Afflicted With Morgellons

by Karen B
(Royse City, Texas)

I've been afflicted with Morgellons nightmare going on for eight months.

Everything you see on the internet is true. Idid not read any of this until I started doing research on this bizarre medical mystery.

I am now on my eighth doctor, the last being a DERMATOLOGIST who I paid to tell me I was delusional.

Any help would be appreciated as I am committed to finding a cure for this horrific sci-fi disease. I would appreciate anyone wanting to share their suggestions.


Dear Karen,

So sorry to hear that you are also among the many who have been afflicted with Morgellons, this crazy phenomenon that is so incredibly difficult to get conventional medicine to address.

You are definitely not alone in being told that you are delusional. It's a sad reality that many of our visitors face.

We can't diagnose or treat people for disease of any sort, but we ARE able to help people by suggesting safe natural remedies that help clean out the body and boost the immune system so that your body itself can fight off and eliminate the problem.

We have a page set up already with a full range of suggestions for a natural morgellons treatment, but let me break it down specifically to what I think you'd find the most useful based on our own experience and those who have given us feedback.

For Cleansing:
  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Para 90
  • Composure

These three all have excellent anti-parasitic and cleansing properties, but the Composure also has herbs that help to calm and relax the body so that you can get some sleep and enable to the body to use the other properties more efficiently.

For Building:
  • Barley Life (or the entire Garden Trio if you can afford it)
  • AIMega
  • Florafood

These are nutritional whole food supplements, essential fatty acids, and probiotics that work together to boost your immune system - in essence, giving the body the tools it needs to fight on your behalf.

I hope you'll find, like others have, that you can finally get some relief from this affliction of Morgellons and that your body can begin to recover.

You'll find specific information on each individual supplement by clicking on the product links on the US Order Form page for AIM.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.
Angie from

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