AIM Cleansing Products

by Mary R.
(Rochester Hills, MI)

Your AIM cleansing products are working well.

It took some time for my body to adjust to the dosage that was suitable for me. Now the parasites are piling out. I've bolted all their entry doors and hopefully they will never figure out how to get into my body again.

Thanks for all the encouragement and help. It is starting to pay off. A special thanks to my dear friend, Angie. I will continue to cleanse.

My rule is that for every year that I have had the parasites it takes one month to cleanse. I suspect I will be doing this for about a year. Started at the beginning of April 2012. I'll call you with future orders.

I also just wanted to remind people that you're not always going to get the same results every day. Some days very few, other days lots. You will especially eliminate a lot of parasites during a full moon because they are especially active then.

Just keep persisting. Don't give up!!!!
~Mary R.

Dear Mary,

Thanks for allowing me to share your submission with our other visitors in hopes of encouraging their hearts toward taking action with the hopes of getting similar positive results.

I'll repeat what I said in my private email to you. I'm thrilled to hear that the AIM cleansing supplements are helping and that you are getting rid of those nasty parasites at a steady pace. Praise the Lord!

You have exactly the right mindset toward cleansing - that it will be a long term process and you just have to keep at it.

Too many people think that if they aren't better in a couple of weeks that the supplements or dietary changes aren't "working." They don't realize that just as it can take a long time for a health problem to develop, it can also take a long time for the body to repair the damage.

May the Lord continue to help you through the cleansing and healing process.


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