Are these pinworms?

by G
(Austin, Texas)

Are these pinworms?

I am from Austin, Texas and 21 years old. I have been taking care of 2 small children.

Three weeks ago I noticed white small worms in my feces. I went to the doctor. He took a stool sample and gave me Vermox to take.

It is now 4 weeks and I began to feel these small black and white like worms under my skin. The worms have been exiting through my hands and legs, particularly they are coming out of my hands.

Because of the vermox treatment and life cycle are the worms or parasites reacting to the treatment resulting in them to exit my hands? The parasites or worms appear to be exiting my body.

I can feel them in my anus, vagina, hands, and legs. Are these pinworms? The suspect is children or avocados or uncooked vegetables. Have you heard of this?

Dear G.,

Are these pinworms? It's certainly possible the worms you are dealing with are pinworms. The initial findings in your feces seem to indicate pinworms or threadworms.

I'm not so sure that the worms exiting your hands and legs are pinworms, though. Pinworms are usually passed out through the bowels, but stranger things have happened.

It's also possible that you had some other type of parasite overgrowth and the Vermox has started the process of ridding the body.

You should be taking some probiotics (like Florafood to replenish the good bacteria in your body, even while you are using the Vermox and for a few weeks afterward.

I prefer natural cleansers, like Herbal Fiberblend to the Vermox. If you find the Vermox doesn't do the job, it's worth following up with the HFB for a full cleanse.

To your good health!

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Jul 23, 2016
Are these pinworms? NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Anna,

No, it doesn't sound at all like pinworms. With pinworms you usually have a very itchy bottom, especially at night. I've never heard of them coming out of the feet.

If the only time you have experienced this problem was last night when you were vacuuming, it sounds more like you had something invade the carpet/floor like mites or fleas.

Are you still having issues today? If you are convinced that these things are coming out of your feet, my best suggestion is the Herbal Fiberblend.


Jul 22, 2016
Scared To Death NEW
by: Anna

Last night while I was vacuuming it felt like I was being attacked by bees or some kind of stinging insect. I noticed my feet were black and upon closer look they were coming out of my own body. It was rather violent. What could have made that happen? Should I get pin x to get these out?

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