environment. Get some of the supplements that Angie recommends.

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