by Rob
(Miami Fl)

I have had Atrial Fib (A-fib) for several years. The only answer to the problem that the doctors do not seem to realize is an acid imbalance.

Since in the past I have stuffed my face with acid producing food, beer, hard liquor and cigarettes, I am sure my body has reacted to an over acid system and I am suffering from an over acid body.

For a few months I have been juicing and alkalizing and have noticed improvement. Juicing is the only thing that has made a difference and it all is making sense.

My gut feeling is that maybe a year of intense juicing and eating raw foods will bring my acid body back to health. Of course, I no longer pollute my one and only body with poisons and use only organic produce in my efforts to regain my health.

I have had sinusitis, rectal itching, heavy mucous, bronchitis, skin rashes, white coated tongue, constipation, then diarrhea and other symptoms of imbalance but never put it all together.

I am making good progress and am sure of a good outcome because in the short time I have been on the program I have noticed significant improvement.

Hi Rob,

It's great to hear that you are making progress toward dealing with your Atrial Fib and other symptoms by adopting a pH balanced diet and lifestyle. Good for you!

friend of mine who was also experiencing A-Fib discovered that simply cutting down on his caffeine intake made a world of difference.

I have to be honest. With all the symptoms you listed, it sound like you are dealing with more than just pH imbalance or an acid body.

You have a lot of symptoms that are related to internal parasites and candida overgrowth. You may want to consider a good natural digestive cleanse. Herbal Fiberblend is made from top quality ingredients and I believe would help you achieve the results you are after even faster.

I know that juicing can be time consuming and inconvenient at times. You may also want to consider keeping the Garden Trio on hand for those occasions when you just don't have the time to juice or are in an inconvenient location.

The Garden Trio is highly concentrated and made from organically grown carrots, beets, and barley - but so easy to use. The BarleyLife, in particular, is a powerful promoter of pH balance.

Thanks for sharing your experience in dealing with Atrial Fib and an acid body. Hopefully you'll inspire others to make the needed changes in their own lives to achieve good health.

Keep up the great work! I hope you'll report back in a few months and share the good news of your continued progress.

To your good health!

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