Allergies and Asthma

by Gary Gladden
(North Carolina)

I was wanting to know if pH levels could make you have allergies and asthma, because it's so weird.

When I was young I never had problems with heart or allergies or asthma but when I got older I felt bad all the time and my heart hurt and felt like I could not breathe well.

The doctor said I have food allergies, asthma, and I'm allergic to all kinds of stuff. I tried everything they said to do with years and years of feeling bad.

I started searching for my self. If anybody out there anywhere has information, let me know. Thank you.

Dear Gary,

I wouldn't necessarily say that pH levels will MAKE you have asthma and allergies, but certainly your pH levels can have an effect on your body's ability to deal with allergens, etc.

Having a healthy pH gives your body the right environment to maintain a stronger immune system and ward off common ailments and disease.

I know what you are saying about it being pretty weird to start having allergies when your grown after having no trouble while growing up. I've had the same experience - my brother and sister, too.

Here's our story. We spent our growing up years in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. Then, each of us went off to the same Bible college in Indiana when we graduated from high school.

Strangely, each of us developed allergies after moving to Indiana. I suspect that the change in environment and exposure to some allergen brought it out in us.

What I've found that has helped me over the years is to use Herbal Fiberblend as soon as I feel my allergies starting to flare up. It seems that the herbs in the HFB nip the problem in the bud and I don't suffer the severe symptoms I normally would.

Thankfully, I've never had asthma problems. It's a remarkably common affliction here in Australia. Some people have reported that they have really improved their asthma by using the Herbal Fiberblend and AIMega, as well as boosting their immune system with the BarleyLife.

They may be worth trying to help reduce your symptoms, too.

To your good health!

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