Acidic Levels And Vaginal Discharge

by Godschild

Question about acidic levels and vaginal discharge...

Can an imbalanced Body pH also cause vaginal discharge every once in a while?

I have been to the doctor and everyone recommends I should drink more water being that I drink a cup every few days. I also admit to eating ice all day. It's like my body craves it.

I have rectal itching at weird times, but nothing major. In addition, I hold a lot of weight in my stomach.

Can acidic levels be the cause of some of this? As I am typing this question I am headed to the kitchen to get WATER!!!

P.S. About 4 years ago I regrettably had an abortion. I was told that some doctors do not completely "clean" out the uterus and many women have to get a DNC.

Is this something you would recommend I have? One doctor said yes and another said it may not be necessary.

Thanks for you help.

Dear Godschild,

I wouldn't necessarily say that your body pH being off would directly cause vaginal discharge, but there could fairly easily be links made between conditions that result from pH imbalance and vaginal discharge.

Obviously, women will tend to have a degree of discharge naturally during certain times of her monthly cycle, but if the discharge is white, yellow, smelly, etc., that is usually a sign of another abnormal condition.

For instance, yeast infections (candida) often cause abnormal discharge. They are usually accompanied by itching in the vagina, too. You mentioned rectal itching, but not vaginal.

Rectal itching can also be the result of yeast overgrowth, but there are other conditions that cause rectal itching, such as too much sugar in your diet and intestinal parasites.

You mentioned
that you carry extra weight in your stomach (I'm assuming you mean bloating), which can also be from intestinal parasites, or at least excessive toxins (and old fecal matter) in the colon/intestines.

How is your bowel regularity? That is often a very good sign of whether or not you need a good clean out. :)

Drinking more water is good and an important first step. I know it is very difficult when you aren't used to drinking a lot of water, but if you try something like drinking a very small glass of water every hour (get a timer or a watch that beeps), you'll soon find that you crave the water rather than just the ice cubes.

I would also suggest probiotics and a digestive cleanse. Specifically, let me suggest Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing and detox, and Florafood as probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in your body.

There is a good chance that those two simple supplements will help relieve all of the concerns you are dealing with.

One additional suggestion for the vaginal discharge is to get some organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) and use it as a vaginal rinse. You can dilute the ACV with water if you prefer, but I've used it straight with good results.

I hope this helps and somewhat answers your question about acidic levels and vaginal discharge.

To your good health!

P.S. I can't tell you what to do about the DNC. I'm not a doctor, but the fact that you've spoken to two doctors with conflicting views, I can understand your confusion and indecision. I think if I were in your situation, that I'd try the cleansing and probiotics first and then decide.

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