ACV Detox

I was recommended this ACV detox by my acupuncturist in hopes of helping my skin allergies and over all allergy issues.

I have been taking two teaspoons of Organic ACV with 6 - 8 ounces of water before bed every night for two weeks, however, have not noticed any improvement in my skin itchiness or allergies.

Does this sound right, does it possibly just not work on everyone or is there something different I should be doing? Thank you..

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is very beneficial for most people and for a huge variety of conditions.

Unfortunately, there isn't one plan fits all when it comes to using ACV effectively. A lot will depend on the particular underlying cause of your condition, how severe it is, etc.

An ACV detox is not likely to do you any harm, but it may not be sufficient to make a significant change in your health, particularly over a short amount of time. This is something you will need to practice long-term.

If you suffer from a lot of allergies, I would suggest a stronger and more targeted detox cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend. It's not a "quick fix" either, but you will probably notice results more quickly than with the ACV alone.

HFB is an herb and fiber digestive cleanse that combines anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs with soluble and insoluble fiber to thoroughly clean out your system.

I would also suggest the Garden Trio for the purpose of detoxifying your liver and boosting your immune system with the rich nutrition it provides. The more genuine nutritional support you can give your body, the better equipped it will be to deal with allergies and other complaints.

I don't know what kind of a diet you maintain, but if you haven't already, you should try cutting out the sugars and processed foods for a few weeks or so to see if that doesn't make a significant difference in how you are feeling.

Externally, you can also add some ACV to your bath water, and/or apply some aloe vera gel (straight from the plant) to the affected skin areas.

I hope this helps and that you get some relief soon. To your good health!

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