Bacterial Vaginitis

by Debbie
(Spring Hill, TN)

For years I've suffered with yeast infections, but for the past two months I get bacterial vaginitis and yeast.

My doctor says my menstrual cycle can trigger these symptoms? I also get yeast on my tongue from time to time.

I was told to cut out bread and start a probiotic supplement which I now take everyday. I also now eat organic meats/veg's.

I'm just tired of hearing 50 different things I need to do and not knowing what's truth or crap. If anyone can help, please do...........

Hi Debbie,

I know how frustrating it can be to battle a yeast infection. The probiotics and dietary changes are an important part of helping to allow your body to get back in balance.

I'm not familiar with any reason why your menstrual cycle should trigger a yeast infection, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. ;)

We all have yeast in our body (candida) and the good bacteria in our body is designed to keep it from overgrowing. However, the balance can be tipped in favor of the yeast by exposure to different things like, antibiotics, birth control pills, excessive sugar in the diet, etc.

Since you have been suffering for years with yeast overgrowth, you should really consider an herbal cleanse to get this problem under control and get your body back in balance.

I would suggest that you commit yourself to using Herbal Fiberblend for 3 full months. HFB has 17 different
anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial herbs that will help with the eliminating and passing the yeast and bacterial vaginitis problems.

You need to take the HFB twice per day mixed in water or juice and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Try to cut out sugar (and processed foods) for at least a few weeks. You may be able to add back your favorite foods (in moderation) once your body gets this under control, but you'll recover faster if you quite feeding it! :)

Here are some basic Candida Diet Guidelines that you may find helpful.

If you can afford it, I would also suggest that you take some BarleyLife each day, too. The clinical nutritionist that I consult with highly recommends the use of BarleyLife when dealing with a yeast overgrowth because it really helps to support the body nutritionally.

I know it's hard to determine what to do when there are so many different recommendations to choose from. All I can say is that you should do your best to understand how the body works and why you have a yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis.

By understanding this, you will realize that cleansing and eliminating the yeast from your body is important, as well as building up your immune system so that it can keep your body in balance.

Hoping you are able to get rid of this uncomfortable and painful systems soon. To your good health!


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yeast/bacterial vaginitis
by: debbie

thank you for answering my questions. i have your info on yeast and it's raised more questions. i have acid reflux (take nexium and if really bad carafate from time to time). you recommended i take florafood which i'm hoping to order thru you (however that works) and you also recommended herbal fiberblend. my concerns are: will these items give me issues w/ acid relux or tear up my stomach? i have never been able to take vit. c - it tears up my stomach. so, before i order these items i need to know your expert opinion? i have also suffered with IBS from time to time (especially in stressful situations). honestly, i'm embarassed to say all these things but tired of living in shame. pls let me know - thank you so much.

Reflux, IBS, etc.
by: Angie

Hi Debbie,

Please don't be embarrassed. You are part of the vast majority of people who suffer from digestive health issues - not the odd one out!

I must first say that I am NOT an expert! :) I do study these matters, but if you have serious concerns, it's always a good idea to consult a doctor skilled in natural health and medicine.

Based on your symptoms and conditions, I can't see any reason why Herbal Fiberblend would do you harm. It is much more likely to do you the world of good. It has been known to be very beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of IBS and other bowel issues.

Yes, you may feel a bit yucky while doing a good cleanse with HFB, because it puts your body into a detoxifying process, which can make some people feel like they are getting the flu. Everyone is different.

You would, in those circumstances, either adjust the amount you use more gradually, or ride it out for a few days until your body adjusts - your decision.

Out of curiosity, have you ever tried using raw organic apple cider vinegar to help with your acid reflux? You would just mix a tablespoon in a glass of water and drink it with or after meals.

Also, you can order the Florafood and any of the other AIM products using this US order form for AIM products and I'll have your order processed as quickly as possible.

Again, please don't feel any shame or embarrassment as you have no reason to do so.
To your good health!

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